12 Rich Kids Who Live In Messy Houses

Celebrities are people that the common public looks up to. We follow them on social media hoping to catch a glimpse of their private lives, luxurious lifestyles, and their seemingly perfect lives. Celebrities post photos on their Instagram accounts of their expensive sparkling cars, huge mansions with extravagant and fine furnishings, as well as making appearances in designer clothing and lavish jewelry with their makeup and hair looking perfect.

It is for this reason that we perceive that they’re living a fairytale. What we might forget is that most celebrities are used to things being done for them. All they need to do is click their fingers and voila! Just like that, whatever they need is done for them. This is exactly the same thing that happens with their mansions. Celebrities pay people to clean up, take care of their pets, as well as organize their wardrobe. Therefore, you would guess that when you can afford housekeeping services, there’s no way you could live like as an utter and complete slob. You guessed wrong though.

Some celebrities live very different lives behind closed doors in their mansions and compounds. It is not news to find out that some celebrities are definitely not as perfect as we’ve always thought. Some can barely keep their houses clean.

Below is a list of 15 celebrities whose kids live in the messiest houses.

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12 Miley Cyrus

via: dailymail.co.uk

There’s been speculation that Miley is expectant, but she denied the rumors of a mini Miley on the way. Miley practically owns a zoo thanks to all the animals that live under her roof. She owns dogs, cats, and even pigs. Yes! You heard that right. She sees no need for her dogs to be house trained, meaning they can poop wherever they want. Imagine the stench in her house? That is just unbearable.

It has been reported that she is rude to her maids and yells at them to clean up after her dogs. Her ex-boyfriend, Patrick, couldn’t bear the disgusting standards and was adamant about not spending time at her house. She frequently uses, so you can imagine the smell.

11 The Spears Boys 

Well, this is not really a surprise. Britney Spears may be filthy rich, but guess what, she’s reportedly filthy too. The musician who melted our hearts way back in the day has been through a lot throughout her career. She has also pulled some unhygienic stunts and despite owning personal renowned fragrances, she reportedly has a special scent. Why? She doesn’t fancy washing her hair or clothes. Paparazzi have photographed her several times walking barefoot and at places, you would least expect: the gas station!

During a flight incident, Britney apparently took off her shoes and an attendant had to ask her to put them back on due to the foul stench. Making it worse, Britney has been photographed picking her nose in public. Come on Britney, have some manners! Her housekeepers have confirmed that she’s a slob who eats in bed and leaves crumbs and leftovers. We hope rehab has transformed her household tendencies.

10 North West

Kim Kardashian is quite the influential celebrity and she has definitely come a long way. From the leaked tape, the 72-day marriage to Chris Humphries and definitely landing a hip-hop mastermind. She constantly posts selfies on her Instagram and despite the huge following she commands on Twitter and Instagram, in 2014 she went ahead and posted a video showing how disorganized and chaotic her closet looked. The post went viral with people mocking her on social media for the disorganized closet. A housekeeper that worked for the family spilled some dirt and she stated that despite making “good money,” working for the Kardashians was no walk in the park.

Kim’s bathroom and the bedroom were always filthy. Kim always found a way to trash the bathroom even after it was thoroughly cleaned, leaving it looking like a dumpster. She’d leave eyelashes, splattered makeup, and clothes all over her bathroom counters and dressers. We hope that North doesn’t adopt her sloppy habits or accidentally trip into mum’s closet and get lost.

9 Lindsay Lohan

via: dailymail.co.uk

She is definitely trouble and has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Lately, she’s been reported to lose track of the many clothes she keeps buying. She has hired an assistant who helps to organize her closet in her apartment. A post on her Instagram account shows how unhygienic and carefree she is with litter and clothes all over the floor. She has an entire room for a closet to keep her clothes and still, clothes are spilled and dropped haphazardly on the floor. What are the chances that she, therefore, keeps the rest of the apartment squeaky clean? None, I presume.

It is not a shocker to even find new unopened boxes of clothes and shoes, which she has never put on but insists on holding on to. Close friends and family are deeply concerned about this habit since it makes no sense to own tons of stuff you never wear.

8 The Brangelina Squad

They were once Hollywoods’ sweethearts, making every other famous couple look like a sham. They looked so perfect together until Angelina spilled all the beans and insisted on a divorce. As if that’s not depressing news, the couple also lived in a sty, acting like a bunch of hobos. A housekeeper once described how they barely shower, since they are all about conserving the environment. They have brought up their children in quite an unconventional way with their kids using crayon marks and toothpaste to color the walls and scattered pizza boxes.

What’s surprising is that the six kids each have a nanny, a full-time chef to feed the minors, plus they’re homeschooled. So why hire over a dozen staff, yet live in a messy house? Brad is reportedly a hoarder who enjoys collecting architectural magazines and stack piles of the magazines in his home. Clearly, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

That’s not all. Several actors have lamented about Brad’s smell. Apparently, while screening Inglourious Basterds, Eli Roth taught Brad to mask foul odor by using baby wipes.

7 Jessica Simpson's Toddlers

The beautiful fashionista and songstress not only drove Nick Lachey nuts, she almost drove her cleaning staff mad with her unhygienic habits. An employee has confessed that’s she’s very messy and has a very chaotic closet. Her eyelashes, clothes and hair extensions are tossed left, right and center, giving housekeeping staff a hard time collecting them, and that one can barely find space in her disorganized closet. One of her staff reportedly almost had a cardiac arrest when she suspected that she’d seen a big, hairy, scary looking spider on the floor. Thankfully, it was just another carelessly tossed pair of fake lashes.

It seems that despite singing and acting talent, neatness has not been something she practices.

6 Birds, Pigs, And Dogs, Oh My!

via: more.com

She is the perfect definition of a beautiful mess. How many people keep a squirrel for pets, other than Megan of course? Most people prefer cats or dogs, but Megan keeps a squirrel that is all over the place.

She also leaves her clothes all over the house since she is barely at home. She comes in, changes, then leaves the house. The Transformer’s starlet is infamous for not flushing. Unless you’re in kindergarten and are still learning the toilet basics, it beats logic how a grown woman would leave her business floating around.

Worse still, even when she has visitors around, she still won’t remember to flush the toilet. The mum not only needs a housekeeper to potty train her three sons, she needs one to always press the flush button every time she’s done with her business, or at least teach her to flush herself. This just sounds like a case of selective amnesia, who forgets to flush the toilet, Megan?

5 The Jackson Kids

via: all4women.co.za

Michael Jackson wasn’t just the King of Pop, he ruled the bedbugs too. Neverland Ranch seemed like an absolute fantasy, but upon his death, some of his maids told stories about what went down at the ranch. They revealed that before 1993, Michael enjoyed tidy and clean surroundings, but all this changed when he was accused.

Things went into a downward spiral and since then he became utterly unhygienic. MJ would reportedly go everywhere and at any spot. He’d even go in his bed and insist that his linen not be changed. At a certain time, bed bugs infested his bed, requiring his staff to hire an exterminator to get rid of the bugs. The maids detested cleaning his room due to the awful smell.

Upon Prince’s birth, MJ attempted to maintain a clean space in his home but neglected his room. Most argue that he suffered severe depression and depression is linked to people caring less about cleanliness and personal hygiene.

4 Queen Bey's Royal Family

via: pinterest.com

Beyoncé is the last person you’d expect to find on this list. She’s utter perfection, or so we think. Beyoncé has the perfect family, a perfect husband, kids and definitely the perfect career. Beyoncé spends a lot of time in the studio perfecting her music videos, from the choreography, the quality and goes a long way in ensuring she delivers the best. We, therefore, expect that the diva expects the same perfectionism while at home. However, the B queen and mother of three revealed that she craves some form of imperfection while at home. She enjoys working very hard to maintain her perfect reputation and feels the need to let loose and rebel against the perfectionist image behind closed doors.

The singer goes on to admit that her inability to maintain a clean home is one of Jay-Z's complaints about her. Jay Z is very organized and quite the clean freak whereas Beyoncé is more on the messy side. Clearly, opposites attract.

3 Charlize Theron's Sticker Chart Isn't For Her Kids

via: babygagaimages.com

Actress Charlize Theron is a mum of two and she is definitely a transformed woman lately. She is a single mum who takes care of her children, career, and home all by herself. Way back in the day, Theron lived with an old flame, Stuart Townsend, and she had an actual duty chart she was provided with in order to stay on course domestically. Keeping a clean house wasn’t really her forte and Stuart, therefore, invented a sticker chart that prohibited her from being an utter slob around the house.

Stewart awarded her a sticker that resembled a golden star for each time she completed a chore. Way to go, Charlize! Considering that she’s a single mum, she’s most probably made remarkable improvements in her core completion capabilities. I bet she will use this approach with her kids in the future to prevent them from being slobs.

2 The Depp Family

Guess how the dapper heartthrob and actor Johnny Depp achieves his hot disheveled look? By skipping the shower! He is infamous for cigarette stink and avoiding the shower. He has admitted to not brushing his teeth for days in order to prepare himself for his role-playing in Pirates of the Caribbean. Sources even confirm that while filming The Tourist with Angelina Jolie, she couldn’t stand the kissing scenes and insisted that Depp take a mint. For the art, we support him all the way.

Maybe he doesn’t have time to shower, who knows? Being a pirate can be time-consuming. How he sweeps ladies off their feet beats me. He not only lives in a mess, but he is also not hygienic at all. Depp is notorious for wearing the same clothes over and over without cleaning them. Two or three days isn’t really a biggie, Depp does this for weeks. He reportedly is no longer a smoker, so one down. It is very unlikely though that he’s started showering daily, so one more to go!

1 The Octo Kids

via: babygagaimages.com

Nadya Suleman, also known as Octomom, is infamous and gained instant fame because she had eight babies all at once. Her home was a disaster and the authorities took the kids away because she was incapable of taking care of them. Child Protective Services constantly checked in to see her home and Nadya’s home was completely atrocious.

Dirty diapers were all over the house, stains, and colorings on her walls, and trash on all the floors of the house. Her plumbing also didn’t seem to work and instead of getting a plumber to fix the situation for her fourteen kids, Octomom simply moved their trainer potties to the backyard where they did their business. That is just an unpleasant sight. Upstairs, some rooms had quite a number of mattresses, which no one figured what they would be used for. The hairdresser who reported this incident might just have saved those kids a lot of agonies.

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