12 Baby Names For Girly Girls (And 12 Names For Tomboys)

Choosing a baby name is not an easy task! We often try to think about our little one, and what they will be like once they enter into the world. Will they be full of personality? Will they be quiet? As for baby girls, will they be girly girly or more of a tomboy? Maybe even a combination of both!

We often hope for a certain personality of our little one, in this case, our sweet baby girls. One way of doing this is by giving our baby girl a name that will hopefully match the child and adult she will end up being. There are names that are geared more towards girly girls, while some names one could say are more geared towards tomboys.

Now, there is really no way of knowing what one's little girl is going to be like! Even as a baby, it will be hard to tell if she will be more tomboyish or more into girly things. Only time will tell. However, the names on both sides are equally beautiful and enchanting, no matter if your baby girl needs up super girly full of sugar and spice or is beating all the boys at sports with her tomboy attitude!

24 Girly Girl: Anastasia

Just how incredibly beautiful is the baby girl name of Anastasia? This gorgeous name for any sweet little girl is definitely a perfect choice if you think your bundle of joy will end up being a girly girl. Anastasia has a feeling of sophistication while also being lots of fun, and absolutely girly! The name is of Greek origin and means resurrection. If you remember, there was even a movie by the name of Anastasia. That was a cartoon. There is another, real life movie named Anastasia in the works this year! Of course, with a pretty and strong lead character named Anastasia!

23 Tomboy: Frances

We know what you are thinking. Isn’t Frances reserved for old ladies?! Open your mind to the possibility of a beautiful name that is, yes, Frances. Frances is classy. It is no longer for those old ladies (well, they were young once themselves!). Frances is super sweet. It is a name that not many other little girls, especially tomboys, will have, yet it is the absolutely perfect choice for a tomboy. The nickname of Frankie really makes the name extraordinary! When she is being serious, she can be Frances. But when she is all about fun, bring on Frankie! Frances is of Latin origin and means free one.

22 Girly Girl: Valentina

Are you looking for an ultimate lovely name for your sweetie pie baby girl? Look no further than the stunningly gorgeous name of Valentina! Valentina is a name that is full of girly goodness! Any girl by this name is bound to be full of spice and everything nice, and definitely a girly girl. Valentina is of Latin origin and means strong and healthy. It is the feminine version of the infamous St. Valentine. Your little sweetheart deserves an adorably girly name, choose Valentina! If you wish, or if she wishes in the future, she could use the nicknames Val or Tina for short.

21 Tomboy: Dylan

Hop on the bandwagon for this girly tomboy name that is steadily climbing the baby name charts. Dylan is a cute name for a tomboy, and it is becoming quite popular! Once typically seen as a name for baby boys, it is now a big hit as a name for baby girls. We love the name Dylan, it is sweet yet sporty. It is a perfect fit for a tomboy, that is for sure! Dylan is of Welsh origin. The name means both influencer and born of the sea. How cool is that?! Grab this name before it gets too hot!

20 Girly Girl: Georgia

You do not have to live in the southern part of the United States to enjoy the beautiful baby girl name of Georgia. Sure, Georgia may be the name of a state, but it works even better as the name of a fun loving baby girl, at least we think so! Georgia is girly and pretty, and with a hint of sophistication, it is a gorgeous name that your little girly girl can easily grow into. Georgia is of English origin. The name is the feminine version of George, which means farmer. We think the name Georgia is absolutely stunning!

19 Tomboy: Chase

The cute name of Chase is one that is used for both boys and girls. Once upon a time, it was mostly boys with this adorable name, but now, the number of girls by the name of Chase is far exceeding the boys by the same name! It is not surprising, since it is a lovely name, and makes for a very sweet, yet tomboyish name for a little girl. Chase is of French origin and means to hunt or to chase. Makes sense to us! Your little girl will be chasing everyone around with this cutie pie baby girl name!

18 Girly Girl: Seraphina

There is no denying that the baby girl name of Seraphina is absolutely adorable! This beautiful name is very fitting for any girly girl! It invokes a lot of girliness, sure, but it also gives us a sense of strength, power, and definitely a bit of fun. Seraphina is gaining popularity, as expecting moms and dads everywhere are starting to learn about this sweet baby girl name. It will be at the top of the charts before we know it! Seraphina is of Hebrew origin and means fiery winged. It comes from the word seraphim, which were known as the most powerful angels. How cool is that?!

17 Tomboy: Bobbie

Say bye-bye to the old version of Bobby as a name for boys, and hello to a fun spelling of Bobbie as a cute tomboy name for little girls! Bobbie is so adorable. With a name like this, she is guaranteed to be the life of the party as she makes her tomboy ways known. She will be confident and sure of herself, and definitely a beauty. Doesn’t that sound like a Bobbie?! This sweet, yet strong name is of German origin. The name meaning is one of a kind too. Bobbie means famed, bright, and shining. Sounds just perfect!

16 Girly Girl: Angelica

We know that you think your sweet baby girl is a little angel. Why not give her a name that matches her adorable, girly personality? Angelica may be the perfect name that you have been searching for! This girly girl name is so sweet and nice, and it is certainly climbing those baby girl name charts. The name Angelica is of Latin origin. It means exactly what we all probably think it means- like an angel. Angelica is a very pretty name for a very pretty and beautiful little girl. Pick this sweet name before it gets too popular!

15 Tomboy: Jamie

You are looking for the perfect name for your little bundle of joy. The thing is, you know your baby will be a girl, but you want to give her a name that has a feeling like it would be a true fit for a tomboy. Look no further than the pretty yet tomboyish name of Jamie! This is another one of those unisex names. Jamie works for both boys and girls, and you can also get creative with the spelling, too. Jamie is of Hebrew origin and means supplanter. This is one name that you can really make your own for your baby girl.

14 Girly Girl: Rose

Rose is a classy name. It is a name that invokes fun and sophistication. It is a perfect name for a girly girl! The name Rose has been around for centuries. It began as back in the middle ages as a shortened version of the element hros ros, meaning horse. From England to German, it eventually began being used as a name of the beautiful flower we all know very well. Now, Rose is used as a sweet and adorable name for a baby girl. It was once hugely popular, but went downhill. Well, Rose is no longer reserved for old ladies! This girly girl name is making a huge comeback!

13 Tomboy: Bailey

The cute name of Bailey is a sure fire winner for your little tomboy! Bailey is super sweet yet not too girly, because we know that your little tomboy needs a name that will suit her just perfectly. This pretty name means berry clearing and city fortification. Perhaps some strange meanings, but that just makes this special name even more unique! Bailey is of Old English origin, and has been around for awhile. Once typically used only for little boys, it is now very big as a cute choice for our sweet, tomboy little girls. Bailey may be the name for your baby girl!

12 Girly Girl: Arabella

Doesn’t the name Arabella sound fit for a princess? It sure does! This girly girl name has some royal roots, too, so it is not surprising at all to discover it would make a perfect choice for your sweet, little princess. The name Arabella is of Latin origin and means yielding to prayer. Arabella has been a name given to many royal figures over the centuries. The most royal Arabella would be known as Lady Arabella. Is that sophisticated or what?! Arabella is a very classy choice, but it also can be a lot of fun, with nicknames like Bella or Ari. It is a definite girly girl choice.

11 Tomboy: Hunter

Your strong little tomboy needs a name that fits her personality just right. Hunter is a cute and unique choice! This name is slowly climbing the charts for baby girls, so best to grab this one before it catches on as the name of the decade- for girls that is! Hunter was once used for boys, but even those are seen rarely nowadays. Hunter has been around since the Middle Ages, and has both English and Scottish origins. The name was typically the last name of those who were, you guessed it, hunters. We absolutely love the name Hunter for a baby girl!

10 Girly Girl: Juliette

We all know the famous character of Juliet from Romeo and Juliet. Well, this may be the girly girl name that should be on your list! You can certainly spell it as Juliet, but, we really like the alternative spelling of Juliette, to make it stand apart from the famous character. Juliette is a beautiful name. It is well known, yet not often seen. That will not last for long, however! Once people get word of this pretty name, it will climb those charts! Juliette is of Italian origin and means an Italian. Add a girly girl Italian to that name meaning!

9 Tomboy: Alexandra

The name Alexandra is truly stunning. It is a very pretty name, but also has big appeal as a tomboy name, mostly because of the awesome choice of a nickname. Alexandra can easily be called Alex or Al for short. This name encompasses it all. Your little girl can be a true tomboy, and also have a girly side! Alexandra is the feminine version of the name Alexander, which means defender of men. It is a Greek origin. Your Alexandra will be slaying away with this strong and sassy name! It might be the baby girl name you have been searching for.

8 Girly Girl: Elsa

We know what you are thinking, more Frozen?! We get it. But one thing we can not get past is how sweet and beautiful the name Elsa truly is. Elsa is a queen, both in the movie, and in real life- in your life! You wil certainly have a little princess on your hands, fit for the throne, if your baby girl has the name of Elsa! Elsa is of German origin and means both my god is bountiful or god of plenty. This pretty name also holds a meaning in German- noble. We think Elsa may be the unique baby girl name that will work for your little one!

7 Tomboy: Piper

Your little girl deserves a name that is as spunky as her adorable, tomboy personality (or the one you think she will develop!). We have a name that might just be that perfect fit. Piper! Can’t you just see a beautiful, full of life little girl just living up to her name?! Piper is gorgeous just has that tomboy feel, which many of us go for with names for our baby girls. The name Piper originates from the Middle English word pipere, which meant, as you can probably guess, one who played the pipes. We bet the first time your little girl cries out, she will live up to the name Piper!

6 Girly Girl: Arianna

A beautiful baby girl that is full of girly goodness is at your fingertips with the lovely name of Arianna. Arianna is a very pretty name that might be the one you have been searching for to give to your little baby girl. Arianna means chaste and very holy, and is of Greek origin. An Arianna seems like a perfect little girl who is loving and sweet, but also has a strong side. Isn’t that what you hope your little girl ends up being like? The graceful and baby girl cute name of Arianna is definitely a girly girl winner!

5 Tomboy: Avery

The sweet and pretty name of Avery is a great choice for a tomboy little girl. This name actually derives from the name of Alfred, according to the Old French version. Avery is actually used for both boys and girls, but it is climbing the baby name charts as a cute choice for a little girl. This name is unique, trendy, and certainly will make your tomboy girl stand out in a good way! So what is the name meaning of Avery? It actually means elf! Definitely super cute and definitely a fun name meaning. Scoop this name up quick!

4 Girly Girl: Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a classic name. We all know the name Elizabeth. But think hard, do you really know any Elizabeths? This pretty name is not nearly as popular as it once was. But, we bet it will make a comeback! This sweet name just radiates girly girlness! Elizabeth is of Hebrew origin and means oath of god or god is satisfaction. It is a very pretty name that also has a few nicknames. Your little Elizabeth can also go by Beth, Liz, Lizzie, Eliza, and whatever nickname she can derive from her full name! We think this lovely name will end up back at the top of the charts.

3 Tomboy: Augusta

Augusta is a beautiful name for a baby girl. It also has a tomboy like feel, which makes it a very perfect name for any sweet little girl. Augusta is a classic choice. It is sophistication with a twist, because Augusta girls are tough! If you are looking for a pretty name that works for your tomboy girl, this is the one for you. The name Augusta has been around for centuries. The name means majestic dignity and is of Latin origin. This gorgeous name was typically given to the female relatives of Roman emperors. That fact is pretty cool!

2 Girly Girl: Mia

If you are looking for a name for your little girl that is short and sweet, look no further than the cute name of Mia! Mia is an adorable choice for any baby girl. It is a name that definitely gives off a girly girl feel, too. Mia means wished for, bitter, rebellion, and is of both Latin and Spanish origins. This gorgeous name is one that parents are going to want to snatch up. It is full of sweetness and just absolutely adorable! Choose this one for your sweetie pie. You know she will be very girly with the name Mia.

1 Tomboy: Tyler

Like the name Dylan, Tyler was once a huge hit for baby boys, but is now making real waves as a cute name for little girls. While it works for both genders, it is going up the charts as a cute choice for a baby girl name. Tyler is classy yet a win for tomboys. This is a name that your little girl could certainly grow into. Tyler is of Old French origin, and means tiler maker or tiler layer. Forget the original name meaning, because your little girl will be reaching for the stars with the adorable tomboy name of Tyler!

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