12 Hipster Boy Names That are Cool and Unusual

Trying to find the perfect boy’s name? The baby-naming adventure can be delightfully fun and frustratingly painful. But don’t worry – we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for a hipster boy name, we’ve compiled a list of our 12 favorite names, along with name meanings and famous associations.

After the 12 names, keep reading to find pointers on naming your child, knowing how to find a hipster name, and additional naming tips.

Here’s wishing you a happy name-hunting journey!

14 Winston

Sophisticated and smart, Winston sounds like a real gentleman. It’s a very mustache-worthy, hipster name. Winston is classy enough to be cool, but not too antiquated. The name Winston has both charm and intelligence.

Meaning: Winston is derived from an Old English name, Wynnstan, which means "joy stone". Winston can also mean “wine’s town.”

Famous connections: The most well known Winston is Sir Winston Churchill, Britain’s leader during World War II. Churchill was famous for many quotes, such as “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

The main character in George Orwell’s famous novel 1984 is Winston Smith.

Luxury brands with this name include Harry Winston, maker of high-end jewelry and timepieces.  

13 Hunter

Here’s a name for a manly and adventuresome personality. Hunter reflects a sense of risk-taking and ruggedness. It’s a great name for a boy who will find his own way, who doesn’t give up the chase, and who pursues the passions of his life.

Meaning: Hunter’s meaning is just as you might expect: “one who hunts.”

Famous connections: Hunter Johansson is the actor and twin brother of actress Scarlett Johansson. Josh Holloway, who played James “Sawyer” Ford on the TV series “Lost,” named his son Hunter. American author and journalist Hunter S. Thompson was the founder of the gonzo journalism movement

12 Chet

Chet is one of those cool, one-syllable names that connote a sense of being carefree, relaxed and easy-going. Chet is a loyal friend with an amicable personality.

Meaning: Chet means “fortressed or walled town.” Traditionally, it was a name for people from the town of Chester, England.

Famous connections: Chesney “Chet” Baker was a famous American Jazz musician. Chet Atkins was an American country guitarist. 

11 Huxley

Huxley is a rough and tough guy. Manly, brave and good-natured, Huxley feels at home in the great outdoors.

Meaning: Huxley means “from Hugh’s meadow” or “outdoorsman.”

Famous connections: The most famous Huxley is Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World. Thomas Huxley is a renowned biologist. Sir Andrew Huxley is a winner of the Nobel Prize in physiology. 

10 West

The name West follows the trendy practice of using words that mean other things as names (for example, Saffron and River.) The word “west” can be associated with opportunity, adventure and uncharted frontiers.

Meaning: West refers to the direction, west. Also associated with “the Wild West” of America in the 1800s.

Famous connections: Misha Collins of the TV series “Supernatural” named her son West. American country singer Randy Houser chose the same name for his kid. And you’re probably familiar with the artist Kanye West, of "Love Lockdown" fame.  

9 Tate

An ultra-fun name, Tate is both stylish and whimsical. A name for minimalist parents, your little boy will find his name easy to spell when he’s in kindergarten. This name works for both genders.

Meaning: Tate means “cheerful.”

Famous connections: Tate is the name of a group of four art museums in London, including Tate Modern. Tate Donovan is an American actor, known for his role in the TV series “The O.C.”

8 Piper

A cool last-name-turned-first name, Piper has a nice ring to it. Piper sounds upbeat and cheery, just like the origin of the name. This name works for both genders.

Meaning: Piper means "one who plays the pipes or flute." It was originally a last name for people of this profession.

Famous connections: Piper is a common English last name. Marvel Comics has several characters named Piper, including one Pied Piper, a DC Comics character. Piper Aircraft is an American manufacturer of airplanes.

7 Everett

Everett is good-natured and intelligent. A classy hipster name, Everett will suit the little gentleman in your life.

Meaning: Everett means “hardy” and “brave.” Everett is derived from the old English names Evered and Eoforheardl, which mean “brave as a wild boar.” Everett is an uncommon name that has been rising in popularity in recent years.

Famous connections: Everett Sloane is an American actor. Everett Lindsay is an NFL football player. Author John Irving named his youngest son Everett. 

6 Finn

Finn is another adventuresome name. It’s perfect for your rambunctious and curious little prince.

The name Finn is very popular in Europe. It’s among the top 10 names in Germany (where it’s spelled Fynn.) In the US, it’s among the top 500 names, and it is rising in popularity. Similar names include Finnigan, Finian and Finley.

Meaning: Finn is of Irish origin. The name means “fair” or “white.”

Famous connections: Finn MacCool is a famous Irish mythical warrior who has supernatural powers. Finn Mac Blatha was a king in 5th century BC in Ireland. Finn Kydland is a Nobel Prize winning economist from Norway. Finn Hudson was a key character on the TV series “Glee.”

5 Adley

Adley definitely sounds like a smart boy, perhaps a cheeky one too. A name with Hebrew origins, Adley could be an interesting choice for parents who want an alternative to traditional Biblical names.

Similar names include Addison, Atley and Aiden.

Meaning: Adley means “judicious” or "God is just." It’s derived from the Hebrew name, Adlai. A truly special name, Adley has never ranked among the top 1,000 names in America. However, Adley as a last name is more common.

Famous connections: Two modern politicians have the name Adley: Robert Adley, a former British Member of Parliament, and Robert Adley, a Louisiana State Senator.

4 Miles

Miles sounds deep and calming. He’s a wise little boy who will grow up to be a thoughtful man. The name Miles is Latin, which makes it a classical name with a long history. Within recent years, this name has soared in popularity, making it trendy and cool.

Meaning: Miles means "solider or merciful." It’s another form of Milo. In Medieval Latin, a medieval knight was called “miles.”

Famous connections: There was jazz artist Miles Davis. Miles Coverdale was a monk, and the first person to translate the Bible into English. This name also appears in classic literature. Miles Hendon is a character in Mark Twain’s “The Prince and the Pauper,” and a child character in Henry James’ “The Turn of the Screw.” Miles also appears in pop culture, as a character in the TV series “24,” and the movie “Avatar.” 

3 Arlo

Arlo is one of those cool, hipster names that end with the letter o. O-names often sound naturally spunky. Arlo is suited for the playful, mischievous little scout in your life.

Meaning: In Spanish, Arlo means "barberry tree." It first appeared in English in Edmund Spenser’s “The Faerie Queene,” written in the 16th century.

Famous associations: The name Arlo has been made famous by singer Arlo Guthrie, who was an American folk singer-songwriter and had characteristically big hair. Celebrities Toni Colette and Johnny Knoxville both chosen the name Arlo for their offspring. 

2 What Makes a Boy Name Hipster?

How do you know if a name is hipster or not? Look out for these name characteristics in your search for the ultimate gentleman’s name. While this list does not define “hipster,” it may give you some great hints to find stylish names.

1. A Name From Someone Noteworthy But Not Mainstream

A hipster name should not be excessively common. It should have respectability, but in a minor or a more obscure way. For example, this name could be inspired by a relatively unknown musician or artist. It could be the name of a past leader, politician or ambassador. Look at scientists, inventors and explorers for ideas. Check out foreign poets, playwrights, authors or philosophers. Time to dig out your Encyclopedia Britannica or drop by History.com.

2. A Name Inspired By a Cultural Work

A hipster name could be inspired by a piece of cultural work: a character in a book, a place in a poem, or the name of a play. Consider allusions to classical music compositions, folk songs, or romantic ballads.

3. Last Names As First Names

Many last names sound classy and official. They immediately allude the image of a professor, or a man in a vest and tie. Traditional last names can provide lots of inspiration for hipster boy names.

4. Shorter forms of longer names

Many old-fashioned names sound very trendy when shortened. This can be a great solution for parents who want to name a child after a grandparent or ancestor, but want to update the name and make it more hipster.

5. Names ending in O

Names ending in an unusual letter often make fun and stylish hipster names. For example, try names ending in O, U or V. It takes a little hunting and creativity, but you might just find that perfect hipster name.

1 Things to Consider When Naming a Boy

1. How easy is it to say?

Once your little man starts scurrying around, you’re going to yell his name every hour or so. Is his name easy to blurt out in a rush? Or, does his name easily yield a nickname that is shorter or easier to say?

Particularly if you have a mixed-culture family, consider how easy it is for grandparents (who may speak another native language other than English) to pronounce your child’s name.

2. How easy is the name to spell?

A name with easy or obvious spelling can prevent a lot of headache and embarrassment during childhood. It can also give a young boy some confidence if he has a straightforward name he can proudly spell correctly.

If you’re considering a unique name or a name with rare spelling, keep in mind you’ll probably have to do some clarifying to teachers, coaches and scout leaders.

3. What meaning or connotation does the name bear?

Your son’s name will follow him for life, along with the meaning or connotations behind his name. Consider not only the name, but all of the associations that come with the name, as it will be a badge that your child will bear for the rest of his life.

How will the meaning of your son’s name contribute positively to his life? How will his name inspire him or give him confidence?

Does his name have any negative associations? Can you think of any ways this name can be easily made fun of or ridiculed?

Try bully-testing the name. Look at this name from the perspective of someone trying to ridicule it, to see how easy it might be to crack jokes from this name. This test can prepare you ahead of time for some battles your child may have to face in the future.

Hope this list of 12 hipster boy names gives you some inspiration. May you find that perfect name for your little boy.

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