12 Things Moms Don’t Know About The Pediatrician’s Office (And 10 We’re Not Supposed To)

It is important for moms to look for a pediatrician that will take care of their kids’ health from the time they are born up until they grow up; actually, most moms get pediatricians while they're still pregnant. Whether moms like it or not, their children will require attention from a health professional at some point during their childhood, even if it is just for a regular checkup. Therefore, having a specific doctor with her child’s entire medical history will make life much easier for everyone involved.

Moms should not hesitate to raise any issues or concerns with their child’s doctor since they have the primary responsibility of taking care of their well-being. However, as much as a pediatrician is supposed to offer all the answers and put to rest all of mom’s concerns, moms should also learn as much as they can about their children's health.

Moms should do their own research and learn as much as they can, with regard to how to deal with everyday emergencies. They should not leave all the work to the pediatrician since they can handle some emergencies beforehand. Being knowledgeable also saves them the hustle of sitting in an overly crowded waiting room, only for the pediatrician to see them for a few minutes and send them off with some pain meds.

Regardless, here are 12 things moms don’t know about the pediatrician’s office and 10 things we’re not supposed to.

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22 Didn't Know: They Can Schedule A Longer Visit

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Moms know their kids best and they are thus able to determine if they need more than just an antibiotic scrip from their next doctor’s appointment. What moms don't know is that they can schedule a longer visit. They don't have to wait in line for two hours and only see the pediatrician for less than five minutes.

According to parents, moms are allowed to book lengthy appointments by scheduling a consultation with the pediatrician. When they do this the pediatrician has enough time to check, monitor, and run many tests on the little one. Some consultations can even take up to an hour.

21 Not Supposed To Know: Pediatricians Do Not Like To Examine Ears

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While pediatricians are not supposed to be biased about giving their patients physical exams, there are some things they prefer doing over others as stated by kevinmd. What we’re not supposed to know is that pediatricians dislike examining children’s ears. Examining a child’s ear can be difficult, if not impossible.

Having a parent around helps, at least it increases the chance of getting a good look. Nonetheless, there are victorious days, when doctors do not need to struggle with examining a child. Doctors appreciate those kids who sit still while they are being examined. Doctor and patient can even bond over interesting stories.

20 Didn't Know: Moms Don’t Have To Stay In The Waiting Room

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Staying in the waiting room with a bunch of sick kids reciting their ABCs or coughing with their mouths open can be daunting for moms who are there with their kids for just a regular check-up. What they don't know is that they don't have to sit in the waiting room.

Most of the pediatrician’s offices have playrooms where children can play or a separate hallway as stated by parents. If the wait is too long, moms can request the receptionist to call or come find them in the hallway/playroom. They can also peek into the room every other few minutes to see how close they are to their turn.

19 Not Supposed To Know: Antibiotics Are Usually Overprescribed

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Children with respiratory conditions will most likely be prescribed for antibiotics. What we’re not supposed to know is that pediatricians know that they overprescribe antibiotics. According to ncbi, half of these respiratory illnesses do not require antibiotics.

According to psychologytoday, some pediatricians say they do it to out of pressure from the parents who feel that their kids need the drug in order to get better. Studies also show that pharmaceutical companies also influence doctors to prescribe certain meds so that they can sell more and make money. Nonetheless, pediatricians need to start prescribing antibiotics only for the appropriate illnesses.

18 Didn't Know: Moms Are Allowed To Switch Pediatricians

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Some moms don't know that they can switch pediatricians. There are many reasons that can prompt a mother to change pediatricians other than moving houses. For example, there are pediatricians who have a lot of patients and every time mom has an appointment, they keep them waiting and after the wait, they barely give them enough time to ask questions and get answers.`

Other reasons include pediatricians who rush through physical exams or those that moms feel are not on the same page as them, according to mom.me. It is important for moms to have their concerns heard and addressed, so in such cases, moms can opt to get another pediatrician who has fewer patients and more time.

17 Not Supposed To Know: Pediatricians Don’t Often Know The Price Of All Meds

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There is a variety of meds specifically made for children. What we’re not supposed to know is that many pediatricians often have no idea how much the meds they have prescribed cost. According to moms, prices tend to differ and therefore they might not know how much drugs cost. They can also vary depending on the policy covering the patient.

Sometimes moms can enquire about prices while at the pediatrician so as to avoid being surprised at the pharmacy. In some cases, the pediatrician will have rough price estimates. If it is too expensive for mom, the pediatrician can change to generic forms or look for something similar that is a bit pocket-friendly.

16 Didn't Know: Moms Have To Wait In Line

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Not all new moms know that they have to wait in line when they take their babies to the pediatrician. Moms who don't like waiting for long should avoid Monday morning appointments — the waiting room is usually filled with kids who got sick over the weekend. However, appointments on Tuesdays through Fridays have shorter waiting periods.

According to moms, doctors are paid for every patient they see and the procedures they perform, and not by the time they spend with each patient. So the more patients they see and the more procedures they do, the more they are paid, this is why they tend to schedule as many patients as possible in a day.

15 Not Supposed To Know: Ringing Cellphones Irks The Doctor

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Pediatricians get irritated by constantly ringing cell phones. They also do not like it when we keep answering personal phone calls in the middle of an examination. During appointments, some moms can decide to take calls in the middle of their kid's checkup thus disrupting the doctor.

According to parents, cellphones can be really destructing and time wasting and can make it difficult for the doctor to relay information to a mother. Another dubious behavior that irks doctors is when moms send their little ones to the doctors with a caregiver who has no clue about the child’s medical history.

14 Didn't Know: Moms Should Bring Their Own Toys And Snacks


Most pediatrician offices will have toys that kids can play with and offer kids snacks as they wait for their turn. What many moms don't know is that they can carry their own toys and snacks. According to rileychildrens, moms should steer their kids away from toys offered at the pediatrician's and carry their own instead.

This is because the pediatrician's toys can have high amounts of bacteria given how many sick kids play with them every single day. According to experts, they can be cleaned with disinfectants but it is very hard for such as office to clean its toys after every use. Moms can carry washable toys that can be cleaned thoroughly after the visit.

13 Not Supposed To Know: Pediatricians Don’t Always Have Answers

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Just like anyone in any profession, no one has all the answers. This is something we are not supposed to know. It is also tough for pediatricians to admit but they too do not always have all the answers. Moms can try out all remedies in an effort to cure their child’s illness and when nothing works, they resort to visiting a pediatrician.

What they don't know is that pediatricians might also not have the answers. According to moms, children get different diseases whose exact causes are difficult to pinpoint. Based on the child’s symptoms and tests results, the pediatrician can be able to rule out any immediate cause of concern. They may then refer the child to a specialist or request mom to seek a second opinion.

12 Didn't Know: Moms Can Call Back For Results

Via: besttennews.com

Sometimes pediatrician can request for tests to be done whose results might take time to be known. In such cases, the office can opt to give mom the lab results over the phone to save her the hustle of coming back to the pediatrician, but at times, they tend to forget due to the flock of patients.

What moms don't know is that they can call the office for the results. Dr. Brown says it is okay to follow up with the office especially if they have your pending results as stated by parents. Details about phone consultations are usually noted on the child’s file.

11 Not Supposed To Know: Pediatricians Don’t Always Follow Their Own Advice

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Pediatricians give mothers a lot of advice when they visit their offices, what we’re not supposed to know is that even pediatricians themselves do not always follow their own advice. They may be the first to tell moms to let their toddlers cry themselves back to sleep but be the first to pick theirs when they cry.

In an article published in chicagoparent, pediatricians confessed they are often better pediatricians than parents. However, parents can get away with warnings, like they should not let their children eat sugary treats before bedtime. However, all the advice moms get from the doctor is worth heeding to; especially concerning securing their kids with car seats and seatbelts or refraining from lining the baby’s crib with soft beddings.

10 Didn't Know: Pediatricians Don’t Give Med Requests Over The Phone

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Doctor follow-ups can be done over a phone call, what moms don't know is that pediatricians don't give scrips over the phone. Moms can get caught up with their busy life and may sometime phone the pediatrician’s office to say that the baby has the same symptoms as last year and request for a previous scrip.

According to moms, whether the symptoms are similar to something the child had a year or a week ago, the doctor has to see the patient before prescribing anything. Moms should ensure they use drugs as directed and should not make any purchase before consulting the doctor.

9 Not Supposed To Know: Pediatricians Do Not Recommend Use Of Alternative Meds

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One of the challenges of providing medical care for children is the increasing number of moms who are shunning vaccinations. According to ncbi, controversies popping up about vaccines and their side effects have led parents to believe that some vaccines are harmful. Some moms may ask the pediatrician to give alternative meds instead of the traditional vaccinations.

What we’re not supposed to know is that pediatricians don't like giving these alternative meds because the child is normally left unprotected from outbreaks which could have easily been avoided with the traditional vaccines. Pediatricians can try to educate moms so that they can choose what is best for their children.

8 Didn't Know: Most Pediatricians Don’t Mind Being Woken Up At 3am

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Being a doctor is a 24-hour job and what moms don't know is that pediatricians don't mind being woken up at three in the morning by their patients, especially for emergency cases. A child can fall ill at night but if their condition is not that serious, mom can wait for daybreak to take the child to the hospital.

At times, a child might require immediate medical attention and in such a case, the pediatrician will be more than willing to help out, no matter the time. According to MD Sara DuMond on parents, doctors are not forced into their jobs; they choose it and part of it means being available at wee hours.

7 Not Supposed To Know: Free Meds Are Not Always The Best

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As patients, we are not supposed to know that free meds offered at the pediatrician’s office can end up costing us. The pediatrician will not discourage patients from using them. As stated by parents, what pediatricians panic about is that sometimes, free meds can be costly in the end.

The first couple of rounds of meds can be free but the office will at some point run out of samples. When children are started on the free drugs and the same drug happens to run out stock, the parents have to buy it and in order for the child to continue with the dosage. In most cases, new and free drugs are more expensive compared to let us say generic ones.

6 Didn't Know: Moms Can Make A Visit Easy Or Tasking

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We all know that some kids get anxious when they meet strangers, and the pediatrician is one example of a stranger. What moms don't know is that they are the ones who can make their children’s visit easy or hard. A mother will always be the best advocate for her child. If she has an idea of what is ailing her child, then she should explain it to the doctor.

If she knows her kid likes being examined while sited on her lap instead of the exam table, then she should request the doctor to allow her to hold the child. Doctors appreciate a helpful hint now and them as stated by parents. Otherwise, the appointment can end up being tasking for both the mom and doctor.

5 Not Supposed To Know: Pediatricians Do Not like The Internet

Via: cbc.ca

Moms sometimes go online to search for their baby’s symptoms. This is one thing we’re not supposed to know, but pediatricians do not like it when moms do this. While there is a lot of accurate information online, there is also a lot of inaccurate content out there.

Before moms run to the pediatrician with all kinds of diagnosis, they should always remember doctors have more experience when it comes to health and their children’s wellbeing, says bustle. However, any pediatrician will be more than happy to discuss any information mom comes across on the Internet; he or she can even refer mom to credible websites.

4 Didn't Know: Mom And Pediatrician Are On The Same Team

Via: raleigh.citymomsblog.com

Moms always have their child’s interest at heart while pediatricians have the medical training to treat the child. What moms don't know is that both they and the pediatricians are on the same team. At the end of the day, they both want a happy and healthy baby.

According to huffpost, visits to the pediatrician’s office work well when both the parents and the doctors understand that they need each other to treat a child. The two can ensure that a child is as comfortable as can be during his or her doctor's visit. Moms should know they are also important in hospital visits.

3 Not Supposed To Know: Being Rude Makes Life Even Harder

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Things may get out of hand at the pediatrician’s office. Some moms may run out of patience due to the long wait and restless kids. What we’re not supposed to know is that being rude to staff can only make a mother’s experience at the doctors worse.

The more pleasant moms are, the more help they are offered from the staff; the vice versa is also true. Being nice and friendly goes a long way. Staff may even be willing to squeeze in a favor when moms are kind and patient. According to parents, staff members have the power to make your visit pleasant or unpleasant, so be nice!

2 Didn't Know: Moms Shouldn’t Expect A Two-For-One Deal

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Some moms can decide to bring their other children along for their sister or brother’s appointment so that they can also squeeze in consultation for them instead of scheduling individual ones. What moms don't know is that they shouldn't expect a two-for-one deal with siblings.

Some moms may get away with it, however, there are some pediatricians who may request the mother to set an appointment for the other child so as not to rush through it. According to moms, every child requires their own appointment so that they can get a full examination and not a quickly rushed checkup. The office also needs to collect every child’s consultation fee.

1 Didn't Know: Mom’s Can Reschedule Appointments If They Can’t Make It

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A lot of moms make appointments for their kids but when they get to the date they discover they are not able to make it to the doctors. What they don't know is that it is okay for them to reschedule appointments at the pediatrician’s office.

In very rare cases, moms can request her child’s pediatrician to make a home visit if he is not too busy. Once moms realize that they cannot make their appointments, they should reschedule or cancel at least a day in advance as stated by parents. Sometimes even doctors can cancel or reschedule appointments especially if they have other emergency cases.

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