• 12 Kids Who Survived Horrific Murder Attempts By Their Parents

    When children are little we gaze upon them through an angelic looking glass. Nothing in the world could severe the perfect bond between mother and children. It is in our nature to tend to their every wimp, regardless of how tiny it could be.

    It is with our hands that we love them, teach them, hold them, and show them the world. However, there is the exception to this rule. Sometimes parents can be the cause for their own child's death. Whether by motive, accident or manslaughter.

    When there is a motive or cause behind such crimes, it is referred to as filicide. Filicide by definition is when a parent or guardian takes the life of their innocent son or daughter. Even a step parent killing a step child is a form of filicide. In these filicide cases some children were not lucky enough to escape, while others barely made it out alive. Whatever the case maybe, filicide was either attempted or achieved. Raising awareness to these violent acts may help protect abused children in the future to come. And who knows, by having these stories come to the surface, it may shed some light on why these people kill the way they do, think the way they do, and act the way they do.

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    Washing Machine Baby

    Washing machines are a place where you beg water and electricity to come together to purify our stinky wardrobe. It is not a place to find the bodies of innocent babies. In 2005 a bizarre case arose, when Ms. Starks decided to take her poor three month old son, Michael, and beat him. She then placed his bruised body within the washing machine of her home. It was then that Starks decided to light the house on fire. Starks had already had a history of bizarre crimes involving children.

    In 1994, Starks was with her eight month old and a neighbor's two year old son. While they were with Starks, she decided to light a mop on fire. She was reported to have dragged this mop all over the house; burning carpets, curtains, her kid's diapers and the pajamas of the neighbor's son. Both children had severe burns. The boy had burns on his back, and her eight month old had damage to her leg. This particular case landed Starks in jail for 8 years. She was later sent to a mental hospital, where she met her dead son's father. Starks' mother decided it would be best for everyone involved, if she took Michael and Starks home with her to live. There the grandmother could tend to the baby and keep an eye on her recovering daughter. But one day the tragedy of Michael happened, and Starks was sent to another mental institution.

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    Pig Children

    The 2002 anime film, Spirited Away, was ground breaking. It's basically like Alice in Wonderland for Japanese children. In the beginning of the film, we see Chihiro watching her parents eat large amounts of food. While they are eating, they turn into pigs before her eyes. Much like Chihiro's traumatizing experience of watching her parents turn into pigs, a Thai woman, nameless, was reported mistaking her children for pigs. The woman was already suffering from a mental illness and had stopped taking her medication. Concerned for his wife, the father of the two sons, ages one and five, decided to leave his sons with his mentally unstable wife.

    His reason for leaving was to go get more medicine for his wife. Upon returning from this trip, the father came home to a nightmare from hell. His two sons were dead, they had been chopped up into several pieces by the hallucinating mother. The mother was also discovered with human remains in her digestive system, meaning she had eaten her own two children. The grizzly scene brought horror to this family, and because the mother already had a known mental disorder, she was not fit to go on trial. Instead they placed her back in a mental institution. The mother was convinced that she had been eating two pigs, and not her own children.

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    Microwave Baby

    Microwaves have one purpose and one purpose only, to heat up food and leftovers. They are not a place to burn up children. That is just what one mother in California did. In 2011 a disturbing case arose when ,thirty-four year old Ka Yang of Sacramento, CA placed her one month old, Mirabelle Thao-Lo, in the microwave oven. The child was put in the microwave for five brutal minutes. The child had burns covering 60% of her body, according to the autopsy report. The child also suffered from internal thermal burns.

    The doctors said the child would have suffered a cruel, painful and slow death. The paramedics found the leftovers of a cooked pacifier within the microwave oven. To save her skin, Ka Yang lied and said that she fell asleep and found the baby with burns next to a space heater. She later admitted that she had been lying.

    Next she blamed her baby's death on her epileptic seizures, which Yang has been known to have. She said during her seizure, she placed the child in the microwave as a means to keep it safe. How can someone with an epileptic seizure, whose body would be out of their control, be able to place an infant in a microwave? The jury did not believe her story either, and Ka Yang is sentenced to life in prison.

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    Deanna Laney

    In 2003, Deanna Laney shocked the world like Andrea Yates. Andrea Yates is the mother who drowned five of her kids in a bath tub. Laney decided that she needed to set things straight within her home. As a member of the Assemblies of God Church, Laney believed it was her mission from God to end the lives of her children. One by one she took them and bashed them over their heads with a rock. Her elder two son Joshua and Luke died, but her 14 month old miraculously survived.

    However, his head trauma is so severe, he will be disabled for the remainder of his life. Her now ex-husband, can never truly forgive her for what she has done. And how can he? He says that the memory of his children are with him every day, he misses them, and longs to see them. Laney was even reported claiming that she and Andrea Yates would work together to cleanse the world, and to both be the only witnesses of God's true plan. At her trial five psychologists came together and declared her mentally unwell. In 2013 she was released from prison, with the orders to never be alone and to have regular drug testing. Laney has also been ordered to never be alone with minors present.

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    Two Hearts, Two Shots

    Hearts are for loving, Valentine's Day, a game of cards, and for circulating blood throughout our bodies; hearts are not a place for a bullet. One lunatic mother in Cincinnati, OH had another plan. The woman's name was Mary Ann Wittich, she was 47 years old the day she took two of her four children from this earth. The mother committed a double homicide-suicide, in which she killed her kids and then took her own life.

    Wittich was going through a divorce at the time, and this depression is believed to have caused her a deal of great pain, sorrow, and depression. The depression took the better hold of her judgement, and she shot two of her children in the heart. Her ten year old son, Jacob, and seven year old daughter, Sydney, were found by an elder sibling who no longer lived with the mother. Before she murdered the children she had apparently drugged them with Benadryl. The mother had contemplated the death of her two youngest children. During an autopsy two large Xs were discovered on the bodies of both children. Apparently Wittich didn't want to miss aiming at her children's hearts.

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    Gilberta Estrada

    In Hudson Oaks, TX a young mother took her life as well as her own children. It was ten years ago this year, that the twenty five year old, Gilberta Estrada, would not only hang herself but all four of her children. It was reported that Gilberta was undergoing a separation from her husband. It is believed that this depression, caused her to end the lives of her and her children.

    Friends and family were completely shocked by her actions. She had no records of child abuse and was said to be so kind to her children. She was never diagnosed with any mental illness, there was also no suicide note to found at the scene of the crime. Gilberta hung her 8 month old, 2, 3, and 5 year old by their necks by the sleeves of shirts in a closet in her trailer. When she did not come into work that day, at the local Wendy's, people became curious to her whereabouts. Her body and children's bodies were found by her own sister. Surprisingly enough, the young baby had survived this act of bizarre horror.

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    Jeanette Michelle Hawes

    It took place in Augusta, GA where a fatal stabbing ended the lives of two precious children. Jeanette Michelle Hawes was 22 years old, when she killed both of her children, in a Texaco gas station restroom. She lured both her one year old, Jordon Hawes and three year old, Shakayla Hawes, into the bathroom. Then she locked the door behind her. Next the store clerk heard screaming coming from the bathroom, and she tried to open the locked door but could not. The police were soon called, and Jeanette Michelle Hawes, was taken away by the police.

    She was found with a knife and she was covered in the blood of her children. The three year old had been stabbed eleven times in the chest, while the one year old had been stabbed four times. In an article by Fox News, one of the witnesses at the store recalls, `The mother didn't have any remorse. She wasn't crying, nothing."

    Her lack of emotion was definitely a sign that there was a presence of a mental illness. Later Hawes was declared insane. Days after she murdered her children, she was fearful for her own life and believed someone was out to get her. She also claimed that her children were possessed by demons. She suffers from a serious case of schizophrenia. Hawes was sent to a mental hospital in Georgia.

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    Andre Price And Christian Clark

    In McKeesport, Pennsylvania another child became the victim of greedy parents. It was last November, 2016 when 17 month old Andre Price was smothered to death by his own mother, Christian Clark. His mother was texting the boy's father at the time of Andre's death. The mother was convinced that her husband had been cheating on her, and she and her husband argued for hours via text message.

    Eventually the mother became so fed up that she took their 17 month old son, Andre, and smothered him with an air mattress until he stopped breathing. She then showed a video to her husband of their lifeless child, and reassured her husband that their, 2 year old daughter, was perfectly fine, even though she attempted to murder her as well. The father shockingly did not even try to contact the police regarding his children, perhaps he was too in shock to do so.

    Clark sent a disturbing text to her husband that read, "First of all she is clearly fine, because watch, see she is not dead. Him on the other hand, he doesn’t budge. So you might want to call the ambulance.” This just proves how selfish these parents were, to take their own children's lives over a text message argument.

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    Darcey Freeman

    In Melbourne, Australia a little girl would be used as the ultimate revenge. Darcey Freeman, a sweet innocent angel of 4, was thrown off of the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne. Her father, Arthur Freeman, did not seem to be the type of man who would murder anyone. He showed signs that he was tired, stressed, and perhaps a bit unhappy, but no one expected him to murder his daughter to get back at his wife. Arthur and his wife named Peta Barnes, they had three children together, 2 sons and the one girl named Darcey.

    Their lives were going well at first, and they had the perfect family dynamic. Then Peta Barnes announced that she wished to return to Melbourne for their children's education. Arthur was heartbroken that he had to leave his job and home in England, but he embraced his life in Melbourne, as a stay at home dad. He eventually began to fade away, and his wife, Peta, reported him having anger management issues.

    She became so scared, that she decided to separate from him for awhile. And eventually she would file for a divorce. Peta recalls a time, where she thought her husband was going to throw their youngest son against the fire place and kill him. She had to literally bit Arthur in this incident to get her son from him.

    As the tension got hotter and hotter, so did Arthur's decision to murder his daughter. It was going to be her first day of school, and he was already in a hurry to drop the kiddos off. Arthur called his wife and announced that she would never see them again. He then pulled over near Westgate Bridge, parked the car, and turned the hazard lights on. He called his daughter to his side and she came, just as any kid would. He picked her up casually, hung her over the side, and let the four year old slip from this world into the water below.

    A witness, Mr. Nelson, called police immediately to come. Mr. Freeman returned to his car, and drove straight to the city court building. He sat down and began to cry over what he had just done. Peta, the mother, was called and said that her daughter Darcey had been thrown over the bridge and had been taken to the Royal Children's hospital. It was there that she got to hold her daughter in her arms, as she passed from this life. This story is sad, chilling, and shows how children can be used for revenge.

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    Darlie Routier

    Darlie Routier is a mother who is still on death row, 21 years after murdering two of her children. In a 1996 filicide case that shocked Rowlett, Tx, mother Routier decided to grab a kitchen knife and stabbed her five and six year old, Devon and Damon in the chest. She later phoned the dispatcher and made up a wild story, about how a man had broken into her home.

    Rouiter claimed this man was on top of her, he sliced her neck, stabbed her two boys, and ran out of the garage. She even claimed that he sliced her on the couch while she was sleeping, and that he must have come in through a broken screen door in their kitchen. What Routier did not expect was that forensics would tell a different story. According to forensics, the knife used to cut the screen door open came from the Routier's kitchen, as well as the knife used to stab both children.

    There was also no blood on the couch, where Darlie Rouiter claims to have been cut by the man. Blood was also found in the sink, and in the drain of the Routier home. The blood belonged to both boys. Luckily her son Drake,who was 7 months old at the time, was in the same room his father was sleeping in. The police placed Darlie at the scene of the crime and she was arrested two weeks later. Her son Damon, was said to still be alive when he reached the hospital, however his injuries soon took his life.

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    Ebony Wilkerson

    A crazy mother in Daytona Beach, Florida decided to drive her car into the sea. Ebony Wilkerson attempted to drive her three children ages, 3, 9 and 10 into the ocean. She locked the doors of car and took off like a joy ride. She was pregnant at the time, and claimed that God, angels, and demons told her to do this insane act.

    Her frightened ten year old was brave enough to fight for his life. In a video, he can be seen standing outside of the window, hollering and screaming for help. A nearby life guard and another man assisted the family out of their SUV. Wilkerson was charged with three attempts of murder and a failed suicide. Wilkerson later claimed that she did this because she thought her life was endanger, and that her husband was going to end their lives anyway. She claimed she was concerned for their safety. Wilkerson's story resembles another story, of a woman named Susan Smith who also drove a car into water and killed her two sons.

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    Michelle Kehoe

    Mommy dearest has a new name and that is Michelle Kehoe. In a bizarre incident that took place in Iowa, in 2008, a mother concocted up a story that made no sense and was far from the truth. Kehoe claims that a strange man forced her to drive her car next to a pond, and that this man had supposedly cut her throats and those of her sons.

    Something that made no sense was that there was a note found within the car. The note explained how this man came and attacked her and her boys. She claims she was writing this all down while it was "happening." I am pretty sure the last thing that would be on my mind during a kidnapping/murder attempt would be to document it all on a piece of paper.

    The last line of the note read, according to a CNN article, "Oh no, here he comes again.." This story seems to fishy for anyone to believe what actually happened. In the true story, the mother had plotted the death of her two sons, Seth and Sean. She planned it all perfectly, she would tell her husband that they were all going to be visiting their grandmother in Summer, Iowa.

    A month before this incident, the mother even confessed to purchasing a hunting knife and duct tape. She used the duct tape to cover their eyes, nose, and mouths, and she bound their hands. She slit Sean's throat first, he was seven at the time. Sean is the son that survived this murder attempt. His brother, Seth age 2, was not so lucky he lost his life. Then the mother, Kehoe, slit her own throat. Since she herself did not die, she went to a nearby house with her bizarre fictional story. Later her son Sean, testified against her saying that his mother slit his throat and that he found his brother dead outside the van.

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