12 Insane Parent Punishments These Kids Will Never Forget

The way these parents punished their kids won't be found in a parenting book - some bizarre and some even cruel.

All parents have different philosophies when it comes to disciplining their children and teaching them the difference between right and wrong. It’s generally a good idea for couples to have a good long talk about how they plan to approach parenthood before they’re already in the thick of it when their toddler begins throwing epic, earth-shaking tantrums.

Some parents practice positive reinforcement and redirection in the early years, whereas others are fans of more traditional punishments like time-outs or the restrictions of privileges. As kids get older, parents can get a little more creative and may even let children suggest their own punishments.

Once the teen years approach, a solid punishment can be as simple as restricting the teen’s social life through a good old fashioned grounding. There’s no doubt that some kids require more self-correction than others, and anyone who has more than one child can attest that every child responds differently to discipline. Sometimes this means as parents we need to think outside of the box.

What these parents had in mind isn’t something you’re going to find on most parenting sites, or in expert parenting books. These punishments are off the wall, bizarre, and sometimes border on cruel. Here are 15 WTF ways parents really have disciplined their kids.

12Mom Teaches Daughter A Lesson With A Snake Bite

At one year old, you’d think most parents would save “tough love” lessons until a child is a little older. Chartelle St. Laurent decided that she would teach her child about the dangers of snakes by letting one bite her.

A video of the incident surfaced on Facebook, and was later removed, that not only showed the snake biting the toddler, but also had audio of mom laughing.

St. Laurent said of the learning experience that the snake, “had bitten me and my son and didn't leave a mark, several times," so, I thought it was a good opportunity to introduce her [to the danger of snakes] without actually getting hurt."

In the face of potential child abuse charges and public backlash, the mom commented that people are too sensitive.

11Kid Forced To Wash His Mouth With Hot Sauce... Instead Of Soap

We’ve all heard of parents washing out their children’s mouths with soap for filthy language or maybe even sass talk.

Mom, Jessica Beagley, made headlines everywhere when she was featured on the popular show Dr. Phil with footage of her pouring spicy hot sauce into her seven year old son’s mouth after she caught him “red handed” lying.

She then instructed the boy to swish the spicy liquid around his mouth like mouth wash before he was able to spit it out and hop into the tub to cool off. The mother of six provided the footage of the punishment herself. Some other parenting “experts” like Facts of Life actor Lia Whelchel recommended this method in her parenting book, Creative Correction.

10Daughter Forced To Wear A Diaper For Bad Grades

Academics mean a lot to many parents.

Well-intended folks want their children to have a future so bright they need to wear shades and dream of their children having endless scholastic and job opportunities. That being said, when their marks fail to make the grade, is shaming them the best approach?

One mother forced her daughter, who was 12 at the time, to shave her head and wear a diaper as punishment for her bad grades. Another student, named Trenton, who was struggling in school wasn’t responding to his parents sourcing a tutor, so they decided to punish him by making him wear a sign displaying all of his poor grades while he stood on a street corner.

For this punishment his parents were investigated by Child Protective Services.

9A Special Haircut For Misbehaving Kids

One barber decided that he’d cash in on helping parents punish their children for misbehaving by giving their children a really embarrassing hair cut which essentially would make them look like little old men.

What could go wrong?

The barber, who resides in Snellville, Georgia will provide a special hair cut for parents who request the “Benjamin Button Special” which is a haircut with a sizeable bald spot on the top and a low cut around the sides.

It is intended for the child to sport the hair-do until it grows out, presumably with some teasing and bullying at school included as the added punishment “bonus” for their misdoings.

Considering it would take months to grow out this gem of a haircut, this buzzkill punishment seems extraordinarily brutal.

8Daughter Has To Sword Fight As Punishment

The teen years are reminiscent of the toddler years when a need for independence trumps logic, along with the need for a child to separate from their parents. For these parents it’s literally a battle.

When their teenage daughter went to a party without their permission they made her dress in armor and fight her father with a wooden sword for two hours. Police were called in to investigate the Seattle parents and reported that the father had also punched and hit his step-daughter with a tree branch before they began the duel.

The exhausted teen collapsed due to exhaustion following the medieval punishment. The parents stood by their form of discipline stating that it was their right to parent their child their own way.

7Parents Punish Kid With Dog Poop

It’s frightening when a former elementary school principal and County Sheriff end up being charged with child abuse based on their cruel parenting tactics.

The pair were at their wits end trying to get their son to tend to his chores. Their son reportedly stole from them, swore, and ignored his regular duty of picking up dookie after the family dog.

When he skipped his doggie doo doo chore again, his parents placed the dog’s feces inside his backpack before school. The parents also made their son sleep in the backyard with the dog’s blanket and pillows in another harsh punishment, and made him go to the local park washroom to relieve himself instead of inside the house as a part of another punishment when he was “in the dog house”.

6Mom Shoots Her Children's Cellphones

Cell phones are a distraction. One mom decided she’d go ‘Wild West’ on her children’s cell phones by yelling, "I hereby denounce the effects that social media have on my children, their disobedience and their disrespect", but that wasn’t all.

She aimed her shotgun at her children’s cell phones and fired. The woman then said, "I refuse to be cursed. I refuse to be disobeyed. I take back my role as your parent." When the shotgun didn’t finish the job of destroying the evil cell phones that had taken her sweet children away from her he pulled out a hammer to finalize her attempt to rid her children of the cell phone curse thrust upon them.

Call me old fashioned, but I’d just confiscate them or sell them on EBay.

5Birthday Girl Loses Cake And Gifts For Her Behavior

It doesn’t take long for parents to learn that children are really good at testing limits and calling bluffs. This means that if you threaten a punishment, odds are there will be times that you need to make good on your word so your children understand that you mean business.

One child found this out the hard way when her parents threatened to take away her birthday party for misbehaving, and their daughter continued to misbehave.

Valerie says, “Instead of canceling my party, my mom moved it outside our house and I was not invited. I got to sit inside by the glass door, watching my friends play and eat my cake. All the presents went back to my friends too.”'

4How To Punish The Kids For Drinking

My dad has told me stories about his teenage drunken debauchery and his mother always “knowing” when he’d gotten into the liquor cabinet.

Her revenge?

Getting up at the crack of dawn and vacuuming absolutely everything in the house. Another son reports that following his first major hangover his dad woke him up to go sailing at 7AM.

Nothing like “the spins” at high sea to teach you a lesson. A clever grandpa was suspicious of his eight year old grandchild stealing his whiskey and topping it off with water. So for Christmas that year he bought him a junior detective’s finger print kit and made his primary suspect dust off the bottle to see who the culprit was, catching him red-handed.

3When Kids HAVE To Watch TV

Most parents take away TV privileges as punishment, but these parents had other ideas.

One mom, Scarlett, had the perfect solution when her kids wouldn’t stop fighting at the park. After three warnings she turned the car around, took the kids home and make them sit and stare at a blank TV screen for two hours.

Cincinnati father, Steve Kissing, has the perfect punishment for when his daughters break curfew to show them exactly how long time can feel. He makes them watch five minutes of boring C-Span television programming for every minute they’re late and then has them write a report on what they’ve watched.

When they break curfew by more than half an hour, the dad says he literally makes them watch paint dry.

2Dad Goes To School With Son Who Skipped Class

The concept, “education is wasted on the young” is fitting for a lot of students who value their freedom a lot more than learning.

One dad had the perfect punishment for when his son was caught skipping classes. The next week dad, who was 59 years old at the time and retired, decided he’d not only accompany his son to school, but he’d also attend each class with him.

His son adds, “He ate lunch with me and my friends. Oh, did I mention that he wore his pajamas?” Dad also decided it would be a great week to skip shaving, and by the time it was Friday he looked like a deranged homeless man hanging out at the high school, but guess what?

His kid never cut class again.

1Daughter Writes Reports As Punishments

If you’re going to disobey these parents they’re going to make sure that it’s an educational experience for everyone involved. Penelope “reports” that her parents used assignments and reports as punishment for just about everything she did wrong as a child.

When she was caught lying, she had to hand in a comprehensive report on five famous liars. When she refused to take a bath she had to write a report about germs. Penelope adds that these reports required trips to the library or the family set of encyclopaedias for her research, since she was a kid before the age of the internet.

She says the punishments worked, I’m guessing mom and dad learned a thing or two as well.

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