12 Baby Products No Mom Can Live Without Based On Her Zodiac

When it comes to the zodiac signs, some moms cannot help but show their true colors. Astrology can take on an otherworldly fascination, when a mom’s fashion and lifestyle choices, showcases her sun sign and personality to the world. This is especially true when it comes to having a baby.

Thanks to the 12 distinct zodiac signs, 13 if you count the Snake Bearer, mothers around the world delight in showing off their distinct style of mothering. Earth signs may teeter too close to being smothering, versus warm and maternal. Fire signs may be a bit more focused on flash and working the crowd. Water signs can show fluctuating moods and are touch with their emotional side. Air signs can be quick with imaginative words and play.

There is nothing like having a baby, for a mom to bask in her astrological sign, and her child’s. Hopefully, when the stars are aligned, baby is born with a sun sign that complements mom. Either way, mothers enjoy basking their little one with products they think make life worthwhile. Sometimes it seems certain must-have baby products are more about mom than baby. However, sensibilities regarding motherhood and the nature of a sun sign do make their impact.

12 Leo -  A Glamorous Diaper Bag

designer diaper bag

When it comes to Leos, they love showing off. Not only does a Leo mom enjoy being prepared for whatever baby may need, they like to do so with some serious style. It seems for Leo moms, baby is the best accessory in the world. And accessories need to make an entrance. No plain-Jane economical diaper bag for a Leo mom and her tot. Only the best quality material, with plenty of pockets, design accents, and preferably retailed from a luxury brand will do.

Not only will a Leo’s diaper bag be large enough and bright enough to block out the sun, with the adorning rhinestones, there will be plenty of baby-friendly cosmetic products inside for the perfect selfie moment. Someone made the ultimate Girl Scout list of being prepared.

11 Gemini - The "Touch Me, Smell Me" Book

Gemini is commonly known as ‘the twins,’ and for fluctuating moods and emotions. However, a Gemini mom values how important their developing baby’s creativity and skills are. A Gemini mom will love having an interactive baby book, full of stimulating colors, pop-up images, sounds, and even smells.

Stimulating a little one with various audio and visual items, not only encourages more interactive reading sessions, but also highlights imagination. Baby will be encouraged to touch, taste, smell, and see the world with a Gemini mom. A book that gets baby started on the creative path is the first step. A mom under the Gemini sun sign may enjoy a book that leaves room for baby to color in pages, and add their own personal touch to their baby book when older.

10 Sagittarius - A Baby Swing

Sagittarius moms want their baby to enjoy the most interactive baby item possible. A state-of-the-art baby swing that can convert to a bouncer, outfitted with lights and music, is sure to be the best must-have baby item for her child. A Sagittarius mother values baby products that will stimulate her child’s mind. It is also a huge plus, when that baby item can keep their little one preoccupied for hours, and allows her to show off to other moms.

Encouraging an adventurous spirit, discovery, and play are values a Sagittarius mom wants to pass on to her kids. Having a convertible baby swing and bouncer that is capable of delivering multiple uses for baby, with the latest attachments to engage a little one’s mind, is a perfect fit for the Sagittarius mom.

9 Libra - Matching Baby Outfits

mom matching baby

With a Libra mom, making sure baby matches or complements her fashion is more about affectionate connections, than showing off for the crowd. Since Libras are ruled by Venus, a mom born under this sun sign loves the good life, and enjoys showering her baby with quality items. The baby of a Libra mama may not be wearing the trendiest clothing, but any outfit selected will be well-made, fit the child’s personality, and shout good taste.

A Libra mom will be happily found in the aisles of children’s clothing departments, searching for the nicest outfits for baby to wear on an outing. Unlike flashier moms, where baby seems to be dressed as an accessory, Libras think of their children and the legacy they want to pass on to their babes.

8 Pisces - Water Toys For Bath Time

baby bath

Pisces moms are hard to understand on the surface, as they can be hard to read. When a Pisces mom isn’t busy dreaming into their little one’s eyes, they understand the importance of deep introspection. After all, encouraging a young one to employ their burgeoning imagination, daydreaming, and play is critical to innovation.

Thankfully, a Pisces mom will keep things simple and age-appropriate. A water based toy which involves the baby’s senses, and keeps them interested for hours is a go-to baby product. That tot holding that clear liquid-filled toy with eye-catching glitter or colorful plastic bits, more than likely has a Pisces mama. A toy that uses the curious element of water and keeps a child busy, not only gives baby, but mom some much-desired quiet time to pursue creative musings.

7 Cancer - A Plush Baby Blanket

Cancers are in touch with their emotional side, as they are a mutable water sign. A mama born under this sun sign fully desires for their baby to feel nurtured, loved, and even coddled. A high-quality ultra-soft baby blanket is just the right baby product for a Cancer mom. If there is enough time between baking and planning, a Cancer mom might just make their baby’s blanket by hand. A baby blanket is one of the most memorable and comforting items for a little one.

As a child ages, a baby blanket can become part of a fort during playtime, wrapped around during story time, and is a token of a Cancer mama’s love. Blankets are capable of capturing memories, offering warmth, and look good next to a stuffed bear or bunny.

6 Taurus - A Jogger Stroller

jogger runner stroller

Taurus mamas like the great outdoors, keeping physically active, and will happily include baby in activities. The jogger stroller is a hit with earth signs like Taurus, as mom’s under this sun sign thrive with activities like running, mixed martial arts, and nature park retreats.

Jogger strollers will help a baby get out and about, without interfering with a Taurus mom’s fitness regimen. Built to handle endurance running, and long walks, a jogger stroller is built tough, just like a Taurus mom. Babies enjoy the stroller for going out as much as possible for fresh air, while a Taurus mom will love that she is passing on the value of being physically active, staying healthy, and appreciating the great outdoors to her tot.

5 Virgo - Organic Baby Lotion

You can spot a Virgo mom in her all-natural earthy glory, slathering on some organic fair trade baby lotion of a well-known trusted brand. Her baby will have some of the softest skin, a warm glow, and a smile that shows the world he or she is loved very much. The price tag on the lotion was so worth it.

4 Aries – A High-End Baby Monitor

An Aries mom is ruled by the god of war, Mars. Keeping things in order with the kids and household matter a lot to her. Therefore, keeping an eye and ear out for baby, to make sure that everything is okay is vital.

Since the sun sign of Aries is first in the zodiac, they are most likely to be leaders and pioneers. Being the first to know what’s going on, and giving new technology and products a chance is big with an Aries. Today’s latest baby monitors are capable of not only delivering mom audio, but even a current view at what her little one is up to. Whether a baby is sleeping, playing, or trying to escape the crib, an Aries mom will know.

3 Scorpio - Therapeutic Baby Toys

Scorpio moms may seem a bit tough, as they are born under the fire element. However, a Scorpio mom is also deeply in touch with her spiritual side. Appreciating natural elements like essential oils and aromatherapy, are useful for keeping baby and mom’s life in balance and good health. Toys which are lovingly washed with calming oils like lavender and rose, or more exciting scents like peppermint and lemongrass can be found with a Scorpio mom.

Baby toys which use aromatherapy have been helpful getting a baby to go to sleep, ease the discomfort of teething pain, and offer comfort. Since a Scorpio mom wants their kid to have an item that is healthy, an aromatherapy baby toy is most likely going to be constructed of fair trade, sustainable, natural materials.

2 Aquarius – A Music Box

It would make sense that an Aquarius mom, being the mysterious sun sign that she is, would love having a sound machine for baby. Where other moms might be concerned over things being too noisy for baby, an Aquarius mom wants mom to stay in touch with their inner child always. Sound machines that produce ambient sounds can be comforting to a baby for bedtime and naps. Additionally, sound machines can stimulate the baby’s imagination, and interaction with the world around.

If not a machine producing ambient sounds, an Aquarius mom is sure to play music to delight their little one often. Music soothes the soul, encourages thinking, curiosity, and has positive effects on young growing little ones. Embracing the mysterious and mystical is true to an Aquarius heart.

1 Capricorn - A Baby Book For Milestones

Capricorns are an earth sign that like to leave a legacy. Keeping a camera handy to capture baby’s milestones whenever possible, and connecting it to the family’s history is invaluable. A Capricorn mom will get in touch with their sun sign’s qualities, building scrapbooks, and collecting mementos. This is all done as a labor of love to build the ultimate baby book for their child.

A baby book that is highly customized by a Capricorn mom, not only becomes a highlighted item worth sharing, but a treasured keepsake for their little one. More tech-loving Capricorns may even enjoy a digital baby book for their young ones, but typically traditional books reign for an earth sign’s heart. A Capricorn child is sure to enjoy and laugh at all the captured memories.

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