12 Steps to Building a Time Capsule for Your Baby

Think about your life five years ago. There are probably significant changes. Maybe your kids were babies; maybe they weren’t even born. Your career is probably different because the average employee changes jobs every 4.4 years. Salaries have risen, and so has the cost of living. So much has changed in so little time. Imagine how different the world will be five years down the road. Time capsules are a brilliant way to take a snapshot of the present and keep it for the future. It’s the next best thing to time travel.

Creating a time capsule is a fun way to celebrate now and later. A capsule can be as basic as a shoe box, or as elaborate as a stainless steel, water and fire proof strongbox. A time capsule is a treasure trove of the past. It’s a collection of items that define a specific date. It is sealed, and stored, to be re-opened at a later date. Building a time capsule for a child’s birthday will give them pride and confidence.

There are several steps to consider when planning a time capsule gift. The key is to make it relevant and special. The capsule should mirror your world. Photos, history, pop culture, and news are all a part of the package. It’s a one-of-a-kind present that will be treasured and not easily forgotten. This is a special gift that has the power to bond generations. Start a new tradition for your family by creating a time capsule for your little one.

12 Container

First, decide which container suits your needs. The size will depend on how many items you wish to place in the capsule. If the box will be kept indoors, a shoe box or plastic container is fine. The best selection would be a container that keeps out air and water. Make sure the box is acid-free. Include desiccants or silica gel packets to absorb moisture. To enhance the long lasting preservation, it is advised not to bury the capsule because it will probably be lost or forgotten. It’s also susceptible to moisture damage when it’s underground. A dry and reliable environment is best.

11 Write a Note

Did you ever receive a letter in the mail when you were a kid? It was because it was personally addressed to you. Your time capsule letter will be very special for your child, too. Say hello, describe who you are, and explain your reason for creating the time capsule. Keep it to one page, and share the highlights of your life.

10 Personal Items

Collect items of personal interest. Ask yourself, if you could capture your true nature with a few items, what would they be? These things don’t need to be expensive. What matters is that the objects echo the spirit of the present. Meaningful personal items like letters, or poems should be preserved.

9 Photographs

Your miniature archive should include lots and lots of photographs. Take pictures of the child’s home, mom’s pregnant belly, parents, extended family, pets, the doctor who delivered the baby, your car, etc. Include a map of your town/city. Find the address on Google Earth, and print it from there.

8 Popular Items

Packaging of favorite foods and other labelling are fun to include. A lifestyle magazine will show top celebrities and current fashion styles. Also include a local or national newspaper to show current events, and a TV guide for a list of popular TV programs. Place all paper in a plastic bag to prevent yellowing.

7 Pricing

Prices will be very amusing to see in the future. Include advertisements and flyers from grocery and electronic stores. Department store catalogues are handy to examine loads of items. You can also include your receipts.

6 Flash Drive

Instead of writing a list of popular and favorite songs on a piece of paper, include a USB flash drive with music. Digital pictures and home videos can also be stored here.

5 Currency

Enclose a set of currency, one of each denomination.Try to get money with the current year printed on it.

4 Family Tree

Illustrate your baby’s history by creating a family tree diagram.An organized pictogram of your ancestors is priceless family history.Adding your child’s name to the family tree is a wonderful way to welcome a new baby into the family.

3 Protect Your Valuables

Exposure to air and sunlight will turn paper yellow. To slow down deterioration, place paper in acid-free file folders. This capsule is meant to last for years.

2 What Not to Do

It is strongly advised not to include food or drinks in the time capsule. Anything that could potentially wreck the contents or cause odors should be omitted. Since you have taken the time to create this capsule, make sure it’s preserved for future generations.

1 Reopening Date

Choose a date when the capsule will be opened. Five years is enough for a child. Opening the capsule should be a meaningful day. Celebrating the present and reliving the past will strengthen the family bond.

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