12 Reasons to Kick Him out of the Delivery Room

We know he means well but some of his delivery room decisions probably won’t be the wisest. And truth be told, your patience will already be thin. You’ve spent the last many months growing a tiny human inside of you, and now you have to get said person out! You are in pain, anxious, exposed to the world, and on edge. Your dear partner needs to be on his best behavior because if he makes any of these 12 blunders, it'll be trouble.

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12 Eats Your Snacks

You may pack some snacks to keep your energy level up during labor. If your hubby treats your nourishment as a picnic, it’ll drive you bonkers.

11 Complains About How He Feels

You're suffering through the greatest and most intense pain of your life. The second he complains about his pulled hamstring, his stuffy nose, or his ingrown hair, he might as well say good-bye.

10 Checks His Phone Constantly

Fine if he’s updating your parents or your best friend but if he’s on his phone to check sports scores or plan his weekend, you’ll want to kick him to the curb.

9 Makes a ‘Yuck’ Face

We know he has a different vantage point then you during labor but let's not forget you are pushing a watermelon through the eye of a needle! Did he expect it to be pleasant? Get over it or get out.

8 Posts Anything to Social Media

He should not post anything to social media without your permission. You’re at your most vulnerable during these moments. You probably don’t want to share it with the world--at least not until you’re ready and not until you pick the best photos.

7 Barfs

This one hardly needs any explanation. If he chucks his lunch, you’ll chuck him out.

6 Gets Too Close down There

We assume he has been down there before and we know you want him involved in your labor, but does he really need to be that close to this kind of action? Back up, buddy!

5 Chit-Chats with Nurses and Doctors

There might be some downtime during your labor but it’s still all about you and the baby. If he gets bored, he can rub your feet, bring you ice chips, or just tell you how amazing you are, over and over again.

4 Says He’s Tired

He cannot possibly be as exhausted as you. And he doesn’t even know what tired is yet. Wait until there’s a baby keeping you both up all night long.

3 Too Much of a Cheerleader

You will definitely need encouragement during labor but a chorus of “you can do it” and “keep pushing” and “we are so proud of you” for hours will get old real fast and may drive you mental. You aren’t six years old. Just sit down, sweetheart, and hold her hand.

2 Invites People In

This is something else he should not do without your permission. There might be a host of people out in the waiting room anticipating the arrival of your bundle of joy but he should know they cannot come in until you say so!

1 You’ll Forgive Him for It All

Of course, when your precious, perfect baby arrives, you wouldn’t want anyone else by your side. Hopefully, he’s conscious and proud, and you’ll have some funny stories to tell your girlfriends.

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