12 Kids Who Committed Crimes Before Puberty

When people think of childhood, most imagine sticky popsicle fingers, soccer games, and family vacations. Before having children, every parent daydreams of what life with their bundle of joy will be like.

Will they love horses like mom, or dislike cranberries like dad? What most do not imagine, is their child being a criminal. No parent wants their child to end up behind bars, but for some children, life will be spent behind jail bars instead of playing on monkey bars.

In the news, murder is a common discussion, but more often than not, those crimes are committed by adults. When a child commits a murder, the world stops and panics. Some blame the child’s parents, while others blame society as a whole- but the truth is, it is a sad and tragic occurrence for everyone involved.

The adolescent brain is not fully matured, and adolescents are more prone to risk taking and impulsive behavior, but most people would not associate murder along with that. At a certain age, people generally know right from wrong, but for these kids, their anger got the best of them and the wrong move landed them behind bars.

Read below to find out some of the most gruesome and horrendous crimes committed by children before they even reached puberty!

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12 The Gamer - 4 Years Old

In Saudi Arabia, in the Southern Jizan area, a 4-year-old boy shot and killed his father. What would make a child do such a thing? PlayStation.

According to various reports, the toddler was extremely angry because his father refused to buy him a PlayStation 3. 

The father had went out, presumably to run errands, and the boy had asked him to purchase the infamous gaming console. But, to his son's dismay, the dad came back home empty handed.

The boy, enraged that his dad did not bring him back what he had asked for, grabbed his father's pistol. While his father was changing his clothes, the boy put his finger on the trigger and fatally shot his own dad from behind.

The tragic incident, according to The Daily Mail, started a debate about whether playing violent video games "makes youngsters more aggressive."

11 The Blood Brothers - 10/11 Years Old

In Edlington, two brothers, one 10 and the other 11 years old, attacked two other male children. The victims were innocently playing on a playground, when the brothers lured the boys away and began their brutal attack.

The boys robbed, punched and kicked the two children and beat them with "bricks, sticks, and glass," according to The Guardian. The boys even used a cigarette to burn the poor children. It was even reported that one of the two victims was forced to perform sexual acts.

When the victims were found, there injuries were so severe, they looked dead. The brothers were ultimately arrested, but according to reports, they showed no signs of remorse for what they did.

10 Amarjeet Sada - 8 Years Old

Amarjeet Sada is considered to be one of India's youngest serial killers.

According to various news reports, in 2007, the eight-year-old boy murdered three children - one of the victims was his sister, who was only 8 months old, and the other victim was his nine-month-old cousin.

According to reports, Sada grabbed one of the victims, while she was asleep in her crib, and brought her to an empty field. With a brick, he hit her in the face until she died. After the baby's family realized she was missing, a frantic search began where they would end up finding the body.

What's even more tragic about this story is a few months prior, Sada was under fire for strangling his baby sister and, if that wasn't terrifying enough, bludgeoning his baby cousin.

9 Mary Bell - 11 Years Old

Image result for mary bell murder

The name Mary Bell is a famous one, but not for a good reason. At just shy of her eleventh birthday, she strangled a four-year-old and went home like nothing happened. If that was not bad enough, two months later she decided to strike again, and strangled a three-year-old in the same area.

She did not act out this one alone though, she brought a friend with her to help out. She cut a lock of his hair, mutilated his genitals, scratched his legs and even carved the letter M for Mary in his legs! Thankfully this time, Mary was caught and her killing days came to an end. Mary was locked up and convinced of manslaughter serving twelve years in prison. Her identity is now protected by a court order and has a child of her own.

8 Double Murderers - 10 Years Old

Image result for Jon Venables and Robert Thompson

When kids skip school, they may do activities such as hanging out at a friend’s house or spending the day at the park. For Jon Venables and Robert Thompson (both 1o years old) it meant murdering an innocent child.

At the mall they stole a few items, and also stole a child while they were at it. They kidnapped a two-year-old named James from the mall. They took the boy to a set of train tracks, put modeling paint in his eyes.

They went on to stomp on him as well as kick him. They threw rocks and sticks at the poor little boy as well as dropping a twenty-two-pound bar on him. If that was not enough, they also put batteries in his mouth, and his body was then cut in half by a train. Both boys were arrested and held in jail until age eighteen to then be released and given new identities.

7 School Boy Murderers - 11/12 Years Old

Image result for Andrew Golden and Mitchell Johnson

School shootings are a topic that are very well known. They are tragic and horrifying for the whole nation. In some cases, a person with no link to the school does the attack. In some cases, students do the shooting.

Two middle school boys by the names of Andrew Golden and Mitchell Johnson (ages 11 and 12) decided murdering their classmates was the definition of a good time. They loaded a van with a half a dozen guns and ammunition. They drove the van to their school and then opened fire.

In the midst of this attack ten people were wounded while a teacher and four children were killed. They were arrested after doing their time, they were released. Johnson ended up landing himself back in jail due to another crime- you know what they say about karma.

6 Christopher Pittman - 12 Years Old

Image result for Christopher Pittman murderer

Mental illness is nothing to joke about, and can lead to grave consequences in life. For twelve-year-old Christopher Pittman, it landed him in jail for twenty-five years. He lived with his grandparents, and after getting in an argument with them, he wanted his revenge.

He was a very troubled child with a history of anger and depression. He attempted to run away and was put on anti-depressants to help his behavior. The medicine clearly did not work, because he murdered his grandparents out of anger. After murdering them, he took their dog, gun, cash and then set the family house on fire with a candle. This case drew national attention due to his age and his defense of the prescription drugs that he claimed influenced his actions.

5 The Sibling Duo - 12/13 Years Old

Image result for Curtis and Catherine Jones

Most kids run to their room and slam their door after a fight with their parents. Others may go out with friends to blow off some steam.

Curtis and Catherine Jones (ages 12 and 13) decided murder was the best solution for them. At the ages of twelve and thirteen, they took it upon themselves to kill their father’s girlfriend with their father’s shotgun.

They were caught and arrested, and admitted that they were planning on killing another male relative as well as their father. They explained that they did not go through with the other killings because they panicked and ran to their neighbor’s house. They attempted to hide in the woods, but they were caught and booked to prison.

They pled guilty and accepted the sentence of eighteen years in prison and probation for life. The duo admitted they were abused by family, and they believed this was the best way to get rid of their problems.

4 Lionel Tate - 13 Years Old

Image result for Lionel Tate

Prison is a terrible way to spent any amount of time, but spending the remaining years of your life there sounds like a depressing way to live. What is more depressing though is the sadness the families of these criminals and the victims must endure.

Another tragic incident involves a boy by the name of Lionel Tate (age 13) who is known as the youngest American to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Lionel was playing with a little girl, and after about forty five minutes, he told his mother the girl was not breathing any more. He admitted to having her in a headlock and and slamming her head on the table along with stomping on the girl.

Her injuries resulted in a lacerated liver, fractured skull, swollen brain, and broken rib.

3 Craig Price - 13 Years Old

Image result for craig price child murderer

Not everyone loves their neighbors, but most will either ignore them or give a quick hello. It is not common for people to shoot their neighbors, but that is exactly what Craig Price did. Craig murdered four people in total in his neighborhood.

His first incident took place two doors down from his home and he killed her by stabbing her to death. The other three neighbors he murdered while high on Marijuana and LSD. Reports say that the wounds of these victims were so deep, so deep in fact that they broke the handles of the knives. This left the blades embedded in the victims. In court it was said that Price was seen mimicking the dying cries of his victims and showed zero emotion.

2 The Kid Who Was Bullied - 13 years Old

Image result for Mary Bell murderer

Bullies are awful, and bullying can lead to several issues for the victim. There is no excuse for why someone should bully someone else, but what we can agree on is murder is not the way to get revenge.

A thirteen-year-old boy by the last name of Smith was bullied due to his red hair, large ears, and glasses. The ridicule became too much for him to handle. To get back at the world, he took his frustration out on four-year-old, by dropping large rocks on his head and sodomizing him with a stick.

It is unfortunate that Smith was bullied, but killing someone to send a message is not the way to deal with the problem. Bullying is something several kids go through, but murder is not usually the coping mechanism you think that comes to mind.

1 Joshua Phillips - 14 Years Old

Image result for Joshua Phillips murderer

Accidents happen, especially when playing sports. It is not unheard of for a kid to get a concussion from a sport or a sprained ankle. In this case, a sports injury turned into murder.

Joshua Phillips (age 14) accidentally struck a friend in the face while playing baseball. Joshua panicked, knowing his father would be furious with him. He decided the best way to deal with the situation was by strangling the girl with a phone cord and stabbing her eleven times.

He hid the girl’s body in the pedestal of his water bed where his mother discovered it a week later. Fear can get the best out of anyone, but in this case, killing the girl sounded like a better option than his father being angry at him.

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