12 Steps to Feng Shui in the Nursery

Preparing a new baby’s room requires planning. There is a 3,000 year old Chinese doctrine that can help.

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway) is all about chi, the energy that flows through everything. Its purpose is to bring positive energy into your home. There is a significant connection between your environment and your life.

You're affected by the objects in your surroundings. The items in your home need to have a flow.

If your house is cluttered, your life will be cluttered. Bringing Feng Shui techniques into your home not only improves the aesthetic, but also creates positive energy that attracts good fortune, and wellness.


Designing good Feng Shui for a nursery is more than just beautifying the room. It’s about communicating love and support. Think of your infant’s room as the second womb. By building a positive and loving space, you are building the connection with your baby.

To boost good energy in your little one’s room, there are plenty of factors to consider. Feng Shui design incorporates five elements – fire, water, metal, earth, and wood. These materials transfer balance and joy.

Also, there are common sense rules. Maintaining clean and orderly surroundings helps positive energy flow. Getting rid of mess and clutter makes it easier to get from room to room.

An organized and comfortable nursery can help you operate with ease. Improving your environment creates positive changes in life.

Feng Shui traditions offers healing and success for you and your loved ones.

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12 Room Selection

Choose an appropriate baby’s room in your home. Do not select a room that is over a garage. A bedroom that is over a room with empty space lacks energy. Also, a peaceful nursery is one that is away from noise and disturbance.

11 Crib Placement

Position the baby’s bed far away from the door. A crib that is diagonally positioned from the door will deflate negative energy. If it’s in line with the bedroom door, there will be too much energy flowing toward the crib. It’s important to note that Feng Shui philosophy advises not to own used furniture. The previous owner may have gathered negative energy in those items.

10 Wall Behind the Crib

Having a solid wall behind the baby’s bed is crucial. The headboard of the crib should never be against a window. Make sure your infant lies in front of a good supporting wall.

9 Baby’s Oasis

Think of the room as an oasis for your little one. Be guided by the senses. Positive Feng Shui feels good. It’s a sanctuary for your baby. An extraordinary retreat for bonding will provide a sense of security. Healthy Feng Shui gives children inspiration, and a happier life. It will also create a peaceful place for you both.

8 Soothing Colors

When children are playing, they thrive in bright colors. On the other hand, newborns can be overstimulated. Resting well requires muted colors. Whites are great for babies. Avoid black and white themes because there is excessive contrast. Select color schemes that are close on the color wheel. Green and blue, or white and beige are excellent choices.

7 Design Themes

Nature is a theme that promotes peace. Some animals in nature are not peaceful, so choose animal motifs carefully. Ferocious animals are often part of the jungle theme, and do not fit the basis of Feng Shui.

6 No Plants

Keep flowers and plants away from a baby’s room. Plants create too much energy. Babies will be less fussy using this Feng Shui technique. A good night’s rest promotes health and wellness

5 Natural Materials

Use natural fibers and materials whenever possible. Crib sheets, drapes, floors, and furniture should be made of organic materials. Skip plastic, and buy wood instead. These natural elements will help your new addition feel nurtured.

4 Inspiring Art

Hang pictures of tranquil nature scenes. They will bring a calm and harmonious mood in the nursery. Graphic art does not belong in a bedroom. Place a serene piece of art directly across from the crib. When baby awakes, the first image of the day will be a picture of peace.

3 Soft Lighting

When the lights are not too bright, the energy of a baby’s room is improved. Do not place ceiling lights directly over a crib. Instead of glaring lights, use lamps with soft light. Different sources of light used at different times of the day are best. Invite as much natural light as possible to nurture the mind, body, and spirit. Make sure the lights are off when your baby is asleep. A night light is fine for midnight feedings, but a dark room will ensure a restful sleep for your little one.

2 Avoid Clutter

Energy cannot circulate if clutter is all around. Keep diapers, baby wipes, powder, and clothes out of sight. If the energy cannot circulate, disturbances will overwhelm the space.

1 Mirrors

Mirrors amplify natural light. They help to disperse positive energy throughout the room. Studies show that social growth is stimulated with the use of mirrors. Reflections represent abundance. Since the mirror will reflect the beautiful and harmonious room, perhaps your baby will feel twice as loved.

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