12Stops Potential Allergies

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Having a messy house lets your children come into contact with lots of bacteria and other microbes (microbes are to bacteria what the word dog is to an English Mastiff, there are other kinds of breeds out there,

but they all fit under the umbrella term of dog). While coming into contact with bacteria might sound like you are setting yourself up for caring for sick children, not all microbes are bad.

Studies have shown that there is a link between how many microbes an infant is exposed to and the likelihood of them acquiring an allergy. One reason this might be has to do with what causes allergies in the first place.

Allergies are caused when your body overreacts to something like pollen or eggs that are harmless, and releases histamine to counteract it. The theory is that by exposing children to more microbes by letting them play in a messy house, their bodies are less likely to assume a harmless substance is dangerous.

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