12 Things About Coffee - The Perks and Why Some Moms Can't Go Without it

Whether you are a new mom, or you are a seasoned pro to the game of motherhood, nothing may be more satisfying than a good ol' cup of joe. Coffee can be your lifesaver, and it is actually full of benefits too!

Read through to find out the reasons why moms find it necessary to consume coffee and the benefits that it has to offer:

12 Energy Booster

Well, duh, you might think, of course coffee boosts your energy! Most of us know it is not the coffee that gives us that jolt, but the caffeine that it contains. Caffeine is a stimulant that gets absorbed into your bloodstream and then travels to your brain, therefore making you feel less tired.

11 Your Brain Functions Better

Studies have shown that drinking coffee actually improves your memory, mood, reaction times, and overall cognitive functions. Caffeine blocks the neurotransmitter Adenosine, which is important in the energy transfer process. Who knew there was so much science with coffee?!

10 Coffee Beans are Chock Full of Nutrients

Your warm cup of coffee provides you with a bit of vitamin intake, such as vitamins B2 (riboflavin), B3 (magnesium), and B5 (Pantothenic Acid). Keep in mind though that the healthiest coffee you can consume is black (or with a splash of milk).

9 Reduced Risk of Diseases

There have been many studies that show a large risk reduction in diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and strokes in those who are coffee drinkers. Some studies show a percentage of as much as 65% in reduced risk! It is also believed that coffee lovers have a greater life expectancy as well. Many more amazing reasons to continue your coffee habit!

8 Beware the Add-ons

Moms everywhere cheer at the sight of Starbucks but be aware of their fancy drinks. If you are in the mood (or need!) of a pick me up, stray from the frappuccinos and other frilly drinks as the more sugar, milk, whipped cream, and flavoring you add in just ups the calories (and sugar will eventually make you feel tired and run down). Instead place your order for a plain cup of coffee. As boring as it may be, it will give you the best bang for your buck in terms of energy boosting. 

7 Breastfeeding?

Studies vary on the effect of the caffeine from coffee (and other drinks/foods) on breastfeeding and the amount that gets passed through to breastmilk, but many doctors will tell you that it is okay to have one cup. The amount in breast milk tends to be minuscule, but if you notice reactions in your infant then remove all caffeine from your diet. And if you were able to refrain from drinking coffee (or having decaf instead), you may want to try to keep that up for the duration of your time nursing. Rest assured, that coffee mug has your name written all over it when your baby gets older and past the breastfeeding stage!

6 Take Your Coffee on a Stroll

The caffeine in coffee is believed to aid in an increased metabolism which can lead to the process of fat burning. Sorry though moms, because unfortunately the impact is very little so coffee is not a secret fat burning tool! No harm, however, in sipping some coffee while you stroll around town; just remember to bring your water, too.

5 Put a Smile on Your Face

Nothing dampens a good mood more than feeling overrun and exhausted, which is just what children will do to us moms! Getting a dose of caffeine from our coffee can not only perk us up, but as we get more energized we will see our moods improve as well. Coffee can actually help ward off stress and depression. So take a little breather and drink a nice cup of coffee before you jump in for round two (or round 500) with the kiddos.

4 Helps Us Keep in Touch

As moms, we know it can be very hard to keep in touch with the family and friends we could so easily talk to and see before having children. Whereas outings to dinner or dancing were your pre-children norm, now you discover grabbing a quick cup of coffee is your best option! Meeting someone over coffee is easy and often convenient, especially since coffee is so portable- you can go shopping or take a walk too.

3 Mothers Bonding Everywhere

Coffee can be a great conversation starter. From the tilt of the head to an “I really need this today!”, coffee drinking mothers everywhere understand the desire for the caffeine that this wonderful beverage provides. And nothing will win over your mom friends more than offering them full strength coffee (with refills!) during a play date.

2 Your Future Coffee Drinkers

As your kids grow, they will undoubtedly learn of your love for coffee. There is a sweet story of a mother and daughter who bonded over coffee beginning when the daughter was only a small child. It continued throughout the daughter's school career, and is a special bond they share to this day. It is a cute idea, and if you do not feel comfortable allowing your children to drink coffee, most will be pleased with some hot chocolate. The idea is to share something special, together.

1 We Just Need It

Sure, this bonding sometimes is unspoken, but we all have gotten the feeling when we see that ragged mother desperately trying to push a kid off her leg just to get to her (albeit, cold) coffee, and then seeing the delight as she finally devours little more than a sip. Maybe, it is that coffee grounds us (no pun intended!). Our busy bees (who we love dearly) are buzzing around us, oftentimes driving us up the wall. Grabbing some coffee just helps calm us. 

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