12 Celebs Who Married Only For The Cameras

Marriage in Hollywood can be a struggle because all eyes are on you. This is definitely a lot of pressure on a couple. Paparazzi want to get every bit of information, whether bad or good. The public expects you to have a fairy tale relationship as a public figure. So even when the relationship is not working anymore or the couple gets into a fight they are still forced to act like everything is still okay.

This could be the reason to why many Hollywood relationships do not last. There are a lot of rumors that go around about celebrities and they either address situations head-on or totally ignore the rumors. The thing most of us probably did not know about some relationships in Hollywood is that some of them are made up.

Let’s be honest here, some of the marriages in Hollywood are make-believe. Publicity coupling is a dimension element that Hollywood uses. They encourage a relationship between two single hot and rich celebrities to fabricate a connection to capture the public’s attention. Some of these fake relationships yield a lot of money and publicity for the celebrities’ since ratings in their reality shows or their audience shoots up tremendously.

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12 John Travolta And Kelly Preston

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According To The Daily Beast, it is rumored that John and Kelly (who have been married for 26 years and have children together) are in a 'fake marriage.' Travolta preference in partners have been whispered around Hollywood for quite some time. According to New Idea, John had started a relationship with a male Navy serviceman thirty years ago and that they are still in touch. source from Star Magazine claimed that John and Kelly had their sticky patches over the time they have been together, with the relentless rumors about him being a homosexual and having intimate relations with other men. These open claims are a distress for Preston and she may finally have reached her limit.

According to The NY Post, Vikki Lizzi, Jeff Conaway’s former fiancée told Star magazine that John and Kelly were in a forged marriage. She claimed that Jeff told her that the marriage between Kelly and John was an arrangement and that Kelly was OK with it because he was gay. But Martin Singer, John Travolta’s lawyer denied the claim.

11 Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna

According To InTouch Weekly, Rob and Blac Chyna were together and feigning the relationship so that they can gain their reality TV series and camouflage their relationship. A source that is apparently close to the Kardashians revealed that Rob had agreed to the relationship because his mother got E! to pay him over $2 million and do a show. Kris is quite the momager!

As soon as their relationship went public, Chyna filed paperwork to change her name to Angela Kardashian. Their relationship was then quickly spun into a reality TV show. What can we say, Rob obviously learned from the best. The entire Kardashian family is notorious for their show own reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians.

10 Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes

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According to Maureen Orth’s article, the Scientology church chose Katie Holmes to be the wife of Tom. Most people consider this to be true because of how these individuals have acted since their divorce. The article stated that auditions were held for Mrs. Cruise after Tom divorced Nazanin Boniadi, just like people audition for major roles in movies or plays. This is surprising considering Tom Cruise is a very handsome, successful; award-winning actor and he could have just searched and found a good wife himself.

Other sources claim that after Tom Cruise divorced Nazanin, he approached different Hollywood actresses with a proposition of a five-year marriage contract. If one agreed to the proposal, the bride would secure a career boost and money. She would also be rewarded with extra cash if she sired a child for him. For Cruise, he would get a child and suppress all those vexing rumors.

9 Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchison

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According to Nicki Swift, Courtney Stodden who is a reality star, married Doug Hutchison when she was only 16-years old and he was 51. An ABC News interview revealed that Doug met Stodden and showed interest in her at an acting show that Doug was going to hold. The relationship between them spiked over email that Stodden’s mother monitored. Supposedly Krista, Stodden’s mother, told Doug that she felt her daughter’s love for him and she felt it inside her heart. She added that she felt the love he had for her and he could rest easy knowing that she and Courtney’s dad had no problem with the two falling in love. Hutchison felt comfortable going on with the ‘romance’ now that he had the parent’s approval. As if this was not weird enough, the couple fabricated a story of a leaked tape. Apparently, this was to market Courtney’s career. They separated shortly after they got married but kept living together.

8 Ryan Seacrest And Julianne Hough

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When rumors about Ryan Seacrest started erupting that he swings the other way, he started dating Julianne Hough. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the relationship caused the rumors to ease off, but people did not truly believe that they were actually together. After they broke up, Ryan bought Julianne a $3 million mansion. This was seen as Ryan being grateful for Julianne being in his life.

Ryan and Julianne were married for three years before breaking up. They allegedly broke up because they never saw each other. Hough disclosed in an interview with Redbook that there was nothing wrong or bad in the relationship, but still, there was nothing right. She confesses she was not all in the relationship because she did not want to get hurt.

7 Kim Kardashian And Chris Humphries

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According to The Talko, Kim and Chris were married for only seventy-two days. Reportedly, the whole marriage cost $10 million and lasted less than three months. This definitely raised some questions, including as to whether the relationship was real in the first place.

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Chris, which caught everyone by surprise. After this, rumors and conspiracy theories spread like wildfire, people began claiming that it was pretty much contrived right from the beginning. RadarOnline once got information from a source about the marriage being made up, stating that Kim Kardashian was just looking for a marriage partner, and Chris was chosen for her. Kim expected that after some time she would start to fall for him, but it never came to be.

6 Michael Jackson And Debbie Rowe

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Debbie Rowe was Michael’s dermatologist nurse. According to Bossip, Michael married her shortly after Lisa Marie Presley divorced him. They had two kids together in the course of their marriage. It ended with Debbie Rowe giving full custodial rights to Michael Jackson. In exchange, she got a mansion in Beverly Hills and a lot of cash. Debbie told ABC News that the reason she was with Jackson was to only to bear children for him as a gift.

She believed that Jackson was one of the people who should be a parent. When Rowe handed over custody of her two kids to Michael, she claimed that she only did it for MJ to be a father rather than her being a mum and that she didn’t deserve the title mother since she hadn’t earned it.

In essence, she was she was being paid as a surrogate. She told ABC News that it would prevent some of the legal problems caused by children being born out of out of wedlock.

5 Rock Hudson And Phyllis Gates

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Rock and Gates’ wedding was reportedly arranged. This happened after Confidential magazine threatened to reveal that he was swinging the other way. Henry Wilson, Rock Hudson’s agent, went out of his way and arranged for Rock to marry Phyllis Gates who was his secretary. .

Phyllis Gates confronted her husband after three years about him being gay. Hollywood Reporter magazine revealed that Hudson was secretly taped by Fred Otash, an author, and private investigator. Gates questioned Rock about a Rorschach test he took and that he told her that he had seen snakes and thousands of butterflies. She related that her therapist said that the meaning of those images was that the butterflies meant femininity and the snakes represented the male penis. She went on to say that she didn’t condemn him for his feelings but that since he was aware of them, that he should do something about it. She continued to accuse him of saying that everybody knew he was picking up boys off the street shortly after they were married. Rock Hudson denied all allegations. Whether the allegations were true or not, this was definitely an arranged marriage and Phyllis was not the love of Rock’s life.

4 Gavin Rossdale And Gwen Stefani

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This couple has been together since 2002, but rumor has it that Gavin Rossdale is not actually straight. Gavin admitted in an interview with Details magazine that he had an affair when he was seventeen years old. He called it an experiment and was a one time thing. He immediately begged the reporters not to publish it because Gwen was unaware of it.

Sources revealed that Gwen was aware of the rumors, but only when Gavin spoke out is when she believed them to be true. The allegations emerged in a 1995 autobiography of Boy George Take it Like a Man and in 2009 Marilyn repeated them saying the affair lasted five years. There were a lot of secrets in this relationship including Gavin being the father of Daisy Lowe, a British model. It was obvious that this relationship was a rocky one with all these big secrets kept from Gwen, either making Gwen the innocent victim or just another fake marriage in Hollywood!

3 Michael Jackson And Lisa Marie Presley

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During an interview with Lisa, interviewer Diane Sawyer asked her why she married the pop star. After providing several ambiguous explanations, she finally disclosed that she fell in love with him. But Ian Halperin, an author of Michael Jackson’s biography, Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson, presented another explanation: the marriage was arranged by the Church of Scientology. Halperin's theory states that Presley and her mother were members of that church and were determined to make Michael a member too. In turn, rumors about Michael being gay would subside if he married Presley.

This was the marriage of the most popular artist ever known and Elvis Presley, the man who introduced the whole Rock ‘n’ Roll culture. This undoubtedly could have been concocted by their press agents.

Sleek published that the whole marriage was not even legal. When they got married MJ was wearing black, just as he always did in most of his appearances. He was also chewing gum during the marriage ceremony. This probably showed that he was not that interested.

2 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

According to Rebel Circus, Kim and Kanye could be tricking their fans into believing their marriage is real, when in fact they might be using their wedding rings to keep their status in the spotlight secured.

Kim got together with Kanye as soon as she divorced Chris Humphries. It is believed by many that her publicity team planned the whole thing after the messy relationship ended with Humphries. People really criticized her for the short-lived marriage, and her engagement with Kanye West right after was questionable. They also both said that they were close friends before they even got married.

According to the Huffington Post, a Canadian model said that she had relations with Kanye while he was still dating Kim. She claimed that Kanye said that the relationship was just a publicity stunt.

1 Scarlett Johansson And Ryan Reynolds

via: usmagazine.com

The two stars got married when Scarlett was 23. At such a young age she most probably was not ready for marriage and she admits it by saying she did not have enough knowledge of how to handle a mature relationship.According to stars.topix.com, During their three year marriage, Scarlett and Ryan were rarely seen together. Pictures of them together are very few and this could mean they did not spend a lot of time together.

If the relationship was real, at least they could have been spotted a couple of times together having fun, but this was not the case. People, therefore, believe that the relationship was just for publicity. This is not a surprise considering that both were rising fast in their careers and a relationship could capture the attention of the public.

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