12 Things That Swell During Pregnancy Women Never Prepare For

It is expected to have a variety of beautiful and not so beautiful symptoms during pregnancy. Swelling is expected during pregnancy to some extent, but some may be surprised by some of the body parts that may swell during pregnancy. The body will produce more blood and retain a ton of fluids. These all help soften and prepare the body for baby. Pregnancy is a beautiful miracle, and while pregnant a lot of symptoms and changes are expected.

It seems that it is possible to swell head to toe during pregnancy, some swelling is just aesthetically unpleasing and some is also very painful and uncomfortable. The good news is there are some ways to relieve some swelling symptoms. Water retention and the increase of blood is something pregnant woman have no control over, but there are ways to make the swelling less severe.

Most pregnant woman (even celebrities) complain about swelling to some extent, so never feel alone. Some swelling can be concerning, and some is just uncomfortable - but either way, expect it to some extent. Before stressing out, remember the goal at the end of the day is that little sweetie, so dealing with uncomfortable or ugly swelling for nine months is worth it at the end of the journey.

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12 The Lady Parts

Surprise! Your V will probably grow. If things could not get any weirder, right?

Increased blood flow will make your lady bits larger. The V can go through a lot during and after delivery ( if you are having a vaginal birth that is), but I'm sure you did not expect things to change before birth.

There can be a few reasons for swelling- compression of the veins on the uterus , imbalance of hormones and possibly bacterial infections. To ease swelling, a cold compress  and elevating your pelvis from time to time can save you from some serious discomfort.

Increasing your probiotic intake isn't a bad idea either, some added yogurt in your diet is yummy and can help your girly parts out too!

11 Sausage Feet And Toes

Image result for swollen feet kardashian

Feet swelling is probably the most common pregnancy complaint. Once again, your growing uterus puts added pressure which slows the return of blood from your legs. This forces fluid from those veins into the tissue of your feet.

Kim Kardashian shared a picture on social media of her extremely swollen feet while pregnant (see above picture) and captioned it "swollen feet or a new Givenchy tattoo?” Some ways to remedy this pain is to have your feet massage (come on hubby!), elevate feet, light and regular exercise to promote blood circulation to our feet, and wearing shoes that allow for good circulation to the feet.

Your feet may have little sausage toes now, but after delivery your swelling should go down significantly.

10 Face Puffiness

Some pregnancy swelling can be hidden by certain accessories (shoes for your swollen feet and a bra for your swollen breasts) but unfortunately face swelling is not easy to disguise. In order to eliminate this issue, it is best to apply cool compress to the face, limit sodium and caffeine intake, drink water, and eat foods high in potassium.

Weight gain and puffiness in the face is normal during pregnancy, but if the onset is rapid that is again, a huge sign of preeclampsia. Your doctor knows exactly how to handle preeclampsia, so it is best to contact them asap.

Face swelling may make you feel really self-conscious, you may seem to be getting bigger everywhere - but trust us, once your bundle of joy is in your arms, your swelling will be a thing of the past.

9 Nose Might Expand

Some pregnancy symptoms are expected- stretch marks, nausea, weight gain. No one talks much about nose swelling during pregnancy. Not only is there a chance that your face may be swollen but your nose can expand as well.

You can blame your swollen nose on the increased levels of estrogen, which aid in blood flow to the mucous membranes and makes your nose plump up more than normal. This may be an embarrassing pregnancy symptom, but like many of the other types of swelling, expect this to go away after pregnancy.

Elevating nose about your heart may alleviate swelling. Those who complain of swollen nose during pregnancy often complain about their nose becoming very wide. Don’t think of it as a clown nose, think of it as an accessory (positive thinking, right?) in the meantime.

8 Puffiness Around The Eyes

So, did you assume your eyes could escape swelling? Some are not so lucky. Yes, the puffiness around the eyes is yet another common and unpleasant pregnancy symptom. This is not a critical concern, but it may interfere with peripheral and side vision. Increasing your water intake and lowering caffeine and sodium consumption may help reduce fluid retention and bring down the puffiness around your eyes.

Putting a cold compress (like frozen spoons) or cool cucumbers on your eyes will probably feel really good. Also, increasing your water intake could also help. You can possibly make this situation a little better by wearing some eye-opening mascara to make the puffiness less noticeable. Also, using a cooling eye gel could be beneficial. Of course, an adequate amount of sleep and restriction of salt intake can help. Puffiness can be caused by water retention and also lack of adequate sleep probably due to pregnancy discomforts.

7 Aggravated Hemorrhoids

Ah, the topic no pregnant woman wants to face or talk about. Constipation is another (not so beautiful) frequent pregnancy complaint. Constipation can seriously aggravate or cause hemorrhoids as you strain to have a hard bowl movement. Many women complain of bathroom issues during pregnancy.

These bad boys can swell and get worse with constipation and increased pressure to the rectum and perineum as your baby grows. There are many ways to relieve this issue such as an over-the-counter hemorrhoid remedy (approved by your doc), soaking in warm water, and a medicated pad used for hemorrhoids.

Lucky for you there are ways to prevent this issue such as- upping your fiber intake to avoid constipation, drinking plenty of water, sleeping on your side and doing your kegel exercises. Swelling of your hemorrhoids can cause bleeding and/or major discomfort.

6 Inflamed Gums

Your gums are more likely to become inflamed during pregnancy due to hormonal changes that make them more sensitive to the bacteria in plaque. While pregnant, you can end up getting a mild form of gum disease called pregnancy gingivitis. This can lead to swollen, red, and tender gums.

Upping your vitamin c intake isn't a bad idea since vitamin c can help battle bacteria in your mouth. Also, vitamin A helps bones and teeth and is essential to fight gum disease, so upping that is a good idea as well. Visiting your dentist if this issue becomes too much to handle is not a bad idea, they may prescribe antibiotics and give you ways to make you comfortable. Continue brushing and flossing.

If gingivitis is left unchecked it can lead to major health problems for your babe. Good news, your gums will probably return to normal after delivery!

5 Blood Vessels Will Grow

Stretch marks are often feared and expected by many, but it may not be as known that there is a chance for varicose veins. Varicose veins are not on the list of the many beautiful things about pregnancy.

As your uterus grows, it puts pressure on the large vein on the right side of your body, which in turn, increases pressure in the leg veins. The result of this will show on your legs and ankles. Varicose veins are larger blood vessels that have become twisted and swollen. They stick out from the skin like raised tunnels and appear blue in color.

The swelling of these veins makes many expecting woman uncomfortable (like you didn't already have plenty of things to be uncomfortable about) but rest assured that once your little peanut is here, it'll be all worth it. These veins do tend to improve once your pregnancy is over.

4 The Bosoms Will Swell And Become More Sensitive

Some may know this, and some may not-but your breasts will change. You may feel super sensitive and swollen doe to increased blood flow and changes in the breast tissue. For many, this is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

There are many ways to make yourself comfortable during this time, such as- getting a comfortable seamless bra ,taking a warm shower or bath, drink plenty of water, and sleeping in your bra (this can stop your breasts from moving while trying to sleep which will help keep you comfortable.)

If you got the okay from your doc to exercise while pregnant, definitely consider getting a good sports bra to hold you in and keep you comfortable. Swollen breasts just look like large breasts and most of the time people will not notice your breasts are swollen, they will just assume you're growing because you are pregnant. This is the least "embarrassing" of the potential pregnancy swelling issues.

3 Swollen Hands

I'm sure you understand by now that during your pregnancy your body retains a wicked amount of fluid. Unfortunately, your hands can be victims to swelling due to this.

I'm sure you've heard at least one pregnant woman who had to stop wearing their wedding rings due to hand swelling. Although hand swelling is common during pregnancy, it can be a sign of preeclampsia (a very serious pregnancy condition that can occur usually after the 20th week of pregnancy.)

If you are experiencing hand swelling alongside of other odd symptoms such as vision changes and severe headache- contact you doc immediately. Hand swelling can be very annoying and uncomfortable, but drinking plenty of water, cold compresses, and avoiding clothes tight around your wrists can make the remaining period of your pregnancy easier.

2 Ankles

It seems that no part of your lower body is safe from possible swelling. The mixture of the lack of blood flow and weight of your growing baby is a recipe for super swollen ankles. Your ankles will feel squishy and full of fluid. Once again, excessive swelling with other symptoms (such as headaches) is a good reason to call your doc. Ankle swelling is normal though.

For some women, swelling can impact every part of their lower body. After delivery you should expect the swelling to disappear very quickly. This is normally deemed to be an embarrassing pregnancy symptom, but keep telling yourself “pregnancy is beautiful”, and those ankles are too! In the meantime, kick up your feet, wear comfortable shoes, and drink lots of water.

1 The Nips

Yes, your nipples can be a victim too. Like mentioned earlier, breast swelling is a common pregnancy symptom, but nipple swelling is also common. You can blame your friend's (or depending how you look at it, enemies) estrogen and progesterone for those puffy, swollen and sore nipples.

Your nipples will probably be super tender and sore to the touch. Even brushing your clothes against your nipples may cause serious discomfort. Your nipples will look puffier and probably much different than you are used to. This probably will not go away for too long if you decide to breast feed because adjusting to nursing can bring forward its own set of nipple issues.

A cold compress may be very comforting and it may not hurt to keep your bra on to avoid accidentally brushing against them.

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