12 Stories Of Abandoned Babies Found In The Most Shocking Places

Watching the news these days can be a scary thing. There are horror stories of murders, car accidents, robberies and many other terrible things. A certain kind of story has been popping up frequently. It is a story of newborns being abandoned shortly after coming into this world.

These newborns have been found in dumpsters, toilets, bags on the street and a variety of other awful places. Babies being discarded as if they were a worn-out old shoe.

The thought of abandoning one's newborn is unfathomable to most. Unfortunately, we live in a world where this is becoming more commonplace and it happens. Many of the people that abandon their newborn babies are too selfish, too messed up on substances to see past themselves, and just want to rid themselves of the inconvenience a baby brings.

Some of them are just plain evil and don't see the value in life.

What is truly amazing, is the resilience these babies have. No sooner than being born, they face an unspeakable adversity and make it through. Some survived being buried, being thrown away in the cold and the rain, or left in an alleyway. No matter the ways they were abandoned, none is worse than the other. They are all horrible, and it is despicable that this happens.

There are plenty of alternative options than just discarding of a newborn. Fire departments will take them, there plenty of people who would love to have a baby. Thank goodness the stories below have happy endings.

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12 Buried Alive

During the Spring of 2015 in China, a baby boy was born. For most the birth of a new baby is a happy occasion. Such was not the case for this little boy. He was born with a cleft palet, and due to fever spent four days in the hospital. After being released the parents paid their bill. They told the staff they did not want a birth certificate or any record of the birth of their baby boy.

The Grandmothers of the boy hired a man to dispose of the child, for 290 dollars. He placed the baby in a box and left him for 2 days in the wilderness, exposed. Upon returning he thought the boy to be dead and dug a shallow grave. 8 days later a woman was picking herbs and heard a baby crying. She went to the police and they rescued the baby.

It had rained during his time being partially buried and he was coughing up mud. He was also covered in bruises and was in critical condition. The hospital staff were able to save him and nursed him back to health. The family was arrested, but the parents were released on bond.

11 Abandoned In A Purse

A baby was abandoned in a handbag at a house on a cold Texas night back in 2012. The family that found the baby boy stated that the family cat was acting strangely and sniffing around the back door. When they checked to see if something was there, they heard noises and found a purse. The newborn baby boy had been wrapped in a towel, placed in a pillow case and put in a handbag. The baby still had his umbilical chord attached.

Due to the low temperatures, dipping down to the 40's; they believe the baby would not have survived through the night. Thankfully he was found. The family called the police and they took the baby to the hospital. Miraculously, he was in good shape and placed with a foster family.

10 Found In An Armadillo Burrow

This story is a little strange, not unlike the rest. This little newborn was found in an armadillo burrow, after being buried in it for at least 24 hours. This story hails from Brazil and happened back in 2006. Local police stumbled across the baby boy, as his head was sticking out of the burrow.

The rest of his little body was buried, and flies had begun to congregate on his head. The police retrieved the boy and he still had placenta attached. They thought he was dead. After removing dirt from his mouth, the boy began crying.

The police tracked down his mother and never got an explanation as to why she did it. She was the mother to 4 other children. She even tried lying about the baby being hers, but due to the fact she had just given birth and the baby being buried not far from her house, the cops knew it was hers. He was taken to the hospital and treated by staff.

9 Buried In The Rubble

This story takes place in December 2015 in California. According to police, a baby was found buried alive, under rubble, near a riverbed. People passing by were able to hear the babies cries and called for help. Upon being found in a crevice on a bike back, the police stated she was wrapped in a blanket and cold to the touch.

Thanks to the help of the good samaritans passing by, and calling for help this little girl got a happy ending to her story. The police had found her in time, and were able to get her to the hospital. The staff was able to treat her and bring her back to health. The police were also able to find the mother and arrest her for abandoning her newborn baby girl.

8 Trash Chute Survival

Brooklyn, 2011 a mother threw her newborn baby down a trash chute.From the 8th floor, she sent her own son down a trash chute.  The mother was 18 at the time and had hidden her pregnancy from everyone in her building. For whatever reason, she felt the need not only to hide her pregnancy, but try and kill her baby too.

Thankfully, the trash chute was full due to it being overfilled. The baby landed on a cushion of trash and sat there for 12 hours until being found. A maintenance worker heard crying and found the newborn. The worker then alerted police and the baby was taken to a hospital. Thankfully the baby had no harm done to it, and upon arriving the staff said he was only 15 hours old.

Thankfully the little boy was placed with his grandmother and his birth mother is not allowed to see him.

7 Dogs, Babies Best Friend

In Nairobi Kenya, a baby was found and saved by a stray dog. The good dog pictured above found a newborn baby, in a plastic bag.  It is believed the dog found the baby in the forest and brought it across a busy road to the shed where she was taking care of her puppies. She was going to care for the little girl as one of her own.

The owner of the shed where the dog, her puppies and the infant were staying, found the baby and took her to the hospital. He stated the baby had tattered clothing on.

At the hospital, they determined she weighs 7lbs 4oz. She was in relatively good health, but still required some antibiotics, which she responded well to. The public loved this story and donated lots of baby items to the hospital for her.

6 Abandoned In Subway Toilet

A baby was found in the toilet of a Subway sandwich restaurant. The workers told police they noticed a woman leaving the bathroom had blood on her after using the restroom. They 2 coworkers decided to investigate and found a baby in the toilet. They said the scene was very bloody.

Upon opening the door they saw the umbilical chord leading to the toilet, and the baby was partially submerged. The placenta was found in the trashcan. The baby was crying, which was a good sign. The workers called 911, and the little boy was determined to be in critical condition.

The cops were able to find the mother and arrested her on the charge of attempted murder. The little boy thankfully survived and was eventually deemed to be in good health.

5 Baby Abandoned In A Field

In October 2016 police responded to a call about an abandoned newborn. The caller stated that they had found a newborn baby, lying in the grass in an open field. The field was near residential and commercial buildings. The man who found her said he doesn't normally walk that way at that time of day. How lucky that he did.

The baby girl was found naked with her umbilical chord attached.Thankfully the baby was only about 2-3 hours old and in good physical health. She was taken to a hospital to be checked out, then placed with a foster family.

The unfortunate thing is this is almost common. The police stated that it happens often and is usually due to the fact, that mom has nobody to help her. The mothers are suspected of doing this out of fear, as opposed to malice or just being selfish.

4 Walmart Bag Baby

Looking at the little girl you above, you would never know she was abandoned. Just an hour after being born, she was dumped in a Walmart bag at an apartment complex in Texas. A woman walking her dog around said the dog smelled something and led her to find the baby girl.

She still had her umbilical chord attached. She was taken to Texas Children's Hospital. They found that not only was just a few hours old, she was a premature baby as well.

The staff was able to care for her, and because she had nothing wrong with, released her to Child Protective Services. In most cases, they try to reunite babies and children with family members. When babies are abandoned, they aren't always able to find family, as was this case with this little girl. She was placed with a loving foster family.

3 Walmart Restroom Baby

Here we have another story that links to a Walmart. A baby was found left behind in a restroom at Walmart. The mother gave birth and left the baby behind. The baby was found by employees. They called the police and the newborn was rushed to the hospital, where she was put on a breathing machine. Fortunately, her condition improved and they were able to remove her from the machine after a few days.

The baby was placed in State Custody and they were determining where to place her. The mother was arrested on charges of 2nd degree attempted murder. She claims she did not know she was pregnant, and out of fear and shock, abandoned the baby. The mother had previous charges against a child when she caused the death of a 3-year-old at a daycare.

This woman should never be around children, or able to have children.

2 Abandoned In A Shoebox

The little girl pictured above was found by a 14-year-old boy one Saturday morning. While watching T.V. the teenager said he heard crying. Initially, he thought it was a cat. Then, after about 10 minutes, he went outside to check it out. There on his back patio, in a Nike shoebox, was a newborn baby girl. Unlike a lot of the stories we have heard, someone did care for this baby before abandoning her.

The teen opened the box and saw the little girl, who was crying. The baby was dressed in a pink hat and sweater, wrapped in a blanket. Beside her was a bottle of formula. The young man didn't know what to do, so he ran upstairs and alerted a neighbor. The police were called and took the little girl to the hospital. She was given a clean bill of health and authorities gave her to the state while searching for her family.

1 Saved By A Cat

A 12-week old baby boy was found abandoned by a cat in Russia. Thanks to the big, fluffy kitty lying on him and keeping him warm, his life was saved. The kitty was a homeless cat, that lived on the streets. She is loved by many neighborhood residents and on cold nights is brought into their homes. Thankfully, this was one of those nights.

A resident of the building where the baby was found, said she heard loud meowing and was worried about Masha (the cat).

She hurriedly left her apartment and headed downstairs to the cellar. The cellar, described as damp and chilly, where she made her discovery. The sweet neighborhood kitty, once abandoned herself, was lying next to a baby boy, snuggling and keeping him warm. The baby boy was rushed to the hospital and was deemed to be in good health.

These stories are had to read and extremely sad. The thought of a helpless newborn, all alone in the world... heartbreaking.  Thankfully all the stories here have happy endings. While there are many different reasons for these babies to be abandoned, and some even sad, it still does not excuse abandoning a baby.

There are many places that will take an unwanted baby. Churches, firehouses, and adoption agencies. There are also many state-funded organizations that will help mothers find loving homes for their unwanted babies.

There are certain parts of the world where abandoned babies is a normal thing. In China, there is a 'hatch'. A room attached to a state-run orphanage, for parents to anonymously leave their unwanted babies. The babies are left in the room, and when the parents leave, the door locks and alarm sounds to alert the staff.

The babies commonly left are ones with medical issues. Many of the parents don't have money for treatments. They feel leaving the babies with the state gives them a sliver of hope.

Africa is another country that has a problem with babies being abandoned. Cheryl Allen, a South African Baptist Pastor, started the 'baby bin'. The 'baby bin' is similar to the one in China, and one in Europe. Unlike Chine, more babies are brought to the baby bin by police and hospital staff. New mothers have a tendency of leaving the hospital without their newborns.

Parents abandoning their babies is obviously not going stop. It is another sad, unfortunate thing that happens in the world we live in. We can only hope that every abandoned baby has a happy ending to their story.

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