12 Facts About His Swimmers Based On His Zodiac

My mother had two guilty pleasures she indulged in when I was growing up: gossip magazines and her horoscope. At the register at the grocery store, she'd find the rolled up horoscope forecasting the upcoming month, and she'd always read the daily horoscope in the newspaper. Of course when I was old enough to understand, it became a habit for me too. But I never put much stock into what it said. Now, I'm in my 30's and have a deep interest in astrology. Once I began to learn more about it, I was amazed at how everyone's personality can be influenced or explained using their zodiac signs and other astrological events.

Astrology is very complex. But to simplify, there are 12 zodiac signs that we are all born under. Our sign is based on our birthdate and time. These signs can describe our personalities, traits, strengths and weaknesses. Using this information, we can learn about our physical strengths and weaknesses as well.

Many women use astrology to help them learn what they can do to better their chances of conceiving when they are trying to get pregnant. They can also learn how their bodies will react to a pregnancy at any given time in the year. But what about men? Can we learn about a man's swimmers based on his zodiac sign?

In my opinion, we absolutely can! Looking at many different aspects of their astrological sign and the elements representing them, I will make a prediction on the strength and virility of a man's swimmers and how they will perform. Maybe this information will help some couples get pregnant and welcome a beautiful baby sometime in 2018.

12 Aquarius - The Unique Introvert

Aquarius men are strong and very sexual, but also introverts by nature. Aquarius is an air sign, which indicates to me they are "all up in their head" a lot of time. They overthink things, yet it takes a lot to rattle them. They follow their instincts, and will not apologize for who they are. They are very unique and tend to march to the beat of their own drummer. They are strong in their convictions.

An Aquarius man's swimmers will be very strong if they instinctively know the situation is right. But, if he is feeling pushed into parenthood, misunderstood or disrespected, his swimmers will just do their own thing. Which will definitely not lead to pregnancy. If you're trying to conceive with an Aquarius man, make sure he has time to himself to recharge his batteries, and that everything is laid out in the open. Trying to trick an Aquarius man into fatherhood will not work out to anyone's benefit!

11 Pisces - Intuitive And Vulnerable

Pisces is a water sign, which is a very emotional element. Pisces are known to be quite intuitive and compassionate people, and are often quite spiritual. They are also people who fall in love fast and hard. But they have a hard time holding on to that love, as they are constantly searching for more because they feel things so deeply. They are creative and sensitive. Every relationship Mr. Pisces finds himself in is the most important relationship of his life. He can also get caught up in the opinions of others around him to the point that it has an effect on his self esteem. This will definitely have an affect on his swimmers.

Mr. Pisces would be a very good and supportive father. Love and emotional connection need to be there in order to "do the job" so to speak so make sure Mr. Pisces is fulfilled emotionally. If all is balanced, his swimmers will do the job they are made to do, and what is meant to be will be.

10 Aries - Impulsive Competitor

Aries people are very competitive and motivated. Type A to the core! They are always go go go, and very highly organized. Which also can get them into trouble because they are not the most patient people. They can become impulsive when faced with boredom. Never one to shy away from anything, Aries men tend to be very self confident, even when not in the best shape. Show them some attention and pleasing their partner becomes the most important thing to them. Aries is a fire sign. Which means they are very intense and can be very aggressive when they feel the need to be.

Mr. Aries swimmers will go for the gusto and be the first to the finish line. Be warned though, play with fire and you will get burned. Make sure a child with this man is truly what you want.

9 Taurus - Generous Yet Stubborn

People with Taurus as their sun sign are known for being extremely stubborn as well as extremely generous. Taurus is an earth sign, which is all about stability in real life issues. When the going gets tough, Mr. Taurus will buckle down and do what needs to get done to provide. He likes to fall into a routine and stay there for as long as possible. Even if he isn't extremely happy in his routine, he'll keep it because he likes to know what to expect. He also loves to be taken care of, which can be a problem in long term relationships. Overall though, they are reliable, good lovers, and provide a voice of reason in times of uncertainty.

Mr. Taurus' swimmers will be slow and steady, and make sure to follow all the rules of the road to make sure everyone gets to their destination safely. Rest assured the job will be done right with his swimmers on payroll.

8 Gemini - Indecisive Excitability

Geminis are known for their duality. They are happy go lucky, friendly and able to adapt to a new situation quickly. But at the same time, they are also quite indecisive and angsty. They are an air sign as well as ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication and movement. This translates to Geminis either being very communicative, or going through periods of not being so talkative. Always needing mental stimulation, make sure when chatting with a Gemini, you're ready to move from topic to topic. Every conversation is more important than the last. Geminis run the gamut of emotions very quickly and feel them deeply. Routine is a Gemini's nightmare; they thrive on spontaneity.

As long as Mr. Gemini's partner keeps him engaged, excited and keeps up the adventure, his swimmers will go forward and do great things. Keep Mr. Gemini locked in a routine with no stimulation and his swimmers will have nothing to do with it, pack their bags, and run away faster than a ding dong at a Weight Watchers meeting.

7 Cancer - The Emotional Family Man

Cancers are another water sign, which means they are quite emotional, intuitive and empathetic. If a Cancer cares about you, your fight will be theirs. Mr. Cancer would like to wine and dine their date, but they just don't have it in them. They much prefer no muss, no fuss, and the simple things in life. Once Mr. Cancer lets you into his world, he might feel quite insecure as he likely isn't a sexual powerhouse, and needs a lot of attention and emotion wrapped up in sex. He isn't always the manliest of men. And that is okay! Because he is trustworthy, loyal and capable of being a true partner to his other half.

Mr. Cancer's swimmers will likely be as straight laced as he is himself. At heart, he is a family man and will be the perfect partner to have children with. As long as the emotional connection is there, Mr. Cancer's swimmers will work just fine. Without it, they will likely be a no show.

6 Leo - Confident Ruler

Very fittingly, Leo is represented by a lion. A Leo feels like he should be king and ruler of the roost. They do best when they can be creative and work independently or as a supervisor, so that they themselves have little supervision and free range to do what needs to get gone. They see a challenge and they use their intellect to solve the issue and move on. Leos are quick witted, very smart, and pretty much full of ego. They are also very funny and warmhearted. Overall, Leos are quite intense and confident.

Mr. Leo is a sexual powerhouse! He loves to be the best and always has fun in bed. As long as it is Mr. Leo's idea to start a family, his swimmers will be strong, confident, and will live to win the race. If he is reluctant, his swimmers will likely still be strong. He doesn't like a job not completed.

5 Virgo - Mr. Always Searching

Virgos are often a misunderstood sign. Old fashioned morals and traditions tend to be important to them, yet they are never quite satisfied with what they have or trust in their emotions. They need to keep order and cleanliness to protect them from the outside world. Mr. Virgo is a hard worker, quite practical, and down to earth. But he will always be searching for more because he won't trust that what he is feeling is real. Also quite insecure, he will need quite a bit of reassurance and understanding from a lover.

A Virgo man's swimmers will want to do the best job they can. But they will always be on the search for the perfect oasis, and when they don't find it they will be bored and want to move on. Or they will get caught up in the details and lack of perfection of the situation. Mr. Virgo's swimmers are not always reliable.

4 Libra - Mr. Finer Things

People born under the Libra sign are often connoisseurs of the finer things in life. They value quality, and can be quite superficial. Appearance is important to them. However, they are always striving for equality, fairness, and justice in the world. Like a typical air sign, they can also be quite indecisive and use their keen mind to cut someone to the core.

Mr. Libra believes in love at first sight, and will fight for any relationship he is committed to. Libras are known to be fantastic lovers. He also can act like a spoiled child when he does not get his way, even if it is hurtful to his lover. Treat him right and Mr. Libra's swimmers will ride jet-skis to their destination, and cushion his lovers womb with only the finest of cushion until the child is born, and dressed in style.

3 Scorpio - Mr. Ruthless

Scorpios, in my opinion, carry the most intense energy of the zodiac. Scorpios are amazing friends and once they consider you a friend, they are incredibly trustworthy. Gaining their trust is a whole other story. Scorpios are notoriously jealous and distrusting. They are natural born leaders, take on a lot of responsibility, and can feel run down and age quickly. Scorpios are brutally honest, unwaveringly funny, and tons of fun. Just do not get on their bad side, don't lie to them, and don't betray them. Scorpios can have a violent side.

If they've found the right partner, Mr. Scorpio can be a wonderful and sensual lover. His swimmers will be much like him; a straight shooter who goes right to the finish line to SCORE! If a touchdown doesn't happen on the first shot, keep at it, because Scorpio's swimmers are motivated.

2 Sagittarius - Freedom Loving Adventurer

Most people born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign are known to be lovers of freedom. They need freedom to travel the world and freedom to be who they are. Sagittariuses are quite philosophical in nature, yet have a strong sense of humor, necessary to keep them grounded. Naturally liberal and all inclusive, a Sagittarius is usually the life of the party. Optimistic, happy go lucky, and fun loving are all great Sagittarius qualities. However, their frankness and lack of tact can get them into a bit of trouble. Societal niceties are not their strong suit.

Mr. Sagittarius' swimmers will be much like him. They will find an adventure or two before they find their destination. If trying to conceive with Mr. Sag, plan on it not happening right away, or not even in the next few months. The journey to pregnancy will be enlightening, and both Mr. Sagittarius and his lover will learn a lot about themselves along the path.

1 Capricorn - Straight Laced Conservative

Capricorns tend to have a solid exterior that is hard to break through. Even once a partner has proven themselves and broke through a bit of that hard candy shell, they find the chocolate definitely doesn't melt in their hand, in fact it doesn't melt at all. Capricorns tend to show their love through acts of service, and are not into expressing themselves through conversation. They can be stubborn and bullheaded as most earth signs can be. They have a hard time understanding how people can be so universally different, and are not as accepting as others. Very conservative in their morals and values, a Capricorn will likely push their viewpoint aggressively.

Mr. Capricorn's swimmers will likely be hesitant to get to work if the same values are not respected in the partnership. His swimmers will be just as stuck in their ways as he is in his everyday life. So if routine isn't followed, blastoff will likely be delayed or aborted. Do not surprise Mr. Capricorn. Stick to the plan of action and issues will be avoided in the conception department.

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