12 Moms Talk About Their Kid’s Wedding Day

A woman's wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of their life. It takes lots of planning and coordinating, as well as the help of friends and family. But what happens when the one who is supposed to love you the most decides to ruin your big day? These twelve moms did just that. One way or another they cried, fought, or destroyed their child's wedding day because they are narcissistic or simply crazy! The great part is that all of these couples did end up married in the end, but most left the ceremony with no relationship with their mother afterward. One story is so shocking that the bride and groom had to cut-off their relationship with the best man because of what he decided to do with the mom during the reception. Say what?!

Most couples struggle in some way with their wedding plans, and it’s said that at least one thing will go wrong on the big day, you just have to roll with it. But these stories are so abnormal they make you cringe! One mom was so in love with herself that she wanted the photographer to photograph her and not her daughter…the bride! May you enjoy these horrifying tales!

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12 I Want To Walk Down The Aisle Too!


One poor bride is very laid back, unlike both of her overbearing parents. For her wedding day, she just wants it to be perfect, though she’s leaving the micromanaging to her mom and dad just to keep the peace. There is only one thing that the bride and groom have longed to have, and that’s the bride walking down the aisle, all eyes on her. Her moment to shine! But mom can’t let that happen. She insists that she has always dreamed of both parents walking their daughter down the aisle and having that moment together. When the bride tries to talk her mom out of it and even offers to compromise with her meeting halfway down the aisle, she won’t stand for it and gets upset and angry. Mom literally won’t let this bride have even one part of her special day that is just for her.

11 Mom Takes Down Wedding Decorations During The Reception


The day didn’t start well, and the wedding day sure didn’t end well either! An extremely narcissistic mother holds up the wedding day because she decided to sit in the car and cry because she couldn’t find the perfect bra to wear with her dress. Yes, the wedding day was completely held up because she held her daughter, the bride, captive as they both cried over something so utterly ridiculous. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. The mom helped to make the decorations for the wedding reception and feared that people might steal them (what?!), so she starts taking them down after the first dance and pours bottles of wine down the drain hoping people will leave. That’s straight up crazy! Needless to say, the couple is no longer on speaking terms with the loony mother/mother-in-law.

10 Get Photos Of Me, Not The Bride

An overbearing mother can make any wedding day complicated. When your parents are divorced, it can get even more colorful. One young bride recalls how her own mother insisted that the photographer be stationed at just the right spot to capture her solo entrance down the aisle, and not capture her daughter and ex-husband. The bride wanted the photographer to capture beautiful snippets of her walking with her dad down the aisle, but the mom had him moved to the front of the church so that her entrance could be photographed instead. That is downright #badmom #gethelp! The same mom also ruined the groom’s photos with his mom before the ceremony by sneaking in and adjusting the groom's tie for the photos and getting between the two of them. She really wanted to be photographed very badly!

9 Mother Of The Bride Wears A Prom Dress


A 43-year-old woman wanted to be back in high school for her daughter’s wedding day and ordered a very unique mother of the bride dress. Telling her daughter that it is indeed an actual mother of the bride dress, the daughter decides to look it up and discovers that it is a dress for teenagers! The dress company only makes prom dresses. Not only was this a prom dress, but it was a long blue dress, with a train, rhinestones everywhere and a key-hole back. You literally can’t make this stuff up. The poor bride is less than three weeks away from the big day and she doesn’t know what to do with her out of control mom and is thinking of uninviting her. A 43-year-old woman behaving like a teenager is a bit disturbing at any time, but during a wedding, it's just appalling!

8 Made Out With The Groomsmen!


One mom with a serious wild side disappeared at the wedding reception. Deciding they better go find her, but not expecting to really find anything crazy (though she is known to have a wild side), the couple enlisted the help of the best man. He searched for the woman and eventually found her in the backseat of a car in the parking lot with her legs wrapped around one of the groomsmen. Needless to say, the couple hasn’t spoken to the friend who decided to spend the reception entwined with the groom’s mother. In the woman’s defense, she was well-known as a partier, and would always order shots when they would go out for dinner. This wasn’t something they simply couldn’t believe, though the couple did think that the woman would get her act together for the big day. I guess she got caught up in the moment!

7 Mom Makes The Worst Toast Ever!


The bride knew that her groom’s mom wasn’t thrilled with his choice in a mate. However, she didn’t know just how much she despised her until the MIL gave a toast at the wedding. Jennifer (the bride) describes this as the worst wedding toast of all time. Instead of congratulating or praying for the happy couple, the mother-in-law launched an attack on her very own son and belittled him, insulting his actions and commenting on his choices right from childhood through thirty-two years of age. The woman literally held a grudge against her own child for thirty-two years and decided that his wedding day was the perfect opportunity to let the world know how she felt. They haven’t spoken to her since! That was certainly one toast to remember. The silence in the room was probably palpable!

6 She’s Your Problem Now!


“You’re turning my daughter into a Jew!? She’s your problem now!!!” A mother actually uttered these words to her son-in-law’s family a few moments before her daughter walked down the aisle. The young couple decided three years prior to their big day that because Alex (the groom) is Jewish, they would have a Jewish wedding ceremony. Though the bride never converted to Judaism she was fine with having a ceremony that would honor her husband’s religious beliefs. The poor bride was left stunned, feeling sick to her stomach, humiliated and absolutely degraded after her mother made those comments. She said that she was terrified that her own mother may throw her soon to be mother-in-law into the pool. So much for blending two families together on this joyous day! Yikes!

5 Mom Cries Hysterically


Hijacking someone’s big day is never cool. Going into labor unexpectedly is one thing, but if you decide to create a spectacle or announce your engagement at someone’s wedding, that’s just not cool, especially if you don't have their prior permission! The Duggars have a great example of this, though no one seemed to be bothered by the fact that Joseph Duggar proposed to Kendra Caldwell at his sister’s wedding. One woman decided to ruin her child’s wedding day by crying hysterically because her son (the groom) wouldn’t sit with her at the wedding reception. I’m pretty sure that the drama queen just wanted some attention. I’ve never seen the bride and groom sit with their parents on their wedding day. Who does that? Some women just have no class!

4 Your Forehead Looks Big!


Living thousands of miles apart from one another, a very excited daughter calls her mom to tell her the good news. “I have good news, my boyfriend and best friend proposed.” Her response to this was, “Oh, I thought you meant good news like you got a job or something.” But the sweet comments didn’t end there. When the excited soon-to-be bride sent her mom photos of her makeup and hair trials, her reply to those were that her forehead looked big. What sort of a mother tells her daughter that she looks anything but beautiful on her big day? After that, she threatened to not even come to the wedding if they decided to take a two week long honeymoon…which doesn’t impact her life whatsoever. This is one mom who has some serious issues and quite possibly may need counseling.

3 Only Daughter Syndrome


The really crazy mother of the bride stories seem to always come from brides who are only children. These mothers really want this day to count for something, and they are bound to make it amazing…for themselves and not their children. This loony mom insisted that if they were going to have a bar at the reception that they better provide a ride home for everyone at the ceremony. She didn’t think adults were capable of staying in control and just having a drink or two. When the groom decided he really wanted a DIY photobooth for the reception because it would be a fun way to remember the day, she told them it was tacky and for carnivals. She would have no part of a photobooth being at this wedding! Don’t even ask the bride about her flowers for the big day, because the mom, who was totally opposed to mason jars being used, watched TLC and changed her mind, after the florist had already been given an order! Smack my head.

2 Mom Shot Down Every Idea, So Her Daughter Eloped!


One mom decided after her daughter was engaged, that she no longer cared for her daughter’s fiancé. She loved him until the ring was put on her finger, and then he just wasn’t good enough. I guess she wanted a man with a larger bank account for her daughter. They tried to plan the wedding together despite her new found desire to be mean, but the mom shot down every single idea they had for food, colors, flowers, venue, etc. After dealing with that for some time, the couple said,"forget this"! They booked a date with the judge, got married in secret and then invited their families to dinner where they announced what they had done. Thankfully they were in a crowded restaurant and with plenty of witnesses so the mother had to be on her best behavior. The couple has no regrets!

1 Unplanned Pregnancy Kept Mom From The Wedding


One couple tells the tale of how they accidentally got pregnant while planning their wedding. When the bride's parents found out, they moved the date ceremony sooner. Tragically the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and the mother decided to cancel the wedding. Not just the wedding but the venue, flowers, everything! She even sold the poor girl's wedding dress. According to the bride, the mom thought they were only getting married because of the baby, and since that was no longer happening the wedding was off! The couple decided to forget that and had the wedding anyways, without her parents. The groom’s family and their friends attended. How very sad. They ended up having a picnic reception since the catering was cancelled, but they had a nice day despite what it was lacking.

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