12 Celeb Moms Who Never Want To Get Pregnant Again

Not all celebrity moms are like Angelina Jolie. They do not all have a handful of children. These particular celebrity mothers choose to have one child and not become pregnant again. Some of our favorite celebrities, from movie stars to super models and television sitcom stars, all have their reasons for never wanting to be pregnant again. All of these women are moms, they just have no desire, want, or need for going through another pregnancy.

You may refer to these celebrity moms as members of the one and done club. They got pregnant, had their baby, but that was it. There would be no more children, no sibling for their first child. They are fine with their offspring being an only child. And many of them are proud to admit that fact, as well.

Sometimes more than one pregnancy is not in the cards, whether due to fertility issues or a not so great first pregnancy experience. Sometimes the choice to only have one child is made just because. All these celebrity mothers have their reasons. Some may tell us why they never want to be pregnant again, whereas others may tell us, but we will never know the exact reasons as to why.

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12 Sofia Vergara

THE 68TH EMMY(r) AWARDS - The 68th Emmy Awards broadcasts live from The Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, Sunday, September 18 (7:00-11:00 p.m. EDT/4:00-8:00 p.m. PDT), on ABC and is hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. (Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images) SOFIA VERGARA, Manolo Vergara

The hit Modern Family star has no plans to ever get pregnant again. Sofia Vergara has one son, Manolo, who is 24. Sofia had him in her early twenties. She never went on to have more children, and was a single mom for a very long time. Despite raising Manolo alone, Sofia still followed her dreams, which we all have to give her credit for. However, she makes it pretty clear about never getting pregnant again.

Sofia is now with Joe Manganiello, and rumors often surface about them having a baby together. But allegedly Sofia and Joe have zero plans to expand their love into a family with a baby. They like things the way they are now, with no baby in their sights. Who knows what the future holds, but for them, it is not with a newborn baby.

11 Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is certainly young enough to have another child, but she often says one is good for her, and does not have plans to be pregnant again any time soon, if ever. We adored Katie from the hit WB show Dawson's Creek. We then followed her crazy relationship with Tom Cruise, which produced their adorable daughter, Suri. Katie and Tom are no longer together, as many of us know well, so now we get to follow her alleged love life and whether Suri will ever get to be a big sister.

Katie claims she lived the life of an only child (despite having siblings). She says she liked being an only child, and wants that life for Suri. She wants to provide Suri with as much undivided attention as possible, and for Katie, that means no more babies. She has no plans to be pregnant again.

10 Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams, star of the Oscar winning film Manchester By The Sea, and widow of the late Heath Ledger, only has one child. Her life did not exactly turn out the way anyone would except theirs to be after their significant other passes away. Michelle has a beautiful daughter, Matilda (father is Heath Ledger), with no plans for another pregnancy.

Michelle is in a bit of an extraordinary position. She has stated previously that she always hoped to give Matilda a brother or sister, but things did not work out that way. Whether her lack of having more children is more of a choice or one that she cannot really control (due to Heath's death), she seems to have accepted the fact that she may never be pregnant again, nor want to be pregnant again.

9 Jenny McCarthy

Funny girl Jenny McCarthy has made all kinds of headlines. Jenny has posed for playboy, been an advocate for autism, and now lets us all in on her romance with Donny Wahlberg. But Jenny claims she is done having kids. She has her son, Evan, who is absolutely adores, but that is it for her. Jenny has zero plans to give her child any siblings.

Jenny is not afraid to tell the word that only having one child is perfectly fine. It does not matter what anyone else thinks or says. It is a woman's decision, and hers alone, to choose how many or how little children to produce. While Jenny does not wish to become pregnant with her now flame Donny Wahlberg, she has been quoted as saying it will only happen if “it's God's plan. It's not our plan”.

8 Jacqueline Pinol

Jacqueline has starred in a number of roles, from General Hospital to Bosch to voicing cartoons, and more. One thing Jacqueline knows well, however, is the pressure to have a second children. Her adorable son, Atlas, brings her much joy. She is overwhelmingly happy having her one child, and does not see any more children in her future.

The thing that makes Jacqueline unique is that she stands up for her choice to only have one child. Many people only have one baby, but brush aside any comments for them to have another. Not Jacqueline, though. She is proud of her choice to have one child and never be pregnant again. And she does not care what anyone thinks about that, which is a pretty awesome way to look at life!

7 Kate Beckinsale

We know actress Kate Beckinsale from such movies as Underworld, Pearl Harbor, Aviator, and more. One thing about Kate, though, is that she never wants to get pregnant again. Kate has one daughter, Lily, who is now 18 years old. Kate has never, and will never, want to give her daughter a younger sibling.

Kate is open and honest about her feelings towards more than one child and another pregnancy. She is totally against it! She is very happy with her daughter, and has no desire to “upset the apple cart”, as she has been quoted saying. Meaning, why change what is already good. Things have been going very well for Kate and her family for so long, despite Lily being an only child. Kate does not wish to have another pregnancy and chance what is perfect to her already. Well, good for you, Kate Beckinsale!

6 Wendy Williams

Popular daytime talk show host, Wendy Williams, only has one son and is open and honest regarding her decision to only have one child. Wendy can be quite relatable to many people, as she likes to tell it like it is. This includes a large part of her personal life. She has been very revealing on why she only has her one son, and never again tried to have another baby.

Unfortunately, like many of us, Wendy suffered through some miscarriages prior to her son being born. Her miscarriages were later on in her pregnancy, too, making it that much more traumatic and dangerous for her. When she had her son, she felt blessed. She continues to feel that way, but never wishes to get pregnant again. We can applaud Wendy for her openness and awareness towards miscarriages.

5 Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton goes after what she wants - even the presidency of the United States - and definitely knows what she never wanted, and that was more than one child. Hillary has one daughter, who we all know, Chelsea Clinton, who is all grown up with a child of her own now.

Hillary has portrayed that a woman can do anything she wants. She can go after her dreams. And she can also be a mom. Hillary was a great mom to her daughter growing up. She also gave herself a chance to be the politician she always dreamed to be. Perhaps having another child was not in the cards for her, and looking back, she is proud to say she never wanted to get pregnant again. Now, Hillary gets to enjoy being a grandmother.

4 Courtney Cox

Our favorite friend (from the hit television show Friends!) is the mom to an only child, her daughter Coco, with then husband David Arquette. Courtney Cox has made a name for herself in other acting roles, but not as a mama of more than one child. That is not her plan. In fact, she seems to have no plans to ever get pregnant again.

Courtney does have some regrets though. She tells others to not wait to have children, like she did. She was older when she had Coco, and had to go through fertility treatments. It took her awhile to get pregnant. Also, Courtney is open about her struggle with postpartum depression. So while she may have wanted more children at one point in her life, she is honest about it not being in the cards for her anymore.

3 Amy Adams

Movie star celebrity mom Amy Adams knows what it is like to be asked whether or not she will have another child, again and again, despite the answer always being, well, never. The star of such hits as Arrival, American Hustle, Julie and Julia, and many others, does not appear to feel the need to hide her feelings or her plans regarding more children.

Amy will gladly answer anyone who asks if her daughter, Aviana, will ever have a sibling. Amy's answer is always no. She has made it clear she plans to not get pregnant again. Her take on more children comes from her own family background. Amy was one of many children, and she claims she is not interested in having a big family like the one she grew up with.

2 Debra Messing

We all have adored Debra Messing as the cute and quirky Grace from the television show Will & Grace (which is making a comeback!). Debra only has one child, her son Roman. She is very involved in her son's life, and has since divorced his father. After having Roman, Debra may have wanted other children, but she never had any. And now, she understands that it is unlikely she is, nor would she ever want to be pregnant again.

Debra has devoted her life to her son, while also having an acting career. She is not ashamed of only having one child. She also appears to not wish to have any more children, nor ever has. She is perfectly happy with her family, her career, and we all know, that is all that matters.

1 Teraji P. Henson

Teraji is definitely one to make us laugh and always give us the honest truth! The star of the hit television series Empire, Teraji P. Henson has absolutely zero plans to ever get pregnant again, and she is not afraid to say it. The woman we all lovely know as Cookie, has one son in real life, Marcel. She is very happy having her one child.

Teraji claims that the best form of birth control is a teenager, which many of us can attest to, or imagine, at least! Teraji is done having children and never wants to be pregnant again. We think her personality and honesty is awesome, more people like her need to speak up to let the world know it is okay to just have one baby!

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