12 New Parenting Rules All Millennial Moms Are Following

When it comes to parenting, Millennial Moms have a whole new set of rules to follow. Millennials are those people born in the early 1980's to the early 2000's. In fact, there is not really a set beginning or end year for Millennials, but it is general around that time frame. Many Millennials are now entering parenthood, and for Millennial moms, the way they raise their kids may be in stark contrast to how they were raised. It is just a sign of the times.

Millennial moms have new rules to abide by in the world of parenting their little ones, but these rules are not necessarily bad. At least not for the moms! Millennial moms are often bringing something new to the way they parent. In a way, Millennial moms are not just upgrading motherhood, but they are bringing it into the next century. As much as they can, anyways.

So whether you identify with being a Millennial mom, even if you may be slightly out of the time frame, or if you are just discovering that you are actually a Millennial mom, read on for some interesting rules of parenting that are just for the new generation of mothers - the Millennial Moms.

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12 Time To End The Mommy Wars

Millennial moms are downright sick of moms pitting moms against each other. The new rule of parenting when it comes to millennial moms is to end the mommy wars. No more bashing or shaming moms just because they do things different than you. That must come to an end with this generation of parenting.

We all know the mommy wars. Moms can really be each other's worst enemies. Moms think the way they parent is the only right way, and every other mom just plain sucks at raising her kids, and may in fact, be doing it all wrong. Well no more of this judging and nasty behavior towards fellow mommies with Millennial moms. And if a Millennial mom is caught in a mommy war, she may find she has no backup and is left on her own to her judgments.

11 They Can Have It All

Millennials all around are much more educated than previous generations, and that means Millennial moms, too. More Millennials overall have college degrees than ever before, and women actually outrank men when it comes to earning a Bachelor's degree.

This makes for a well educated and well rounded new set of moms out there. Millennial moms are smart. And they are allowed to be smart. When it comes to parenting, there is no rule to how smart you can be. Many Millennial moms have attended colleges and earned degrees before the idea of having children even entered their heads. Many Millennial moms actually pursue advanced degrees while they are pregnant or once they have their children. They are allowed to expand their horizons and be educated women - and mothers.

10 Share The Responsibilities

Millennial moms do not wish to play housewife. While many Millennial moms and wives do wish to have a nice home, balanced meals, and to make their partner happy, they do consider it a two way street. This is especially true if both parents work.

Shared responsibilities with your partner is a new rule of parenting for Millennial moms. However, studies find that the roles tend to still be traditional male and female roles. Millennial moms tend to cook and clean, while Millennial dads tend to take out the garage and fix things around the house. With Millennial moms though, no matter how you decide to divide labor, what works in your house is for no one to judge. That is the main new parenting rule, for Millennial moms (and dads too!) to respect each other in how their household is run.

9 A Balance Of Work And Play

Millennial moms are a highly educated group, and therefore, many millennial moms opt to stay in the work force, whether they continue to work full time, pick up part time hours, work from home, or just take a short leave of absence to be a stay at home mom. But the new rule for Millennial moms is that it is great to continue to be a working woman, but it is also okay to take a leave to raise your kids.

Since Millennial moms have decided to end the mommy wars, that also goes for the working moms versus stay at home moms feud that seems to pit two different types of mothers against each other. Now, with their new rule of parenting, Millennial moms may do as they wish, and not judge their fellow mommy because she decided to head back to work while you made a choice to stop your career temporarily.

8 They Take The Cut

One new parenting rule for Millennial moms is that it is also time to be honest. Millennial moms returning to the work force will not make as much as their male or non-mother counterparts. Millennial moms must realize this. While many things may seem equal when it comes to Millennial moms having a career and earning a salary, a Millennial mom may be disheartened to learn that she will not earn as much as she really should be earning.

There have been studies proving that in many industries, Millennial moms earn far less than they should. Part of this may be due to the economy and just simply bad timing, but no matter how you look at it, it is a reality for many Millennial moms who return to the workforce.

7 Get Down And Play

One incredibly awesome new parenting rule for Millennial moms is that they need to - and should - enjoy being a mom! Millennial moms truly embrace motherhood. Being a mom is an amazing role for a Millennial, though it is often one that is not quite known until the title is bestowed upon you.

Millennial moms love being around their kids (me time is still important, though!). They will get down and dirty playing with their children too. Call it helicopter parenting, or what you wish, but Millennial moms want to spend as much time with their children as they can. They will not always sit back and watch the children play, they will dive right in when they get the chance.

6 "Me Time" Is Essential

For most moms, their children come first. They are their number one priority. While this is very true even with Millennial moms, one thing Millennial moms must realize as a new parenting rule, is that it is one hundred percent okay to have time to yourself. Millennial moms who do not devote a little me time here and there may even be seen as odd!

All parents need a break from their kids from time to time, just to recharge a bit. However, the new rule for Millennial moms is that me time is essential. It is not a luxury, it is a right. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having some alone time as you leave the kids with your partner, grandparents, a day care, or a babysitter. Me time is expected and much needed for Millennial moms.

5 Generations Past

A new rule of parenting for Millennial moms is to essentially not parent like your mother did. The rules in many aspects have changed when it comes to raising kids in current times. Your mother may have called another mother to obtain a kid friendly recipe for dinner. Millennial moms use the internet and hardly ever pick up a phone to actually make a phone call!

Millennial moms are involved with their children, but also set aside time for themselves. The rule is that Millennial moms are allowed to pursue other interests. They can have date nights, a girls night out, and more. Millennial moms also can raise their kids any way they wish - strict or laid back, but they may find they parent far different than how they were raised!

4 Technology Will Rule Your Roost

Welcome to the age of technology, right? A new parenting rule for Millennial moms is that technology is a must. You must be well connected - to wi-fi, of course. Technology will play a big role in the way you parent, from sharing your experiences on Facebook, to emailing with your children's teachers, and even learning how to handle parenting situations via your “mom friends” in your online mom group.

Technology can make a mom's life often easier. From being able to schedule appointments online and store them in your phone's calendar, to searching for quick and healthy dinner recipes, or setting Alexa to wake everyone up for school. Technology is a must in the new landscape of parenting, especially for Millennial moms, many of whom know their way around technology anyway!

3 Social Media Maven

With technology comes social media. And Millennial moms, one rule with parenting is to definitely be on social media, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, or all of the above. Social media may have its drawbacks, but even if your drawback is spending hours scrolling through Facebook, well, you would not be a Millennial mom if you did not participate in that!

Social media connects Millennial moms to each other. A large majority of Millennial moms are already established on social media. It is only natural for social media to begin to play a role in the world of parenting. Millennial moms are expected to share photos of their children, ask for advice in Facebook mom groups, and know what their fellow Millennial moms are up to on social media.

2 Make It The Best Possible

This may be true for moms from all generations, but one really important parenting rule that Millennial moms follow is to make your kid's childhood the best childhood ever. It should even surpass your childhood, no matter how amazing or excellent it was. And if a Millennial mom had a bad childhood, forget it - her kid is going to have the best childhood possible!

Millennial moms always want what is best for their children. We all want our kids to grow up and look back at their childhood and be happy with their experiences during those tender years. Millennial moms will go all out to ensure that happens. From vacations to experiences, and more, Millennial moms are ready and willing to make childhood something from a dream. As long as they have the power to do so, they will do it.

1 You Got This!

Millennial moms are all about confidence and building self esteem. A new parenting rule for millennial moms is to do this mom thing. No matter how down you may be, there is no point in beating yourself up over mistakes. You are a mom, and you can achieve it all. In other words, you are a mom - you got this motherhood thing down!

Millennial moms let nothing hold them back. You have to commend the confidence that goes into being a mom in this day and age. Millennial moms wish to build each other up, and not let a mom flounder. Moms are an exclusive group, one that is ready to make being a mom trendy, even. After all, moms, especially Millennial moms are capable of accomplishing anything they set their minds and hearts to!

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