12 Things New Moms Need To Stop Cheaping Out On (And 10 Things They Can)

Diapers, diaper wipes, bottles, toys, rattles, onesies: The list of baby products that new moms need is pretty extensive. Once a woman becomes pregnant with her first baby, her family, friends, and coworkers give her all kinds of advice about what she needs to buy ASAP. It can be confusing to sort through the many recommendations and find the things that are totally worth it.

While a new mom-to-be is super excited about the bundle of joy that she's expecting, it's definitely no secret that having a baby can be expensive. There are so many things to buy that she might fall asleep dreaming of cute baby clothes... and dollar signs, too.

Besides wanting to make sure that the products that she's buying actually work, a new mom is thinking about something else: the price. She doesn't exactly want to break the bank when buying the things that her adorable baby needs... but she will definitely spend money when it counts. While there are many affordable baby products that are awesome, there are others that new moms really need to spend a bit more on in order to get the best of the best.

Here are 12 things new moms need to stop cheaping out on, along with 10 things that they can.

First, here are 12 things new moms need to stop cheaping out on...

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22 You Should Pay More For A High-Quality, Organic Baby Shampoo And Body Wash

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Your sweet baby may have small amounts of hair, but you still need to find a baby shampoo. While it might seem like new moms can buy any type of baby shampoo that is out there, it's important to spend a bit more in this product category because moms shared in reviews of cheaper products that their babies had allergic reactions. That's definitely not what you want.

While many baby shampoos are $3 or $11, you want to spend a bit more and ensure that the quality is high and your baby won't have any problems. Moms can try Babyganics Baby Shampoo + Body Wash, which is a bit pricier at $26.76 but totally worth it.

You can see it here.

21 You Can't Skimp On Diaper Rash Cream

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When you become a mom, you know that you'll be changing a lot of diapers... but there's something else that you need to know about: You might find your baby dealing with some diaper rashes. According to the Mayo Clinic, this can happen if a baby's diaper is particularly moist or is there is "chafing" or "skin sensitivity."

Moms don't want to cheap out on diaper rash cream since, of course, this is such a sensitive area, so they wouldn't want to aggravate a baby's skin. Burt's Bees Baby Daily Cream to Powder, Talc-Free Diaper Rash Cream is a good pick at $24.93. One mom wrote a review saying, "I was using just the cream before which was good healing my infants red bum, but combined with the powder it has a drying effect as well so her redness goes away quicker and all the time! I now recommend this product to all of my friends having babies!"

You can see it here.

20 A Nursing Pillow Should Be The Best Of The Best

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When you start breastfeeding, it's a good idea to use a nursing pillow since this helps the whole process run smoothly. You want to make sure that you pay enough to get a good one and it's also great if you can wash it in your washing machine.

The Bobby Nursing Pillow is $39.99, and many moms love the experience of using it. As one parent wrote in a review, "This is a must buy for any newborn. I didn't think so before having one but getting one convinced me. It makes holding a baby so much easier. Your arms don't get tired and it's more comfortable for the baby too. My wife tells me it's fantastic for nursing and I don't know how I'd bottle feed without it."

You can see it here.

19 You Definitely Want A Good Pacifier (And A BPA-Free One, Too)

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Moms don't want to cheap out on a pacifier since, of course, this is a product that is going in your baby's mouth all the time. You also want to look for a more pacific that is of the highest quality and BPA-free.

A good pick is BIBS BPA-Free Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier which is $14.99. As one mom wrote in a review of this product, she loves it because her baby enjoys it and it looks good, too: "Our daughter LOVES these pacifiers, she is SO soothed by the way they feel in her mouth, are a perfect size, stay in easily, don’t block her nose at all (too many do) and are GORGEOUS! Never have I wanted a pacifier in my babies photos, but I LOVE taking pictures of my girl enjoying her Bibs."

You can see this pacifier here.

18 You Want To Pay More For Baby Wipes, Since It's A Sensitive Area

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Baby wipes are another product that new moms definitely need. You don't want to go cheap with baby wipes since you'll be using all the time in such a sensitive area.

A good product would be The Honest Company Designer Baby Wipes, and at $18.04, they might seem a bit pricey, but moms have said that they really work. You can use them as a diaper wipe but also on your baby's hands, which is really useful. As one mom raved, "These are absolutely my favorite wipes. Just the right moisture level, fantastic texture, and they do not shred when you pull them out. They usually even come out with one hand, obviously very critical at times. I find myself needing to use fewer of these per diaper change than any other brand I've used."

You can see the baby wipes here.

17 Make Sure To Do Your Research And Find A Great Baby Gate

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A baby gate is another really important thing for new moms to buy. You want to make sure that your little one doesn't get into areas of your house that you don't want them to, and you want to buy a high-quality product so you have peace of mind that your baby is safe.

You want to make sure that the baby gate that you buy has great reviews and that it works well. The Regalo Easy Step 38.5-Inch Extra Wide Baby Gate is $33.99 and has a lot of positive reviews. This one can be used to block stairs or a door and also can be used in a hallway. A lot of people also use it for their dogs, so if you have a pet as well, this could be a great buy.

You can see this baby gate here.

16 You Want To Pay More For Your Baby's Toothpaste, Too

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Of all the products that you need to buy as a new mom, you might not be thinking about toothpaste. According to WebMD, you'll want to use toothpaste "in the amount of a grain of rice" when your baby has their first little teeth.

You want to make sure that you buy a high-quality toothpaste for your baby since you don't want any chemicals. At $10.01, Babyganics Flouride Free Toothpaste may be more costly than other toothpaste but the quality makes it totally worth it. It doesn't have artificial colors or fluoride (and this one is strawberry flavored). As one mom wrote in a review, "As a new mom I always worry about what my kids eat. And what products to use on them, I've learned new words like BPA- free, GMO and etc. But after receiving this toothpaste I feel safe giving it to my babies to brush their teeth, it's organic, safe to swallow, and my little ones LOVE brushing their four teeth now lol."

You can see the baby toothpaste here.

15 You Get What You Pay For With Strollers, So Spend A Bit More

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You don't want to go cheap when it comes to a baby stroller. And, to be totally honest, it's probably one of the things that you're going to spend the most on as a new mom since strollers don't come that cheap in general. The last thing that you want is to spend a lot and come home and realize that it doesn't work.

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System is $147, and it's a good buy since it's two products in one: a stroller and a carrier. One mom wrote a review, "We bought this car seat/jogger combo when we were expecting our sixth child. I have owned many strollers of different varieties and brands and this is my most favorite. It steers beautifully on all kinds of terrain. The handles are also of a comfortable height for both myself (at 5'2") and my husband (at 6'1") and this was important since most are not comfortable for him. It folds easily and is light enough to be lifted in and out of our suburban without difficulty. Even my older girls (12 & 14) can do it."

You can see the stroller and carrier here.

14 A Jolly Jumper Won't Come Cheap, Either

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If there's one thing that babies really love, it's a jolly jumper. You don't want to buy a cheap version because you want to ensure that it's a safe product and that you can rely on it. It's recommended that three-month-old babies can start using these.

The Jolly Jumper is $79.99 but while that's a pretty hefty price tag, it's totally worth it. Moms have been happy with it: as one shared in a review, "When we found out we were having a kid, the first thing my boyfriend said is 'We have to get her a jumper.'" Because they have a 700 square foot apartment, they were limited on space. She continued, "And then I discovered the Jolly Jumper on a stand... We tried the jumper at 3 months, and while our daughter didn't quite jump, she did figure out how to turn herself in circles! Now, at 5 months, she jumps non stop."

You can see the jolly jumper here.

13 You Want To Spend More For A Soft (And Adorable) Baby Bath Towel

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Another baby product that new moms don't want to go cheap on would be baby towels. These will be worth a higher price because you want a product that is a thick material and for sensitive skin so you can prevent rashes and allergic reactions.

The Bambi Bamboo Hooded Baby Bath Towel is $25.98 and considered to be a good pick. This particular product has lemons on it, which means that your baby will look absolutely adorable in it. One mom shared in a review that she's been really pleased with it: "Finally found a bath towel we, both mama and baby LOVE!! Softest, most coziest towel there is. It's amazing how quickly it absorbs and stays soft and cozy even when wet. we've been using it daily for about 6 months, washed it countless times and every time I take it out of the dryer its like brand new!"

You can see the baby bath towel here.

12 Your Baby Deserves A Super Soft Blanket, So That Won't Come Super-Cheap

Just the thought of a baby blanket is super cute, and you want to make sure that you're spending enough on this product so you can find a really soft one.

The Dinosaur Toddler Blanket by LittleJump is $30.90 and while it has "toddler" in the name, it can be used for babies, too. It's a mix of bamboo and cotton, and if your baby is prone to rashes, allergies, or sensitive, then it makes sense to spend more on a blanket. A mom shared in a review, "I bought this for my 1.5 year old daughter. She [runs warm], sweats in her sleep, and hates to have any thick blanket on her. This muslin material is a great soft, breathable fabric that she has loved since her baby swaddles."

You can find the blanket here.

11 Pay A Bit More For A Beanie Hat That Will Fit Well And Keep Your Baby Warm

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When it comes to an adorable hat for your baby, you want to make sure that you spend a bit more. Otherwise, you might find that cheaper hats don't fit properly.

The Baby Beanie Hat Top Knot Stretchy Soft for Boy "Scout" by Copper Pearl is $12.50 and moms mentioned that this fits really well. As one mom shared in a review, "I bought this beanie to match the blanket. And I call it my splurge bc it is a little pricey, but I couldn't buy one without the other. I absolutely love this hat. Its soft and stretchy but fits a newborns head perfectly."

You can find the hat here.

And here are 10 things that moms can cheap out on...

10 It's Totally Fine To Go Cheap With Onesies (Which Your Baby Will Grow Out Of Fast)

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There's nothing cuter than a baby in a onesie. This is a baby product that new moms can definitely find cheaper versions of. Since babies grow so quickly, it doesn't make sense for new moms to spend a lot on these.

If you want a basic, good-quality white onesie, Gerber Baby 5-Pack Solid Onesies Bodysuits is a good buy at between $12 and $21. While some reviews say that they were small on their babies, baby clothes can be finicky so as long as moms don't pay too close attention to the sizing and buy a bit larger than they think they need, these are a good buy. One mom shared in a review that these worked for her: "Being a new mama, I wasn't sure what dressing baby was going to be like. My son came out 10.2lbs and is now 2 months old and 16.5lbs. So he is a big boy. I love these onesies because they are my emergency back up easy outfit ones."

You can find the onesies here.

9 Baby Mittens Don't Have To Cost Much To Keep Little Hands Warm And Toasty

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Okay, so maybe baby mittens are even cuter than onesies. You don't have to spend a lot of money in order to find mittens for your bundle of joy that will keep their hands warm.

Burt's Bees Baby Mitts are only $9.95 for three pairs, and as a bonus, they're made of organic cotton. One mom loves these and wrote a review about how well they worked out for her baby: "I've went through so many brands of mits with my son and when my daughter was born I just went with these because they were inexpensive and I thought "she'll just be putting them off anyway." Nope! These are great! Soft fabric, wash well and they STAY ON! Look no further, these do the job!"

You can find the baby mittens here.

8 A Swaddle Blanket Wrap Can Be Affordable And Amazing, Too

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When you're a new mom, you definitely want to find a good swaddle blanket, but you can find a good, affordable one.

The Baby Swaddle Blanket Wrap is $21.99 which is a good price. Moms really love this blanket, and as one wrote in a review, "We love these! They are cozy to help her fall asleep, lightweight enough for summer where she won’t get too [warm], and so easy to use! They offer enough room for her to tuck her legs up or stretch them out." Another mom was such a big fan that she even got some more: "I ordered these swaddled in their black and white colors and LOVED them for my one month old. I had to order more because she was sleeping in them every night and I needed more than just the first three."

You can find the swaddle blanket here.

7 You Can Get Great Burp Cloths Cheap, Too

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When you're a new mom, you need some burp cloths, and thankfully, you can get some great ones cheap.

Muslin Burp Cloths are only $10.97 and are mom-approved. One mom was really happy with the quality: She wrote a review saying, "Amazing. They really withstand the washer and dryer when I didn’t think they would. These are also very soft. I ordered these while pregnant and I also received some other types of burp cloths at my baby shower and these are by far my favorite. They actually absorb and do not smell or stain. They are thick and easy to fold and roll up for on the go. They also have thick edges so unraveling won’t be an issue."

You can find the burp cloths here.

6 Teething Bibs Can Be Cheap, Too

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Once your sweet baby starts teething, you want to find a teething bib. It can feel like there are too many choices, and how can you be sure if you should go cheap or expensive with these?

You can find a teething bib that's affordable and also works really well. The Nuby Reversible 100% Natural Cotton Muslin 3 Piece Teething Bib is only $9.99. Since babies won't use teething bibs forever, you don't need to break the bank with this product. This is among the cheapest available. In her review, one mom wrote, "I looooove these! My 4.5 month old is drooling like crazy and wants to chew on everything, so these help keep his clothes dry AND give him something to nom on. Perfect!"

You can find this teething bib here.

5 You Don't Have To Break The Bank For Baby Washcloths

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Thankfully, new moms don't have to break the bank when it comes to baby washcloths. There are great, cheap ones available.

The 10 Pack Washcloth, Blue Lines by Spasilk are only $6.99. These work well, according to many reviews, and it's a good deal. One mom shared in a review, "I use these wet on my poor little guy's baby acne on his face. It's soft but has a teeny bit of texture to help get the flaky skin off." Another mom even uses them as baby wipes: "I purchased these to use instead of baby wipes & I am so glad I did. They are the perfect size, not too thick but not paper thin either, & they are soft enough for baby but sturdy enough to clean his bottom as well."

You can find the washcloths here.

4 You Can Go Cheap With Moisturizing Lotion (And Still Get A Great Product)

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New moms will also want to find a lotion for their babies, and this is another product that can definitely be bought on the cheaper side.

Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Moisturizing Lotion is only $8.97 and is also mom-approved. One mom wrote in her review that this makes for a great evening routine: "We use this lotion every night as part of our son's nighttime routine. I don't know if the smell is relaxing or the massage with the lotion is the trick, but it puts our son to sleep every night! We change his diaper, do a lotion massage, put on PJ's, read his books and he falls right to sleep. Thank you for a great product we can use every night!"

You can find the baby lotion here.

3 A Baby Monitor Can Be Affordable And Work Well

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A baby product is another must-have for new moms, and it's another product that can be found at an affordable price.

The VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor is only $18.59 and works really well. While a few reviews that didn't love it that much, there are enough high ratings to make this a decent pick. One parent wrote, "Works very well and clear so you know what is going on in the other room!" Another parent says, "Because we are in a 2-story, we use both parent units and would strongly encourage anyone with 2 stories or a [one-floor] layout to do themselves the favor of getting 2 parent units. We keep one in our bedroom and one in the main living area."

You can find it here.

2 You Can Go Cheap With Crib Sheets

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You don't have to spend a lot to get reliable crib sheets, and you don't want to pay a lot for them since your baby might go through them pretty fast. It doesn't seem like this is the baby product where you want to spend a lot.

The TILLYOU Microfiber Silky Soft Crib Sheet is only $7.99. One parent wrote in a review, "These are super soft and a must buy especially for babies sensitive skin." Another mom shared, "I haven't had this for very long, so I cannot rate its durability. However, I am extremely pleased with the sheet. After hurricane Harvey ruined my toddler's old mattress, I was faced with a dilemma: her sheets (garanimals brand, I think) would not fit onto her new mattress no matter how hard I tried. This sheet fits over the very squared corners easily and remains snug. The feel is very smooth and I love the quality of the fabric. I only wish it came in turquoise."

You can find these crib sheets here.

1 You Can Buy A Combined Cream For Diaper Rashes And Stretch Marks (And That Doesn't Have To Break The Bank)

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If new moms are looking for a product to help with stretch marks, why not find a product that also can be used as diaper cream?

Honey Girl Organics Mom And Baby Butter is only $18.95 and this is a great buy since it's a two-for-one: New moms can use it for stretch marks and also prevent diaper cream rashes. As one mom shared in a review, "I am a huge fan. I've ordered over 20 of these jars over the past 3 years - with 2 babies. It's great to massage on the chest when breastfeeding to avoid mastitis & stretch marks. It's amazing. My only concern is the price...I wish it wasn't so expensive!"

You can find it here.

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