12 Daycare Stories That Are Every Parent's Worst Nightmare

Daycare is supposed to be a safe and fun environment for children.

When parents have to leave their children at a daycare, they hope and pray that their children are safe and protected. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and sometimes what happens could be made into a horror film.

When hearing these horror stories it is easy to brush them off and think "this will never happen to my child". The parents who have had their kids abused, neglected or even killed at daycare probably thought the same thing.

Outside of background checks, reviews of the facility and just asking around about the quality of it, there is nothing else to be done to give a parent peace of mind about leaving their child.

For all the effort and steps a parent can't take to protect their kids and choose a nice daycare, there can still be dangerous people working there.

When reading these horrific stories of abuse at daycares can certainly make a person wonder why anyone who doesn't like children, or have the patience for children, work at a daycare? Why?

Some people may be desperate for a job, and some just like being cruel. These stories are a scary reminder that a parent can never protect their kids 100 percent of the time.

12 Children Given Benadryl For Nap Time

Marian Fraser was the owner of a daycare in Waco, Tx called "Spoiled Rotten Daycare".

She operated the daycare from her home for 25 years before her sick secret was found out. She would intentionally give the babies/children sleeping medication to knock them out, simply so she would not have to deal with them.

One of the 15 children she poisoned with too much Benadryl, unfortunately, did not make it.

Clara Felton was a sweet 4-month old whose parents trusted the wrong person to care for her. Her autopsy showed she died of a toxic amount of diphenhydramine, an ingredient in Benadryl and other antihistamines.

Fraser tried to claim she had the parents permission before giving the medication to the children in her care, however, the parents testified she did not have permission.

11 Worker Leaves Kids Alone With Stove On

In 2011 in Houston Texas a woman named Jessica Tata was running a daycare our of her home.

She had young children in her care, ages 16 months to 3 years old. One fateful day she decided to go shopping and leave the 7 children in her care home alone. She went to the Target about a mile from the daycare and left a pot of cooking oil boiling on her electric kitchen stove.

Now, anyone with sense knows not to leave children unattended and not to leave anything cooking on the stove while one leaves the house. Due to her negligence, a fire erupted and 4 of the little ones in her care died.

Jessica Tata then ran back to her home country of Nigeria, where she was extradited back to the US and received a sentence of 80 years.

10 Toddler Left In The Cold On Christmas Eve

A dad went to pick his daughter up from daycare, but when he arrived on Christmas Eve, he was told she was not there. He desperately searched for her and ended up finding her outside "curled up in playground mulch." According to Fox News, the day care was temporarily closed.

The 2-year-old toddler was left outside for almost 4 hours in the freezing cold weather. A camera apparently recorded 16 children coming out of the daycare and the only 15 of them walking back in. Then, according to Fox, the toddler is seen walking up to the door and standing alone until she decides to walk away after coming to the realization, perhaps, that no one is coming.

One of the daycare workers reportedly stated that "she must have miscounted."

9 Girl Gets Disciplined For Playing With Her Hair

Just this past April, in Omaha Nebraska a woman was filmed abusing a 4-year old little girl. Another employee caught the abuse on film and turned the abuser in. Lynn Rowe, 58, is seen sitting across the table from the 4-year-old girl and getting violent with her.

The woman tells the girl to stop playing with her hair, then is seen slapping or punching the girl's arm repeatedly until she cries and says" that hurt me". Rowe can be heard on the video saying " Good! I hope it hurt you!", then shakes the small child violently.

The employee who filmed the video sent it to the child's mom who then went to police. The little girl had been going to the daycare since she was a few months old and the family knew Rowe very well. Rowe was picked up in Iowa and will be extradited back to Nebraska.

8 Boy Gets Violent As Workers Turn Their Backs

According to Fox News, a surveillance tape caught a 9-year-old boy getting violent and attacking other toddlers in the daycare classroom while the "workers [had] turned their backs."

The disturbing video, captured in the Kiddie City Childcare Center in Vicksburg Mississippi, shows the boy choking a child (can you believe that?), throwing punches at a little girl several times, and even biting and kicking.

According to the police chief, in the Fox News article, the child was "allowed to pretty much run rough shod over that entire room for a period of 15 to 20 minutes [...] all his actions went unnoticed."

Where were the daycare workers while this was happening? Could this not have ended badly with a child ending up in the hospital? Or worst...

7 Boy Comes Home With A Broken Arm

Shannon Smith age 25 was a daycare worker at Metro Daycare in Oklahoma was arrested for child abuse after breaking the arm a 4-month-old infant.

The little boy, Airick Browning was picked up by his mom and she took him home. Upon arriving home she took his hoodie off of him and he screamed in pain when she was taking it off.

She said she noticed his arm was very swollen and obviously causing the baby pain. She took him to the hospital and found out his arm was indeed broken.

Shannon Smith was seen on video surveillance jerking the baby out of a baby bouncer by his right arm. Obviously, she was incredibly rough and violent to break the infant's arm. She was arrested in March 2017 for felony child abuse.

6 Women Records Abuse For Her Boyfriend

A 25-year-old daycare worker named Heather Koon raped at least 2 babies in 2013 and recorded one of the rapes and sent it to her boyfriend, James Osbourne from her iPhone.

She then tried to convince police that it was not her on the video raping the baby, but a video downloaded from the internet. Her plea was not guilty to the charges but confessed to the rape of 4 babies.

This disgusting woman not only faced sexual abuse charges, the police loaded on every charge they could against her.

These charges included kidnapping charges-12 counts, rape- 4 counts, pandering obscenity involving a minor, pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor and illegal use of minor in nudity-oriented material or performance.

As well as conspiracy charges - 2 counts and one count each of tampering with evidence and engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity and forfeiture.

5 Baby With A Fractured Arm

In 2016 a 34-year-old woman was accused of child abuse, specifically fracturing a 5-month-olds arms. Stephanie McPherson was arrested and is facing child abuse charges. Her story to the parents was that the child was in her lap while in a rocking chair, and the baby was twisting around her.

She pulled her by the arm and must have done it too hard, leading to the fractures. However, the parents, police, and Doctors know that the injuries were more than just an accident. The baby had to remain in a cast for weeks while her arm healed. Police also found out the daycare was operating without a license. They were going to be shut down but appealed the decision allowing them to remain open until they went to court.

4 Crimes Committed At Church

On May 3 a woman working at the Bethel Baptist Church in Moody Alabama was arrested after a three-year-old came home with bruises and scratches on her.

The mother of the little girl then called the police. An investigation ensued and video surveillance from the daycare was found and showed the daycare worker, Ashleigh Brooke Guin, using excessive force on the three-year-old.

The daycare sent out a note to the other parents to let them know about the incident. The young girl is ok, and no major damage was done.

On the video, there is another woman worker who told Guin she was too forceful with the child. Then Guin starts crying and tells the girl she did not mean to hurt her. An apology can not fix something like that though.

3 Daycare Worker Walks Away With Only Probation

Daycare worker Ashley Reifer was arrested and charged with the murder of a 2-month-old baby boy back in 2010 and was accused of breaking a 7-month-old infants arm in 2008.

Brody Hopper, the infant Reifer murdered, was pronounced dead on October 28th, 2010, and the autopsy showed he died of a traumatic brain injury. What makes this even worse is Reifer was able to get a plea bargain and did not get any jail time, only probation.

She pleaded no contest to the charges and walked away with only probation.

The family lost their baby and justice was not even served. This waste of human being couldn't even admit to what she had done and take some kind of responsibility for her heinous actions. Which is sickening.

2 Fatal Assault Caught On Video

Reese Bowman, an innocent 8-month-old was killed by a woman who was supposed to care for her.

23-year-old Leah Warden was arrested in connection with the death of this little baby. Surveillance videos from the daycare show her violently grabbing the baby from her crib by only one arm, multiple times.

It also shows her putting a blanket over the babies head, covering her face as well as placing pillows over her face. It also shows her slapping the 8-month-old in the face.

Authorities were called to the daycare, Rocket Tiers Learning Center, after receiving a call about a baby who was not breathing. EMT's arrived before the cops and performed CPR.

The infant was taken to the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. The abuser is still awaiting trial and being held with no bond.

1 3 Daycare Workers Arrested

Just five days ago a daycare worker was arrested for hitting a child with a broom, and two other employees were arrested for trying to help cover up the abuse. Phoenix officers responded to a call about abuse at the daycare. There they found proof that Lillie Adams hit a 21-month-old with a broom while she was cleaning. There were 10 toddlers in the room at the time of the abuse.

The police report states Adams was cleaning the room and the little boy crawled under the table and wouldn't move. She proceeded to hit him in the face, twice, with the broom handle.

The child was taken to the hospital and the worker claimed the toddler had fallen. Police informed the mom of what happened and they have video which shows her hitting the child.

Reading these horrific stories will make any parent think twice before sending their children to daycare. It is truly heartbreaking what these children have endured, and that some even lost their life over the neglect and abuse of these deplorable people.

While daycare is a part of life for many families, it is wise to always question the people caring for your child. If something seems wrong with your child, go to the caregivers and demand answers, or take them out of the situation completely.

We live in a world where we can't trust many people, especially with our children. Many of the abusers and murders listed above were seen as nice, caring people, but there were little red flags along the way.

We as parents do our best to protect our children from harm. Sometimes a parents best simply isn't good enough when evil comes in form of a caring person. All we can do is pray and hope our children stay safe, and the people hired to care for them don't harm them.

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