12 Celebs Who Want Nothing To Do With Their Kids

For high-powered celebs, whose lives are always in the spotlight, having children can cause major problems.

Becoming a parent is something that greatly impacts our lives. It influences our careers, lifestyles, and every other aspect possible. For those with high maintenance, high powered careers such as those in the public eye (or who want to be) having a child can be a major road block.

Actors are gone working ridiculous hours while filming a movie or show. Artists go on cross country or even international tours to promote a new album. These careers take some serious dedication, and sometimes having children can be seen as a hinderance to those professions.

There are many ways to handle an unplanned pregnancy. There are also those who decide after the kids are born and a family established, that just decide family life isn't for them. If someone can't be a proper parent, is it better for the children to have an uninvolved parent instead? Some have simply moved on to different families, jobs, and passions that didn't involve the family they had already created.

The repercussions for those children is unimaginable because they will obviously see their parents out and about living a life without them. These people decided to pursue other options instead of parenthood. Some people are just too diva for diaper duty.

12Eddie Murphy - Denies His Own Daughter

Eddie Murphy has NINE children, crazy right? But the family first father was not always gunning for world's greatest dad. The actor shares a daughter, Angel, with Melanie Brown from the Spice Girls. The two had a lengthy legal battle as Murphy denied that the girl was his. He refused child support or involvement until paternity test results forced him to pay up.

Murphy is in fact so uninvolved with his daughter Angel that Melanie's ex husband wanted visitation rights to the girl because he has played a more active role as her father figure. Angel sees Melanie's ex husband, Stephen Belafonte, as her dad because he has been there from the beginning. Murphy has had little to do with the girl despite his active role in his many other children's lives.

11Kate Mulgrew - Chooses The Spotlight Over Her Daughter

The actress who plays Red in Orange is the New Black on Netflix gave up her daughter for adoption at 22 in order to pursue her career. Her career as a soap actress had begun to take off when she found out she was expecting. Mulgrew also factored in that she did not want to marry her daughter's father into her decision. The father had actually suggested that Mulgrew have an abortion which obviously affected her opinion of him.

Mulgrew's producers wrote her pregnancy into the storyline of her soap opera at the time, Ryan's Hope. Mulgrew did not let her pregnancy stand in her way or interfere with her career. She saw her daughter briefly before a nurse handed her over to adoptive parents, and then Mulgrew went back to her previous life like nothing ever happened.

10Tom Cruise - Cuts Out The Non-Believers

Once upon a time Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were married and share a daughter, Suri. Cruise is an avid, well known Scientologist, an organization which requires its members to disconnect or cut off from those who are non-believers. Cruise hasn't spent holidays with his daughter since his divorce from Holmes and has little to no contact with her.

It's a shame that he would let the organization's policy of disconnection to prevent him from having a relationship with his own child, but it's no surprise. Cruise apparently wants to avoid a relationship with his daughter, Suri, until she is in college and apart from her mother, Katie Holmes. We're sure she'll totally understand and be uber excited to see her dad when she's 18 and he's basically a stranger. (Note the sarcasm.)

9Courtney Love - A Futile Relationship

Courtney Love shares a daughter with the late Kurt Cobain. Love has never really prioritized parenting especially when options like parties and substance abuse were so desirable. She's lost custody on and off of the girl for decades causing Frances Bean Cobain to be shuffled between relatives for much of her childhood while her mom tried and usually failed to get her act together and be a good parent.

The strained relationship is surely a two way street though as the teenager has even gone as far as to get a restraining order against Courtney and go live with other relatives by her own choosing. Surely Love's lack of interest or ability to parent Frances for her entire life have something to do with her decision.

8Bill Hudson - Disowns His Kids

The musician and father of Kate Hudson was really less than a father than that title leads on. Bill went as far as asking his children to stop using the Hudson name. His two eldest children, Oliver and Kate, refer to their mom's husband Kurt Russell as their father. Bill is a father of five birth children, but he now says that he only has three children and has asked Oliver and Kate stop using his last name.

This was a result of absentee parenting which he claims wasn't his fault, but rather his ex wife keeping him away from his kids. Oliver had the straw that broke the camel's back when he posted an Instagram photo on father's day with Bill and a caption of "Happy abandonment day." Bill know considers his children dead to him and mourns the loss despite the fact that they are living humans walking the earth.

7Candy Spelling - Teaching The Kids A Lesson

Wife of late producer Aaron Spelling and mother of Tori Spelling may have a great relationship with her son, Randy, but her relationship with Tori is beyond strained to say the least. The pair have quite a few differences including of course, money problems. Candy believes the couple handed too much to their children, so much so they never learned how to work for themselves and became too dependant on their family's wealth.

Candy refuses to accept all of the blame for the strain on her relationship with her daughter and basically feels like Tori can only blame her problems on her mother for so long. She didn't even meet Tori's husband, Dean, until Aaron's funeral which is of course awkward.

6Lamar Odom - Drugs Over Parenthood

The former NBA and reality star shares three children, two living and one deceased, with Liza Morales. The couple were engaged for years and together for over a decade before he broke things off. As many remember, Odom had a whirlwind romance with Khloe Kardashian and married quickly. Odom's children were no strangers to the situation, but his marriage greatly impacted his relationship with his children.

His daughter, Destiny, has been very open about the fact that Lamar hasn't been much of a father for her especially when it came to his battle with addiction following his split from Kardashian. His daughter says their relationship changed with his marriage and downward spiralled from there. It came to the point where Destiny asked Lamar to choose between being her father and drugs.

5Nicholas Cage - A Troubled Son

Growing up with a celebrity parent cannot be easy, and often times these children cannot handle living in their parent's spotlights. This happens to be true for Nicholas Cage's son, Weston. Weston who has struggled with the law.

The father of one has been arrested for DUIs, domestic violence, and fleeing from the police. His father has tried to help him for years to get his act under control, but Weston shows no signs of improving putting Nicholas in a difficult spot. Weston has claimed he was clean and sober for his son's sake, but as of March he is facing up to a year in jail for a DUI after causing a car accident and police chase. Nicholas has removed himself from Weston's life in hopes of encouraging his son to do the right thing and actually shape up for his son.

4Jon Voigt - The Estranged Father

The father of one half of former Brangelina, Angelina Jolie's dad, has been estranged from his daughter for years. The actor has been more involved with his career than he was the life of his daughter or even his grandchildren.

The strained relationship did not stop Jon from referring to his daughter as "kind of sexy" when comparing her to Megan Fox. He called both girls "kind of sexy and beautiful" which has just about everyone cringing. What kind of father talks about his daughter with that adjective? Yuck.

Voigt has been married twice with a children from each marriage and now divorced twice. His focus was more in Hollywood or even politics than it ever was his children.

3Tom Hanks - For The Sake Of His Son

Today Tom Hanks is proud of his son, Chet, who struggles with drug addiction but has since turned his life around. That wasn't always the story though as Hanks simply could not bare to watch and support his son's actions as he self destructed his life.

Chet beat his battle with addiction in the end of 2015 after completing rehab and thanks his daughter for being his motivation to stay clean now. But getting this far successfully required some tough love from his parents Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks. While the pair support their son and encourage him, they had to step back and let him motivate himself to accomplish this.

2Caitlyn Jenner - The Kids We Never Hear About

Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce) has six total children, but we probably have only heard of her daughters Kendall and Kylie. Bruce had this issue with marrying women, starting families, and then moving on to the next opportunity leaving a family fatherless and in the dust.

Bruce was married to Chrystie Crownover and the pair share two children. Since becoming Caitlyn, the family has made amends, but Bruce did not even want his eldest daughter Casey to be born. He didn't bother to show up for her birth, and wasn't present for her life or son, Bert's.

Bruce also shared two children with Linda Thompson, Brandon and Brody. He was absent for much of their lifetimes as well.

1Gregg Leakes - Mistress Over The Kids

Husband of Nene Leakes, Gregg, has children from his previous marriage. The couple is featured on Real Housewives of Atlanta, where it is blatantly obvious that Nene's relationship with Gregg's five children is beyond Rocky. Nene feels that if Gregg's kids had always been against her probably coming from issues with their parents' split. Allegedly Nene and Gregg got together while he was still married.

Gregg's son, Damien, has revealed that when Gregg got together with Nene he actually kicked his kids out. Gregg basically prioritized his former mistress and now wife over his children. The children have remained estranged from their father and occasionally clap-back at him and his new wife via social media.

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