12 Cases Of Babies Being Stolen From The Hospital

In our society today, there are people out there willing to kidnap children that aren't theirs. These people are broken, heartless, and lost. Unfortunately, we as parents must take precautions, and in some cases become like helicopters around our families, friends, nannies, and coworkers. Even hospitals, take the liberty of labeling everyone with a tag and bar code.

When both my children were born, they were labeled with these tags and so were my husband and I. It was to keep our babies safe from kidnapping, and so they knew which babies were leaving the hospital. I was annoyed with these labels back then, but now I appreciate the safety measures being taken. I have worked in many preschools and day cares, who have their own versions of security.

Where I have worked, parents have had to inform the daycare if someone like a friend, nanny, or grandparent was picking the child up. I myself have even carded people before picking up sweet little ones. It is always better safe than sorry, in a world like the one we live in. I am about to reveal stories of many kids who have been kidnapped from the hospitals, on the day they were born and other who have been kidnapped as young toddlers.

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12 Kamiyah Mobley

It was an average day in Jacksonville, Florida, when baby Kamiyah was born. She was a lovely little baby and eight hours after she was born, something strange that would change the course of her life took place. A nurse came into the room, and told the young mother that Kamiyah had a fever and needed to be checked. As it turns out, a con artist named Williams, posed as a nurse and kidnapped Kamiyah from her parents. She drove from Jacksonville, FL back to South Carolina.

It is believed that Williams had a miscarriage, and she freaked out. So instead of fessing up to the miscarriage, she goes and steals another family's child. Upon returning to South Carolina, Williams convinces her boyfriend Charles Manigo, that this new baby is their daughter, Alexis. For the next 18 years, they lived together as a happy family. Until she turned 18, it was revealed that Alexis's name was really Kamiyah and she had been kidnapped by Williams. Charles Manigo, was shocked to find out through DNA testing that his life was a lie. Kamiyah reunited with her real family, however she still calls the innocent Manigo dad. Williams was charged with kidnapping and taken to prison, during her trial Alexis/Kamiyah called out to her and said, "I love you, mom." Talk about a confusing ending, and good bye mommy dearest!

11 Victoria

In Trois-Rivières, Quebec, a new born baby girl was abducted 16 hours after she was born. A 21 year old woman posing as a nurse, came into the room. She was wearing red scrubs, and immediately took the child from Mélissa McMahon. She placed the child that was not hers, into a Yaris, with a bumper sticker that read, "Baby on Board." The new parents were now frantic, and feared for their sweet little girl's life. What happened next was amazing, with the use of social media and Facebook, an amber alert made its way around the internet. Four young people, that very night recognized this con artist in the photo, and saw the Yaris parked outside of an apartment building near the hospital. They called police and they soon came to retrieve the baby. Next door neighbors, recall hearing the police kicking the door down and shouting, "Where is the baby?" About three hours after her abduction, Victoria was safely given back to her worried parents.

10 Carlina White

Carlina White was only 19 days old when she was kidnapped from a hospital in Manhattan. Her mother, Joy White, recalls seeing Ann Pettway posing as a nurse. Carlina White grew up questioning her roots, and questioned where she came from. When Carlina was 23, her "mother" confessed to her that she was not her biological mother, and that she was abandoned by drug addicts. Curious to learn more, Carlina found her own photograph on a website for missing children. When Carlina got in touch with her real parents, a new can of worms opened up. Joy White was so thrilled to be reunited with her long lost daughter, and Ann Pettway was soon brought to justice. Although she refused to admit to the crime, she was still sent to prison for 10-12 years on kidnapping charges. Joy White believes Ann should be in prison for 23 years, one year for every year she and her baby were apart.

9 South Africa's Madeleine McCann

Known as South Africa's Madeleine McCann, Zephany Nurse, was the victim of child kidnapping. Only three days after being born, Zephany Nurse was abducted. Zephany was sold at a train station to her captor. The unidentified woman, claimed in court that she was so sad at all the miscarriages she had, that she needed to keep Zephany in order to have any child at all. Has this woman heard of adoption? Zephany's captor's family felt lied to about this whole situation, as well as the entire Nurse family.

Zephany's little sister and her attended the same school, when Mrs. Nurse heard her daughter describe an older friend she made at school, the mother wondered if it could be her long lost daughter. As it turns out, it was her lost daughter, who ended up living a few blocks away from her. The battle still continues, as to which family Zephany identifies with. Mr. Nurse has said, in this regard it feels like his daughter is being kidnapped all over again. At the end of the day Mr. Nurse just wants his daughter, to be the one to decide if they will have a relationship together in the near future.

8 Yesenia Sesmas And Sofia

In Dallas, TX Laura Abarca-Nogueda was enjoying her 8 day old baby girl Sofia. On this day, Yesenia Sesmas, shoots Laura in the head and kidnaps Sofia to raise as her own. Sesmas claims that Laura was going to give up her baby to her, since she had already had three previous abortions. She believed threatening Laura with a gun, would persuade her into giving up the baby. She claims she never meant to shoot Laura and that the gun "accidentally" went off. According to police officers, Sesmas had faked a pregnancy and was just searching for someone else's baby to kidnap. Baby Sofia, was given to relatives to raise after the accident. Laura's brother believes that Sofia is a spitting image of his sister, and has a hard time looking at her, but he also knows that she is all their family has left after this horrible incident.

7 Lucia Clement

In recent news, a young mother from Malawi had her four day old child stolen from her. The mother, nameless, was not feeling well after her delivery and was advised to stay in the hospital for a few more days, to see if her condition improved. During those first four days of life, Lucia's mother hardly left her side. On the fourth day, the mother was feeling a bit better and decided to nurse her baby. After she nursed her daughter, she decided to leave her child alone for a brief moment. It was during this "brief moment" that Lucia Clement was kidnapped. On Januray 11th of this year, it was discovered that Chrissie Vitche Banda, was responsible for the kidnapping of Lucia. Ms. Banda is facing four years imprisonment for this act. I am happy to say, that Lucia was returned safely to her mother.

6 Owen Wright

Nicole and Michael Wright hold their 22-month-old son Owen who was abducted from Sprague City Park on Sunday. Owen's sister Delicia, 8, and brother Brenden, 10, were with the toddler and alerted a pair of teenage boys. A 15-year-old boy was arrested for the abduction. DAN PELLE danp@spokesman.com

In Davenport, Washington in 2015, a toddler named Owen Wright was briefly kidnapped by a fifteen year old. The young toddler, 22 months at the time, was sitting in this stroller when the teen grabbed him and ran away. In the report, it was revealed that Owen's eight and ten year old brother and sister, were running and shouting after him. Luckily, two other teens were there to intervene, and they also pursued in the chase. The kidnapper put the toddler down, and ran away. He was caught several days later, and had to spend time in juvenile prison.

The two teens who helped chase down the kidnapper, do not consider themselves heroes, they were just happy to do the right thing. It was found out, that the fifteen year old had been talking to Owen and his siblings, and was asking them various questions. This was an indicator that he had planned the whole attack, instead of it being an in the moment kidnapping. The fifteen year old, has attempted to kidnap a disabled child before, in that instance he attempted to lure him out of his home. No charges were pressed against him then. This pattern of behavior is one to keep an eye on, and luckily for the teen he will be receiving seriously counselling.

5 Paul Fronczak/Scott McKinley

Imagine having two names during your life time, for Paul Fronczak this is exactly what happened to him. Paul Fronczak was believed to be a child kidnapped from a hospital as an infant. In 1964, a woman dressed as a nurse is said to have kidnapped Paul Fronczak, and two years later this same child was found abandoned in a stroller in Newark, NJ. This same child was then given a new name, Scott Mckinley. Paul who is now Scott, was taken to an orphanage. It was then declared that Scott from the orphanage was really Paul Fronczak.

At this time Paul's parents had no proof that Paul was indeed their son, and so they adopted him. As the years went by, the young Paul discovered multiple news stories in his parents house regarding the kidnappings. However, his parents kept reminding him you are our son. Eventually the Fronczak family got a DNA test, which revealed something startling, Paul Fronczak was not their son and was not the real Paul stolen during the 1964 Chicago kidnapping. Not only is Paul Fronczak, not Paul Fronczak, he is not Scott Mckinley either. We can only hope that Paul/Scott discovers who he really is.

4 Henry Osterman

Henry Osterman, is a man that no mother would want their children or infants to be around. This man kidnapped a three month old child, and then decided he was hungry. So he stopped by a McDonald's and ordered 15 Big Macs. One of the employees recalls that he looked nervous and was a huge guy. Osterman said he was so hungry and ordered his 15 Big Macs. Unfortunately for him, he didn't have enough money to pay, so he offered up the kidnapped three month old, as a means to pay for his food.

The employees were shocked by his outrageous request. In a statement an employee says, “He told me he didn’t have any money but I could take the baby. I said ‘Fool you need to back the f*ck up’." Osterman than aggressively handed the baby to the employ and began to steal the food he had just ordered. Two employees attempted to bring him to the ground, and finally Osterman was smacked on the face with a broom.

The cops were called and what they found in his car was a second kidnapped child of six months in age, knives, guns, baby toys, and lots of Benadryl. I don't know what he was planning to do with these kids, and thank God we are never going to find out.

3 Beena

On March 9, 2017 a four day old baby was kidnapped from the Kozhencherry hospital. The baby was kidnapped by a woman called Beena. It was discovered that Beena was childless and wanted a child of her own. The newborn's parents are Anitha and Saji Chacko. While at the hospital Beena tricked Mr. Chacko into giving her the baby. She claimed that a nurse had ordered her to deliver the baby to her mother, for a nursing session. Without thinking about it, the father handed his child into the hands of their abductor. Within 33 hours the child was found, and given back to the parents. Upon questioning, Beena was asked to give them a birth certificate, instead she handed them an abortion certificate. Wrong piece of paper lady!

2 Siwaphiwe Mbambo

In Durban, South Africa another baby has been kidnapped. One month old Siwaphiwe Mbambo was still in the car, when the car she was in was hijacked. Chris Mbambo, the infant's father, has said that he and his family have not eaten or slept, since the kidnapping of their infant. The police have reported that there have been too many "inconsistencies" surrounding this case and with the interviews being conducted. One of the suspects is Siwaphiwe's own mother. During a road blockage, the White Yaris car, reported to have Siwaphiwe inside, was stopped. Inside the mother, two unknown suspects; one and man and the other a woman, and the baby were all found. The investigation is still taking place, and the baby is safe and sound with her family. The South African police are working hard, to find out what the motives might be for the kidnapping of this innocent.

1 Brenda Batisse

In June 2008, Brenda Batisse was sentenced to five years in prison for kidnapping a newborn from the Sudbury Hospital. Batisse dressed up as a nurse and played the con artist, like so many others on this list. She told the infant's mother, that the baby needed to be weighed and quickly changed the boy into some other clothes, changed his diaper, and removed his identification tags. She drove him to her house, and told her boyfriend that their new baby had arrived. A few hours later however, Batisse was not so lucky, she was found with the baby by police.

In her court trial, it was revealed that Batisse lived a sad life, filled with violence and abuse. It was also noted that her current boyfriend at the time, was the first stable guy she had ever been with. The reason Batisse kidnapped the infant, was due to her miscarriage. Two months before her own baby was expected to arrive, she was attacked and had a miscarriage. Instead of being honest with her boyfriend, she pretended to still be pregnant and kidnapped a baby boy instead.

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