12 Amazing Inventions To Prevent Baby's Death Moms Need To Try

From the moment moms hold their babies' naked little bodies against themselves, they are committed. Committed to a promise they make themselves to always keep their baby safe. Every part of of them wishes they could predict the future, just so they can help their children avoid any obstacle or peril they may ever face.

I think every parent is guilty of watching their newborn peacefully snoozing away...at least a handful of times. I mean who hasn't ever played helicopter parent at the park? Just patiently waiting for someone to mess with our cub so we can go into mama/daddy mode.

I'm sure if every parent had a dollar for the times they have ran to the nursery because a strange noise tuned in over the monitor, we would all probably be rich. We've all listened to our parents tell us about how they slept in a dresser drawer when baby monitors weren't even around, low and behold they lived. Apparently our parents must have had more insightful handbooks on parenting.

The world we live in is ever changing, and although it's sad to say, our world is not always the safest. Considering that our babies can't live in a bubble forever safe and sound, we adapt. As parents we learn from our mistakes, and occasionally something brilliant comes from those unfortunate events our crystal ball didn't predict. Sometimes those moments of brilliance turn into an invention that could potentially save numerous lives.

12 A Sack Of Protection

Chances are if you have given birth within the last few years you have seen one of these bad boys. Over 1400 hospitals nationwide, and even in other countries are utilizing the Halo Sleep Sacks as an initiative to enforce safe sleep habits for babies. The vision behind this invention was to decrease the rate of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The sacks come in oodles of adorable designs, different fits based on age, and material is either fleece or cotton.

The wrap stays put on your little wiggle worm either with a strip of Velcro or by simply tucking the end of the wrap under baby. In general babies feel "safe" when they are bundled up, much like they were in mama's belly. Babies' arms can either be nestled away within the sack or left out for the little ones that prefer to flap their wings. Zipper or button access at the bottom of the sack makes diaper changes, well as accommodating as changing a diaper can be.

11 Is That A Floatie?

I know, I know this one just looks flat out weird…but this invention is pure genius! Being a mother of young children myself, pool time is not always something I look forward to. In addition to the 17 pound bag you have to carry, holding the plethora of sunscreen, water toys, and towels, every floatie I have ever come across, although necessary, has truly been a burden. The wings are great for older children, and life jackets are so restricting in the water, but the otteroo brings a whole new perspective to the table.

Babies as young as 8 weeks can begin to explore the water with the help of mom and dad. The Otteroo works with the water's buoyancy to keep baby afloat while they freely move both their arms and their legs. This invention was created by a college graduate who had quite a rough time learning, or not learning to swim. She wanted to give babies a chance to be exposed to the water early, yet still remain safe when doing so. The product is manufactured out of high grade PVC and is lead-free/phthalates-free. Otteroo’s logo is safely printed on the inside surface of the floatie to prevent any potential harmful ingestion.

10 A Fitbit For Baby

We’ve all been there, standing stoic right outside the nursery door wondering; did he/she stop breathing? Are they still on their back? Do I wake a peacefully sleeping baby? Ponder no more, because this monitor will put your mind at ease. Sproutling straps onto the baby’s ankle and sends information to a nearby base and a mobile app. In conjunction, they track heartbeat, body temperature, the noise level in the room, the baby's motion and other factors that indicate how well a baby is sleeping.

In time, the device also learns the baby’s patterns and behaviors and can even tell you when baby should wake up. Sproutling adapts, and in doing so it actually gets to know your baby…imagine having a device tell you your baby will wake up fussy! The individual who created Sproutling was of course a parent, to be exact, a father. He got sick of constantly being a worry wart and just knew there had to be a better way. The information can be sent directly to your smartphone, virtually putting this wealth of knowledge right at your fingertips.

9 This One's A Hoot!

We’ve all heard of smart phones, smart watches, and smart TV’s, but have you ever heard of a smart sock? The company that produces the Owlet sock invented just that. It is known as the Owlet smart sock monitor, and it uses the same technology as hospitals when it comes to monitoring baby’s heart rate and oxygen saturation. The sock is worn on either foot and contains a sensor which sends information to the device base. Unlike other devices similar to the Owlet, it is Bluetooth capable and known for its accuracy.

The device itself is rechargeable when docked on the bay located on the base, so this is a plus because batteries can be a nuisance. An app can be downloaded via any smart device where alerts can be sent to notify caregivers if baby’s heart rate or oxygen saturation decreases. The socks come in different colors and can be worn up until your little one reaches 18 months. This product was invented by 6 BYU college students who entered the Owlet into a college wide competition. Little did they know a few years later the device they created would be responsible for saving the lives of numerous infants.

8 Because All Babies Are Curious

via: newkidscenter.com

This invention takes it back to the basics! Our little ones are curious and of course we encourage them to explore, but why is it always in places we so desperately try to keep them out of? Whoever invented the baby gate seriously deserves a high five, or two. Cabinet locks, Door handle stops, outlet covers, and baby gates are just a few of the must have inventions that the parent of a youngster will want to have on hand. Everyone has probably heard at least one story of a sweet little tike playing in there exersaucer near the stairs where a baby gate wasn’t being used… and unfortunately we all know those stories usually don’t end well.

How about the one where a baby gets into the cleaning supply cabinet and decides they need to be lemony fresh? While you’re frantically searching for poison controls number you realize, all you had to do was put a lock on it. As much as we all say, “that will never happen to me”, it can and it does! Baby proofing supplies are by far one of the cheapest most dependable inventions to protect our little loves.

7 If The Thought Of A Pool Makes You Cringe...

Nothing beats a relaxing day lounging by the pool, am I right? Well except when you’ve got little ones running around, no part of that is relaxing. Whether you are stressing about sunscreen, dehydration, or just introducing baby to the water, your worries are all quite valid. However, when the pool is right in your back yard, the stakes can be even higher.

In 2007 a study conducted by the CDC showed drowning is the leading cause of death for infants and children between the ages of 1 and 4. For pool owners this could literally mean a death trap sits just beyond their gate. The inventor of Katch-A-Kid pool safety net realized just this when his son drowned at a family gathering. The net he created acts as a barrier to help protect children from exposed, open water. This pool cover is far from ordinary and it’s designed like a large tennis racket. Reviews on this product are phenomenal, and the company guarantees that no child has ever fallen into a pool when a properly installed Katch-A-Kid net is in action.

6 One Smart Car Seat

When you add a baby to your family it is undoubtedly an extremely stressful and busy time. The Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX car seat can lend a hand in keeping your focus on baby, especially when you’re on the go. This car seat is equipped with SensorSafe technology which alerts the driver if the infant remains in the car seat after the car is turned off.

A smart chest clip and wireless receiver auto-sync set off a series of chimes to remind the driver baby is still on board. It will also alert the driver if the chest clip becomes unbuckled at any point during transit. I know, I know, some of you are thinking there is no way I will ever forget my baby in the car. Life if busy, sometimes chaotic and amidst all of the distractions we face on a daily basis this invention can offer peace of mind.

5 Memory Foam's Got Nothin' On This Mattress

Back is best for baby, if you haven’t heard this saying, yet chances are you will very soon. However, if you are a parent you know that babies love to rock and roll, some as early as 2 months. The FDA recommends the ideal crib environment for an infant is free of anything that could interfere with the infant’s movement or breathing.

In 2015, the CDC reported about 900 infant deaths due to accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed. It is for this reason that a company based out of Detroit, Michigan developed a breathable crib mattress. This rule breaking crib mattress allows your baby to breathe through the open-celled mattress surface. Openings on the side of the mattress allow air to continuously circulate, which ultimately results in safer sleep for baby. Secure beginnings founders are made up of a pediatrician, an automotive product safety designer, and an interior designer.

4 Baby In A Box

For years in Finland, birthing centers have sent families home with a cardboard box filled with items to ensure baby sleeps safe and sound. Surprisingly enough Finland also has the lowest infant mortality rate in the world. Whether it is a coincidence or not, one thing is for sure, these boxes are a great way to get parents started out when bringing baby home. All Baby Boxes include a firm mattress and fitted sheet, other items can be added but are optional. Experts recommend using a bassinet or crib, with a firm mattress and a tight fitting crib sheet in effort to decrease the risk of SIDS and other sleep-related causes of infant death.

Believe it or not some families may not have a safe place for baby to sleep when going home, and these boxes are widely purchased by hospitals around the world to give to such parents. Recently New Jersey adopted the baby box and some hospitals within the state have already begun giving the boxes out. Taking into consideration that every year, about 3,500 babies in the U.S. die in sleep related incidents it would seem that more states will begin to utilize the boxes in no time.

3 Every Baby Needs This Accessory

It would seem that we have already covered all things “smart” for baby, well here is one more to add to the list. Mon Baby, although similar to the Sproutling and the Owlet, stands alone in the category of smart devices for baby. Referred to by creators as the smart button, this monitor clips on to any outfit that baby is wearing. The monitor's features include a sleep position alarm, a breathing movement alarm, a proximity alarm, fall detection, proactive monitoring, and sleep cycle monitoring.

An app is available so baby can be closely monitored on a smart device of your choosing. This monitor receives wonderful user reviews, and in comparison to the Sproutling and Owlet, the Mon Baby is a bit more cost efficient. Mon Baby can also be worn and utilized well past the baby years. The creators of this device expressed wanting to give all parents peace of mind, no matter the age of their child.

2 All Wyes On Baby

Baby monitors have been around for what may seem like forever. With the recent rise in popularity of video baby monitoring the market is saturated with numerous video monitors to choose from. Levana is a company that creates video, audio, and movement monitors for the home. The company’s product model Aria is everything a parent could possibly want in a baby monitor and more! The device itself can be set to 4 different cameras at a time, so for parents with multiple little ones this is ideal.

Aria’s 7-inch touchscreen monitor allows you to control and navigate each individual camera to your liking with features like zoom and tilt. With features such as room temperature monitoring and feeding time alarms, baby can stay comfortable and on schedule. Can you calm baby with just the sound of your voice? Talk to your little one using the monitor with just the push of a button. With a 12-hour battery life and convenient USB port charging capabilities, this device can last well throughout the day/night. If lullabies are up your baby’s alley Aria can provide that as well. The Aria monitor plays 3 lullabies and can even provide soothing white noise or nature sounds.

1 You Are My Sunshine

The temperature inside of a parked car can increase by 50 degrees in just 10 minutes. The iRemind car seat alert, created by Sunshine baby is a convenient invention that was created to prevent children of any age being left in a hot car. The device is discretely placed under any car seat and will detect anything over 1 pound. An app is available for this device, unfortunately at the moment the app is currently only available for iPhone users. A beta version is said to be being released shortly for android users. A key fob alert is also available for non- iPhone users.

Although similar to the Evenflo car seat with built in alarm, this alarm can be transferred to different car seats as baby grows. The creator of this great invention is a mother who saw a need when deaths related to children being left in hot cars began to rise a few years ago.

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