12 Celeb Moms Who Run A Messy Household (10 Who Need Their Houses To Be Spotless)

Judging moms isn't cool, whether they're famous or not. This list of 12 celeb moms who run a messy household (10 who need their houses to be spotless) isn't about judgement. It's meant to highlight the way that moms can have different housekeeping styles.

Is the tidiest mom the most loving mom? Is the messiest mom the worst mom? Life isn't that simple and clear-cut. A tidy mom might spend too much time on the house and not enough on mother-child bonding. A messy mom might be there for her child emotionally, 24/7, even though the house needs some work. There's really no way to generalize about moms. Moms should support each other.

Celeb moms do typically have money to hire help when they need their houses cleaned, but some also don't mind letting things go. There are celeb moms who aren't rolling in dough. Most of the Teen Moms and Duggar moms fit this category. Other famous mommies are very wealthy, with big household staffing levels that make it easier to keep things immaculate. And then there are moms who can afford a spotless household and just don't mind the mess.

Anyone who is curious about which celeb moms are neat freaks and which aren't will enjoy this list. It's loaded with fascinating facts about the housekeeping styles of famous mommies.

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22 Britney Spears Isn't A Neat Freak (Runs A Messy Household)


Britney has had her ups and downs and it's nice to see her so happy and healthy lately. In the past, pics of her messy house have surfaced online, but they surfaced quite a while ago. These days, she may have a different housekeeping style. Britney is sort of hit and miss with personal style and housekeeping. S

ometimes, she looks very pulled-together, with perfect hair, makeup and clothes, and tidy home. She also has days where she is super-relaxed about personal style and housekeeping. Britney is very busy, thanks to a new Las Vegas residency, two active and growing sons and a partner, Sam. She's got a lot on her plate.

21 Jessa Duggar's House Is A Bit Chaotic (Runs a Messy Household)

Jessa Duggar occasionally gets dragged online for her housekeeping. If you put pics of your messy home out there, and you're famous, with fans and critics galore, you're going to get some shade from some people. Her pics of dirty diapers and other less-than-appealing household messes have triggered a lot of heated commentary online.

Jessa is not ashamed, She's defended herself on social media, by letting followers know that she is proud to show the reality of her life at home with them, even though it's often less than perfect. Jessa would rather focus on cuddling with a baby than housework sometimes.

20 Meghan Fox Doesn't Like Housework (Runs A Messy Household)

Meghan Fox is another celeb mom who doesn't stress over the mess. Meghan's lived a pretty low-key life since she became a mom. Her hubby is Brian Austin Green, who used to appear on Beverly Hills 90210. After rising to fame in Transformers, Meghan stepped back from the spotlight to focus on family.

Meghan probably isn't going to care too much if people comment on her messy home. She's not a stranger to parenting criticism. Her sons have very long hair and some people who follow her online, or comment on articles posted about her online, think that she should cut their long hair off.

19 Octomom Lets Things Slide (Runs A Messy Household)


Octomom actually got in trouble for her messy home. A landlord complained about a bad smell in a property she'd leased. She says she's created a good family unit, even though her home is messy sometimes.

In February, her octuplets will turn nine years old. Time flies, huh? Back in 2012, pics of her very messy home appeared on the Web. Afterward, she hired a pro cleaning crew to come in and deal with the dirt, clutter, and grime. Dr. Drew is said to have paid for regular cleaning services for a limited time, to help the family enjoy a better life.

18 Jessica Simpson Would Rather Cook Than Clean (Runs A Messy Household)

Remember Jessica Simpson's reality show with ex-husband, Nick Lachey? Jessica once tossed laundry over the bedroom balcony, onto the luxury home's foyer? She said she got mad because 20 loads of dirty laundry were at the house when she got back from a tour.

Despite her anger about dirty laundry, Jessica isn't known as one of those neat freak celebs. While she's older now, with two kids and another on the way, plus a successful business (have you bought her shoes?), and she may have changed her ways, she's more of a fun-loving person who doesn't sweat the small stuff. Jessica's maids usually have their work cut out for them.

17 Kim Kardashian's Closets Need Some Work (Runs A Messy Household)


Kim Kardashian isn't the slovenly type, but her closets do get messy sometimes. When you consider the size and scale of her closets and the number of closet contents, you'll realize that the mess can get pretty big. Kim loves to shop and she has bought amazing clothing and accessories over the years.

She doesn't mind too much if her closet gets messy while she's rooting around for the perfect elements of her next ensemble. Also, she's very busy, so she may leave the mess for household staff to deal with. Kim is happy to post pics of her untidy closet online. She's used to criticism and takes it with a grain of salt.

16 Leah Messer Is A Messy Teen Mom (Runs A Messy Household)

Leah Messer has had issues with substances and this may be the reason why she's lived in some very messy household conditions. This Teen Mom did go get treatment for her problems, but her household habits remained pretty sketchy.

A source told Allaboutthetea.com that Leah let her kids urinate in neighborhood yards while the family took walks. The source was also grossed out by the condition of Messer's home and vehicle. Her garage was always stacked with piles of stuff, Hoarders-style. Leah's inability to keep things tidy was one factor that put a real strain on her child custody arrangements.

15 Angelina Jolie Is Relaxed About Chores (Runs A Messy Household)


When Angelina lived with ex-hubby, Brad Pitt, and their extensive brood, things got messy sometimes. In 2008, stories about the messy condition of their luxury estate surfaced online. The couple had little help with their household on the weekends, beyond a security team and personal chef, so the mess piled up and maids had to deal with it during the week.

Kids were known to scrawl on the walls and plenty of pizza boxes were littered about. Angie seems very pulled-together these days. The kids are older and she's not with Brad anymore, so maybe her housekeeping style has changed.

14 Jill Duggar Doesn't Seem To Mind Clutter (Runs A Messy Household)

Jill Duggar is another Duggar who doesn't mind when people see her less-than-perfect housekeeping in social media posts. She's happy to post pics of her messy bedroom and then take the consequences. She feels that people are too critical of her housekeeping skills. Some fans do defend Jill when she is taken to task for her messy home.

Fans who sympathize with Jill do so because she's a busy mom with a lot to deal with. Those who have less respect for her think that she should clean up her home and keep it tidier in general. Both Jessa and Jill seem to have forgotten about their mom's many cleaning tips.

13 Kourtney Kardashian's Dressing Room Was A Mess (Runs A Messy Household)


Kourtney has tons of cash and does have help keeping her home in premium condition, but, like her sister Kim, she tends to be messy about her closet. She posed for a pic wearing angel wings and a lot of people noticed the disarray in the background.

Seeing these messy Kardashian closets makes me wonder just how clean their homes would be if they didn't have housekeepers picking up after them. It's hard for me to picture either of these famous and glamorous sisters scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets, although they may do this stuff, or maybe they did it in the past.

12 Amber Portwood Isn't A Clean Freak (Runs A Messy Household)


Teen Mom stars become parents when they are so young. They deserve empathy because parenting is hard, especially at such a young age. However, a few of them, including Amber Portwood, may want to spend more time on housework, because their fans and critics are always watching and commenting.

Amber Portwood is known for leaving a rental home in poor condition, mostly due to lingering odors from her pets. It takes about an hour a day to keep a typical home looking and smelling great. Amber and other messy Teen Moms need to put together schedules that allow them to spend at least one hour daily on home care.

11 Beyoncé's Messiness Bothers Jay-Z (Runs A Messy Household)

Beyoncé has appeared in a video with a very messy bedroom in the background. Jay-Z isn't wild about her messiness, but she's Beyoncé, so he puts up with it. It's not like she doesn't have any amazing qualities, right? If Beyoncé doesn't want to spend her time picking up clothes off of the bedroom floor, she shouldn't have to. She has people for that. I was a bit surprised to learn that she was messy, as she always seems so perfect. I don't mind that she throws her clothes in piles after she wears them. She's achieved so much in her life. I'd rather focus on those achievements.

10 Reese Witherspoon Runs A Tight Ship (Her House Is Spotless)

Now, it's time for the other end of the spectrum. It's time to look at celeb moms who are naturally tidy, or who have made the decision to hone their homemaking skills because they love to live in clean, organized environments. Reese Witherspoon is one example. This gifted actress does seem like a very strong and competent person, doesn't she?

She's commonly known for being a neat freak. She derives pleasure from organizing sock drawers and things like that. When Reese is at home, she practices nesting by organizing absolutely everything. When she's not at home, she's achieving in the world of Hollywood.

9 Gwyneth Paltrow Is Into Tidiness (Her House Is Spotless)


Gwyneth loves Reese, perhaps because the two have a lot in common. Gwyneth is also very into domestic perfection. Gwyneth wants her home to be an orderly, stylish place. Her home is an extension of her own image, which is all about clean, minimalist style and elevated taste. Gwyneth says she doesn't feel functional when she's living in disorganized, messy environments.

Gwyneth has probably always lived in very nice houses because her parents were a part of the Hollywood scene, where big paychecks abound. Now that she owns property herself, she makes sure that her place is always neat and clean.

8 Lisa Rinna Banishes Germs (Her House Is Spotless)

I recently watched RHOBH for the first time and I did see Lisa Rinna sanitizing her hotel room during a business trip. I thought that she was smart to disinfect her hotel room phone and other objects and surfaces.

At home, Lisa also values cleanliness. She's one of those celeb moms who likes everything neat and tidy. Lisa Rinna is nothing if not a high-energy lady. She is always on the go. She hustles in her career. She was willing to advertise adult diapers to help the family live a nice life. Lisa has two daughters with hubby, Harry Hamlin.

7 Khloe Kardashian Keeps Things Shining (Her House Is Spotless)


From what I've seen of Keeping Up With The Kardahians (which admittedly isn't much), Khloe is very good at domestic stuff. I did see her taking care of household tasks on the show. She also took good care of the Kardashian sister's fashion boutique, Dash.

Khloe is a Cancer and this is a sign that is all about home and hearth, so it's not surprising that Khloe excels at keeping things orderly and beautiful. Now that she has little True, she'll have even more motivation to keep her home organized and shining clean. Khloe is the type of person that values a spotless home.

6 Charlize Theron Can't Stand Disorganization (Her House Is Spotless)

Charlize is an amazing, inspiring actress. She's also one of the most famous celeb mom neat freaks. Charlize has said that she can't really sleep peacefully at night if she knows that something is not stored properly in her home. Everything needs to be put away exactly where it's supposed to go. If it isn't, she broods about it.

Charlize has plenty of money, so she can make sure that her staff keeps things just the way that she wants them. Even if she wasn't rich, she'd probably have a very clean and inviting home. It's just her way to keep things immaculate at all times.

5 Helena Bonham Carter Loves Order (Her House Is Spotless)


Don't let Helena Bonham Carter's eccentric personal style fool you. She's as into domestic cleanliness and organization as other alpha female celeb moms, such as Charlize, Reese, and Gwyneth. Helena is charming in films. She's Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter! Helena prefers to live in a spotless home.

One interesting fact is that she and her ex-husband, Tim Burton, used to live in houses that were side-by-side, rather than living together. Perhaps Helena didn't want anyone messing up her personal space.  Their houses were connected by a tunnel, which was lit by sparkling chandeliers. That's so Tim Burton, isn't it?

4 Courteney Cox Is Into Housework (Her House Is Spotless)

Courtney Cox is totally into homes, from decorating them to flipping them for a profit and beyond. She's known for her knowledge of home design and she runs a tight ship when it comes to her own home. If you were friends with this Friends alumni, you'd probably never see any clutter or dust if you dropped by her place.

Courtney's California beach house is a thing of beauty, from the outside and the inside. Her Friends character was a neat freak and Courtney has the same tendencies. Courtney used to clean up the dressing rooms of her cast-mates while filming Friends.

3 Kerry Washington's Home Is A Showplace (Keeps Her House Spotless)

Kerry Washington's home is beautiful, tasteful and stylish. It's a wonderful blend of modern and traditional design. Kerry values cleanliness and order and makes sure that her exquisite home is always in mint condition. Kerry's starring role in Scandal has made her one of Hollywood's most successful television actresses.

While she probably doesn't do all of her housework by herself, she makes sure that things look their best. Kerry has three children, so it's safe to say that she clean ups after her kids sometimes. Kids are wonderful, but they make a mess fast, whether they are living in luxury homes or not.

2 Leah Remini Can't Relax Around Dirt (Keeps Her House Spotless)


Like Gwyneth, Leah Remini finds it hard to chill out in a home that's dirty. This is why Leah keeps her home spotless, or has her staff keep it spotless. Most of the celeb neat freak moms on this list have so much money. They are living in homes that are like five-star luxury hotels.

They have cleaners and gardeners and the whole bit. If you're a regular mom who isn't rich and you feel bad because your home is messy sometimes, forgive yourself. These clean freak celeb moms are paying other people to do the hard work. They may tidy things, but they're probably not scrubbing bathrooms, etc.

1 Olivia Wilde Enjoys Folding Laundry (Her House Is Spotless)


Olivia is really enjoying life with Jason Sudeikis, as well as motherhood. She has two kids, Otis and Daisy, and she loves living in a spotless home. She and Jason have a cool house in Brooklyn, which they acquired after they sold a loft in the same city.

The home is surprisingly traditional and really beautiful, with polished wood floors and so many heritage-style details. The home is shining clean. Olivia may not do the housework, but someone is doing it. She's not the type of woman who wants to live in a messy house. Olivia's New York life seems amazing.

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