12 Superpowers Parents Wish They Had

Saying that being a parent is hard would be a huge understatement, because things that are hard are math tests and rocks; parenting is a whole new level of Sudoku all together! It takes a lot of elbow grease and determination to raise a child let alone multiple children.

Since superhero movies are all of the rage right now we thought it would be a great idea to combine the two.

Imagine if you could pick any superpower imaginable to help you as a parent get through the day, wouldn’t that be nice? What would the power be for you, what would your choice be?? Sure you could have more than one superpower, but that wouldn’t really be playing the game fair now would it.

Go through our list of the possible superpowers that you could have as a parent and choose the one that you think is best for you!

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12 The Ability To Duplicate Yourself

I know this is one ability that every parent who has ever had a child definitely wishes they had and that goes double for parents that have had multiple children. Having the ability to duplicate yourself as a parent would be fantastic in a situation where you have twins, triplets, or just multiple young kids.

There can be so much to get done in one day it can just be downright ridiculous. There was already enough to do with work, cleaning the house and doing all of the other errands, and now mom and dad have to deal with the feedings, crying, doctor’s appointments, play dates, school, and so much more.

Even if you just have one kid, that can all add up really quick. I think every parent would love the ability to make multiples of themselves to get things done. A good ratio would be 2 moms and 2 dads for every child, and between all of the things that need doing in one day, that might still not be enough.

11 The Powers of Telekinesis

Telekinesis is the ability to move things with your mind, and I know that you might be thinking that this seems like a somewhat useless ability to have as a parent, especially among all of the other superb choices, but just hear me out for a second.

I really only have one thing in mind here and that is diapers. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to change your baby without having to touch the nasty stuff at all? I mean, we all get used to having to change a diaper and deal with the smell, maybe it’s even part of the bonding process.

Yet, the fact of the matter is that there are many other ways to bond, and if you ask me being able to wipe and throw away the diaper without the possibility of getting brown all over me is well worth it. With telekinesis all you have to do is think about it really hard and the objects will move themselves, butts will wipe themselves, and diapers will find their own way to the bin, now wouldn’t that be nice!

10 Having Healing Powers

One of the worst fears for every parent is that their child will get sick or injured. Now I’m not talking about a scrape or a bruise, and not some sniffles either, that’s the small stuff. I mean that parents are scared that their children will be seriously injured or develop a life threatening disease. Who knows, maybe the child was even born with a serious illness.

I’m sure the parents of sick children more than any other parents would love to have healing powers. Since this is all idealistic thinking anyway, we’re talking about healing powers that can heal absolutely anything.

No more will you have to worry about your child having cancer, diabetes, autism, heart conditions or any other kind of disorder, because with some glowing hands and a few well-placed words you can simply poof the sickness away. Broken arms? Think again little Johnny, poof, it’s healed!

9 Superhuman Tracking Abilities

Superhuman tracking is one of those abilities that every parent with teenagers definitely wished they could have, because let’s face it, we’ve all snuck out of the window to go to a party that mom or dad said we couldn’t go to, even if it was out of the second story window.

Sometimes that ended in us coming home to very angry parents, sometimes it ended in you getting a scathing phone call telling you to get home immediately, and very rarely did that end in you coming home and actually pulling it off.

It’s hard to face it, but we are those parents now who worry about where our kids are and who they are with. Even with today’s social media and cell phones connecting us together at the click of a button, it would be so much easier to find our little brats doing all that bad stuff if we could just close our eyes and find them by focusing on their image with all our might. And yeah, sorry to call your teenager a little brat, it’s not personal and it’s not your fault either, it’s just those hormones.

8 The Power of Invisibility

This superpower comes in really handy for those times where your kids have been screaming “MOMMY!” all day long, you’ve just finished all of the grocery shopping, scraped the dishes, scrubbed the toilet, folded the laundry, and cooked dinner, not to mention looked after the kids all day long.

So I’m thinking it would be really nice if just for even one of those times near the end of the day, where your children are running through the house and screaming for mommy to resolve their newest debacle about who owns which section of that particular Hot Wheels track, if you could just go invisible.

Imagine that, just for five minutes you could have some time to yourself, simply because they can’t see you. This may sound a little selfish, but it’s really not because every parent still needs some time to themselves, or else they’ll pop like an over-inflated basketball!

7 The Ability to Go at Super Speed

Super speed is another one of those powers that every parent would love to have because there is just too much to do in one day. Whether you have one, two, three, or six children, you know that there is just too much to get done in a single day and far too few hours to get it done in.

If you had super speed there wouldn’t have to be more hours in a day, because you would essentially be controlling your own time, or better yet, making your own time. Instead of taking the whole morning to clean the house from top to bottom it would only take you the whole of 15 minutes!

All of that extra time will leave you wanting to take up some hobbies because you won’t even know what to do with yourself anymore!

6 The Ever Powerful Sonic Scream

Have you ever had those times where your child will just not be quiet and listen to you? If you already have had one child or more then you definitely know what I’m talking about here. Sometime kids just get into this zone where they refuse to listen to anything you have to say and will just talk and cry over your voice no matter how loud your voice may be.

That’s even truer if you have several boys in the house that are arguing with each other. It doesn’t even really matter what age they are because when boys get to fighting it can be near impossible to stop them.

Now just imagine if you had the sonic scream, or essentially the ability to scream at a level that would shatter windows and temporarily deafen people around you. Say goodbye to screaming and sassy boys because with your shrill shriek that would send a harpy running for the hills they would obey orders for sure! 

Just toss in a pair of eyeballs that can flash or grow at a ridiculously bright intensity and you could practically be a walking devastator and nobody wants to mess with that!

5 The Ability to Read People’s Minds

Mind reading would be a really cool ability to have because for a long time, say for about 3-4 years, your child won’t be able to convey what they want yet because they just can’t talk yet. Being able to read your baby’s mind would be really convenient because then even when they can’t talk yet you could still know what they want.

And you know what that means, no more crying, because they only cry for the very reason that they can’t use words yet so no matter what they want, they cry until their needs are met. However, with the ability to read their minds you could end the never ending waterworks once and for all.

Mind reading is good for any stage of parenting really, because sometimes your children just don’t want to talk about their problems, your child may have a bully at school, but they’re too afraid to share their problems with you. This superpower would solve that problem. I know it may seem like an invasion of privacy, but as parents we do want what’s best for our children in the end!

4 Having Parental Super Strength

Ok, I’m just going to say that having Superman like strength would be cool whether I was a parent or not, but it would of course come to good use as a parent no doubt! Carrying around your growing child can get hard on your arms, shoulders, and your back too, not to mention pushing that stroller up that one hill on your daily walk is just pure agony.

If you had super strength none of those things would be a problem anymore. And need I mention that you could get one of those pictures you’ve always wanted where you’re lifting up the couch with one hand so you can vacuum under it with the other hand!

3 The Ability of X-Ray Supervision

This would be another nifty superpower to have as a parent because like we said before, we always want to make sure that our kids are safe, that’s the number one priority.

After all, it is the reason that we always keep our kids within our eyesight and as they get older we tend to have a little bit of trouble letting them out of our eyesight because we don’t know what they could be doing or what could happen to them.

With supervision, and we’re including x-ray vision here, you could keep them within eyesight even if they were 5 blocks down the street. Not to mention that when they are younger you don’t have to walk up the stairs to check up on your sleeping baby, you can just look through the ceiling while sitting on the couch! 

2 Having the Ability to Teleport

Teleportation would be so useful as a superpower, you would never have to get ready to step outside again if you didn’t want to, you could just put on shoes and zap! You’d be where ever you wanted to be. Imagine never having to wrestle your toddler into a snowsuit again unless you were purposefully going outside.

There would be no more waiting in traffic to get the groceries or bring the kids to school, you wouldn’t have to run up and down the stairs a million times during the course of the day, and when it comes down to it you could even teleport yourself to The Dominican for a nice swim on the beach!

1 Pheromone Manipulation

This one may be crossing the line a lit bit, but it never hurts to push the envelope every now and then! Pheromones are the things that attract people to each other, so to keep it short, if you could manipulate pheromones, then you could potentially keep that “bad-boy” that’s 5 years older than your teenage daughter away from the house!

It may not be the most morally correct thing to do to influence your child’s love life, but then again you wouldn’t want your daughter or your son dating a bank-robbing murderer just because they drive a cool car and have the cutest scar on their forearm! Sometimes as a parent you just have to do what is necessary.

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