12 Amazing Women Who Assisted And Delivered Their Own Children

The day my son was born was the day I turned into a Viking. I remember it like it was yesterday, he squirmed and kicked as he always did inside me. Dancing to my internal Jazz music, and kicking me with those large feet of his. My water broke right then and there, in my bed on Halloween morning. I begged my son not to be a Halloween baby. He at least did this for me.

We drove calmly to the hospital, despite the water breakage. Upon arriving to the hospital, I felt as if the rest of my experience was out of my hands. The birth plan I had written two weeks before did not matter, and I had to surrender to the experience of child birth.

Twenty hours into my adventure, the doctor informed me of her decision to give me an emergency C-section. Never in my life had I been so scared and so relieved. Scared of the surgery and relieved that I didn't have to go through natural child birthing.

There is a trend now swarming Australian hospitals and it is called Maternal Assisted Cesarean birth. It is exactly as the name suggests, the mother gets to participate in the deliverance of her new offspring. Currently women in the United States are hearing about all these amazing Maternally Assisted C-sections and they want in. Public hospitals in the States are refusing mother's who want to undergo this new form of delivery. Many American mothers are seeking out private facilities under the pretense that they too will undergo this new Australian form of delivery. Other women to behold are those brave enough to deliver their own infants alone. When life takes an unexpected turn, read how some of these women bravely listened to nature's call. Here are the amazing women, who experienced, assisted, and in some cases delivered their own children.

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12 Sarah Toyer

We all long for that moment to hold our precious gift from above for the first time. To glance into those precious eyes and say, "This is my child."

Sarah Toyer, is an amazing women of four children. During her latest birthing, Sarah Toyer got to experience the most amazing joy. She delivered her own child. You read that right, she actually got to pull her baby from her womb during a C-section delivery. "I lifted my son out of my womb," she recalls.Toyer wants her story to echo loudly across the web. She wants women to embrace their hospital experience and wants them to use her story, so they to can feel in control of their situation. If I would have personally known about this story, I would have been more prepared during my own hospital stay.

11 Elle Hood

Meet another brave and lovely Australian, Elle Hood. Ms. Hood a midwife and mother of two children was pregnant with a beautiful boy named Arlo. Hood has had two prior c-sections and was bound for a third one. She and her husband decided to have Arlo delivered by Maternal Assisted Cesarean.

Hood admitted that her first two deliveries we impersonal. Often times c-section delivered children are given to the mother last. Hood did not want this for her final child. She wanted to be the first one to hold her baby and meet him in person. "With my other two, I remember just bawling my eyes out; I think it was because they were taken away from me," she said.

After discussing this medical decision with her doctors and nurses, everyone was on board to make her dreams come true. When Ms. Hood arrived at the hospital she had the privilege of heading straight to the scrubbing room. The doctors help her get ready for the most wonderful experience of her life.

As Arlo was being delivered the doctors told Ms. Hood to get ready to pull the baby out. "I brought him up to my chest and got to rub him down; it was amazing," Hood proudly recalls. Elle is known as a hero among women for embracing this rare type of birthing. People are quick to ask her about it all the time. Hood recognizes that not everyone can handle live child birth the way she did, close and personal.

10 Sarah Downs

Meet Sarah Downs, another brave mother willing to tackle a Maternal Assisted Cesarean. “I reached into my own womb during C-section surgery and delivered my beautiful baby girl." Downs was so excited and changed by this experience.

Many women who will have cesareans are pressuring their doctors to allow them to assist in their delivery. The problem with modern c-sections, is that they are very impersonal and often leave the mother feeling helpless as everyone but her gets to admire her new baby. I remember I was frustrated being behind a curtain and not getting to see my babies being delivered. I felt barricaded off, as if that curtain were a volleyball net force field keeping my children from me. In the United States about 1/3 of babies are delivered by c-section, because of this there needs to be a change in the United States regarding c-section delivery. Mothers should have the right to decide what to do with her body during such an important time.

With everyone cheering her on, Downs prepared for her delivery. “Tenasi was on my chest immediately. It didn’t feel weird or frightening. I could even see the reflection of the doctor making the cut in my stomach but didn’t feel a thing and I wasn’t freaked out." Sarah's doctor, Dr. Dutt believes patients should be given choices and told about the different procedures that are being offered today. A Maternally Assisted delivery is not for everyone and not should not be taken lightly.

9 Kylie Szabo

Kylie Szabo is a unique woman with a lot of heart. In the autobiographical account of her Maternal Assisted delivery, she brings you into the theater of her life. Her experience is one to be cherished. She is an example of how someone can gain control of a cesarean delivery.

Szabo met with her obstetrician and made it clear that she wished to have a VBAC and if that failed then a Maternal Cesarean. Her doctor understood and would later respect her wishes. Everyone supported her in this life changing decision.

At the hospital they wheel chaired Ms. Szabo into the scrubbing room and had her sterilized and gloved up. The joy in knowing that this was her decision filled her mind with such ease. In her autobiography she recalls, "Not long after the drapes were lowered. I saw my baby’s head come out, heard a little cry and in the same moment was told to reach for her... I was in awe." Kylie fell in love with her sweet baby girl Emma. Her Maternal Cesarean proved to herself and the world, that a mother can experience such great joy amidst major surgery.

8 Rachel Fielding

Rachel Fielding is a goddess among women. Her birthing story will have you hanging by the edge of your seat. I know I was sitting on the rim of mine. It all began when Ms. Fielding called her husband Daryl, while he was at work. She told him her back was hurting with intense pain. He told her he would be there as fast as he could. His drive home was an hour and a half away.

Then it happened the contractions hit like an ocean of waves. The endless pain came along with the moaning and groaning. Rachel would have to deliver her own child alone by herself. Home with her two children and her mother, Rachel decided to call an emergency line. She called for an ambulance to come. Her panicking mother did her best to keep the children busy.

With the operator still on the phone, Fielding had no choice but to listen closely. The operator told her to rush to the linen closet and grab lots of towels. With barely any energy Rachel managed to grab the towels. The operator then asked her if she could feel the baby. As Ms. Fielding felt down there, she felt the baby's head crowning. Within minutes the baby came out and Rachel had to catch her. She immediately nursed the baby.The medics came and were surprised by the whole thing. All they had to do was cut the cord. When Daryl finally came home, to his amazement he had a new bundle of joy looking him in the face.

7 Allison Marquardt

Imagine being a new mom and being completely alone. Then all of the sudden you have contractions that won't stop. You think that maybe it is time to go to the hospital. Then fear takes over and you realize that you won't even make it to the hospital. Now you are forced to deliver your little one at home alone by yourself.

This is exactly what happened to Allison Marquardt, she was home by herself and realized getting to the hospital would be the most impossible task. She immediately called a hospital dispatcher who helped her get through the labor. While on the line the dispatcher told her to breathe and push. Marquardt said, "He's out." Her new born son, Augustine arrived within ten minutes. The dispatcher was relieved to hear the baby cry on the phone. Shortly after both little Augustine and his mother Allison were taken to the hospital for monitoring.

6 Jane Prichard

Australia seems to be full of unique and beautiful baby stories. Some seem to be full of joy and others full of many other emotions. Jane Prichard shared her experience with Breathe Birth Photography. They captured all the special moments of Tex's birth, to show how raw and wonderful Maternal Assisted delivery can be.

Like all mothers, Cesarean is never our first choice and for Jane sharing these precious moments with the world is something she should be proud of. Her visual story can give many women hope, inspiration, and joy. As Jane retells apart of her story she recalls her favorite part, "I had to use a little bit of force, and I pulled him out slowly on to my chest.”The most miraculous part about Tex's birth, was not only the intimacy but the fact that Jane Prichard had previously had four miscarriages. Tex is her second son following her eldest Jet. The miscarriages were very hard on Ms. Prichard, but the strength in Tex's birth made her braver.

5 Jessica Stubbins

Some women do not make it to the hospital when they are delivering. For one women, she barely even made it into the hospital, when out popped her baby.Jessica Stubbins, a mother from Scunthrope, England, felt as though she wouldn't even make it into the hospital. The daring young woman told her husband to go park the car as she waddled her way to the hospital entrance. She had barely made it through the second set of doors, when she realized it was time and baby Lucy could no longer wait for her big debut.As quickly as she could, Stubbins pulled down her pants in the hospital entrance and caught Lucy as she was falling out. Her husband barely made it in through the door, as he shockingly witnessed his daughter being born before his eyes. Surprisingly Stubbins had even been to the hospital that same day, only to barely make it in later.

4 Ellen Goldsborough

The bond between mother and daughter in an unbreakable one. As daughters, we often become like our mothers. Our motherly instincts will be with us where ever we go. And for Ellen Goldsborough and Elizabeth Carlson, there mother-daughter bonding was about to become even stronger.

Goldsborough knew her baby was on the way. She could barely make it into the car when her mother had a eureka moment. Divine intervention told Ms. Carlson to take her daughter back to the third story apartment. It's a good thing she did, because moments later in the doorway of their apartment, Goldsborough tells her mother that she feels the baby crowning. Both mother and daughter, delivered the baby together in the apartment. Carlson remembers how she literally had to catch baby Lily as she was coming out.Her husband was so shocked all he could do was rush back to the car and grab their toddler, who was still strapped into his car seat. Moments later midwives showed up and checked the health of the mother and new baby.

3 Lesia Pettijohn

It was just another normal day for Lesia Pettijohn, where she and her husband were on their way to the hospital. She was about to give birth to their third child. The Texan woman was excited to meet their new baby. On the way to the hospital something unexpected occured. Lesia was forced to pull her pants down and deliver the baby herself. She told her husband to catch the moment on camera, as the panicking husband continued to drive down the highway.

In the video we can see Ms. Pettijohn staying calm and keeping her cool in a crazy situation. She was a natural and knew exactly what to do as those motherly instincts kicked in. She grabbed her baby as she was heading out the shoot. Lesia remembers being in complete shock that she had just delivered a baby in the car. Her first fears were whether or not the the baby would be warm enough, so like a good mother she wrapped her up in a big shirt. Both mother and baby were doing well upon arrival to the hospital.

2 Tenisha Rambert

Growing up we all like to play doctor and pretend we know what we are doing, for Tenisha Rambert not only did she have to play doctor, but she had to be doctor for herself and new infant. It was not a normal day for Mr. and Mrs. Rambert of Chicago. They were both getting ready for the glorious birth of their third child.

Like Lesia Pettijohn, Ms.Rambert would have to deliver her own baby in the car. Her son came quickly, within ten minutes of their drive. Driving down the Dan Ryan, a famous highway in Chicago, the young couple decided to pull over. Tenisha prepared herself for delivery and delivered baby Miller by herself. The paramedics met them on the side of the road to make sure everything and everyone was okay. Despite the shock, baby Miller and tired mother Tenisha were both doing just fine.

1 Gerri Wolfe

Gerri Wolfe is living proof that warrior women live among us. This glamorous Aussie, having a family of eleven children already, got pregnant again with twins. She has had many c-sections and VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) in her day. For her final birth Gerri wanted to experience one final vaginal birth, however her doctors and nurses pushed her into another direction. Wolfe's doctors informed her that she would be having yet another c-section.

Wolfe felt trapped with no other options to turn to. That's when a miracle came her way and she heard about Maternal Assisted C-sections. When she asked the doctors about this option, they frowned upon it. Not only was she persistent in having the birthing done her way, but she was also convinced that this option would help her gain the control she needed to continue with another surgery.

At the hospital the doctors needed to sterilize Wolfe's hands and prep her the way all medical staff would be prepped for surgery. She wore two pairs of surgical gloves. And one by one Gerry got to witness and pull out each child from within her womb. Wolfe described her experience, "They were both so slippery and slimy and I was worried I’d drop them but it was just wonderful." Gerri is living proof that all mothers can gain control of any birthing situation.

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