12 Celebs You Didn't Know Got Their Mistresses Knocked Up

The lives of celebrities often intrigue us. Through the good, the bad, and most especially, the ugly, we are drawn to their stories. And the worst it is, the more we want to know, especially when it involves babies and baby mamas. When a love triangle produces some babies, that makes for some spectacles that may include some bad behavior!

There have been many celebrities who decide that one woman is not good enough for them. We hear about these stories, but the ones we really pay attention to are the ones where the girlfriend- in other words, the mistress- get pregnant! Some celebrities have gotten their mistresses pregnant whether they wanted to have a baby with them or not.

You may be surprised at some of the names on this list, while others may be no shock at all. There is no specific type of celebrity or famous (and infamous) person who makes the decision to do things with another woman which ultimately winds up with her pregnant. Read on because these are some interesting pregnancy related tales from your favorite celebrities you may love or love to hate.

12 The Story Behind Tom Brady And Gisele

Tom Brady, NFL star and quarterback of the New England Patriots, has had his fair share of women. His life on the field seems all put together, but his personal life off the field has been a bit complicated. At one point, his girlfriend was actress Bridget Moynahan. They allegedly broke up, and Tom began to date supermodel Gisele Bundchen. That's where his problems began!

While Tom was with a gorgeous supermodel, he decided to go back to Bridget, unbeknownst to Gisele of course. But Gisele soon found out, because Bridget got pregnant. Obviously, Gisele forgave Tom, because the pair are now married with two children. Bridget did have the baby and together they are all a complicated family. Supposedly, today Gisele and Bridget get along just fine, but it was not that way initially!

11 Iggy Azalea's Ex Got His Side Piece Pregnant

Iggy Azalea is our favorite singer from down under. Her hit tune Fancy, won everyone over and was a huge success. To many people, Iggy seemed like a regular girl. Many would say she did not possess that “look” like a lot of other women in her field.

Iggy was engaged to Nick Young, a NBA player for the Los Angeles Lakers. Nick already had a son with his ex Keonna Green. When Iggy broke up with Nick, it is alleged she knew that Nick was cheating on her with Keonna. Apparently, it was all caught on tape, as well. What really made it worse for Iggy, was that it seems Nick got Keonna pregnant while still with her. Rightfully so, Iggy no longer wanted anything to do with Nick, while Keonna professes her love for him.

10 Ludacris Has Lots Of Baby Mama Drama

The rapper known as Ludacris (real name Christopher Bridges) is swirling in drama related to his wife and mistress, involving babies of course! Ludacris may try to come off with the image that it is “all good”, but anyone who knows his story can easily tell that it is quite the love triangle with added stress.

Ludacris, when he was just a father of two, decided to stray from his wife. Only he does not tell the story that way. According to him, he and his wife were on a break. No matter what the true story is, Ludacris hooked up with Tamika Fuller and together they had a baby girl. However, Tamika was found to be an unfit mother after a bitter custody hearing, and custody was eventually granted to Ludacris.

9 Diddy Had Babies With Too Many Women

Diddy may be the king of hip hop, but he is also apparently the king with lots of offspring! Diddy has had his fair share of children. In fact, he has had children with two women at the same time. Diddy, real name Sean Combs, had a relationship with his regular girlfriend and another girlfriend at the same time. And believe it or not, they both ended up pregnant at the same time!

Diddy and his girlfriend, Kim Porter, had an on again and off kind of relationship. She got pregnant, and with twins at that! Around the same time, Diddy also knocked up his side piece, Sarah Chapman. Both women had girls. That would be three newborn baby daughters for Diddy, at just about the same time. Can't make that up!

8 John Edwards Got His Mistress Knocked Up

John Edwards was a top politician during his time. Some even hoped he would make it all the way to the White House. John Edwards proved that he was not a very good stand up kind of man when the world found out he got his mistress pregnant.

John Edwards did not just get his mistress knocked up, but he cheated on his wife, who was battling cancer! His wife knew about his side piece, but he claimed it was a one time thing. However, it was not, and he continued to see his mistress, Rielle Hunter, while out on the campaign trail. She became pregnant. Only about two years later, John Edwards' wife passed away. Her final memories were of his unfaithful husband and his baby, how awful is that?!

7 Dwayne Wade Had A Baby But Still Got His Girl

Professional basketball player Dwayne Wade may be one of the more popular NBA players around. Well, apparently he is quite popular with the ladies, because he got another woman pregnant. Dwayne was already a father to two children from a previous relationship AND he was in a current relationship with actress Gabrielle Union, when he got his mistress pregnant.

Dwayne claims that he and Gabrielle were on a break when he got another woman pregnant. He must have done something right though, because in the end he seemed to get what he wanted. He had a brand new baby and ended up back with his main squeeze. Gabrielle did go back to Dwayne despite him having a relationship and a baby with someone else. They must be happy because they even got married!

6 Hugh Grant Did Not Know Which Way To Go

The British actor Hugh Grant has made headlines for some of the great movies he has acted in, but also for some bad behavior throughout his life. Hugh starred in the hit movie pregnancy related romance comedy movie, Nine Months, with Julianne Moore. Well, in real life, Hugh was living Nine Months in double time! That's right, Hugh dealt with two women and their nine months.

Hugh Grant had babies with two different women at the same time. Two women that Hugh had relationships with became pregnant within only a few months of each other. They both went on to have their respectful babies, making Hugh a father to two children almost at the same time. It is unclear whether he remained in a relationship with either woman and/or whether the half siblings know or spend time together.

5 Lil Wayne Had Two Babies At The Same Time

The rapper Lil Wayne is known for his tattoos and his crazy antics. Real name Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr, Lil Wayne definitely has a persona to keep up. After all, his behavior, lyrics, and stage presence needs to make his look. Everyone recognizes Lil Wayne, with his signature tattoos covering his body, even his face.

Lil Wayne likes to get around, supposedly. He has a few children. And two of them, well, they were born at the same time, and no they are not twins! Lil Wayne had babies with two women at the same time. They are only two months apart. We have to wonder what the baby mamas think about that. In fact, it is unknown if one was his girlfriend and the other was the mistress, or vice versa.

4 Beyonce's Dad Shocked His Family

Just because you are a famous family, does not mean your family does not have their troubles. Beyonce can easily attest to this. She may be at the top of the charts, but when it comes to her parents, specifically her father, things are not so glorious.

Beyonce's dear old dad, Matthew Knowles, relatively recently had an affair on his wife, Tina, which came as a shock and embarrassment to their family. It turned out that Beyonce and her sister, Solange, had a new, much younger, brother. Their father, Matthew, had gotten his mistress pregnant. This new boy to the family is only two years older than Beyonce's daughter, Blue Ivy. There have also been reports that a little girl was fathered by Matthew as well.

3 Dan Marino Wasn't So Great A Husband

Dan Mariano is one of the more well known football stars of our time. The former quarterback of the Miami Dolphins, he always seemed like a good guy who loved his wife and children. Apparently, though, that was never enough for him. The NFL star cheated on his wife with another woman, who wound up pregnant.

Dan and his wife, Claire, were married for 28 years and had six children together when he got involved in an extra marital affair with a much younger woman. This woman, named Donna, did get pregnant and had the baby. The former football star agreed to pay Donna millions of dollars to help raise their daughter. Interestingly enough, Dan's wife did not ask for a divorce, and supposedly they are still together and hopefully, happily married.

2 Chris Brown Is Chock Full Of Trouble

Singer Chris Brown has made tons of headlines, all usually for bad behavior. We all remember the Rihanna story, don't we?! Well, that was only the beginning. Chris Brown continues to find himself in a heap of trouble, often with the ladies, even as his album sales grow. It seems his professional life is doing just fine, while his personal life is nothing short of a mess, wouldn't you say?

Chris Brown had a girlfriend by the name of Karrueche Tran, who gained fame simply by dating him. Chris decided she was not enough for him, and found another girl. Her name was Nia Guzman. One thing led to another, and they had a baby together, a two year old daughter named Royalty. What do you think Karrueche thought of that?!

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger Shocked The Nation

Do you remember when the news broke about Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child? People could not believe it. People were heartbroken for his wife, Maria Shriver. People were in disbelief when they found out the baby mama was his housekeeper, and a regular looking lady at that (though some would say not the best looking woman!).

Many years ago, Arnold did cheat on his wife with their housekeeper, Mildred Baena. She got pregnant, and had their child. It was a secret for years. There is no denying for Arnold that this boy, Joseph, is his son. They look identical. Joseph resembles what Arnold looked like as a young man. While many were hurt, there is a silver lining, in that Joseph now knows is father and has a relationship with him.

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