12 Problems Moms Will Face During Pregnancy Based On Her Zodiac

Pregnancy can be a joyous and exciting time for moms while they are anxiously waiting for the arrival of their beautiful, new baby. It can be one of the most memorable times of their life; aside from the actual arrival of their bundle of joy, of course. Pregnancy can have its pitfalls, too, with the assortment of symptoms, aches, pains, issues, and problems.

For some very lucky soon-to-be moms, pregnancy can be a breeze, for others, though, it is riddled with problems and challenges the mom may face during her pregnancy. Some of these problems are predetermined and are written in the stars. If deciphered and read right, moms will be able to tell what problems they will face during their pregnancy based on their zodiac sign.

Some pregnancy problems and issues that may arise for mom are more common and obvious. They are the things that people typically associate with pregnancy such as nausea, the occasional tinkle accident, and hot flashes. Those are more symptomatic, though. Other people think of pregnancy problems as being more medically serious like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

What about the other pregnancy problems that get left out like, resentment toward the baby and emotional detachment? The things that get left unsaid. Based on moms zodiac sign, and the stars above, we may be able to tell which moms may run into problems like this during their pregnancy.

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12 Taurus - Worry Wart

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Think of the strictest parent you know and then times their behavior by ten. What do you get? A Taurus woman during pregnancy. That's right - most Taurus women will become overly cautious and protective while carrying, which causes them unnecessary anxiety and stress.

A Taurus woman will stress herself out over every pain, kick, or craving she has while pregnant, and assume that something is always wrong with the baby. This is not only bad for mom and the baby but it's also an annoyance for the OBGYN (who has to calm mom down every day or two).

Taurus women need to simply relax more. The best way to do this is by practicing relaxation techniques, or by doing things that may help relax and unwind. Some of these things could be deep breathing, taking a long bath, drinking a cup of herbal tea, or even simply reading a good book.

11 Cancer - A Box Of Tissues A Day

Cancer women will be way too emotional (and sensitive) during their pregnancy. If someone makes a comment about their weight gain, if they hear a story in the news about a miscarriage, or if they are worrying about the baby's health, you'll find Cancer women under their bedsheets crying away.

This can become a serious problem for moms-to-be, because these emotions can lead to extra stress, tension, and anxiety, as well as cause tension for everyone around her. Extra stress has also been linked to miscarriages in some pregnant women, therefore, the Cancer woman wants to limit the amount of stress they put on their bodies and on the baby growing inside of them.

Pregnant women under this sign can try to find safe outlets to release their feelings such as writing or taking a photograph. This way it's private and they can say everything that is on their mind which really can help.

10 Aries - The Baby Comes Second

Aries women will be more selfish during their pregnancy. Pregnant women need to be selfless - they need to take care of themselves in order to take care of their growing baby. This means during pregnancy and after it. An Aries woman will be more likely to miss their prenatal appointments, eating right on the regular, staying physically active, and just trying to take care of herself in general.

The best way for moms to get over this problem is to start taking on some small responsibilities at a time and see the benefits of following them through. This means she should make a food schedule of all the nutrients she needs in a day and then stick to it. In doing so, she can remind herself that consuming veggies over sushi is not only good for the baby but for herself as well.

9 Libra - Always Clicking Snooze

Libra women will become lazy AF during pregnancy. Now, all women can become lazy at times, especially when they are carrying a baby with swollen feet, a hungry stomach, and feeling morning sickness all at once. For Libra women, however, they might become so lazy that they miss their appointment with the OBGYN because they couldn't stop clicking the snooze button on their alarm. A Libra mom-to-be might not even make the appointment... not because she's careless, but because she said she would do it tomorrow and then forgot.

Libras can gain control over their laziness by setting reminders in their cell phone about what needs to be done and when. Libras might even want to tell someone about what they need to do so they have someone to push them through their laziness.

8 Virgo - Will Nitpick Everything

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Virgo women will criticize every part of their pregnancy, from the growing baby bump and the unwanted stretch marks to skin breakouts and broken veins. Virgos will find fault in everything, and it's a serious problem. We don't want mom-to-be to become insecure and depressed, and spend every second obsessing over the changes pregnancy brings to her body. She will leave the delivery room hating herself, hating her pregnancy journey, and maybe even hating the baby.

Virgo women can combat these critical feelings about their body, during their pregnancy and after it, by practicing positive affirmations. This means actively saying positive things about oneself, even if they don’t necessarily believe those positive things at the time. After practicing them for a while, mom’s brain will finally start to believe the beautiful things they are saying about themselves.

7 Leo - From Pregnant Mom To Angry Lion

Leo women will turn into a lion during pregnancy (obvious, right?). A Leo woman might get jealous that all of her attention (and everyone around her) is focused on the baby. When she walks into a room, everyone wants to touch the baby bump, instead of asking mom-to-be how she is doing. This can be problematic, since a Leo woman will have to put the baby first once he or she is born. A mom’s life will revolve around the child, or children, and will need to be put them first above anything else.

What Leo moms have to realize is that even though it may seem like their unborn baby is the one getting the attention, the baby is still inside of them. So, technically they are still the ones getting the attention.

6 Scorpio - Hateful Thoughts

Scorpio women may run into problems with their unborn child. They might not enjoy their pregnancy journey, whether because of physical or mental symptoms, and in turn feel hate towards the growing fetus. A Scorpio might feel like the baby has ruined her life, or will ruin her life in the future. For some Scorpio women, it may be because they have a high-powered career and the baby will now come between it, or maybe mom thinks the baby will ruin her marriage.

Either way, mom-to-be needs to get over these feelings by figuring out what caused them in the first place. Then, she must remind herself that it is not the baby’s fault and that these feelings of resentment will pass once the baby is born and is in their arms for the first time.

5 Capricorn - The Glass Is Always Half Empty

Capricorn women, during pregnancy, will always see the glass half empty. They are always thinking that their baby's health is at risk, and they will wake up tomorrow and have a miscarriage or deliver a stillbirth. Then as the due date comes closer, they think about their own health and all the complications that can happen in the delivery room. This is not a good thing. We don't want moms to put stress and anxiety on themselves when it isn't needed. It's not healthy for a woman or for her baby, so it needs to stop.

Capricorn moms need to be bit more positive and happy instead of always feeling like a cloud of dread is hovering over them. They can try to achieve this by reading or watching uplifting books or movies, attending every prenatal appointment for reassurance that the baby is just fine, and talking to other moms that may have had pessimistic views about their pregnancy and see how they got over it.

4 Sagittarius - Zero To A Hundred

Sagittarius women will become so impatient during pregnancy that she might even skip out on the doctors if she's stuck in the waiting room for longer than 10 minutes. This is an obvious issue, as she is putting her own emotions ahead of what's important - the baby. If she can't be patient now, imagine what it will be like when the baby is born?

For Sagittarius moms-to-be, the best wait to gain a bit more patience before their due date is to slowly introduce things into their life that they never had the patience for. Like standing in a grocery line that is a bit longer than usual, taking a road that is known to have more traffic, and of course, staying for an entire appointment when they would usually leave. It's a type of exposure therapy. It can help gradually build up mom's patience over time.

3 Aquarius - Can't Connect

Aquarius women might face problems with their growing baby, because they may not feel like they are in charge of their own bodies any longer. They can feel like their baby has taken over every aspect of their body and life, and shut themselves down emotionally from their baby.

They may even harbor some resentment toward their little newborn, which can lead to unnecessary stress, tension, and anger when they should be trying to take it easy. Unnecessary stress during a pregnancy is not good for mom or baby because stress can lower mom's immune system even more, which is already lowered during a pregnancy. The one thing to try to remember this is only temporary. Aquari moms will gain control over their bodies again so enough.

2 Pisces - Always In The Grey

Inconsistency during a pregnancy does not technically sound like a bad thing, but it really can be. During pregnancy, Pisces moms are preparing for motherhood and with motherhood comes consistence, in terms of what the baby eats, when the baby sleeps, and what the baby plays with, for example.

Pisces women, especially during pregnancy, will stay in the grey and no one wants to be inconsistent when there's a baby in the house. Is she eating healthy consistently? Is she taking proper vitamins on the regular? If a mom-to-be is having major issues with consistency before the baby is born, we have a problem. Pisces women can try scheduling activities one day at a time and sticking to it. This can help make consistency more achievable after the baby is born.

1 Gemini - What Will She Do Next?

Gemini women are unpredictable during their pregnancy. This may not sound too bad, and it’s not horrible, however, you can never know what a Gemini women will do next.

Women that are unpredictable tend to also be unreliable so a person would never know what that mom would do next which could affect moods and relationships. Soon-to-moms need to prepare themselves for motherhood, and after the baby arrives, they need to be a bit more predictable and much more reliable for the baby’s sake. The baby has to be able to rely on its mother for its need.

Mom’s that face challenges of being unpredictable may want to try to find ways to learn how to be more predictable and dependable. A mom may want to try to set a schedule for herself so that she has less time to continuously do things at random. Moms under this sign may also want to start making checklists of things they need to get done so that nothing gets missed or forgotten, which can help with dependability along side with planning out a schedule.

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