12 Things Moms Need To Know About The Baby's Astrological Sign

There are many people out there who put a lot of trust and faith in their astrological sign and their horoscope. They feel that the description of the astrological sign that they have been born under fits them to a tee. Some people go as far as to get multiple tattoos on their body reflecting their star sign. We are proud of what sign we are, and flaunt it in any way we can.

When a woman who has a certain zest for the zodiac, once she finds out she is pregnant and learns of her due date, she searches for the nearest calendar to see what star sign her little bundle of joy. She understands that a person’s zodiac can often tell you a lot about their personality and who they will grow up to be.

If you are one of these people we have created the only list you need to read; this one! We have collected and organized information on each and every star sign. These may hold secrets of who your little one will grow up to be! Will she be gentle and understanding like a Sagittarius, or will she be fiery and stubborn like a Leo? Either way, you can read all the information below.

Of course, there is no set in stone rule that what your star sign says you should be will end up being true. We do make our own destiny, but sometimes it is completely crazy how close these astrological signs are to who we are deep inside.

12 Aries Baby

So, you have a little Aries on the way, or one that has already joined us. Aries is the star sign for the period between March 21 and April 20. You may be in luck as someone who is an Aries has a lot of strengths going for them. They are known to be very independent by nature. It takes a while for them to open up to new relationships. They also are very generous and filled with positive energy which is sure to brighten up anyone’s day. They may choose a career in life-saving as they are very brave and loyal. You also don’t have to worry about a lack of laughs, they are known for their great sense of humour.

Of course, we must always take the bad with the good. Aries’ tend to be very short tempered. They can be impatient and tend to talk a lot before thinking. If they find that a project they are working on is too hard, they often just give up. Extra encouragement may be needed for your little one!

11 Taurus Baby

Taurus is also known as the bull sign, as that is their symbol. If you have a child born or a baby due anywhere between April 21 to May 21 you may be looking at a little Taurus in your future. Just like a bull, Taurus’s tend to be the one to lead the way, almost un-stoppable in nature. They are the type of person you can call on for anything, and they will be there. Unlike the bull, they are very patient, lovable and sympathetic.

They get their negative traits from the bull too, as they are (you guessed it) stubborn and lazy. They can’t help it, that’s their nature. They like to throw lavish parties, which I know sounds like a good thing, but it often leads to financial problems. So, you better start teaching your little Taurus the value of money and how important it is to save. Change can make them very nervous, so slow and steady with our Taurus children.

10 Gemini Baby

Gemini’s are known as the twins, and they are those whose birthday falls between May 22 to June 21. If your hope for your children is for them to be great multitaskers, then you are in luck! They are often filled with energy, so sorry for all the moms of Gemini toddlers out there. Because they are so friendly by nature they make friends easily and become somewhat of a social butterfly. They can also have a way with words and be very witty, which can always attract a crowd.

I know what you are thinking, could there be anything negative about a Gemini? Well, sadly, there is always the bad with the good. Gemini’s rarely mind their own business, so you may have a nosey Nancy on your hands. They are very inquisitive and will often partake in lots of gossip. They usually need help making important decisions, so expect a lot of future phone calls moms!

9 Cancer Baby

If you or your baby were born between June 22 to July 22 that you are part of the Cancer the crab family! Cancer is one of those signs that seems to have more negative attributes than positive. The negative attributes that are attached with this sign are that they tend to be very contradictory by nature. They tend to always want to be in the comfort zone and not stray too far from safety. They can be a bit unpredictable, and they tend to attack people behind their backs instead of having a calm and adult conversation.

On the plus side they are very caring by nature. They are very loyal to their friends and close families; someone that you could trust a secret with. They also are very excellent business people and good investors, so riches may be in store for your little one. Who knows, maybe they will help out mom and dad in the future.

8 Leo Baby

Leo the lion has always been thought to be a strong and powerful zodiac sign. I mean, who is more powerful than a lion? Leo’s are those that are born between July 23 and August 21. Like their counterpart the lion, they are known for their ruling nature. They love to be the center of attention (much like most children), and they are very confident and hold their head up high. They are highly ambitious, which makes them much more likely to achieve any goal they set for themselves.

While it seems to be a very good zodiac, Leo’s definitely have their downfalls. They can be a bit to dominating and stubborn, so good luck to all mom’s out there who have Leo toddlers. They can be very sensitive, and will take a strike to their ego very, very personally. I hope all Leo parents are ready to be given lots of orders by their head strong children.

7 Virgo Baby

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If your little one was born between August 22 to September 23 than you are the proud mama of a Virgo. Virgo’s are very intelligent, so it may be a good idea to start looking at schools for gifted children. They have very strong analytical skills. This makes it second nature for them to want to help others and can be relied on. They are very precise in everything they do, and pay extreme attention to even the smallest details.

While being very smart, Virgo’s can be very fussy at times and this may start to irritate those around them. Maybe due to their high intelligence they often doubt what people tell them and will be very skeptical of any new information. This may lead a Virgo child to ask a lot of why’s and how’s. Good luck mama! A good career for your little one may be a judge, due to their strong analytical and critical thinking skills! Even if it scares their parents, they may also do well in the local police department.

6 Libra Baby

The Libra sign is connected with the symbol of that of a scale, and if your little one was born between September 24 to October 23, then you have your very own little Libra. Libra’s have a lot going for them. They are very diplomatic, they have the great trait of remaining completely empathetic and understand how other’s are feelings. They tend to grab the attention of everyone, although I think any baby of any sign can do this. They love the life of luxury and owning beautiful things, so parents may need to start saving now.

They probably have one of the worst negative traits; they can not be relied on. Due to their lavish life style they also tend to waste a lot of money on un-necessary things. They also tend to not make good decisions on things that are important, so mom and dad may need to hang around and guide them through certain things.

5 Scorpio Baby

If your little one is due anywhere between October 24 to November 22 then it is most likely you will have a little Scorpio on your hands. The Scorpio is also known as the scorpion, so it can make people a little apprehensive about having someone with the star sign of such a feared creature. Do not be afraid, there is more to Scorpio than meets the eye. They are another sign that is completely loyal. They are very passionate about most things in life, especially their career. They are very observant, so Scorpio mom’s watch out, the kid is watching!

The negative attributes of a Scorpio are few, but they are strong. They have a tendency to be very jealous and can not handle seeing anyone do anything better than they can do it. In order to restore this balance, they can be quite manipulative by nature. Watch out!

4 Sagittarius Baby

Following Scorpio comes Sagittarius. This sign is for any little person that is born between November 23 – December 22. Sagittarius’s symbol is that of an archer, and it can be a very strong sign. If you are a mama to a Sagittarius baby then you should know that they are in for some luck, as that is what is in the cards for a Sagittarius. They often have a vibrant personality and it can be difficult to hold them in a place (again, good luck to those with Sagittarius toddler’s).

They do tend, however, to be very un-emotional by nature. They can come off as cold which can detach them from their friends as they are not seen as someone who can be relied on. They also may be destined for a life in the spotlight, as they can grab an audience with a great sense of humour. They will always look for an adventure!

3 Capricorn Baby

Ah, Capricorn! Or as I like to call it, the Christmas sign. That’s because the sign is observed between the dates of December 22 and January 19. Like Santa himself, they tend to be very soft in nature. They tend to be very ambitious and any measures to reach them will be taken very seriously. Another great attribute of a Capricorn is that they are very loyal.

Something that may be seen as a negative is that it takes a long time to gain the confidence and trust of a Capricorn. This may not be a negative, as we want our children to be wary of new people and to think about decisions instead of blindly jumping into them. They do tend to always have a feeling of insecurity and can have doubts about themselves. So, Capricorn mama’s must be vigilant in reassuring their little ones, and making sure they know their worth.

2 Aquarius Baby

Aquarius has always been known as a water sign, as the symbol is that of a water carrier. If your due date is anywhere between January 21 and February 19, then chances are you are in for an Aquarius baby. Not to fret, as Aquarius is a great astrological sign. They are very humanitarian and kind by nature and will be the first to help anyone. A trait I think we all want in our children. They are very clever and witty, which can help to keep them as the center of attraction.

They have some pretty serious weak spots too. They always tend to be missing something in their life, because they do not regularly involve themselves in intimate relationships. They are another sign that often speaks without thinking about the outcomes of their words. The good news is they are in for a future of politics or psychology.

1 Pisces Baby

Pisces are known as the fish sign, and it is reserved for those who were born between February 20 and March 20. The good news is that they are very compassionate, and show great care to those around them. They are also easily adaptable, and can quickly change depending on their surroundings, a good trait for any baby or toddler to have. The handle criticism very well and are highly devoted to their friends.

Unfortunately, they have some pretty serious negative sides. They are an escapist by nature, avoiding situations and “running away” from anything they find unpleasant. They tend to be very bad at taking on any responsibilities and in turn can be very lazy. Pisces can make good musicians or any art-type fields because of their vast creativity.

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