12 Things Moms Do That Cause ADHD In Their Kids

One of a mother's most important jobs when raising her children is keeping them safe. Which means we worry about the foods they eat, where they go, who they are around and so forth. Sometimes we can't prevent bad things from happening and sometimes we can. No mom wants to find out her child has some form of disease or mental disorder. And no mom wants to be told she was the cause of the problem.

ADHD is an extremely common condition which causes hyperactivity, difficulty paying attention and impulsiveness. It is diagnosed in boys 3 times more than it is in girls. Many people believe that is just something that happens and it is not the mom's fault. However, there is proof that it can be.

When a mom exposes her child to toxins or smokes while pregnant, she is definitely making the risk of ADHD in her child go up. Letting a child spend hours on an IPad or video game is also not doing them any favors and has been linked to ADHD in children.

It is mom's job to make sure her child gets plenty of exercises and eats healthy, even though feeding them junk food and letting them spend hours on Xbox may be easier.

12 The Baby Is Born Premature

Low birth weight can cause ADHD. Babies with a drastically low birth weight are more likely to suffer from mental disorders. And how is this mom's fault one may ask? Well, let me explain. Low birth weights can be caused for a variety of reasons. A mom's stress level has been known to cause a low birth weight, as wells as not taking care of herself, taking the necessary vitamins for baby, or drinking and smoking.

Granted, many pregnant women do not intentionally try to have their baby preemie, but sometimes they are selfish or too lazy to do the things needed to be done to care for their unborn child. And when they neglect their personal care, they are neglecting their child. Thus causing low birth weight and ADHD.

11 Mom Lit Up During Pregnancy

This is pretty much a no brainer. Smoking is bad! A pregnant woman who smokes is simply selfish. There is no other explanation. Smoking causes a variety of health issues for the smoker, those around them and especially their unborn baby. Smoking causes cancer, it stinks, causes premature birth, it makes people age, it is filled with poison and it has been linked to ADHD.

The chemicals in the smoke affect the unborn babies brain, thus causing behavioral issues down the road and yes, this includes ADHD.

Bad habits can be extremely difficult to break, no doubt, but what better reason than having a baby? There are hundreds of reasons to quit, the baby should be the number one reason.

10 And Didn't Put The Bottle Down

This may seem like common knowledge, but it is not safe to consume alcohol while pregnant. It can cause a variety of health issues for the fetus and long term effects as well, such ADHD. Much like smoking, drinking while pregnant is just plain selfish, because of the all the ways it can cause harm to the baby.

ADHD is not the only way alcohol can harm the fetus. But it is still one of the major side effects. ADHD causes life long learning problems for a child. Our children now have a greater chance of having this condition than any other time in history. So why would a mom drink while pregnant and risk hurting her child? Well, that's for the drinking mom to explain.

9 Poisoning The Growing Fetus Without Realizing

Toxins can negatively affect an unborn fetus, and years down the road the effects can manifest themselves in the form of ADHD. Chlorpyrifos and DDT (pesticides), fluoride, and manganese can all be linked to ADHD in children. These are basically poison for a developing brain.

Many women still use fluoride in their oral hygiene routine, kill weeds in their yard while pregnant. Whether it's ignorance, or they don't believe the scientific research, they are actually causing ADHD in their children, while their baby is still developing.

Sometimes, some of these studies sound far fetched, how could these toxins really seep into the unborn child and affect them years down the road. It doesn't seem like it could happen. But it can. So moms, better safe than sorry.

8 The Baby Is Born Into The Lower Class

Children born to a lower socioeconomic disadvantage have a higher rate of ADHD. Single mothers and young mothers are the ones to not always have a lot of help, and being poor can cause a rough home life. Thus leading them to live along the poverty line and causing more hardships for their children, including lifelong problems like ADHD.

It may seem harsh to blame the mother for this one, but she ultimately makes the decision to have a child. And knowing that she will not be able to provide for her child, having the child grow up poor and most likely with a not so great home life, is on her. ADHD is on the rise and the percentage of kids with it goes up yearly.

7 Is Mom Depressed?

If a woman is diagnosed with maternal depression one year before giving birth up to nine years after delivering, their child is at high risk for being diagnosed with ADHD. "In addition, the likelihood of an attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis in children is directly related to the chronicity of depression in the mother", said Anne Guevremont, M.E.D.

This study proved a link between the mother's depression and child's ADHD. Now, the moms are obviously not trying to give their children ADHD, but they are the cause of it or part of the cause, says this study. How can a mom prevent maternal depression, so she can try to prevent ADHD in her child? Well, start by talking to your doctor. Do some research too.

6 Feeding The Kid's Junk Food

There are so many foods out there that have been linked to ADHD in children. And yes moms, if you are feeding your children these foods their ADHD is at least partially to blame on you. Foods like soy, dairy, chocolate, corn and even grapes have been known to cause the symptoms of ADHD to worsen the symptoms or even cause ADHD.

Gluten free diets have been said to do wonders for children with ADHD, almost clearing up the symptoms. Yet, moms will still feed their children foods riddled with gluten. It is not easy to monitor every thing that goes into our children's mouths, but when it means the difference in them being ADHD or not, then it should be our priority.

The Baby Is Surrounded By

5 Exposing The Baby To Harmful Toxins

Chemical toxins have been reported to cause ADHD and it's moms fault. Toxic chemicals are found in flooring, foods, drinks, cleaning products and even personal care items. We as moms have to be diligent in taking great care to keep these toxins away from our babies. Switching from house cleaners and foods full of chemicals may be hard at first, or even seem too costly.

It can be incredibly simple, just do a little research. The internet is full of recipes for DIY cleaners. From face wash to glass cleaner, there are many out there. If a mom doesn't want her child to have ADHD making these changes should be a priority. ADHD is a lifelong struggle, not to be taken lightly.

4 Mom's Grocery List Is Dangerous

Food and what goes into our food is an extremely popular and controversial subject. There are many additives put in our foods that are actually incredibly bad for human consumption.

Some of the additives are linked to cancer, other diseases, ADHD and even death. The food additives and the link between them and ADHD are still being studied. There are many moms out there who feed their children additive laden foods and wonder why their children have ADHD.

It can be difficult to say no to buying all that delicious junk food that our children love, but it is in their best interest. The foods with these additives are not remotely healthy, and shouldn't be eaten on a daily basis at the very least.

3 The Kids Are Allowed To Play Video Games

It is becoming too easy for children to become addicted to video games. We have smart phones, tablets, computers, and game consoles. Many of these can even be taken on the go. Everywhere we go we can connect to the internet and play games and connect with other people virtually.

There is a connection between video gaming and children with ADHD. Moms now are all too frequently allowing their kids to play on these gaming consoles for hours on end. It enhances the ADHD symptoms, it isn't healthy and it's moms fault. I too am guilty of letting my daughter play her games for too long. Kids with ADHD can easily get addicted to these virtual gaming worlds and it is up to us moms to restrict their screen time.

2 Over-The-Counter Meds During Pregnancy

Several white pills in a hand.

Acetaminophen, once considered safe for pregnant women to take has now been linked to ADHD and behavioral problems. Kids whose mom took the drug while pregnant have a higher risk of developing the disorder, ADHD. It isn't fair, really. There are already so many things a pregnant woman can't do while pregnant, and acetaminophen was the one thing to give some relief for headaches and body aches associated with pregnancy.

No longer is anything safe it seems. A pregnant woman must understand that everything they do will affect their unborn child. Doing things for themselves is simply being selfish. Taking care of the baby is the priority, and if there are ways to help prevent ADHD and other problems later in their kid's life, they should adhere to the advice.

1 The Kid Is A Couch Potato

Physical activity has been proven to help lessen the effects of ADHD. Moms who do not make their children get some physical activity every day are only hurting their children. Just because little Johnny isn't athletically inclined does not mean he should be sitting in the house all day doing nothing. I am a firm believer in chores and physical activity and that it is very good for children. I personally see a difference in my daughter when she is physically active and some of her ADHD symptoms lessen.

Kids who are raised sitting on the couch and playing video games all day are more than likely going to develop ADHD. And that is on the mom. So get those kids active and moving for their mental health and yours.

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