12 Husband And Wives Who Trolled Their Families Hard

Pranking can mean some good old fashioned fun between friends and family who share the same type of sense of humor. Some people take pranking too far though. Lately we've been hearing about the recent fall from grace of the well known YouTube pranksters, Daddy-O Five and Mommy-O Five. For those who haven't, we'll provide some background to this story.

Daddy and Mommy O have 5 kids. And they have made some kind of living on pranking their kids. But these aren't just "I dyed your cereal milk red" kind of pranks or a Jimmy Kimmel style “We ate all the Halloween candy.” These parents humiliate and berate their children, especially the youngest Cody, for views.

The prank that called their parenting skills into question was when they spilled invisible ink on Cody's bedroom floor and blamed him for it. They were screaming and cussing at him, and all poor Cody could do was stand there crying and repeatedly denying that he had anything to do with it.

After an online petition started and viewers contacted MD CPS, the video was eventually removed as have a lot of other questionable ones on the family's YouTube page.

These days everyone is trying to go viral and make a name for themselves online. But not everyone does it at the expensive of their children or family's emotional and psychological well-being. Some families love to prank each other and some husband and wives have made it a part of their everyday life. Or they prank because they love a good joke that everyone can laugh at later.

Here are 12 of the funniest and weirdest ways families have pranked and trolled each other.

12 Dad Convinces His Wife He Shaved His Sons Head

Dad Convinces His Wife He Shaved His Sons Head

I love this first prank! Bobby Wesson decided to massively prank his poor undeserving wife with a hilarious but cruel prank. Rayena Wesson was at work as a trauma nurse and begins to receive multiple texts from her husband asking to cancel a scheduled family photo shoot.

Rayena plays right into his hands and starts to inquire why. Bobby at first plays coy and then begins to slowly reveal that their 3-year-old son Deacon had a little accident with a pair of hair clippers.

Once Rayena receives the news and the first photo of her baby with a landing strip down the side of his head she immediately demands that her husband answers the phone, but of course, he doesn’t! He’s too busy fixing the problem by giving Deacon another haircut of sorts. Completely ashamed and embarrassed by his Dad’s remedy job he goes into hiding under the covers.

Bobby begins to frantically text Rayena who at this point is freaking out and threatening to leave her patients to come home. But Bobby has one last fix up his sleeve. To make his son feel better and a fresh new start for everyone he decides to shave both his head and Deacons and send Rayena the picture.

Rayena loses it at this point and threatens to knock her husband's head off when she gets home. Luckily for Bobby and his head, he fesses up by confessing to Photoshopping the entire ordeal. I’m guessing Rayena is now looking into a babysitter for her husband!

11 Dad Pranks Mom With Crazy Christmas Gift For Daughter

Dad Pranks Mom with Crazy Christmas Gift for Daughter

Imagine if you and your husband have had the modern day parenting talk about when you should allow your child to have a cell phone. You guys go round and round but finally agree on an age that is much further down the line than next Christmas. And how would you feel if your husband completely usurped your authority and bought the phone anyway?

That’s where this mom found herself a few days before Christmas when her husband surprised their daughter with an iPhone as an early Christmas present!

"Oh my God! Mom! An iPhone!" the daughter is literally dancing with glee over the new phone and Mom is just standing there completely dumbfounded, mouth agape, shooting “I’m gonna murder you in your sleep,” looks to Dad.

Dad and daughter soon admit that the whole thing was a joke but that doesn’t keep Mom from getting a few hits on Dad.

It’s so important for parents to present a united front to their brood. We have to let them know they can’t divide us and when kids smell weakness, they will descend like a rabid little beast. I wouldn’t be so mad if my husband had changed his mind about the age for a cell phone, but I would be if he had done it without talking to me.

10 Dad Pretends To Take Baby On Wild Excursions While Mom is at Work

Dad Takes Baby On Wild Excursions While Mom is at Work

It is the working mother's peril that she misses out on things when she has to leave her children to go to work. But what if your husband made you think you were missing out on more than just the every day with your baby?

Matt Coyne from England pranked his girlfriend Lyndsay Cooper by taking their 7-month-old Cooper on a series of wild and inappropriate field trips.

On Lyndsay’s first day back after her maternity leave, she started texting her boyfriend asking to see pictures of what the day was looking like for Matt and Charlie. But instead of being inundated with photos of playtime and story time she was getting photoshopped pictures of Matt and Charlie skydiving, hitting the local pub for some beers, and then back out to a strip joint before hopefully heading home to a big lunch of pureed green beans and pears.

9 Dad Pretends To Throw Toddler Over Balcony

Dad Pretends to Throw Toddler Over Balcony

This next prank is not even remotely funny and completely cruel. Roman Atwood decided to prank his girlfriend Brittany by pretending to accidentally throw their toddler over the balcony. Brittany Smith comes in to find Dad and son upstairs playing Spiderman when Dad sends her back down the stairs for some water.

While Brittany is getting the water Roman hides the boy and grabs a dummy doll that is also dressed like Spiderman. As Brittany is making her way to the top of the stairs with the water Roman has the pretend kid on his feet trying to make him fly when he suddenly flips him too high and tosses the dummy over the balcony.

Brittany shrieks and immediately runs down the stairs to who she thinks is her possibly dead son. When she makes her way to him she picks him up and rips off the mask only to find that it’s just a doll.

But I have to call BS on the whole thing because if this would have been ME I would have been screaming my head off and then probably breaking my foot off in my husbands…well never mind. But I wouldn’t have given him a little playful kick like Brittany did. I definitely think she was in on this viral prank.

8 Wife Trolls Husband With New Pet For Their Family

Mom Pretends To Adopt A Coyote

Kayla Eby from Seaside Oregon apparently has a track record for bringing in stray animals. Her husband says that she once even brought home 4 ferrets. So with Photoshop skills and a wicked sense of humor, she decided to prank her husband by sending him photos of their new “dog” that she found outside without tags.

Her husband immediately begins to freak out when she decides to bring the poor helpless pup indoors. He begins to berate her for her impulsive decisions when it comes to animals and lets her know right away that what she thinks is a small adorable dog is, in fact, a coyote.

The cherry on top was when she sent a picture of the new “dog” with their beaming son and lets him know she’s already named him “Spot.” Then she lets him know that outside are few more of these dogs and now Spot is inside howling for the others. Kayla eventually lets her hysterical husband in on the joke –hopefully, before he called Child Protective Services on her.

7 Husband Trolls Wife With 'Dudeoir' Photo-shoot

Women love to gift their husbands with sexy boudoir photo shoots for their anniversary. But how come husbands can’t ever get in on this steamy little gift?

Josh Melton and his brother-in-law Jonathan LeFleur, the subject of the shoot gifted Melton’s sister and Jonathan’s wife, Alexandria with this sexy “dudeoir” shoot.

Melton came up with the idea to dress Jonathan up as Jonny Lumber and get him to sexily sell a bunch of lumber. The photos are hilarious and have Jonathan aka Jonny Lumber in a plethora of scandalous shots. Dressed in only his skivvies, boots, yellow vest and hard hat.

The two took over a local Dallas lumber yard and got Jonathan to pose up against tractors and laying on some 2x4’s, well I guess they’re 2x4’s I don’t frequent Home Depot that often. The pictures are made even more hilarious because Jonathan totally has a Dad bod. In other words, he’s no Ryan Reynolds or Idris Elba.

I think Kim Kardashian may want to use this as future inspo for a new selfie book.

6 Wife Offers Husband Wasabi Candy And Baby Laughs Too

Wife Offers Husband Wasabi Candy and Baby Laughs too

Nikki and John are professional YouTube pranksters. And yes apparently that is a thing now. And they like to pull all kinds of pranks on each other like Dad pretending that the baby ate dog poop (vom) or laxative brownies on Dad. But perhaps their cutest prank was when their baby girl couldn’t help but laugh at Dad’s hilarious misfortune.

Nikki was at a gift shop and found some Exploding Wasabi Candy. Nikki thought that it would be hilarious to offer some of this disgusting flavored candy to her husband John.

When she does, John freaks out and is trying to get rid of that awful spicy flavor and when they turn the camera onto the baby even the baby can’t help but get a kick out her Dad flipping out, which of course once baby Iris starts laughing only makes Mom laugh even harder!

5 Turkish Husband Explodes On Wife And TV

Turkish Husband Explodes On Wife and TV

After watching this next video there is a huge part of me that is really hoping this entire thing is a hoax because if not this husband has some serious anger issues. A Turkish wife was watching a soccer game with her husband and was asking too many questions so the husband kicked her out of the room.

When he did that she set up a camera in the room so she could watch his reaction as she used an app on her phone to turn the TV on and off.

Roughly every minute the wife uses her phone to turn the TV off. She times it so the TV goes off precisely around the time a major score or play is happening. At first, her husband is bewildered and tries to just turn the TV back on himself.

But after this happens several times in a row he starts to get really pissed and is knocking over his snack bowls and eventually knocks the TV over and starts kicking it and breaking his laptop. And then his wife comes out and casually ask if they are the champions yet.

4 Husband Pranks Wife By Recording Videos Instead Of Taking Pictures

Husband Pranks Wife by Recording Videos Instead of Taking Pictures

This next prank is hilarious because it requires dedication and consistency to pull it off. For three years Florin Mehedinti from Seattle was always his wife’s go-to iPhone photographer. Florin was supposed to be taking still photos of his wife in various activities and at event’s but once by accident he captured a few videos.

When he watched those videos back what he got was awkward videos of his wife who thought she was posing for a photo. Have you ever accidentally done this? It produces hilarious footage of the unsuspecting subject posing and smiling for a video.

Once Florin realized how silly his wife looked he compiled all the footage he had captured and turned it into a viral video. Florin says that to keep his wife posing and not getting suspicious he’d ask her a few photo related questions like “Portrait or landscape” or if he should capture her entire outfit. His favorite memories in the video are the ones he captured over Gracie’s pregnancy.

3 Most Annoying Father Pranks His Family Every day

Most Annoying Father Pranks His Family Everyday

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And maybe what some people find to be endearing and tolerable would be grounds for divorce for other people. I would probably fall into the latter category if I was married to Stuart Valentino.

Stuart has been pranking his wife and children every single day for the last 10 years and posting the videos on his YouTube channel. It all started when he took his wife Samantha out on their first date. Stuart pretended to eat cat poop which made Samantha vomit. Just typing that sentence makes me want to vomit.

But apparently, Samantha found his hijinks to be charming and still decided to marry him in 2013. Stuart has gone on to pull all sorts of pranks on his family like pulling down his father-in-law’s pants and where he quickly found out he had no underwear on, covering his kids in foam to wake them up and dressing up in drag to meet his son’s girlfriend.

Samantha says that she tries to stay up late so that he can’t pull things over on her, but Stuart usually still wins because he’ll stay up as late as possible just to get his wife.

2 Dad Pranks Kid By Threatening To Go Beat Up People

Dad Pranks Kid by Threatening to Go Beat Up People

I know we've got some Momma Bears and probably some Papa Bears that read here. We are all so protective over our little cubs and if anyone were to even attempt to hurt them we are coming at them with the full force of everything behind us. If your son came to you and told you that someone tried to scare them what would you do?

You'd possibly jump in your car and start heading to lay the smack down. That's what this one Dad was prepared to do, but when his son confessed that he was actually lying about the whole thing, Papa Bear STILL didn't back down. When the father realized that his son was lying he decided to play a little prank on his son AND teach him a lesson all at the same time.

He got all hyped and started telling his son how everything was going to go down. Even saying that they may need to get Grandpa involved who had a gun and a bow and arrow. The little boy was visibly upset and very concerned that his Dad was not getting it and continued to admit to his Dad that he was just lying but Dad just kept going.

But luckily for the boy and the fictitious villains, Dad confessed as well that it was all a joke and important lesson on why you shouldn't lie.

1 Dad Get’s His Kids Good On Christmas

Dad Get’s His Kids Good On Christmas

If you have boys over the age of like 6 you know that they love game systems. And every Christmas they will probably ask you for the latest and greatest expensive system or about 50 different games. One Dad decided to prank his kids and got them each a game system. But the problem was he got the older son a cool, but less expensive system than the one he got the younger son.

When the older son realized what was happening he tried to feign gratefulness, but started pointing out to his Dad the large discrepancy in the prices of the system while the younger son continues to dance around excitedly completely oblivious to his brother's plight.

I felt so bad for the older son who just stood there with a dumbfounded look on his face waiting for his Dad to reveal that the whole thing was a joke and that the gaming system was for both of them, but the more he pressed for the truth the more resolute his Dad became.

After about 6 minutes of getting his boys all worked up, he finally admitted to his boys that neither of the game systems was for them. Both looked liked the wind had been knocked out of them.

Source: Today Show, ABCNews and YouTube

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