12 Crazy Rules Jay-Z And Beyonce Make Their Nannies Follow

Everybody wants to know how Beyonce and Jay-Z, the king and queen of the music industry, are raising their children, but it's hard to get soundbites from the individuals working within the Carter Empire--especially the nannies!

Throughout the years, breadcrumbs have been dropped by friends of the Carter family who have written books on them. These leaked details are (of course) Beyonce approved, or let's be honest, we'd never read of them.

Did you know the Carters have a handbook that all of their employees have to read and sign? All nine of their nannies have to follow very strict rules to ensure the Carter kids uphold the "eliteness" of their family name. None of the Carter childcare rules are optional, which makes things a bit difficult, because frankly, some are quite ridiculous.

But the salary these caretakers receive make what seem to be impossible standards, possible. On childcare alone, the Carters are shelling out a million dollars each year for payroll, and this doesn't include the salaries of the other "help" they've hired to run their home and lives.

I'm sure you've wondered how Beyonce has had time to log so many hours in the gym right after having twins, or how she's going to juggle all of her responsibilities as a mama to all three while on her very demanding world tour this year.

Well, let me introduce you to some heroes in her life, the women who work around the clock to keep her and Jay well-rested and looking right, while at the same time feeding and caring for their newborns and Blue.

It's a huge sacrifice to be so rich and famous because you can't do it all, so at least hire those who can, right?

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12 All Employees Have To Read And Sign Beyonce's Handbook

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At least we got this little nugget out of it! Beyonce has a nanny rulebook. Noted. Keep reading for more details as to what some of the rules included in that handbook are. Some were obviously written by a diva, and others, I think most of us moms would say hooray to.

11 Blue Has Three Nannies, Plus An Entourage

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It's no secret that Blue has everything she'll ever need in life simply because fate chose that she'd be born to Beyonce and Jay-Z Carter.

As soon as Blue entered this world, Beyonce hired three nannies to care for her around the clock. Since infants don't do much, all that help was purposeful to create the space Beyonce needed to "bounce back."

Now, those nannies take Blue shopping, they educate her in the evenings after she's already been at school all day, and they make sure she has all the freedom in the world to express herself while keeping her safe.

Alongside her nannies, works Blue's personal chef, who describes Blue as a "picky eater." According to him, her favorite dish is "wholewheat pasta shaped like ballet dancers and pureed asparagus." Sounds about right.

Random fact: One of Blue's favorite things to do with her nannies is to visit the Arabian stallion she was gifted on her second birthday.

Another fun fact: After Blue Ivy was born, Jay-Z tried to trademark her name, but there was already a successful business with the name Blue Ivy. So, they applied to trademark her name in the beauty, fragrance, fashion and entertainment industries and were successful.

10 Rumi And Sir Have Six Nannies Each Hired At $100k A Year

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A source told US OK! Magazine that Beyonce and Jay-Z have hired six nannies to care for their twins, at a salary of 100k each. That's right, Bey and Jay are spending more than half a million dollars on childcare for their twins. So with the cost of Blue's nannies, they're spending a million a year only on childcare. They also have housecleaners, chefs and assistants to pay.

"The twins don't sleep at the same time, so she decided she needed three per child, working in eight-hour shifts," the source said.

That way, Beyonce gets her beauty sleep and her workouts in each day. Beyonce is breastfeeding, so she makes sure her milk is stored for the hours she sleeps.

Last August, the Carters purchased a newly built mansion on Cuesta Way in Bel-Air for $88 million dollars. Some of its coolest features include four outdoor pools, a spa, a full basketball court, bulletproof glass and a fitness center. So though Beyonce is working hard to bounce back physically, she's right around the corner when her nannies need her. According to her family, she rarely leaves her children. If she has to make an appearance, she's home as soon as possible.

9 Not Allowed To Bother Bey While She's Working On Her Body


Beyonce's fitness routine was very demanding after she had the twins. As soon as her body healed up, it was off to the gym, sometimes three times a day.

A source told E News that "She did SoulCycle several times a week as soon as she got clearance after her C-section. She also worked out with a trainer at home doing cardio, intervals, and weights."

This source went on to explain, "All of her meals and diet were overseen by a private chef on staff who travels with them and prepares everything specifically for her." (That diet is a vegan diet by the way.)

While Beyonce is busy getting her body back, her nannies are only allowed to bother her if there's an emergency. Bey leaves the milk she's pumped behind so there will be no need to interrupt her.

Speaking of working out, Beyonce just headlined at Coachella a few weeks back and says her body is "the best it's ever been." "It was that last six or seven pounds she had to work off...but the workouts weren't just about her appearance. The intense training was also a part of giving her best performance," a source told Hollywood Life.

8 All Nannies Have To Be Bilingual...Preferably In French

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There are some unconfirmed things the nannies of the Carter empire are rumored to be required to do, things like wearing heels while on duty and memorizing nursery rhymes. Among the nanny rules that have been confirmed, is the requirement to be bilingual, but not just any other language, specifically French.

According to a source who's "in" with the Carter family, Beyonce and Jay have two major job requirements for their nannies: "They have to be happy to travel the world with the Carters....and the other main stipulation is that they be bilingual.”

“They want a French speaker for a number of reasons. The family have a real connection with France and Beyoncé’s nephew Julez is a French speaker because his dad is French."

On Lary King Live back in 2007 before Blue Ivy was born, Beyonce was asked if she spoke another language since she recorded some songs in Spanish."I sure don't," said Beyonce. "I don't speak French either. I learned it phonetically. And we took one sentence at a time. I just spoke the lyrics over and over and over again and then put the melody to it."

Beyonce's made it clear that she wants Blue to exceed her in life. Being bilingual is one of the dreams she has for all of her children.

7 Must Keep Beyonce On Her Breastfeeding Schedule

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Beyonce has always believed that "breast is best." Back in 2012 when Blue Ivy was just eight weeks old, Bey was spotted at Saint Ambroeus cafe and espresso bar in Manhattan with her family. She was photographed nursing Blue Ivy under a black and cheetah print cover.

When the twins were born, Beyonce was determined to breastfeed once again and for as long as possible. A source told Holywood Life that [It has certainly been challenging for Beyonce to breastfeed this time around, but she’s finally getting the hang of it.]

Her doctors recommended she try feeding both twins at the same time, but of course, this is difficult because Rumi and Sir aren't hungry at the same time usually.

To solve the problem, Bey's nannies have helped her teach the babies to feed at the same time by letting them cry it out until their schedules sync up. This probably means setting a lot of alarms.

“It took her a long time to get the best positioning for feeding and found that a nursing pillow really helped. As the weeks passed it definitely became easier and the twins are finding their rhythm.”

Apparently, Beyonce pumps often when her schedule is full. Then it's the sole responsibility of the nannies to keep the babies on their feeding schedules. Talk about pressure.

6 Blue Is A Fashionista, So Nannies Have To Take Her Shopping...Often

Blue Ivy has made headlines lately for her sense of fashion that Beyonce claims was one of her daughter's earliest passions.

She's been spotted in stores picking out new clothes as her nannies follow her to hand Blue her spending power when it's time to cash out. Ever since the twins were born, Blue's wanted to dress them. According to one of her nannies, "Blue has an affinity for high-end designers such as Gucci, Lilly Pulitzer, and Dolce & Gabbana, and will make sure her little brother and sister have the same taste. She’s always picking out cute clothes for them."

When Blue isn't dressing the twins, Beyonce sends out her assistants to shop for the babies. "She used to do the shopping and then bring it home,” a source said. But now she lets her assistants choose and either approves or sends back their finds. Beyonce might have stopped being so hands-on after gaining so much unwanted attention on some of her most recent shopping trips.

She went to Target twice in the past two months and the response from the Bee Hive was overwhelming. Her most viral trip was around Easter when she was caught putting plastic colored eggs and toys into her shopping cart. And so what? Target is universal. We all love Target.

5 All 9 Nannies Have To Know Their Way Around Brooklyn (Where Auntie Lives)

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While there is grace for adjustment into some of the Carter's nanny requirements, this one is absolutely non-negotiable. When Beyonce needs to breathe, where does she go? ...to Brooklyn.

Beyonce and her younger sister Solange Knowles are joined at the hip. They spend a lot of time together where Solange, her husband, and son have decided to have a more humble existence.

Since Beyonce requires that her nannies travel with her, a detailed understanding of how to navigate Brooklyn is important. She wants her caretakers to know where the best attractions, museums, and shops are for her children, but also how to get around in ways that will attract as little attention as possible.

Though Beyonce and her kids hang out with auntie all the time, Solange has chosen to stay out of the spotlight. “I feel really bad for my sister. I’m always like, ‘Oh, let’s go to the mall,’ or, ‘Let’s go here,’ and she can’t. I enjoy having that.”

Solange throws her son parties in local parks and flies coach. She spends evenings DJ'ing at a local bowling alley and hangs out in eateries with her friends. When she's syncing up with Beyonce, things have to be a bit more disguised.

4 Must Hand Blue Ivy Off To Three Security Guards When It's Time For School (And The Principal Has Become Annoyed)

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One of Blue's nannies told In Touch Weekly that "A security motorcade drops Blue off and picks her up from school each day. There are two cars and three bodyguards!” Her West Hollywood school isn't very big at all so parents of the other children have started to complain to the school's principal about how obstructive Blue's motorcade has become each morning.

"Blue’s entourage is causing traffic jams. Beyoncé and Jay Z have made things a huge hassle,” one source said. Sure, there are other celebrity kids getting dropped off, but only by one driver, not an entire staff.

Even though Blue is receiving a killer education, her nannies have to teach her French, Swahili and art history each day after she returns how from school.

And did you know: the reason Blue is even at that school is because Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce's closest friend, insisted there is no better place for her. Jay and Beyonce were living in New York but moved to Los Angeles after Gwyneth convinced Bey that it's the best place for them to raise a family.

Among the children who have graduated from there are the offspring of Jack Nicholson, Jodie Foster, and Barbra Streisand. Beyonce has performed at the school's annual concert held at the Shrine Auditorium (home of the Oscars). Pictured above is Blue Ivy performing a ballet routine at that same show.

3 Must Love The Arts Since It's Important For The Kids To Be Well Cultured

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Last month, Blue Ivy, at only six-years-old, bid $19,000 on her first piece of art at the Wearable Art Gala auction. Beyonce, along with Jay-Z's mother Gloria Carter, was being recognized for the humanitarian work she's committed herself to the past five years.

The piece Blue bid on was a watercolor painting created by artist Sidney Poitier. Vanity Fair reported that Tyler Perry ended up winning that bid, taking the art home for $20,000. Blue didn't go home empty-handed though. She bid $10,000 on a Samuel Levi Jones painting, officially making it the first piece of art to put in her own art gallery in her new home in Bel-Air. The 36" x 36" piece is made of deconstructed law and medical books.

Why does Blue have a desire to acquire such things? Well, her nannies take her to art museums and teach her art history as required by Jay-Z and Beyonce. These trips and conversations have installed a genuine passion for the arts in Blue, a passion that Beyonce and Jay were hoping she'd have.

Fun fact: when Beyonce wants her photos taken, she recruits young, emerging artists.

28-year-old Awol Erizku took her pregnancy announcement photos--you know, the ones that broke the internet? And Jason Poole, a young photographer with only 4,000 followers, took the first photos of the twins.

2 Must Stay In Shape Since The Kids Have Demanding Schedules

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This one isn't very surprising. One can only imagine how hectic Beyonce and Jay-Z's lives are.

This isn't a discriminatory thing either. It's just a preference Beyonce has, knowing that the women pushing through crowds with her will have to be able to keep up. It's very common for nannies to go MIA due to health issues and that is something Bey can't have happen. It takes so much time to find, process and acclimate a new hire, so it's best that each caretaker is in prime health.

Though Beyonce has six nannies looking after Rumi and Sir, they are with her all day, so while she's busy, she can still be a part of what's happening. Since having the twins, Bey has slowed way down on appearances and interviews but kicked it up a notch when it comes to her physical and mental health routines.

She meditates in the morning, works out in the late mornings, helps organize her staff around errands mid-day and slows it down in the evenings to be with her family. When she makes an appearance, the nannies work even harder to hold everything down behind the scenes.

You want to be in good health when the fate of Beyonce and Jay-Z's legacy literally lies in your hands. It's a must.

1 Must Go On Tour

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If you're one of Jay and Beyonce's nannies, you'll have two home away from homes; a room for yourself at the Carter mansion in Bel-Air and a spot on their tour bus. In just a couple of weeks, a team of nannies will say goodbye to their families to join Jay, Bey, Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir on their 9-month tour/adventure around the world.

Their nannies are some of the few who will ever see what happens behind-the-scenes of a Jay and Bey tour.

That many months on the road chasing around America's "royal children" will certainly be draining, but the fat paychecks will make up for any homesickness they might start to feel.

The On The Run II tour kicks off on June 6th in Cardiff, U.K. and will wrap up in Vancouver, BC on October 2nd. But just to note: most shows are already sold out. The UK leg of the tour (London, Manchester, Glasgow, and Cardiff) sold out in just seconds.

Blue, Rumi, and Sir are in for the biggest thrill of their lives, but so are their nannies. Oh, what bragging rights these nannies will have when they can say, "Yeah, I traveled the world once as Beyonce's nanny."

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