12 Celeb Parents Who Want Us To Forget Their Leaked Pics

When we become parents, we often forget about the times when we were kids. Thankfully, the internet has done a wonderful job of documenting celebrity parents' most embarrassing moments.

Yes, as kids we certainly don't want to see our parents' nude photographs, their social media feuds, or their sex tapes. And this is usually something most children have the fortune of avoiding. For children of celebrities, though, they often see these things without any wish to, accidentally stumbling upon on them on the internet or forwarded by friends, even random strangers. No child wants to see that.

Many celebs, both dads and moms, are guilty of taking nudes and having them released. Some are rumored to have been released on purpose. Others were the butt of a very unfortunate hacking or joke. Some have been very sincere about embracing their body and the fact that the images exist. Others have taken the long road of denial or claim the images are photoshopped.

Either way, these pictures can surely be a lesson for parents, children, celebrities, and everyone with a camera phone that nude pictures and sexts don't just disappear. In our digital age, even the most embarrassing and private moments are permanent. It's nearly impossible to completely erase everything. Something is always hiding in that darn cloud or on our Myspace profile from ages ago.

12Scarlett Johansson

Johansson is the mother of a 2 year old with her estranged French husband. The 32 year old mother of Rose has spent the majority of her child's life focused on her career so a history of nude photographs may not be something she wants dug up as she goes through a custody battle with Romain Dauriac.

The pictures were leaked back in 2011. At the time she was married to Ryan Reynolds which is who the pictures were meant for. The pictures were part of an e-mail she sent to Reynolds which ended up being hacked. The photographs were released and Johansson was less than pleased. She did own it though despite it being a great invasion of privacy. The pictures came out at an ironically uncomfortable time as Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds were going through a rather public divorce at the time.

11Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey has quite the funny story about how his nude photographs were released. The photographs are shirtless rather than showing everything, but feature McConaughy shirtless and hand cuffed while officers instruct him to put on pants.

Matthew McConaughy was arrested while high, naked, and playing the bongos. Quite the combination. This incident occurred back in 1999 in McConaughy's Texas home. McConaughy reportedly had no regrets about his naked bongo playing. After all, who doesn't enjoy some time in their birthday suite?

The father of three has now put his naked bongo playing days behind him. He was seen accompanying his children to the red carpet premiere of Sing. He probably hopes they don't find the story about the time their father was arrested for being higher than a kite and nakedly playing the drums while another naked man clapped. It's likely though they have internet access and will one day come across the laughable yet nightmare causing story for themselves.

10Amanda Seyfried

In March of 2017, photographs of Amanda Seyfried were leaked online for the world to see. It is believed the pictures were stolen from either a mobile device owned by Seyfried or Justin Long, her past boyfriend, or one of the two's cloud storage. We really can't trust that Cloud can we?

A few of the pictures feature Justin Long himself, and the ones with a male whose face is not visible have since been assumed to also be Justin Long. The photographs are pretty explicit in nature considering one of them features Amanda on all fours completely naked.

Amanda Seyfried just welcomed her first child this past March after a secret wedding ceremony. Clearly March was a busy month for Seyfried. The couple welcomed a daughter in March who hopefully will learn from her mother's mistakes and avoid the naked photographs all together.

9Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt who we all know as being the former other half of Brangelina was once the subject of a nude photo leak with then girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow. The photos were taken back in 1995 while the couple was on vacation in the French West Islands. The photos were published in Playgirl. It was said that they were released at the time in Europe, but Playgirl did not publish them until 1997.

The photos feature the couple nude while vacationing. They were released in Playgirl under the headline "BRAD PITT NUDE" which caused Brad to sue the magazine for the release of the photographs. Pitt won the lawsuit, and the magazine was ordered not to publish any more magazines with those images or headline.

8Sienna Miller

In May of 2017, Sienna Miller joined the list of moms who have recently had their nude photographs leaked for the entire internet to see!

A hacker leaked a private photograph of Sienna topless. In the photograph, she is also wearing a mask and appears to be goofing around. Miller never made a public statement regarding the pictures, but she was not alone in the hacking. There are quite a few celebrities who have recently had some private photographs leaked.

It is believed that the leaked photographs were stolen from a cloud storage or social media messaging app. The American Sniper actress has one daughter who she would probably protect from this nasty scandal and hacking. That's probably not the best example she would want to set for her daughter.

7Brett Favre

Brett Favre one of the best Green Bay Packer quarterbacks also played for the New York Jets and later the Minnesota Vikings. While playing for the Jets, he met Jenn Sterger, a sports reporter who also worked with the team.

Pictures were later revealed that Favre had sent to Sterger. Those pictures featured his private parts. There were also audio recordings as proof to back up that the sexts came from Favre. He made no comment publicly about the photographs or relations with Sterger.

The relationship and photographs are not new to professional athletics, but they did put a damper on Sterger's career as she was trying to shed her "sexual" image that she previously portrayed. She wanted to prove herself, and a sex scandal with a quarterback just isn't the way to do it.

Today, the father of two is also a grandpa. He is a living legend for his records as a quarterback. As a grandpa who worries about his grandson's sporting activities, it is unlikely his wants his grandchild to wander about a private picture on the internet one day, but that's just the price we pay sometimes.

6Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge was one of the many celebrities who faced a rather nasty hack and had nude photographs leaked to the internet.

In April of 2017, Adrian had photographs stolen from her cloud storage and sent out to websites. It hasn't been clear as to what websites had the photographs, but it is believed that many of the leaks lately were part of a hacking called "The Fappening 2.0" which included Amanda Seyfried, Whitney Port, Kate Hudson, and Dianna Argon.

Audrina Patridge, the former actress from The Hills, is the mother of a baby girl born back in June of 2016. Unfortunately this is not the first time photographs like this have been leaked of Patridge, but hopefully as a mother she will do her best to avoid a repeat offense of leaked nudes again! It's probably not the example she wants to set for her baby daughter or a conversation she wants to have.

5Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner the guy we know best for sexting is also sadly a parent. Weiner referred to his now almost 5 year old as being a "chick magnet" while sexting a woman ten years younger than himself.

The former politician was guilty of sexting another woman while married to wife, Huma Abedin. He even includes crotch shoots that feature his son laying nearby him. GROSS.

His wife stuck by him through a couple of sexting scandals before telling Weiner to hit the road and ending the marriage. His is busted for two different images of crotch shoots with his son. In addition, Weiner had complained to his different "internet friends" about his sexless, unhappy marriage.

Today Weiner is going through a messy divorce and in treatment for a self proclaimed sex addiction.

4Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is another victim of "The Fappening 2.0" hacking. In April of 2017, nude photographs of the actress were leaked on the internet. Two of the pictures feature Hudson completely naked while sitting down. They also show her entire breasts for the camera. The other pictures show Hudson in a thong.

Kate Hudson is the mother of two young boys. It is believed that her cloud was hacked which is how the photographs were obtained in the first place. Hudson is one of the A-list celebrities that has fallen victim to this second "Fappening" attack.

These pictures are still in the "alleged" stage as there is no face to the female in the pictures. It is believed though that they are of Kate Hudson herself.

3Kate Middleton

We certainly hold royalty to a higher standard than most celebs. Kate Middleton who was photographed while sunbathing topless back in 2012. The royal family defended Middleton in this scenario because the photos greatly invaded her privacy and were obtained nearly illegally.

The Duchess is married to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. The royal family did well to aim to protect Kate from the scandal. No publications in Britain picked up the photographs although Ireland and Italy released some publications featuring them along with Closer, the French magazine who first published them.

The family sued Closer and won the photographs back. They were to be turned over within 24 hours of the court decision and faced costly fines if they failed to produce them. The mother of two has kept things classy from now on.

2Blake Lively

We all know Blake Lively as being Ryan Reynold's better half. She was the Queen B, Serena back in Gossip Girl, and is still basically the definition of "Mom goals." But back in 2011, the mom of 2 was the victim of a hacking attack where someone released her nude photos for all to see.

After a release from her publicist that the photos were fake, the hacker released 17 more photos of Lively back in 2011, including some that featured two small star tattoos on her chest which were featured in The Town.

Lively and her team have denied the photos are her. She has said to take legal action to any outlet that publishes the photos. It is still unclear whether or not these photos really are Reynold's wife. It is believed if they are, the pictures were taken several years before their release in 2011.

1Amber Rose

Amber Rose is the mother of Sebastian, a son she shares with rapper Wiz Khalifa. She is well known for feuding with the Kardashian and Kardashian-West family as well. With a past as a stripper and a sex tape with Ray J (maybe that's the key to fame), it is no surprise that nude photos of Rose have been leaked. Rose began stripping at 15 and then continued from 18 to 25 years old. She has also been in a leaked sex tape with Nick Cannon.

Today not only is Rose a mom, but an actress and model who advocates for positive body image and supporting other women. Rose compares how her nude photos and Kardashian's would be so differently taken by the public if it were done by a male.

When Kim Kardashian West posted a nude selfie, Rose was one of the ones who defended her. She has had nude photos leaked herself, including ones she posted. Rose is all about self confidence and that includes nude selfies and being proud of your body.

Rose and Khalifa share a four year old together. The couple is no longer together. It is believed that Rose hooked up with Ray J as "revenge" for Khalifa's inability to commit.

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