12 Freakiest Baby Products From China That Exist Right Now

Baby products are absolutely adorable. Maybe it's knowing a little bitty baby will be using them or maybe it's a great marketing team that makes them so cute. Whatever it is, even somehow diapers, a thing designed to catch pooh and pee, manages to be cute. It seems impossible to make baby products and kid's toys un-cute, but a few companies have managed to be less cute and weirder.

Weird products are made all over the world. Seriously everyone in the world is looking to make weird stuff for kids, and some of those things that seem odd to some people could just seem odd since they are from another culture. But here in America, it seems like everything weird is made and manufactured in China. It's not that Chinese products are weird, but more likely that they are just manufactured there because it seems everything is manufactured in China nowadays.

Seriously a person can travel to France and get a souvenir only to find it's made in China. Perhaps people from China feel gipped when they get souvenirs only to find out it was made where they live. Anyways this article is going to bring attention to a few of those weird products made in China, so buckle up and prepare to feel confused about who may be buying these items.

12 Baby Bangs

Ever thought about getting bangs? It seems a lot of people have and are in a constant rotation of getting bangs and trying to grow bangs out. It can be somewhat maddening during either phase. Some women may even get bangs and then decide they hate them and try to conceal them by clipping or braiding them back.

If a person is unsure about how bangs would look on them, stores now sell clip in bangs so women can try them out or just wear them every now and then. Seems like a great product for all the indecisive people in the world. What doesn’t seem necessary or like a good idea is “baby bangs”. Yeah, that’s right online stores now sell clip in baby bangs. Supposedly the reasoning behind it is so strangers will stop mistaking baby girls for boys.

The issue with that is people will probably still make that mistake and, oh yeah, it requires clipping fake hair to a fragile infants head which just seems uncomfortable, cruel, and plain weird.

11 Baby Butt Fan

Changing a diaper is annoying for a multitude of reasons. Number one it's super gross, although not as terrible as some people may make it seem. Number two, babies are not sedentary - seriously they do not care how much poop they are spreading around they just want to wiggle. Number three, trying to put diaper cream on to avoid diaper rashes but having to wait until the baby booty is all dry until the cream can be applied.

While waiting for an infant’s butt to dry from the wipes, theres a good chance the nice cool air will make the baby pee again. If the baby urinates again the whole process starts over yet again. While that can’t be avoided some person somewhere thought it was a good idea to create a product to speed up this part of the diaper changing process. They made a baby butt fan designed to dry a baby butt quickly because it’s not awkward and cold at all to pull a fan out of the diaper bag and fan a baby’s butt on the changing table.

10 Ipad Potty

Ask a husband to help with dishes and suddenly he has something super important he has to do. Or more realistically he says he has to poop and instead sits on the toilet on his phone or tablet and reads about football. It's a great way for husbands to get a little peace and quiet, but if a mom tried this the children would just follow her into the bathroom.

Apparently, someone thought that they should start training people at an even younger age to play on their phone and tablet while relieving themselves. An iPad potty exists now. Basically, it's a toilet where a child will sit reverse on it so they can play on an iPad. The idea is to basically distract the child into getting used to the potty for toilet training which is a great idea.

The not so great part of this is teaching kids to be addicted to technology from a young age. Another not awesome aspect of this is germs. Seriously even adults using their phones on the toilets is not hygienic. People wash their hands after using the restroom for obvious reasons, however they don't wash their tablets or phones nearly as easily or regularly.

9 Baby Bikinis

Guys love bikinis on women for obvious reasons and some women love wearing them. While bikinis look great on women, their functionality is generally quite lacking. In fact, no matter how fit or tiny a woman is, trying to run in a bikini is uncomfortable and will probably end with flashing someone. Even the Baywatch girls wore one piece suits (which also suck because they ride up butts). The point is bikinis aren't particularly functional.

Making a baby bikini just seems weird and honestly kind of stupid. Babies aren't women and shouldn't be treated as such. Also, a bikini is going to leave tons of skin exposed to harsh elements and make them more likely to get sunburnt and get skin cancer later in life. While the lack of material might feel freeing and comfortable, bikinis are uncomfortable to run in. And lets face it, kids aren't going to walk gracefully when they can be running and getting dirty instead.

8 Baby Leash

Anybody that has a dog understands the importance of a leash. Sometimes dogs don’t listen, sometimes they may run off when they get excited, and dogs may not understand what their human parents are saying. Dogs also eat things they shouldn’t, trust people they shouldn’t, and a ton of other things they shouldn’t especially when they aren’t on their leash.

Kids and dogs have certain things in common. People realized this and started treating kids like dogs. It sounds creepy and weird but actually, but follow me here for a second... For example, using a child leash for a young toddler that can't listen and is always on the run while at a very busy zoo makes sense so they don't run off in the crowd. Using a child leash every time a parent goes to the grocery store doesn't make sense because the child will never learn the skills they need.

But, let's be real, kids will outgrow the leash, learn to unhook it and find other ways to run off. It's not a good long term option but it does make sense in certain settings although it will always look weird and strangers will find they have to comment on it whether it's a nice comment or not.

7 Birth Dolls

Dolls make so much sense for children and are a classic favorite regardless of gender. Dolls teach kids about how to care for infants and how to parent one day. They teach life skills like getting dressed brushing hair and they encourage creativity and imagination in a child’s mind. Plus young toddlers and kids just love playing with dolls, and nowadays they even make dolls to go with every popular Disney movie that comes out.

Since dolls are so great, some people thought they would be great learning tools. Dolls are in fact great learning tools - they even sell dolls with injuries and disabilities and they even come with wheelchairs and other accessories. Something that shouldn't be taught especially graphically with a doll is childbirth.

Yet, people all over the world, including China have started creating dolls that have a baby doll inside them and are then birthed completely with umbilical cord and everything else. These dolls are pretty weird and it may be less traumatic to just explain childbirth especially to very young children.

6 Portable Potty

Potty training can be difficult. Some kids take to it easily but others don’t. The same method can be used on two kids and have completely different outcomes for each child. What works for some parents and children won’t work for others. That is true of almost every parenting decision. One of the biggest issues with potty training is what to do during road trips?

Road trips are a dreaded event when traveling with children for a multitude of reasons. The obvious one is that kids usually hate doing any one thing for too long, and that is especially true of being strapped into their car seat for hours on end. Some kids will get carsick, some will demand snacks, and then there is the dreaded are we there yet? But one of the biggest issues is kids can't hold it as long as adults which mean they may need a bathroom long before one is available.

If the child doesn't make it to the toilet in time parents are then going to have to finish a road trip with a messy or wet car seat or have to buy a new one or stop at a laundromat. So quite a few companies have created travel potty for children - it might seem weird and it is, but it’s also pretty useful.

5 Baby High Heels

High heels are an odd invention to begin with, but they look great with certain outfits. High heels add height for everyone out there lacking height. High heels also happen to be painful, difficult to walk in and even require walking in a different manner than a person barefoot or in flats. High heels have also been linked to a ton of back and foot problems.

Babies don't need shoes, like at all. Obviously, infants don't walk, and their feet are still developing and should be free to do so. Plus shoes are just uncomfortable, too. So some person out there not only developed cute baby shoes that serve no purpose but someone even made baby high heels (insert eye roll). It's weird and kind of creepy but it has happened because someone out there wanted to purchase them.

4 Perfume And Cologne For Babies

Lots of people have heard the phrase “fresh baby smell”. The phrase is almost always used positively to describe how great infants smell. No one knows if it’s just babies or maybe it’s the soap baby’s use or the powder. It’s unknown but everyone seems to agree that it is a good smell. Sure sometimes babies can stink, but that usually means it’s time for a diaper change or a bath.

A few different companies out there have created baby perfume and cologne. These products weren’t created as a joke, though they should have been. Babies already smell good and if they don’t that means they probably need something. The baby may need their clothes or diaper changed or maybe their breath smells because they’ve got a sinus infection - whatever the reason, masking the odor is not a good idea. Plus babies almost always smell good why would anyone want to spray them with some weird baby cologne? It simply just doesn’t make sense regardless of culture. It’s weird.

3 Parent-Powered Snot Sucker

Babies and kids are called “snot nosed” for a reason. They don’t know how to clear their own nasal passages and have a weaker immune system than adults, which means they get sick more often. So they have snotty noses. Boogies are super gross but parents have to help their babies out and clear their noses for them so they can breathe and eat comfortably, and hopefully sleep well.

There are tons of products out there designed to help clear infant nasal passages. One of the top ranked ones on the market is a battery operated, tiny and safe, little vacuum that sucks boogers out and plays a song to distract babies. There is also the old bulb syringe that hospitals still give to new parents though there are concerns that the bulb can harbor mold which is never good to be near an infant.

Still, another surprisingly popular and very weird one is the NoseFrida. It’s basically a boogie sucker that goes into the infant's nose with the suction coming from the parent's mouth through a hose. That's correct - parents actually suck the kid’s boogers out (yuck!)

2 Potty Mitts

Anyone that has ever had to take a toddler to the bathroom has noticed something. Kids are gross in the bathroom. Not because they are using the toilet but because as soon as they sit on the toilet they put their hands right on the toilet seat without the slightest hesitation. Think of all the germs on a public bathroom seat, then think of how kids eat with their hands and touch everything to their mouth using their hands. It’s pretty alarming.

An invention has been made trying to make the toilet seat touching kids less hazardous. Mittens to be used for when kids use the toilet. At first thought, it seems like a good idea because then the kid won't touch the toilet, but then a person gets to thinking how are kids going to wipe or learn how to wipe. The next thought that comes to mind with potty mittens is they have to be taken off and then what? Then they get put in the diaper bag and the toilet germs are in the diaper bag and everything inside the diaper bag then has toilet germs. Next thought on this product is couldn't any mittens or gloves accomplish this task?

1 Baby Mop

Kids are messy. It's no secret. When babies are learning to eat, they also happen to be learning coordination which means food gets flung everywhere during meals. During all the food flinging, floors get dirty. Moms and dads also happen to be extremely tired during this time in their life so the last thing they want to do is spend any precious free time mopping. Honestly, most parents would rather nap than do anything, including super exciting things they used to love. So it's easy to imagine how far down the list mopping is.

So one company that specializes in-joke gifts has created a sleeper for babies that doubles as a duster. It's actually a pretty popular baby shower gift. The idea is baby wears this sleeper that has dusting bristles on the front and crawls around collecting dirt. It’s unknown whether it works well but it is known that it’s super weird… and funny.

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