12 Of Dad’s Most Unforgivable Mistakes That Almost Cost Baby’s Life

We all know whether we like it or not, the relationship we had with our parents, continue to influence us through adulthood into our own parenting styles. Dad’s role can affect us in so many ways that we aren’t even aware.

Huff Post reported that studies show that if a child’s father is an active and loving parent, he can make a big impact on a child's early development. So what if our father wasn’t affectionate, supportive, and involved in our lives as a child, but instead they were emotionally and physically abusive, how are children affected by that long term?

Well Australian Institute of Family Studies say aggression, violence and criminal behavior, re-victimization, physical health problems, mental health problems, and suicidal behavior are some of the problems that could follow a child after dealing with a history of child abuse.

In an interview on a morning news and talk show; kids talk about all the reasons they love their dad. Some of the things these kids had to say about their dad were how much they loved that he played games with them, how he made them their favorite foods, they appreciated how he worked hard for their family but sadly, some kids have a much different view of their not so much, superman dad.

12 Dad Accidentally Puts Gin In The Bottle

Alcohol Poisoning-Baby-Formula-Bottle

Soon after the 8 week old infant from Las Angeles finished his bottle of formula, he experienced an Apparent Life Threatening Event.

The baby was gasping for air and eventually had gone limp so was taken to the hospital. This emergency situation was caused by the father accidentally mixing Gin, instead of water with the babies formula, resulting a high blood alcohol level, specifically 5 times the legal limit for an adult. After months of healing in the hospital, the months old infant was put into foster care.

It has been reported that infants ingest alcohol faster than us adults and they will usually show signs of alcohol poisoning by having a hard time breathing, possibility of seizure, and sometimes might result in low blood sugar.

Because of the small amount of cases with babies experiencing alcohol poisoning, long term effects aren't always clear.

11 Daughter Gags On Gerber Puffs


Justin Morrice gave his little 11-month girl a quick snack before he started doing the dishes, but not even 10 seconds later he realized his daughter was not breathing. After desperately trying to lodge the cheese puff out of her throat by slapping her on the back, he could tell her lips were starting to turn blue.

At that moment he thought he was going to lose his daughter.

Scared to death, the dad shoved his fingers down her throat while trying to squeeze the puff enough to create enough room for his baby to breathe.Finally, he heard the sweet cry of his baby girl and he couldn’t be more thankful.

Soon after the dad began reading the back of the Gerber Graduates Lil Crunchies can and was able to read in tiny letters “Use within five days after removing seal for optimal freshness.”

Morrice said “I could squish it but it would expand back out and would not break apart. The ones in the new can crumbled with ease” and also “they were more like a foam ear plug.”

10 Dad Uses First Aid Kit To Treat Bullet Wound

This dad of two little girls had just got home from picking up his daughters from school when his 6 year old accidentally knocked off his handgun that was lying on the bed, into the floor. Because of the sharp impact of the handgun hitting the floor, the gun went off causing injuries to the dad and the young daughter, leaving wounds in both of their legs.

Instead of the dad taking his child to the hospital, (like any normal, loving parent) he proceeded to get the first aid kid out and takes matters into his own hands.

Two weeks later, a concerned neighbor called authorities and requested someone check on the children. After police had arrived, they soon found out the 6 year old had been shot two weeks prior and soon contacted CPS and rushed the child to the hospital.

9 Dad Cages In Children

Cecil Kutz is a 38 year old dad from Pennsylvania left his 22 month old son at home by himself, while being locked in a homemade cage made of plywood and wooden lattice.

This sick handcrafted project was locked from the outside with a barrier bolt to prevent any chance of the crawling tot escaping. Along with the 22 month old were his 2 other siblings, a DAY OLD baby girl, and their 1 year old brother. The brand new baby was left in a baby seat on the ground, and the 1 year old was put up in a playpen.

Trooper Thomas Robin told The Associated Press in an earlier phone interview, "He says he would keep him there at night because he claimed he was crawling all over the place. He told me he's done it in the past, that it's not the first time he put him in that contraption," Robin said.

The children have now been thankfully taken away from the parents, but seriously? Who locks precious innocent children up, and have no remorse whatsoever?! Crazy.

8 A Dangerous Tumble

This dad just got done going through the X ray machine and metal detector at the airport as he sits his wobbly baby down on the table to put his jacket on. Since most baby's don’t have full balance control, the baby falls off the table seconds after dad places him in the dangerous spot.

Thankfully the Polish security guard that was watching close by jumped in and caught the baby before any injuries occurred. Well, I will be the first to say that being the only adult around when carrying around a baby at the airport isn’t an easy task for any of us, and sometimes us parent’s get distracted and something horrible happens.

Thank you to the hero that saved the day at Katowice airport in Poland. If it wasn’t for him the baby could have been badly hurt and they would have missed their flight. It was reported in The Telegraph the hero security guard stated, “It was an instinctive reaction.”

7 Dad Leaves Daughter On The Counter

Lily-7 months-died-changing table-dad

Lilly was a 7 month old baby who was waiting on her dad to finish changing her diaper so she could go back to what she loved, playing with her toys.

The young dad, Paul Cosgrove, changed her diaper and walked away - leaving her on the table. This every day occurring routine that he was so use to doing, was about to change his life forever.

When Cosgrove walked back into the room to get the baby, she was lying on the ground while her eyes were flickering, reported AAP. Even though the child had shown signs of distress, he decided to take a nap and woke up to the motionless child.

After the dad tried waking his daughter by shaking her, he called his wife to inform her what had happened.

Even though his wife begged him to take her to the hospital, he chose to go back to their home without seeking medical attention for his daughter. Reports have said that Cosgrove had a depressive disorder and had recently just started his medication after being off of it for the period of time.

6 Controversial Pranks On YouTube

This dad and step mother emotionally and physically abuses or “pranks” their 5 children on a regular basis, just to post their reactions on his YouTube channel DaddyOFive.

Most of these disgusting videos include the dad telling his 9 year old son, Coty, that he was going to be adopted, all while filming the whole thing. Coty was the youngest of the 5 children and usually was the main victim in the YouTube “pranks”.

In one video, there child is crying and screaming, “You don’t love me!!!” while hiding in the bathtub from his dad. And what does father of the year do? He laughs. Now 2 of the 5 children, Emmy and Coty, are being taken away from their cruel dad and put in emergency custody of their biological mother for their protection.

Now that these abusive videos have gone viral, people are pissed and taking action to defend these children. Although these ex famous parent YouTube stars are now claiming that it was all fake, and a set up just to get more views.

5 Dad On His Cellphone, Son Almost Gets Abducted

This video shows how fast children get abducted every day. Looking at our phones for even a slight second can result in our child getting kidnapped. Many parents get distracted from watching their child because of the things they bring with them to entertain themselves while there child is playing.

Thank goodness this was just a social experiment done by 23 year old You Tuber, Joey Salads. The shocking occurrence was done right in front of a dad who was sitting on a bench, reading on his phone, while his kid was playing. Joey was able to get the child to come with him just by having bags of candy, and asking him if he wanted some.

Even though this could have turned out bad for many reason’s including a dad with a shotgun, it provides some much needed insight for us busy parents. As parents we need to pay attention to our children and our surroundings at all times. We need to put our phone’s down, and interact with our children while they’re playing.

4 When Playing Around Turns Deadly

Even though I think it's adorable when children and their father are inseparable, sometimes and can be a bit much. Parents are constantly on the go, we are either running errands or doing things around the house, and that's when things can get dangerous for our clingy kids.

A dad from China experienced a heartbreaking situation while grocery shopping. The two were doing what every child and their dad do, playing around.

Following his dad inside the store, playfully hanging and pulling on his dads hands before suddenly, his father lost balance and fell on top of him, crushing his neck.

Soon after the unexpected fall between the two, the young boy died while in the hospital. Although these parents are mourning over their sudden loss, they need their story to be shared to prevent any future occurrences.

3 Disturbing Abuse 


Joseph Myhre is a husband and father of two children, girl age 11 and boy age 13. This family lives in a nice family friendly neighborhood in Philadelphia and neighbors are shocked and outraged to find out details of these extreme cases of abuse going on inside the home.

The New York Post reported the 11 year old girl told police her father would use pliers on her fingers and choke her until she fell into a “dream state” and use a shock collar when abusing her and her brother. The torture of these two innocent children went on for 6 years while being home-schooled by their abusive dad.

This was up until their mother finally reached out for help after being attacked herself. The mom drove herself to the hospital after a hit to the head by her husband.

She then bravely confessed to the police, of the history of abuse her and her children had gone though the past 6 years. The dad is now being held on 1 million bail and plans to plea “not guilty” states Lower Providence, PA Local News.

2  The High-Pressure Parent

You know, the dad who is always competitive and doesn’t know what it means to play just for fun, instead of playing for a win?

I know of too many children these days that get way too worked up and stressed about losing, and totally forget about the “having fun” part. I think the role that dad’s play in the winning/losing game is a huge factor when it comes to the well-being of their child.

Children who deal with high-pressured dads have a higher chance of experiencing psychological issues, some including feeling fearful, having anxiety, and being depressed. Stress can also affect children physically by resulting in headaches, bed wetting, upset stomach, sleeplessness, change in appetite, obesity and more.

A recent study done by the American Psychological Association reported one fifth of the children were currently stressed about something, while only 3 percent of parents rated their child’s stress as extreme.

1 Dad Fails To Protect His Kids


Andre Prince Junior, a 23 year old father to 17 month old son Andre II, and 2 year old daughter Angel, failed to alert the police when the mother of his children started sending him texts threatening to kill both children.

The argument between the two parents started when Junior failed to show up at home after getting off of work. Thinking he was out sleeping with another woman, Christian Clark began abusing their children for revenge while texting junior the gruesome details.

After Junior did not respond to her desperate attempt, Clark ended the conversation with a third video.

The video showed her picking up the 17 month old lifeless boy and tossing him on the bed, AP stated. Even though this dad was aware of what was taking place he simply text back,” Try to wake him up I said hold him.”

He even told her to post it on Facebook that he didn’t care. Clark ended up calling the police on herself, and later the baby boy died in the hospital.

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