12 Kids Shows You Didn't Realize Were Actually Sadistic

Growing up in the 80's or even 90's, meant we were exposed to some of the strangest, sadistic, messed up cartoons ever made. Somehow through it all, we have managed to make it to adulthood without becoming serial killers.

As an adult, looking back on these cartoons, I am shocked that some of these shows were even allowed to be viewed by children. Some of the humor within these programs, contained violent, murderous, and painful acts just for a few laughs.

Even television shows in the 50's can main characters going out of their way to hammer their friends head in, give their friends a bomb, or even push them off a cliff just to get high tv ratings. I am not sure what is more disturbing, the fact that we sat in front of these programs laughing our heads off to the abuse being inflicted in these shows, or the fact that some brilliant creator got away with it.

Either way for the sake of entertainment, let's not pretend we didn't enjoy Tom and Jerry battling to the death, or let us not forget the way that coyote could never quite out smart that darn roadrunner. These cartoons have inspired us, and perhaps have made us more aware of what might kills us out there. Are these cartoons, a creators way of playing with death to see what it would be like before it happened to them? Sit back and relax, and enjoy the nostalgia which is about to come.

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12 Spongebob Square Pants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? That little gay yellow rectangle named Spongebob. And I am pretty sure there were times we all knew he was gay, just look back on how close he and his pink naked starfish friend named Patrick, got in some of those episodes. There were lots of episodes that stood out in the disturbing department, like when Spongebob was ill and they had to use cork screws to heal him.

In the episode, we see our sponge friend lying on a medieval torture "bed." His arms and legs are tied to the bed, and his starfish friend is seen wearing a mask and is about to cure him. I am so happy, we didn't see what weird acts they might be playing on each other during the evening. Spongebob was a show that made us think to hard, like why a sponge likes to go "jelly fishing," to why is there a squirrel living in an air bubble under the sea, to why does Mr. Krabs have whale for a daughter? I don't want to know. Another disturbing episode is about going to "Glove World." Pretty sure this episode was some sort of sick twisted way of exposing kids to condoms, not cool Spongebob. Despite all it's oddities, Spongebob is still one of the most popular kids shows of today.

11 Catdog

No other show on the planet had me question where and how a cartoon went to the bathroom like Catdog. My sister and I would stare at each other, and ask is Cat the back end or is Dog. In the show Cat seems to be the intelligent one, whereas Dog is the dumb one. The Cat is willing to do whatever he wants and has no regard for Dog. All Dog wants to do in the show is chase trucks all day long. It sounds like a harmless television show at first, but then we realize a bad guy in the show has the name of Lube. This name, Lube, renders this show as unforgivable in the perversion it portrays. When I was a kid I knew it was garbage while watching it, but I still enjoyed watching them get chased by those naughty "Greaser dog" gang.

10 Tom And Jerry

The classic cat and mouse gag is something that will always be treasured. We all love Tom and Jerry, and the frenemies that they are. When Tom decides he is hungry, he obviously goes for that rather witty mouse as a snack. Have we ever really watched the show, and witnessed the violence that is actually occurring in the show? We can't be numb to it, we all have seen Jerry abuse Tom on more than one occasion.

This show has scenes of Jerry beating Tom with baseball bats, sticks, kitchen utensils, and any other heavy object he can get his hands on. Seriously was this show trying to make domestic abuse and physical abuse seem okay? This show has also been accused of being Nazi Propaganda. The British would be referred to as the Tommies and the Jerries, would be the Germans. On flavorwire.com a man supports his theory by stating, "I think it’s safe to assume, especially in the context of a series which began right around the time of the Battle of Britain, that the choice of these names was no accident, especially since it precedes the American entry into World War II."

9 Courage The Cowardly Dog

When I was a girl I was obsessed with dogs, this obsession came with a price and that price was called, Courage the Cowardly Dog. In this show, we see a little dog who is afraid of his own shadow. He lives with two elderly folks, the woman was Muriel and the man was named Eustace. The lived in the middle of nowhere, in a house resembling Dorothy's in the Wizard of Oz. While they lived their they would be visited by aliens, giant gooses, and Freaky Fred, whom I am pretty sure was a serial killer.

There was something about watching this show that was endearing and terrifying at the same time. On the one hand, this show had my hide under the covers as a kid, literally. But then again, this show made me panic for my own grandparents safety, and boy it sure didn't help that my own grandparents were identical to Meriel and Eustace. I will never forget the infamous episode, titled "The Mask," already sounds like a nightmare, doesn't it. In the episode a creepy cat is wearing a mask, and is beating up the little pink dog, Courage. Or other instances, like "Evil Weevil," in which a fly is the size of a man. No insect should be the size of a person, thank you Kafka!

8 Dexter's Laboratory

"Doom and gloom, While things go Boom! In Dexter's Lab!" Such a great and terrifying show. Terrifying, cause at any point in that show Dexter could have snapped and became an evil genius, and he would have taken over the world. I am not sure, what is up with 90s shows, portraying parents as idiots who notice nothing, but I hope I would notice if my youngest child had a "secret lab" hidden somewhere in the house/ or under it?

As a kid, I was convinced that Dexter had like endless tunnels installed under his parents house, how did the FBI not arrest this child or pay him for his obvious knowledge of weapon design. The premise of this show was fantastic, but other times it crept in and put adult themes in where ever possible. In one episode we can clearly see that written on the mother's pants, it says, "Dad's Trophy." We get it cartoon network, someone had to have a "trophy wife." Let's not forget episodes where Dexter runs around naked for the entire episode, because he decides he no longer needs to bathe. So from weapons of mass destruction, to a talking computer, and to a ballerina sister named Dee-dee, I can proudly say that I loved Dexter as a kid, even though his parents made strange sexual grunting sounds once in awhile.

7 Power Puff Girls

Sugar, spice and everything nice! The Power Puff Girls, were the girls to imitate. They would beat up those creepy bad guys like, Him and Mojo Jojo. Blossom was the intelligent one on the show, represented by the color pink. Bubbles was the clumsy cuddly girl, who was represented by the color blue. And the green girl, was Buttercup, she was the one with the anger management issues. It is said their character design was inspired by the three good fairies of Sleeping Beauty.

To me, the most terrifying villain on the show was Him. He looked like Satan himself, and had nasty crab claws. He was the Voldemort of the PPG world. Him also was shown living among the flames of "hell." This show taught us about death, and warned us about kidnappers. Wait what, why? In an episode, there is a man called Lenny Baxter. In the episode, his obsession over these super heroes makes him want to kidnap then forever. He is even seen with a lot of PPG dolls at his house. I am ready to hide in my closet now.

6 Fairly Odd Parents

When I was a kid I wanted to have my own fairy god mother. Timmy Turner, on the other hand, gets his own set of Fairy God Parents. In Timmy's world, if a kid gets ignored, the Fairy World, sends the child a fairy god parent who grants them wishes in order to take them happy. The show was fun for it's day, but had a few creepy set backs. Like the episode where Timmy's godfather, gives himself a boob job and fondles them creepily in front of Timmy. That's right a male fairy, gets breasts in a kids show. If that's isn't weird enough, Timmy's teacher, Mr. Crocker, keeps a close eye on Timmy throughout the show, he even stalks him on regular occasions. If some kid were to stalk my son in this manner, I would immediately phone the police. Although his following of Timmy, is fuelled by his desire to capture and discover his fairies, it is still too creepy to not mention. This show even shows how Timmy is the son his parents never wanted, and they frequently seem to tell him this. It is such a great show, watching Timmy's self esteem crumble before him.

5 Ed Edd n Eddy

Being in puberty is confusing, and nothing like watching three awkward boys explore their feelings than through this perverse universe. Ed Edd n Eddy lacks what shows like Doug, As Told By Ginger, or Brace Face show. These other shows explore hormones and the ups and downs of being a teenager. Ed Edd n Eddy shows who these strange boys get summer jobs, are clueless about girls, and like to look at pornography. In an episode of Ed Edd n Eddy it is pretty obvious that one of the boys is hiding a "special magazine" under his bed. Double D as Edd is referred to looks terrified that he even possesses, said magazine. This show also shows that the only thing Ed cares about is money, and he drags his friends into his schemes to get money from anyone he can trick. Good job Ed Edd n Eddy, teaching kids to be con artists nothing like it.

4 Teen Titans

We all go through puberty, and let's be honest it just flat out sucks. If Teen Titans taught us anything, it's that I never want to go through puberty like Starfire did. Starfire is an alien super hero who look human, she is a Tamaranian. On her home world puberty is an event in which horns like a ram, tusks like an elephant, and creepy uber long nails. Then like a butterfly she gets ready to go into her cocoon/chrysalis. In this particular episode, she runs into an alien who like to eat teens who undergo this stranger metamorphosis. Yeah puberty is not a wonderful thing.

Let's not forget about the violence in this show. They are always beating up some bad guys with their super powers, learning how to out think the bad guy, and attempting to be "regular teens" with super powers. I love that they are just super heroes in the midst of puberty. The one inappropriate fact, is that no one's parents are around or can be seen. All these teens live together, boy and girl alike, in their large tower. This tower seems to have tons of wealth, who pays for their fancy tower and electric bill? Certainly not their invisible parents.

3 Animaniacs

I am not sure how on earth Animaniacs got away with some of the things they put on television back in the day, but good job guys. My childhood was secretly over run by adult sexual humor and I didn't even know it. Yakko, the big brother of the Animaniacs, would always decide where and what his siblings, Dot and Wakko, would do. In one episode we see a woman pulling items out of what appears to be her bra, and he asks her, "What else you got in there?" Yakko and Wakko, can be seen staring at multiple women with their "I want you eyes." Luckily the writers included a younger sister, Dot, to end their horny fun. On one occasion, the Animaniacs were asked to paint naked people on a ceiling, to which Yakko gladly volunteers his siblings for the task. In another episode, we see a teacher ask them to all find their seats, like children they all point to their bottoms and bend over. This show was too seductive for its time, perhaps it will have a special place right after Family Guy.

2 Rocko's Modern Life

Let's not forget that disturbing 90s show, Rocko's Modern Life, where we follow Rocko the kangaroo and his best friend Heffer, the cow. This show always disturbed me, from the constant vomiting, to Rocko's brain jumping out the top of his head when he got scared, to the endless fart jokes. This show always had something going on. It's like Courage the Cowardly Dog, meets a kangaroo. There is an episode, in which we discover that Heffer's parents are wolves, who obviously adopted him. Later in this episode, we can see that Heffer's back is covered in words like tender loin, rump and flank. That's right his "parents" were planning on eating him, but then got attached to him. And let's not forget when, Mrs. Bighead the frog attempts to seduce Rocko, the kangaroo. In this particular mind numbing episode called Leap Frogs, the frog is seen posing sexually in front of Rocko and her clothes are off so we all get to see her green froggy skin. I had goose bumps just writing that. Gross. Ew. Next.

1 Invader Zim

Who can forget Invader Zim? I can hardly keep those creepy images from my adult mind. This show may have affected my childhood, more than I thought it would. In one episode, Zim suffers from acne like his adolescent peers. His zit gets so large, that he uses it to control the minds of his classmates. Somehow this brilliant plan was supposed to help him take over the world. Then his zit pops and the rest of the episode is covered in green puss, making the audience's eyes bleed a little.

Another episode features a lice infestation. The students are called to an assembly, and are seen scratching their scalps while little crawlies are moving quickly through their hair. The principal then sends all the students away, where we see them being forced to have their hair buzzed. Next we see that one of the student's heads has been severed and is being dipped into something liquid to remove the lice. If I ever get lice, I hope I don't loose my head over it. Thanks Zim for taking over my brain, instead of the world.

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