12Taurus - Worry Wart

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Think of the strictest parent you know and then times their behavior by ten. What do you get? A Taurus woman during pregnancy. That's right - most Taurus women will become overly cautious and protective while carrying, which causes them unnecessary anxiety and stress.

A Taurus woman will stress herself out

over every pain, kick, or craving she has while pregnant, and assume that something is always wrong with the baby. This is not only bad for mom and the baby but it's also an annoyance for the OBGYN (who has to calm mom down every day or two).

Taurus women need to simply relax more. The best way to do this is by practicing relaxation techniques, or by doing things that may help relax and unwind. Some of these things could be deep breathing, taking a long bath, drinking a cup of herbal tea, or even simply reading a good book.

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