12 Shocking Times Women Risked It All To Save Their Unborn Baby

Some women pushed their own safety aside in an effort to ensure their baby would have a chance at survival.

Maternal instinct is something that most women are born with. The level of commitment that a mother will go to protect her child is crazy; just like the love she feels for her child in the womb.

For the lucky women, there is never a need to prove this love to their son or daughter. A baby inutero should grow, in theory, safe and sound encased by fluids, warmth, and the soft sing-song voice of their mother. But some moms to be are not so lucky. Some of these women are victims of cruel circumstance that put their lives - and in turn the lives of their son or daughter - at risk.

Below are 12 crazy AF stories about women who pushed their own safety aside in an effort to ensure that their baby would have a chance at survival. Their situations are harrowing, their stories are horrifying, but their courage is incredible. Self-sacrifice is the ultimate show of love, and these mothers have proved what lengths they will go to in order to protect their child.

12Woman Gives Up Eye To Save Baby

Chantal Gauthier-Vaillancourt, a cancer survivor and midwife, was ecstatic to learn that she was expecting. She had her husband reveled in the idea that after helping to many other women give birth, Chantal would get the experience the joy, as well. But shortly after the news of her pregnancy, she told by her doctors that her cancer had returned.

Chantal and her husband made the brave decision to remove Chantal's eye, where the cancerous tumor was located rather than subject their baby to other treatment plans, like chemotherapy.

No one ever wants to be faced with a decision like this, but Chantal's selfless act of literally giving up a body part for unborn child, is one of pure love and devotion.

11Mentally Disabled Woman Wins Right To Choose

A pregnant woman in London made headlines in 2012 when she fought the state to retain control of her body. The woman, whose name was not released, was mentally disabled, pregnant, and also suffering from a disease, Sickle Cell.

Her doctors filed a motion to try to force an abortion, believing that her pregnancy would endanger her life and that she did not have the mental capability to choose what was best for herself.

The woman's case went London's High Court, which ultimately decided, in a precedent-setting case, that her severe learning disabilities did not undermine her capacity to make her own decisions in regards to her health and pregnancy.

This unnamed woman's love for her baby showed how far a mother will go to defend her baby, even in the most unique of circumstance.

10Woman Chooses Baby Instead Of Sarcoma Treatment

Elizabeth Joice wad diagnosed with sarcoma, a type of tumor, and underwent chemotherapy. Afterwards, her and her husband were told they would not be able to have children. But unexpectedly, Elizabeth found out she was pregnant.

Early in her first trimester, Elizabeth was informed that the cancer was back. There were a number of possible complications that could effect the fetus if certain scans and tests were performed, so the couple chose instead to wait, to protect their unborn baby.

In her seventh month of pregnancy, a C-Section was performed to bring baby Lilly into the word. Three months later, Elizabeth succumbed to her cancer. But her baby will grow up to know the hardest choice her parents had to make, inevitable secured her safety.

9Chinese Woman Flees State-Mandated Abortion

The People's Republic of China, in an effort to curb population, mandated a protocol dubbed the "one child policy" that every family was forced to adhere to. If a woman became pregnant with a second child, there were reports that the state was forcing these women to undergo abortions.

Arzigul Tursun was one of these women. She escaped confinement in a hospital to save her unborn's child life. She ran from the Chinese Government, endangering not only her own life but those of the family that she had left behind.

Luckily her case drew so much attention internationally, there was a huge influx in pressure to let her keep her child. The People's Republic of China relented, and Tursun was granted permission to have her baby.

8Veteran Chooses Her Baby

U.S. Marine Andrea Ryder had already proven her bravery, having served two tours, including in Iraq and Afghanistan. She was also a cancer survivor, which made the news of her pregnancy even more exciting.

When doctors discovered that Andrea had cancer a second time, the safest decision was to terminate the baby and seek immediate treatment. But Andrea made the impossible decision to keep her baby, and reserve treatment for as long as possible.

Baby Olivia was born ten weeks early, but healthy and happy. Andrea began radiation right after her daughter's birth, and told reporters that she goes straight from her treatment to her baby's side.

Andrea said, “I just I just feel that a lot of people would maybe do this for their baby."

7Woman Pleads For Baby's Safety After Car Accident

In 2013, a young, pregnant woman named Niser Saldana-Quilantan was traveling with her husband and son when they were involved in a terrible car wreck. The first to arrive on scene was a woman named Iria Wolnick who pulled over to see if she could help.

Wolnick found the eight-month-pregnant Saldana-Quilantan laying on the ground, having been thrown from the vehicle during the crash.

The victim, covered in blood, had no idea that her baby's tiny head and arms were protruding from a giant gash in her mid-section. Saldana-Quilantan repeatedly asked about her baby. She had no concern for her own well-being, she just wanted to make sure that her baby was safe.

Unfortunately the young mother did not survive, but her her baby was saved by Wolnick, who removed it from the dying woman's body.

6Mom Dies For Her Baby

Karisa Bugal had a healthy pregnancy with her second child. She and her husband were all set to deliver their baby boy doctors informed the couple that Karia had developed a rare condition called amniotic fluid embolism. The best course of action was to operate on the mother, but in doing so it had the potential to harm their unborn baby.

Karisa, opting for the health of her baby, decided not to get the surgery. Her baby, Declan, was delivered safe and sound. But the condition had taken a toll on Karisa who ultimately passed away from complications stemming from the amniotic fluid embolism.

This brave mother left behind a legacy of love to her husband, Wes, and two children.

5This Mother's Love Had No Bounds

Ashley Bridges of Wildomar, Ca, was diagnosed with bone cancer at ten weeks pregnant. She was counselled by doctors to terminate the baby and start chemotherapy immediately. Her own safety relied on getting the cancer before it spread to other areas of her body, which would likely result in death.

"There's no way I could kill a healthy baby because I'm sick,"Ashley explained to reporters.

When Ashley reached her third trimester, she was informed that the cancer had spread and that is was most likely terminal due to the fact that she hadn't received timely treatment.

Ashley passed away in 2015, leaving behind a seven-year-old son and her precious baby, Paisley, who was 11 months. She literally gave her own life to save that of her daughter, proving that a mother's love truly knows no bounds.

4Woman Chooses Chance of Conception Over Treatment

Nicola Cockx had always dreamed of being a mother. When she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow, she was counseled that chemotherapy was her best chance at survival. Nicola was also told that her life-saving treatment would most likely make her infertile.

Choosing the dream of a child ahead of her own well-being, Nicola opted to a holistic approach to battle her cancer, which gave her a shot at conception.

In June 2012, Nicola welcomed baby Harriet. Prepared to start her long-waited treatment, Nicola was informed that the cancer had spread. Sadly, eight-month old Harriet lost her mother to cancer but will have grow up knowing that her mother sacrificed herself to meet her daughter.

3Once Infertile, Mother Gives Life For Unborn Baby

Stacie Crimm was 41-years-old and had been told for years that she was unable to conceive. She found unexpected joy when she was told that was pregnant. But his happiness was soon crushed when Stacie was told she developed cancer in both her head and her neck.

Chemotherapy was the best course of action, but would likely be detrimental to her unborn child. Stacie chose to forgo her treatment, and her condition rapidly worsened.

An emergency C-section was performed, and Dottie May was born at a mere 2 pounds, 1 ounce. Stacie was able to hold her daughter, but three days after her birth, Stacie passed away.

Her daughter, Dottie, was left with the legacy of a mother who would give anything to hold her baby in her arms.

2Mother Forgoes Cancer Treatment

Cheryl Anderson was 32-years-old when she was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, Cheryl was also two months pregnant. Cheryl refused any treatment to ensure the safety of her unborn baby. She even went to far as to refuse painkillers, fearing that they might inflict harm on her fetus.

At the end of her second trimester, Cheryl's doctors informed her that it was necessary to perform an emergency C-section to protect the baby. Her daughter, Taylor, was born healthy and happy, unaffected by the disease her mother harbored. But  Cheryl died just hours after the birth,  having given every last ounce of strength to bring her baby safety into the world.

Cheryl left behind her husband, Leigh, older daughter Georgia, and of course her precious baby, Taylor.

1Woman's Faith Saves The Baby

Jessica Council, a 30-year-old woman and mother, was excited to learn that she was pregnant. A persistent sore throat was pushed aside, until it became clear that something was amiss.

At first doctors thought it was a thyroid goiter, but Jessica began to worsen. She had trouble breathing and was placed on a ventilator.  Jessica and her husband, Clint, were religious and doctors urged them to have an abortion to save Jessica's life. The decision was clear: they would take their chances.

Jessica's condition went down hill, and baby Jessi was born via emergency C-section at 1 pound, 3 ounces. She was 23 1/2 weeks inutero-- the brink for viability.

“I can only testify to God’s grace on that, because Jessica died right when the baby was viable for life outside the womb,” says Clint

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