12 Of The Worst Baby Shower Fails

Baby Showers, a rite of passage for any expectant mother, but sometimes, just sometimes, a soon to be mom gets a bit more than she bargained for! Sometimes embarrassing the new mom comes with the territory! All baby showers come complete with awkward gifts and games and treats.

Why not! We should be celebrating the mommy-to-be, but somehow we end up sending her into a spiral of doubt and fear that can be very overwhelming, especially for a first time mom.

Somehow the Baby Shower has evolved from small gatherings with food to an all-out extravagant event with many expenses to mom and guests. The pressure to have a magnificent baby shower is all too real! Women attending expect to be fed and entertained, and if hosts don’t deliver, they can expect some flak from the guests splurging on the baby needs!

Planning a Baby Shower can be stressful, and much like weddings, not everything runs smoothly. There are sure to be hiccups along the way when there are eager party planners with very different visions.

The Baby Shower fail happens when the soon-to-be mom is made uncomfortable, or happens to make her guests uncomfortable. It happens, and I guess no rite of passage can occur without a few scars.

12 Not Having A Theme!

Now I’m sure this woman’s best friend had the best intentions when she volunteered to plan her shower, but if you’re a complete scatterbrain that lacks basic organization, maybe leave it to someone else?

The mom to be took a leap of faith and handed her BFF the guest list 3 months prior, but invites only ended up being sent two weeks before, which isn’t ideal in terms of notice. This BFF also failed to communicate or consult with the momma about food and decorations, resulting in no theme, gross food, a lack of drinks, and absolutely no decorations. Sounds like a nightmare!

To top it off this BFF spent the entire shower talking politics and taking attention away from momma!

What makes this all the more sad is that the momma to be thanked her friend for the terrible shower, only to be told that a gift would have made a better thank you! If you’re rolling your eyes, I’m right there with you.

11 Greedy Shower Invites

Nope that’s not a cute name for a cake shop, I’m talking about an over the top demanding baby shower theme that is on the verge of just plain rude! All baby showers require gifts, but telling guest what to bring is super greedy, especially when the list keeps growing!

In the invitation attendees were asked to bring gifts off the registry and only from the registry. In addition the guests were asked to bring a book in lieu of cards, but it doesn’t end there. Guests were also asked to bring a box of diapers! And, now this is just too much, guests were told to bring a dish since it was potluck style.

So what exactly was the host doing? Decorating? I think food is the very least they can provide for guests after the greedy wish list they sent out. Someone must have searched Pinterest too hard, you don’t have to use all the ideas you know.

10 Party Food Flop

Baby showers are often inundated with poo poo talk, it’s enough to make anyone’s stomach turn. But when is too much, too much? We’ve all witnessed a few poop games here and there. There’s the blindfolded diaper change that can be performed on guests or stuffed animals, the ever popular melted chocolate bar in the diaper guessing game, and even pin the poop on the diaper.

Where I draw the line is at poop themed party favours and snacks! No one wants to eat real poop, let alone fake poop! Don’t serve these to your guests in tiny little adorable diapers! Just say no to the poop pretty please!

This particular picture is of a specially crafted chocolate oatmeal cookie meant to mimic the look and texture of poop! Eww! Some will find this hilarious, others with a very vivid imagination might need a barf bag to accompany it.

9 Fetus Treats

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think anything at a baby shower should even slightly resemble a fetus, it’s so far from tasty, which is why I’m confused as to why these baby shower planners decided fetus treats would be a tasty and fun idea? Poor mom to be doesn’t need to picture what’s going on inside her belly, it’s best to distract her from all that!

The watermelon fetus preserved in jelly, complete with umbilical cord does not look even remotely tasty. In fact it looks a little too real and like it’s observing you with its tiny jelly eyes. Is it display only or dig in and eat? Either way, creepy!

What about fetus shaped cookies? I was surprised to find there’s an actual cookie cutter on the market to create these creepy sugar shapes. Anyone want some baby for dessert? That shouldn’t even be a question at anyone’s baby shower.

8 Ugly Baby Game

At one point or another all moms ask themselves, “What will my future babies look like?” The face mashup offers people a glimpse into their futures. At this shower the host thought it would be funny to do a mashup of the parents-to-be to give them an idea of what their future baby might look like.

This game involves matching up the features of each parent into one perfect baby face, or you can use apps like Make A Baby, My Future Family, or Future Baby Generator. The truth is those games or apps never give you a cute baby, it’s always absolutely ugly, but ultimately hilarious.

This particular picture was found in a guide from a website called, Baby Showers That Don’t Suck. At this shower they printed off multiple photos of the mom and dad-to-be and had guests cut the pictures up to create a face mashup worthy of giggles when they creep the newbie parents out!

The aim of this game is to make an ugly baby, and if you don’t want to scare the mom-to-be, maybe skip this game!

7 X-Tina’s R-Rated Cake

With an X in her name, you know the cake wasn’t tame! In fact it started a whole new trend in baby shower cakes! I’m sure you can guess what the cake was by simply reading the writing on it, which said “Push X-Tina, Push!”

I’m going to emphasize the “push” factor and I’m sure you already have a lovely image in your head of someone’s downstairs parts! Yeesh!

The songstress is known for embracing her sexuality, making her comfortable and confident with all her body parts. No one would ever describe X-Tina as shy, which is why no one is truly surprised by the cake choice, are they? It’s rather appropriate for this momma with a “Dirrty” sense of humour.

See what I did there?

Xtina even went on to tweet a not so sorry apology later for the #VaginaCake. We all know it was in good fun anyway.

6 Demon Melon Baby

Dessert is very important at a baby shower, but if you’re not a sweets person, then there should always be a fruit option, but perhaps not this one. This melon display proved to be more traumatizing than a fan favourite. Shower attendees described this delicacy as a “demon baby” peeking out from the melon balls, and I can see their point.

The grape eyes make it look positively sinister, almost as though it's staring into your soul, not even the cute baby headband on its head can save this from being extremely creepy. It was definitely meant to be a cute little baby in its bassinet, but unfortunately they missed the mark on this one.

What’s even funnier than this creepy fail, are the responses to this picture, none of which are kind. You can find my favourite reactions from awesomelyluvvie.com below:

“Unncessary fruit abuse.” – MH

“Are they having an alien baby?” – RH

“Was it a horror themed baby shower?” – MH

5 Not One Guest Showed Up

All that careful planning, all the décor, all the food, all the fun games awaiting your guests…but what if no one came to your shower? Or cancelled last minute?

This happened to a mom who wrote into Alpha Mom to describe her experience. The anonymous mom explains that she had spent four years trying to get pregnant and was excited to finally have a baby shower and invite a few close friends, relatives and coworkers.

The excitement ended as RSVP’s failed to come in and she had to contact countless guests asking them why they couldn’t make it. She was hurt by their “lame excuses” and wasn’t sure how to deal with seeing these women again, since most of them are people she sees daily or often.

The article goes onto explain how to deal with the disappointment of a failed shower, but what I find to be the true fail are the women who couldn’t give up a few hours of their time to support a mom who’s been on a difficult fertility journey. Shame, ladies, shame!

4 Generic Theme

It’s modern times and guests expect modern themes! Gone are the days of storks, bows, and baby bassinets decorating your house, front lawn and shower invitations. Guests shared the absolute worst and tired ideas on The Bump. Since the dawn of Pinterest, showers have shifted, and people expect new and innovative themes.

The most hated themes that failed to impress were “boring” blue for boys and pink for girls themes. Others absolutely despised any sort of character or cartoon being the theme of the entire shower. Since adults make up the majority of the attendees, they feel it should cater to them.

One mom mentioned anything “for the baby” is the absolute worst! Themes like: dinosaurs, pirates, monkeys, pink, blue, ladybugs, etc. She continued saying “a shower is for the people having the baby! NOT for the baby itself.”

They also found balloons to be over the top

3 Bottles Up

A drinking game at a baby shower? What is this, a bachelorette party? I always feel terribly guilty drinking in front of a pregnant woman because I feel they need the drink more than I do!

It seems highly inappropriate to not only drink in front of her, but chug drinks in front of her!

This picture was taken at a baby shower that resembled more of a frat party. The name of the game is “Baby Chug.” Adults are asked to chug beer through a baby bottle, which is actually more difficult than it seems. The goal of the game is to have guests chug their bottle as fast as they can in order to win a special prize.

Play this game a few times and you might actually have inebriated guests at a baby shower of all places! I think party planners should save this game for a girl’s night out instead.

2 Gifts For After The Birth

No, I’m not at all talking about baby diapers, unfortunately. What I am talking about is adult diapers. If you really want to see an expectant woman cry, then buy her these and present them to her at her Baby Shower. Forget mortifying, this is downright scarring for any mom-to-be.

It might be hilarious for the gift givers, but if you look closely at this Postpartum gift bag, it’s a little scary and might leave the guest of honor asking why exactly she'll need stool softeners. She won’t really want to know the answer. The gift is also a reminder of the recovery she must endure!

This is once again in the realm of too much info for mom-to-be. Sometimes it’s best to leave the expectant woman in the dark! She may always pee a little when she laughs or sneezes for the rest of her life, but there’s no need to rub it in! Geez!

1 The Double Baby Shower Fail

Sometimes two aren’t better than one! This was a double shower that ended in disaster and tears! It’s the same thing that would happen during a double wedding, someone always gets more attention than the other. So if you want it to be your day, then it’s best not to share!

This particular shower was meant for a woman’s sister in law, but was later complicated by her husband asking his sister “what about us?” Two pregnant women, two showers right? Wrong! The solution was to combine the celebrations, the only problem was only the original guests who got invited were the ones to receive an invitation! So mommy #2 didn't have a soul at the double shower for her.

They even had a cake and didn’t include her name on it, just her sister in laws. The gifts were also in her favour, since none of the other woman’s friends and family were invited, so she received a mere three gifts, which is both awkward and embarrassing.

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