12 Must Haves for Your Baby Shower Registry

One of the most exciting things leasing up to the birth of your baby is celebrating him or her with a baby shower. And aside from being able to gather your friends and family in one place, being able to get a lot of free baby items is kind of amazing. The most useful baby shower gifts are always favored for new parents, even by the more experienced ones. Embarking on the journey of parenthood for the first time or all over again can mean being faced with a lot of overwhelming decisions and possibilities.

Being able to register for the best baby stuff and, in turn, getting those items, makes having a newborn that much easier. Of course it won't be totally easy over all, since newborn babies also equal poopy diapers and 2 a.m. feedings, but the whole point of baby showers is to simply get you on the right track, right?

If you can figure out the best baby shower gifts to register for, you'll be golden when the time for parenting a new, tiny little baby comes into play. These baby shower items are pretty crucial to your registry. If you're a new parent, you'll do well to take a few cues, and if you're a well-seasoned parent, returning to the newborn game with a new little one you can appreciate the necessity of these items.

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10 Bottles

If you're planning on bottle feeding, whether it be with formula or breast milk, it's important to have more bottles than you think you'll ever need. You might say now that three or four will do and you'll have no problem washing them several times per day, but when you're in the thick of it, you won't want to be spending your free 20 minutes of the day washing bottles.

9 Breast Pump

Any mom who plans to breastfeed her baby will do well to have a top of the line breast pump to help her when pumping is what the day calls for. Registering for a more expensive one can be the difference between one that breaks after a couple months and having one that is still mechanically sound long after you're done breastfeeding.

8 Portable Playpen

Call it their first crib, before you totally adapt to leaving them alone in their nursery for a full night's sleep. Also call it a way for you and your partner to still be able to take family trips while your little one is still not ready for a big kid bed. The fact that you can just fold it up and go makes it useful for a good few years into toddlerhood.

7 Swing

Many parents of newborns swear by baby swings. A lot of the time, a baby swing can sooth an irate baby into hours of naps. Especially when you don't feel like rocking them for an entire hour. Which will happen, trust us.

6 Diapers

This might seem silly and like a sort of "small" gift to be given at your baby shower, but registering for baby diapers is one of the smartest things you can do when picking out gifts for your registry. During the first year alone, you'll be going through more than 3,000 diapers total. So yeah, you'd do well to not forget this one on your baby shower registry.

5 Extra Car Seat

Having a car seat is an absolute necessity when you have a baby, of course, but we all sort of forget that if we have more than one car driving our babies around, we'll need to accommodate him or her in each situation. Maybe you and your partner can share, but if the new baby will be spending a lot of time with Grandma or Grandpa as the daytime sitter, then registering for an extra car seat would be wise.

4 High Chair

A high chair might seem like an extravagant gift to ask of your baby shower guests, but it's an inexpensive one that simply takes off one more thing you won't have to worry about once the baby arrives. And since some baby shower guests actually prefer to gift you with bigger presents, rather than onesies or pairs of booties, this would be a perfect option for them.

3 Mattress

We all know that a crib is essential to any new nursery because where else is your new little one going to sleep, right? But what we all tend to forget is that cribs do not come with mattresses (as much as we can all agree they should), so registering for one kind of takes care of that little issue for you.

2 Baby Monitor

Whether you are looking for a simple baby monitor that simply gets the job done by allowing you to hear your baby anytime he or she makes a peep, or one with a video camera and night vision, there are so many to choose from these days. And why shouldn't you get in on the first thing you'll be using to spy on your kid, right?

1 Swaddle Blankets

If there's one thing we can all agree on that we find ourselves needing well after the baby shower and a few days after baby comes home, it's swaddle blankets. Being able to properly swaddle your newborn in a soft, stretchy blanket helps alleviate gas problems, keeps them warm, and helps quell any anxiety they may be feeling.

Figuring out the best things to add to your baby shower registry can be daunting, and even a headache at times when all you want to do is rest those swollen feet and indulge in a bucket of ice cream. But think of it this way - the more useful the items are that you register for, the less you'll have to worry about later.

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