12 Stories Of Women Who Were Abused By Their Doctor

What is a doctor? For me, a doctor is a person I can trust legally to carry out my medical needs. What if these medical needs weren't met and I found myself being abused under the care of my Primary Physician, gynaecologist or even a dentist. We can never predict these situations. Never do we expect a person in a position of power to use that power in an illegitimate and illegal way, which is why these stories are unbelievable and outrageous.

Unfortunately, there are men and women out their who abused their medical licenses and abused their patients.The only time I have ever been asleep during an operation, was when I was seventeen and I needed to get my wisdom teeth pulled. I don't know what I would have done, if the dentist performing my surgery took advantage of my sleep induced state.

For some patients, these doctors drugged them to perform sexual acts, some were doing it willing, and other patients didn't know they were being victimized. Either way, it is a scary thought to think that there are doctors out there, who just want to fulfill their own desires, and will even pray on their own patients to achieve their goals.

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12 Canadian Doctor Abuses 21 Sedated Patients

Here is a story that sums it all up, as to why we can not trust everyone we call "doctor." In 2014, Doctor Doodnaught was arrested and sentenced to ten years in prison. Why? It turns out that Dr. Doodnaught was sexually assaulting twenty one of his female patients. From 2006 until 2010, Dr. Doodnaught was getting away with these sexual acts. These women were between 25 to 75 years old. They all shared a similar story involving Dr. Doodnaught.

These women would be sedated for surgery, and as the surgery was taking place he would fondle them anywhere he pleased. He would kiss some of them, touch their private areas, along with caressing their breasts. During his trial, he tried to argue that all these women were hallucinating that these assaults took place. He was blaming the sedation drug for their hallucinations.

For most of these women, there were common feelings of fear, tears, guilt, and lack of intimacy being reported. One of his victims recalls her horrifying experience, and explains that he was french kissing her, fondling her breasts, and forcing his penis into her mouth. All these women, were partially sedated, they knew what was happening to them, but were unable to move their limps to escape. All these women are scared to trust doctors ever again, and who can blame them.

11 Yumna Moosa

There are cases of doctors bullying their patients, and then there are cases of doctor on doctor bullying. In Capetown, South African a young woman named Yumna Moosa shared her story with the world. She and many other junior doctors were being bullied by senior doctors. They were making statements that were sexist, racist, and Islamophobic.

As Yumna Moosa was trying to fight off these comments, her senior peers encouraged her to just suck it up. She refused to do this and she secretly recorded these allegations against her and her junior associates. Moosa is trying to get the world to see, that just because you are a young doctor does not mean you are stupid. Many people have accused Moosa of being incompetent, because she came forward on YouTube. Unfortunately for Moosa, she has given up on her medical career and is pursuing a PhD in Bioinformatics.

10 Ethel Easter

Here's another story of doctors going over the edge. In Houston, TX a woman named Ethel Easter was having great stomach pain and found herself peeing blood. Concerned for her well being, Easter decided to visit her doctor. During her visit, her doctor said it was nothing too serious and that they could schedule a surgery within the next two months. Outraged and in pain, Easter pleaded for a surgery to take place much sooner. The doctor and her came to an understanding, and within two weeks she found herself on a hospital surgical table. Before she went into surgery, she armed herself with a recording device. She braided it within her hair. She wanted this device with her in case something went wrong during the surgery. She wanted her family to be able to help her, in case she was unable to tell them what was wrong. Easter recalls not trusting her doctor.

During Easter's surgery the doctor, who she had previously visited about the surgery, made many rude comments about her. He made racial comments about her referring to her as "Precious." Precious is a large African American girl in the film Precious, who gets raped by her own dad. Easter was outraged by these racial references. Later, this doctor asked if anyone had a camera cause he wanted to get a recording of him touching her sexually. He never actually touched her in this way, but this comment frightened Easter the most. Easter wanted her story to get out there, so other people can get the help they need and to ask doctors to be more careful about what they say to the patients in their care.

9 Tara Batrice And Dr. Arar

In Louisville, Kentucky a neurologist, Dr. Arar, has taken it a little too far. A patient named Tara Batrice, has come forward to tell her tale. She claims that Dr. Arar has sexually assaulted her, and that no nurses were in the room during the time of her examination. Upon leaving the clinic, Batrice was too shocked to say anything to anyone. She eventually came forward, along with nine other unidentified women.

One of the unknown women told police that she was given medicine and muscle relaxers during her visit with Dr. Arar. These medications made it impossible for her to defend herself. While being questioned by police, Arar refused to anwser the questions directly, denied doing anything to these women, and refused to give a DNA sample.

Tara Batrice, provided the police with a DNA sample. There were also bruises on her, and other evidence that suggested she had been sexually assaulted. Arar's lawyers are not convinced she is telling the truth, and believe her motive for accusing Arar is for monetary gain. According to these lawyers, Batrice has a drug addiction and needs this publicity and money to pay it off. The lawyers believe this is an unfair treatment to Dr. Arar, and will forever taint his family and career. Batrice's lawyers, stand firm on their beliefs, that she was assaulted and was a helpless victim on the day of her visit.

8 Dr. Michelle Ong

Becoming pregnant is exciting. The further along you are, the more people come up and ask "how far along are you?" We become proud of our pregnant accomplishment, and are grateful to say that we are 35 weeks pregnant. In the case of Michelle Ong, perhaps she was not happy to be 35 weeks along. In a hospital in Newfoundland, Canada, Dr. Ong found herself being fired for being pregnant. The reasons for her termination were, she was pregnant and about to go on maternity leave, she was an Australian worker with an expiring work visa, and they also told her her position was no longer needed.

Ong claims that the stress of this situation put her into early labor. She knew that this was a human rights issue. Who fires someone for being pregnant? According to a CBC News article, Ong contacted a health minister named Steven Kent. He immediately contacted Central Health and forced them to begin the hiring process with Dr. Ong once more. Ong got her job back, she however, believes the actions of Central Health will make foreigners think twice before seeking a job with them.

7 Charolette Of Scotland

In Glasgow, Scotland a woman called Charolette recalls getting bullied by her doctors. She was about to give birth to her new baby, when she was given improper medical advice. The Southern General Hospital of Glasgow confesses to making Charolette take antibiotics she did not need . In an article by The Guardian, Charolette makes a statement in which she says, "They didn't like it that I questioned them...I don't know if the consultant was on some kind of power trip because I challenged her, but the result was that I was bullied into something I didn't want...Finally I turned my head away and said: 'Just give me the medicine."

Her story is like so many other women's stories out there. There are many women in the United Kingdom, crying out to have their rights during child birth heard. Charolette pursued the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, a place in which Scots are encourage to turn to to complain about health services provided. She told them of her bullying story, and they forced the hospital to apologize to her and her family. Charolette's story is only the beginning to fixing the problem with women's health and birthing choices within the UK.

Many women are being coerced, and not fully consenting to the treatments being suggested to them by these facilities. Some women are having home births denied, others are given medicines they are not consenting too, and the list goes on. The rights for women's birthing rights continues in the UK, and we can only pray they will drastically improve in years to come.

6 Camden Health Centre Doctor

Recently this month, March 2017, at the Camden Health Centre in Sydney, Australia, it has been reported that three female patients have been sexually assaulted by their male doctor. The accused 60 year old doctor, is being charged with eight counts of sexual assault, a plethora of patient complaints, six counts of indecent assault, and the sexual assault of these three females, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Local officers in Sydney, believe many people knew about this doctor's inappropriate behavior and did not say anything. They are currently searching for any bystanders, who may have any more leads into this case. What a troubling world we live in, that sometimes even our own doctors become the monsters we never dreamed possible. The doctor has begun going to court for this horrendous case. Unfortunately, for these women their doctor broken the most sacred medical relationship between doctor and patient. Luckily for them, justice will soon be served in due time.

5 Lisa Epsteen

This story is one of confusion, possible coercion, and a mother making a choice for herself and child. Lisa Epsteen, in 2013 was about to give birth to her fifth child. She was so longing to have a VBAC, and Dr. Yankowitz was willing to attempt her wishes. However, nature has a way of changing our birth plans on us, and Epsteen found herself facing an emergency C-section.

Dr. Yankowitz informed her that her baby's heart rate was decreasing, that he was under distress, and that he might have brain damage. Despite all of this news, Epsteen refused to have the C-section. Something within her did not want to listen to her doctor's advice. I am happy to say, that she delivered a healthy baby boy that year. However, at the time Dr. Yankowitz sent her a threatening email, saying he would contact the police if she did not undergo the surgery. Was this coercion or was it simply a doctor trying to get a mother to do what he thinks is best for the baby? Is Lisa Epsteen a goddess for listening to her instincts, or is she simply reckless for ignoring medical advice when she knew her baby was at possible risk?

4 Maria Menounos

There is something about being asked to get into a hospital gown that makes everyone uncomfortable. Hospital gowns have a way of make us feel exposed, vulnerable, and in my case a little stupid. I never know how to properly put them on, I know I am not the only human being who struggles with the strings in the back and strange buttons on the side.

For Maria Menounos, hospital gowns are the root of her hatred toward male doctors. As a young girl, she recalls visiting the doctor with her boyfriend. She was sick at the time with a sore throat. While her boyfriend was in the waiting room, Menounos was asked to get into a hospital gown. Her male doctor came in and groped her in that hospital gown. She was shocked and screamed loudly in the exam room.

The second time, she was touched by a physician was at the gyno's office. The male doctor decided he liked her belly button piercing, and began to fondle the thing in admiration. Things got out of hand, when he started fondling her. She never reported these incidents, and many people have called her a fool for it. At least she is brave to speak out about it now.

3 Josmi Bansal

Josmi Bansal was like any mother, excited to meet her new little baby. The Ottowa mother, then got the news that would change her life forever. Her little baby, had died within her womb. Stunned that her baby was a still born, she had to go through the most sad delivery of her life. Any person with a heart, would have comforted her in this time of delivery and grievance.

However, this was not the case instead she was bullied. How could anyone bully a mother delivering a still born is beyond me, but that is what happened in this case. In a CBC article Bansal recalls, "The attending doctor on call was extremely aggressive and rude, and told me... that he might need to maim my son's corpse to deliver him vaginally."

Maiming is to cripple or break a body apart. I can only imagine the trauma that these doctor's words brought to Bansal and her family that day. The doctor did not stop there, he continued on and said that he might have to cut off her son's head. I am heart broken for Bansal, that she lost her son and am even more disgusted that a doctor would choose such poor words when describing the death of an innocent.

2 Dr. Michael Howard Popkin

In San Fernado Valley, CA there is a doctor being accused of sexual battery toward multiple women. Dr. Michael Howard Popkin, has been practicing medicine in California since 1977. He is believed to have been molesting women from 2001 to 2016. As of December 2016, his license was not revoked. The police want to explore this case further.

Some patients who visited Dr. Popkin in December, reported him to be professional and caring. Dr.Popkin denies any of the claims made against him, and he does not want this to effect his career, his good name, and refuses to be ostracized by the media.

In Popkin's statement he made to CBS Los Angeles, he defends himself and says, "“Yea, I’m innocent. I don’t want to be crucified in the media. I’ve built my reputation over the last 25 years. The world is a lot meaner than I perceived it to be.” One of Dr. Popkin's victims has come forward to testify against him in hopes that a domino effect of women will follow suit. Only time will tell if justice will be served.

1 G-Spot Doc aka Dr. Kurt Froehlich

Ernest Grafenberg is the German born physician who claims that women have a "G-spot." Not all physicians agree with him, and do not believe there is enough evidence to support this claim. As for Dr. Kurt Froehlich, he definitely believes in the g-spot.

This Cincinnati, OH doctor, was asked by two separate patients to help them local their g-spots. Dr. Froehlich recalls how he got out a medical chart to show these girls where it was located, and on both occasions, that was not enough for the patients. They wanted their doctor to help them locate their g-spots in reality, so Dr. Froehlich not only fingered both girls to orgasm. He also ended up having sex with one of the girls.

These cases were all consensual. It was the contact between Dr. Frohlich and a female medical assistant that got his license revoked. He groped and put his hand down the pants of this female medical assistant, and she later pressured charges against him. Frohlich, blamed his actions on his prostate cancer and the death of his mother-in-law. This excuse didn't take him very far, and he later apologized for his actions. To this day, he does not believe he deserved getting his license revoked.

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