12 Guy Habits Pregnant Women Pretend To Hate But Actually Love

The littlest things about our partner can annoy us, from their endless episodes of leaving the toilet seat up, to forgetting to put deodorant on after a workout, to not doing the simplest of domestic tasks. It can get under anyone's skin, especially a pregnant woman's. Men have this way of annoying their spouses and girlfriends more and even more when she becomes pregnant. He may feel he is just not doing or saying something right. And who knows, maybe the pregnant lady is pretending to be annoyed by it. Perhaps she is a sneaky lady, who secretly enjoys all those little things that used to annoy her.

Whether we choose to admit it our not, our partners can be endearing. Those habits that might annoy us, are also a reminder that they are still with us. Imagine if there was no dirty man clothes on the floor, it would mean he wasn't there. Or there were no beard shavings left in the sink to wipe away, that would mean he was no longer apart of the day. As those pregnancy hormones kick in and the view of your man goes from annoying habits, to "yeah those are endearing aren't they," just remember he is the one who will always buy french fries at 2:30 in the morning.

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12 The Toilet Seat

I don't know what's up with men and toilet seats. They have this way of marking their territory like a lion, and just walking away. It's as if they don't even know how to put the darn thing down. But let's not kid ourselves, as pregnant women, we laugh at it and are even strangely attracted to it. Is this marking of their territory, a sign that their pheromones are drawing us in. Perhaps yes or perhaps no. It's not all that crazy.

Pregnant women, are sometimes more drawn to their partners masculine side during pregnancy. Since she herself is filled to the brim with hormones, why not tag along and notice the more masculine things that our partners do. So the next time he leaves that darn seat up, remember he was there. That reminder that he was there just might make him appear more masculine to you. And don't worry it is totally normal to feel attracted to him, even when he leaves the toilet seat up. Say what?

11 Laundry Monster

Dear men, please pick up your clothes or the laundry monster is going to devour them whole. How many times have women wanted to burn their partner's clothes in the oven, because washing them got to be too much of a hassle? I once had a friend, who secretly liked to sniff her husband's sweaters while he was away. The scent of him was all over the clothes, and since she was pregnant, she was less annoyed with his piles of dirty man rags on the ground. Instead she practically rolled around in them. She said the smell of him was still there, and it made her miss him. As I mentioned before, women are attracted to the more masculine side of their partner's during pregnancy, and my friend just proves my point even more. So next time she goes and picks up those dirty man clothes with her gas mask on and tongs out, she will know that he left his scent behind just for her.

10 Beard Dust

We all know of Tinker Bell from Peter Pan, and the way she spread her magical pixie dust everywhere when she flew. The bathroom sink is exactly this for a man. It is the place in which they are shed their layer of beard. It's like a snow fall as they shave. But we know the consequence, he will just leave it behind for us to clean up. In another world, this would be the most disgusting mess to clean up. Not to a pregnant woman. Some might enjoy the confetti of man face all over the counters, waiting to be picked up. It's a part of the man being left behind for the women to pick up again. I am not saying all men have beards or can grow them. However, for those that can, they just love to leave it all for the lady to clean up. This for me is the most disgusting thing to clean up. It's itchy, it's everywhere, and I certainly did not sign up for cosmetology school, where they constantly sweep up the hair monster. The beard dust my husband can leave behind, drives me nuts. When I was pregnant however, I found it amusing to pick up. I almost felt like I would grow a beard myself if I cleaned it up for him. But I never did, thank God, or I might have turned into a bearded lady.

9 Dirty Dish King

"Clean this women!" Oh yes, nothing like being a house elf from Harry Potter for our husbands, boyfriends, and partners. I always felt like a maid from Downton Abbey, waiting for one of the Crawley's to add more dishes to the pile. It's strange I usually hated doing dishes, but during pregnancy, I found a peace in it. I don't know if it was because of the hot water that came from the tap, or the scent of new soap filling my brain, either way it calmed me down. A chore that I had hated so much before, brought me so much joy. And to this day, I still enjoy the dishes just as much as I did then. I felt like Snow White, armed with my singing voice and multitude of animals at my beck and call, ready to take on those nasty man dishes. I usually hated it when my man creature, would leave those things in the sink. But I got over it, and enjoyed his eating habits and lovable dish dirtying ways. I became the Snow White, that definitely was "whistling while I worked."

8 Flatulent Face

Let's be honest our noses have betrayed us during pregnancy. Everything that once smelled disgusting or horrible, has suddenly turned into roses and perfume. Our bodies don't know what it wants anymore. I had a friend I will call Claire, and she adored the smell of her boyfriend's gas when she was pregnant. Claire told me it usually made her want to leave the room, and basically seek out the nearest bomb shelter. When she got pregnant, she found it reminded her of her favorite childhood vacation memory. I don't want to know. My point is, during pregnancy anything can happen and be prepared to be attracted to the strangest of smells. I personally adored the scent of gasoline at the station. I usually felt dizzy and sick from it, but the pregnant me was enthralled by its attractive fumes. I didn't say it had to make sense, it's just the way it was. Apparently ladies it is normal to be attracted to these strange, disgusting, and odd habits that are in our everyday lives.

7 How Many Feet You Meet

There is something about feet. Even Dr. Seuss had a thing for feet. Don't believe me, read The Foot Book where it says,"How Many, how many feet you meet?" This is so true. We are always meeting new feet everywhere we go. As pregnant women it is our duty to waddle with ours and to have swelling feet pain. At the end of the day, when our shoes come off and we are sitting there across the couch from our loved one, we soon realize a foot massage is in order. The foot is a simulating thing, and many of us our ashamed by our feet. In pregnancy just let it all go, even the shoes. Some men like to suck on their women's feet, a strange habit to say the least. But to a tired waddling all day pregnant women, it might end up feeling good. That and a good foot massage. So sit back, relax and read The Foot Book, and let your partner enjoy doing that annoying foot fetish habit that used to annoy you.

6 Nail Biter Fetish

Pregnant women are aware of their hair and nails. We know from the movie Juno, that finger nails grow and grow while we are pregnant. We watch them become these beautifully long claws, that we must cover in finger nail polish. We also look over and notice our husband's or boyfriend's hands. We see that they have worked all day long to provide for us. That like the hunter-gatherer society we have stemmed from, we return to our roots and notice our males providing for us. He may even bite his nails down to the point of nothingness. This doesn't bother us right now, it's a sign he might be as nervous as we are that the new baby is on the way. He is providing for us with his strong hands, and also nervous with his nail biting. Even though he is chewing them down like a tree stump, the sound of gnawing is a symbol of the same shared unknown future. This shared journey toward parenthood, where biting your nails or pulling your hair might be the new norm.

5 Smacking Of Loud Lips When Eating

The sound of slurping and the smacking of lips while chewing, is so beyond disgusting. But not to every pregnant woman. That's right some women grow attached to the sound of that smacking and chomping. I remember sitting next to my grandfather as a child and found that sound terrifying. The spit flying everywhere, the loud crunching of munching, and then it started all over again. I wanted to hide behind my ear muffins, and bury my head in the sand with an ostrich. But something about the sound of a man eating while pregnant, is interesting to listen to. It's not annoying at all. Perhaps it's that constant reminder that we, as pregnant mothers are always hungry, so subconsciously we know we need to smack our lips right along with them.

4 Snoring Like It's Pouring

Who hasn't snored at least once in their life? I know I have, at least from a bad cold or allergies. Not all men snore, but some do and for women who live with a snorer it can be the most intolerable sound. That loud snorting that shakes the whole house like an earthquake. My grandfather and grandmother had a snoring problem, and together they would snore in perfect synchronization. Some pregnant women hate that snoring sound, it keeps them up all night long. In a time when sleeping is lacking, snoring can be an enemy. It can also be a comfort. It might be crazy to say, but there are women out there who adore the sound of that loud heavy breathing at night. Perhaps the consistent rhythm of the snoring helps them focus on something other than their pregnant condition. Or it is delight in knowing that our partner is resting up, before the little baby is here.

3 Driving Like He's 007

When I was pregnant I hated being in the car. I felt like I could feel every bump in the road. When my husband would drive quickly, I felt free as if I were flying. The bumps in the road vanished, and so did my pregnant body. Not all men like to drive fast, when a pregnant lady is present. This is understandable, who wants to be responsible for a pregnant woman in a car accident? I know I wouldn't. But the more daring men, drive a little bit faster. Maybe they are practicing for that frantic drive to the hospital. Perhaps mentally practicing for the day of delivery, is why some of them zoom along the road. My husband and I, had a fairly relaxing trip to the hospital. My water broke and he didn't speed too fast to the hospital, but his 007 skills definitely kicked in that day. Driving a little bit faster that usually might be encouraging, when the day of delivery arrives getting to the hospital is the number one thing on everyone's mind. Perhaps they should add 'driving quickly to the hospital' to birthing classes.

2 Not Showering Post-Workout

Man with sweat under arms

In a study that took place in the University of California at Berkeley, it was discovered that women are aroused by the body odor of men. A chemical compound found in male sweat, made women's heart rates increase as well as change their mood. This study was conducted on heterosexual females only, the scientists in charge of the experiment thought homosexual females would react differently to the male sweat chemical. This chemical is called, androstadienone. The scent of a man is even stronger within pregnant females. This heighten sense of smell, makes men even more attractive to women. Suddenly the desire for a man to put deodorant on is lacking, and the pregnant women is taken over by androstadienone. Pregnant women are more likely to be attracted to their partner, if he just skips showering after a work out, forgets to put on deodorant, or decides to go all natural.

1 Breast Is Best

It might be an uncomfortable topic, but why not address sex? Sex before pregnancy was fun and exciting. It was an adventure with our partners, a chance to explore each other, and a time to just be a couple. But now all is different, and we face a new challenge feeling "normal" in this growing body. Many women find things that men do to them in the bedroom to sometimes be annoying. A few women have reported to hate having their breasts fondled. It made some of them feel uncomfortable and ashamed. Which sounds shocking considering it is an intimate thing between partners. Pregnant women, not all, have been known to like this part of intimacy more because they are preparing to have a baby. It could be because they are getting ready to breast feed. Since the body is preparing for a new baby to latch on to mother, it only makes sense for a pregnant woman to enjoy having her breasts fondled more than she ever did.

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