12 Jaw-Dropping Stories Of Women Who Gave Birth On The Toilet

Pregnancy can be an unexpected thing. When unplanned, it can take the best of us by surprise and even throw us off guard. Even the symptoms of pregnancy have their fair share of oddities. Whether it be from cramping and swelling to a minor bloating feeling.

When I was pregnant, I always felt like I had to go to the restroom. I never felt like there was enough room in my body for the baby and the food I was eating. In some cases, though, women may go through their entire pregnancy and not even know they are carrying a child. So these moms were shocked when they finally went into labor and found out they've been pregnant for the last nine months.

In some instances, women have even been known to give birth on the toilet. These women have gotten up to "go to the bathroom," or so they thought, and instead come back with a baby girl or boy in toe. You might be asking yourself how does this happens and to whom, so here are 12 unbelievable stories of women who gave birth in the bathroom, one of the dirtiest of rooms for an infant to be in let alone be born in.

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12  Braeley Pettigrew

At seventeen, Braeley Pettigrew did not know she was pregnant. It was just a normal day for her, and she was going about her usual business. Suddenly she had to go to the bathroom and quickly.

As she sat on the toilet, cramping and blood overcame her. She didn't know what was happening until she heard the cries of a baby. She looked down and saw that a little boy, had fallen out of her body and into the toilet. Afraid for the baby's life, she cut the umbilical cord herself and wrapped the baby in something to keep him warm. She then told her mom a lie, that someone had dropped the baby off on their doorstep.

Her mother noticed blood on her daughter's clothes and quickly called the police. The baby was taken to the NICU. She later confessed that the baby was her own. She told the lie because she thought her mother would be mad about her teen pregnancy. Braeley decided to keep her son and name him Kayden.

11  Claire

When Claire was nineteen-years-old her mother attempted to wake her up one morning. Claire told her mother that the right side of her body was numb and that she could not even lift anything with her hand. Her mother took her to the doctor and Claire was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or MS. As her MS got worse, Claire believed she would never have a chance to fall in love.

When she returned to work, however, she met a guy named Paul. They dated for four years, and had a healthy baby boy named Harry, together. Soon after her MS started to return. Claire was given steroids to keep her MS at bay. One night Claire went to bed early and woke up at 1:00 am. She rushed to the bathroom and was having terrible pain in her lower abdomen. She called out to Paul, who rushed to her side. She said she felt like she was in labor. And she quickly gave birth to two healthy baby girls. The paramedics came and took Claire and the newborn twins to the hospital.

10 Hayley Jermyn

In 2016, a mother named Hayley Jermyn felt as though she was going to go into labor. Afraid for her baby, she rushed off to the hospital and consulted with her midwife. The midwife checked on Jermyn but determined that she was not progressing along at all and sent her home. Going home early would prove to be a poor decision.

As it turns out, Jermyn was indeed going into labor. When she was at home, her husband, Mark, assisted her with her home birth. She gave birth to a son named Charlie on the toilet. Charlie died thirty hours after he was born. It was discovered that he had been exposed to a streptococcal infection.

In a BBC.com article Dr. Grey had this to say about Charlie's death,"If Charlie had been in the hospital at a time when, or soon after, he first showed clinical signs of early-onset sepsis he would have received intravenous antibiotics at least 12 hours, and maybe more than 15 hours, before he died. In my opinion, he would, on balance of probability, have survived in such circumstances."

9 Crystal Beaumont–Delong

In February 2017, a miracle baby was born in an Ontario, Canada potty. Mother, Crystal Beaumont-Delong was at home with her mother, when she suddenly felt the need to go to the bathroom. In a babycenter.com article, Beaumont-Delong recalls, “I just felt like I had to go to the washroom and my body just started pushing and contracting on its own and out she came.”

While sitting on the toilet, baby Miranda made her appearance into the world. Miranda's mother was shocked, and before she could finish calling 911 for help to come, the baby was already here. Soon the paramedics arrived to meet a healthy mother and healthy baby girl. Paramedic, Rochelle Moreira, was there to assist both Crystal and Miranda.

In the babycenter.com article, Moreira had this to say about Miranda's birthday. "We go to a lot of calls where it’s a lot of people’s worst day and you know, that day was their best day and we are so glad to be there for them and provide some good comfort."

8 Volleyball Baby

In China babies born via premarital sex, are considered a burden on society. For a young high school girl, her out of wedlock baby put pressure on her. The young woman, with no name, was playing for her high school's women's volleyball match. She was very proud that this match was being recorded and wanted to be in her top game.

Sometime during the match, the young woman made her way to the bathroom. She gave birth to the child quickly on the toilet, and then out of embarrassment and potential shame, she hid the child in some bushes nearby. A stranger discovered the child in the bush and followed the trail of blood left behind by the mother.

When the mother was found, the stranger was very impressed with her physical strength. In an article by thejournal.ie the stranger is referred to as Mr. Wang and said this about the girl, “She looked fine after giving birth. I assumed that she must have a strong body to give birth to a baby during the match.” The mother and baby were taken to the hospital for observation and medical treatment.

7 Charlotte Bryant

In February 2016, a mother did not even know she was pregnant. Charoletter Bryant had reported that she had gone to three different doctors, in regards to her abdominal pain. One doctor told her she was having constipation and prescribed her with laxatives. A few short hours after having the laxatives, Bryant had the urge to go to the bathroom.

In an article posted by the mirror.co Bryant recalls giving birth, "I sat on the toilet and I felt something really odd between my legs. It was like a poo but it felt like it was coming from the wrong place. I felt the urge to push and then as I looked down and I saw a face looking at me. It was absolutely surreal."

Charlotte soon called her boyfriend, Daniel of two years and told him he has a son named Joshua. Daniel did not believe her story at first, but as soon as she texted him the pictures he came to her side instantly. The couple fell in love with their new son, even though they had no idea he was even coming in this world. Bryant calls him her miracle baby.

On the day of Joshua's birth, Charlotte had been home with her brother. She immediately yelled for him to help her keep the baby warm, like Daniel he too thought she was making the whole thing up. He rushed to grab towels for his new nephew and the paramedics soon arrived to take mother and son away.

6  Gemma Williamson

Becoming a mother was something Gemma Williamson always wanted. About a week after visiting her midwife, she was around twenty-eight weeks pregnant. She went to lie down and began watching the television. As any pregnant mother would she tried to get comfortable. Then the urge to go to the bathroom hit her. As she hurried off to the restroom, her water had broken.

She then called out to her partner, Kevin, and he came waltzing in to help her. Gemma had baby Harvey-Lee's head in her hands. She was giving birth to him via potty. In a metro.co article Williamson says, "My baby had landed head first in the actual toilet so I picked him out of the loo. I was worried he would drown in the toilet."

The paramedics came to receive both mother and child. Baby Harvey-Lee had to be rushed to the hospital because he was eleven weeks early. Despite all odds, he survived and is a thriving toddler. As for Gemma and Kevin, they are a bit hesitate to have any more children following this incident.

5  Ashley Hautzenrader

In Davenport, Iowa a university student named Ashley Hautzenrader did not know she was pregnant. Ashley had been seen walking into a bathroom stall at the John Colloton Pavillion. While in the bathroom Ashley started to experience labor pain, and shortly after gave birth to a baby girl. Afraid of motherhood, Ashley Hautzenrader had a better idea, she was going to flush the baby down the toilet.

After a few minutes of flushing attempts, Ashley gave up and wrapped up the child in a nearby hospital pillow case and tossed the kid in a trash bin. An employee of John Colloton Pavillion found the child. When questioned about her child, Ashley claimed she thought the child was a still born, since it landed in the toilet. She also said because of this, she decided to discard it. The employee however, found the child still alive and barely breathing. Ashley was charged with child endangerment and went to jail for two years.

4 Gaynor Rzepka

In February 2014, another woman had no idea she was pregnant. Gaynor Rzepka was a hard worker, and because she was a hard worker she never once noticed any pregnancy symptoms that were occurring at the time. She had a regular period on top of her pregnancy. She was working at a grocery store and was lifting heavy sacs of food, boxes of produce, and the like. Ms. Rzepka had even ran a mini marathon during her pregnancy with Olly-James.

Then one afternoon, it struck her like lightening. She did not feel well at work, and her boss insisted she go home. Instead she stayed for the remainder of her shift. Upon leaving, she returned to her parents house where she began to have terrible stomach like pains. Her own mother believed she was having an appendicitis attack. At 5 am in the morning, Rzepka announces to her mother that she has to go to the bathroom.

In a dailymail.co article, Ms. Rzepka says this about the birth of her son, "It was like having two shocks - the first was when he was born in the bathroom. But then when I brought him home from hospital wrapped up in a blanket. I never thought that would happen to me." Customers at the grocery store she worked for showered her with baby gifts and flowers. She got a much-needed maternity leave.

3 Dianne Thomas

In 2015, Diana Thomas then 41, went to the hospital for her terrible back pains. She was scheduled to have an ultrasound to see if anything was wrong in her stomach. However, a few nurses told her to come in for an ultrasound the following day. Diana started to get worse and worse, so she went into the bathroom.

While in the bathroom, she experienced labor pains and was shocked to deliver her own daughter, Ellie. Diana did not know she was pregnant and found out she had been eight months along with Ellie. Diana called the whole experience surreal. It was discovered that Ellie had a severe infection and this was the cause of her death.

In a hearing, it was reported that doctor's believed Dianne Thomas was experiencing a miscarriage. In an article by the mirror.co, a statement was made which read, "We accept we could have confirmed the pregnancy date earlier had Ellie's mother had a scan soon after her admission."

2 Baby Flushed Away

In China, a pregnant woman had to go to the bathroom. She went into a "squatty potty." What she did not know is that she was giving birth. While she was going she saw the child fall out of her body, go in the toilet, and then get flushed away by accident.

Frantic and fearful for her baby's life, the mother contacted her husband, who called firefighters. The firefighters acted quickly and began to undo the tiling and piping of the restroom. About fifteen minutes after the newborn had fallen into the toilet, the firefighters were able to get the child. It was reported that the pipes were indeed large enough for a little newborn baby to fit through.

The child and mother were taken to the hospital, and the newborn's life was reported to be in critical condition. This is not the first incident in which a woman had accidentally flushed her child down the toilet. Another lady in China also flushed her newborn down the toilet as she was giving birth. That newborn baby was reported to be doing well.

1  Sophie Holmes

In 2016, Sophie Holmes was sent home twice from the Southend University Hospital. She was shocked at being sent home in the first place, on account that her waters had already broken. The hospital was not convinced that her baby was making its way into the world since her cervix was closed. So the staff told Sophie to go home and take a nice long hot bath.

Listening to her midwife's advice could have been fatal for baby, Olivia. While at home Sophie only felt comfortable while she was sitting on the toilet. Then it happened, Sophie had a sudden urge to push and she caught her precious child before she almost hit the floor.

In an article posted by the thesun.co Sophie says, “I had to have my baby alone in the bathroom and it could have gone down the toilet.” Both Sophie and her husband Dan were not happy with how the hospital treated their family. In a statement, the Southend University Hospital said, “We are meeting with Ms. Holmes so that we can discuss the concerns she has about the care she received during and after her labor and investigate accordingly.”


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