12 Things To Keep Clean Before They Go Near Your Baby

Cleanliness is something that can’t be stressed enough. Employers today always make sure that their employees are clean, especially when working in an industry such as the restaurant and service industry; nobody wants that chef who doesn’t wash their hands!

Your parents probably always told you to wash your hands often and never forget to wash after using the bathroom; it’s not just a formality it’s actually quite important. People can get sick from that, and more so, little babies are more vulnerable to getting sick.

Everybody wants to be clean and everybody tries to stay clean, but sometimes it’s just really hard and time consuming to always clean every last single little piece of dirt and grime that appears in the house. Yet there are certain things which should always be kept clean to keep your baby safe, germ-free, and healthy.

Keeping your baby healthy is one of the biggest priorities on the list of life, it certainly is for me. Read on and find out just exactly which things you need to be sure that you keep extra clean so that your baby doesn’t get sick.

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12  Your Hands

Your hands are really great things because they are so versatile and can do so many different things, but along with that comes basic wear and tear, and even worse dirt and grit as well as bacteria and unwanted guests like viruses.

Your hands touch so many different things; you go to the bathroom, touch foods in the kitchen, and not to mention the things you touch when you’re in a public place, be it a supermarket, a mall, or God forbid a public bathroom. All of these places are great for picking up germs and viruses.

Your hands are very important to keep clean

These germs and viruses can then be transmitted to your baby, after all, you're the one who does everything for the baby; feeds the baby, changes the baby, dresses the baby, and carries the baby around. So, all of the germs that your hands pick up during the day can be transmitted directly to the baby when you touch it, that’s not good.

Your immune system may be able to handle this daily barrage of germs, but babies are very young and vulnerable with under-developed immune systems, this makes them quite vulnerable to these very same germs that you shrug off like they’re nothing.

You don’t have to be crazy about it, just make sure to wash your hands often or use germ killing antibacterial gel, in a worst case scenario it could save your baby’s life.

11  The Baby’s Hands

Staying on a similar trend as the first point we made, the next thing on the list of things that need to be kept clean for your baby, is the baby’s hands. This is probably far more important than keeping your own hands clean at all times.

The reason this is so important is because of one factor and one factor alone; your baby loves to put its own hands and fingers in its mouth. They suck on their fingers, and lick them, and even chew on them too Those fingers pick up a lot of dirt and germs in a long day and that needs to be dealt with appropriately.

Keep wipes handy when you're in public spaces so you can quickly clean your baby's hands

Now, don’t go overboard by scrubbing the skin right off of your baby’s hands, but wash them often as well, and do it with gentle meant-for-babies antibacterial soap. This isn’t all you can do either, it's hard and you can’t do it all the time, but try and keep an eye on what your baby is touching 

Doing this will not only stop them sick from getting sick from all of the germs, but there's always a certain choking hazard with infants as well.

10  Toys

Up next on the big things that should always be kept clean before your baby touches them, are toys. Toys may seem like all fun and games, but things like stuffed animals and teddy bears can pick up lots of  germs that can really hurt your baby due to the dirt and germs the toys pick up as they're being dragged around by your little one.  So, just try and wash it quite often, every week or two should do.

Occasional toys should be wiped down and cleaned quite often as well, especially things like toy cars and other things that touch the floor often, more so for things that they play with outside like balls and toy tractors, things that pick up outside dirt, potentially even some kind of fecal matter from an animal, now that could really make a baby sick.

Wash stuffed animals in the washing machine to rid them of dust and dust mites

The other thing to remember is that their toys need to be wiped down, cleaned, or washed when they're first bought and brought home from the store, because who knows what those toys have come into contact with on their long journey through several different countries in the manufacturing process; countless hands, cars, trucks, machines, and possibly animals have come into contact with those toys long before your child ever does. 

The lesson here is to definitely clean the toys when you first bring them home from the store.

9  Pacifier

The Pacifier is definitely something that needs to be cleaned before ever giving it to your baby for the first time. The reason that babies get pacifiers, is so they don’t suck their thumbs, which can lead to abnormal tooth growth, otherwise known as buck teeth.

A pacifier is a good tool because you know what’s in the baby’s mouth, as opposed to anything it picks up and shoves into its gullet. The point being here is that you don’t know what that pacifier has touched before it reached the store shelf or after for that matter; give it a good sanitizing.

You want to give your baby a clean pacifier, not just any pacifier

You should also try and often clean the pacifier after your baby starts using it; babies drop them often. If they pick it up themselves, there could be and probably are germs on that plastic, slobber covered, chew toy, you can’t always help it, but you can take it out for a few seconds every now and then and sanitize it, water and antibacterial soap should do just fine.

Whatever you do though, if you see your baby drop it, then don’t just pick it up and give it back to them, give it a good wash first because anything that gets put in the baby’s mouth could lead to sickness or infection; nasty dirt and germs!

8  The Baby Bottle

Another thing that needs to be kept clean on a constant basis so that your baby doesn’t get sick, is the baby’s bottle. This is for a very good reason, it’s because the milk, formula, and the ingredients in the bottle can get old, stale, sour, and just plain old go bad. What happens when milk goes bad? It starts to smell bad and that’s because of the many bacteria present in milk products.

These bacteria can be harmful to your baby, in simplest terms, it can give your baby food poisoning. For an adult, this may not be too serious, but for a young baby this could be potentially deadly.

Never swish a bottle with water only, wash it properly

And the same thing goes for a baby bottle and the attachments, as with many other things on this list, you don’t know where it’s been and what it’s picked up along the way from being oil in the ground, being turned into rubber, and hitting the store shelves. This is especially important because it’s something that your baby is going to be putting in their mouth. Give it a good wash when you buy it!

7  Pillows and Sheets

Your baby’s pillows and sheets on their bed need to be kept clean and washed often, and there are several reasons for this.

The first one being that once again they come from a store and a place that you don’t know, so clean them before your baby ever sleeps in and on them.

Some rolls of fabric are sprayed with a fire retardant, which is poisonous to your infant

The next reason is because pillows and sheets are made of a soft material they have the ability to absorb everything floating around n the air. Anything floated around gets into the pillows and sheets and then gets inhaled by your baby as its sleeping, and baby’s spends a lot of time sleeping.

The final reason for this is because your baby may get some of its pee and poop onto the bed, roll around in that for long enough hand anybody would get sick so change the sheets regularly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

6  Changing Table

Similar to one of the reasons in the above point, one of the things that can get contaminated and make your baby sick is the changing table and the gear surrounding it.

The changing table is where you change the baby’s soiled diapers and sometimes it can get messy, really messy. And if you don’t clean this up after every change and do so thoroughly, then after a while, if your baby touches the poop and somehow gets it in their mouth or eyes, they could get very sick.

Never leave the change table to be cleaned later, clean it immediately after changing your child.

The bacteria in fecal matter can make people extremely sick, it’s called cholera or E-Coli poisoning. For a baby this could mean death. Get the same bacteria in the baby’s eyes and it could cause pink eye, once again for an adult maybe it’s not too serious, but for a small baby, it could mean going blind in severe cases.

5  Pets

Next on the list of things to keep clean so that your baby doesn’t get sick, is your pets. This may sound kind of weird, but there are some good reasons for this of course. The main culprits that can make your baby sick are rats and cats. Both rats and cats can harbor some very toxic diseases that can be deadly to your baby. 

For cats the disease is present in the little box, yes it comes from their poop; this means that you need to clean the litter box often and try to clean your cat's feet after it uses the litter box. Also try and keep the cat away from the baby for the first year or so because of this risk factor to their health.

Your pets can make your baby really ill

The reason babies can get sick from rodents is also because of the feces, but also due to their saliva and blood as well. Rodents can be infected with a deadly disease that can wreak havoc on a young body. Recommendations are that young children should generally not be around rodents.

4  Kitchen and Utensils

This point is going to be pretty short, because it couldn’t be more obvious. The reason you need to keep your kitchen clean, including the utensils that you’re going to use to feed your baby with, is because the kitchen can harbor many germs and bacteria. 

There are many different types of germs or bacteria on or in food which can be harmful to humans and more so for young under-developed humans, otherwise known as babies.

Never forget to wash your hands after preparing food and cooking before handling your baby

Things like raw pork and chicken can have germs inside them that are very poisonous to humans and could be deadly to babies. So just make sure that everything that will come into contact with the baby in regards to the kitchen has been cleaned and sterilized of all possible contaminants.

3  The Floor

The floor should also be kept very clean, this is for obvious reasons. Your baby isn’t that big and it doesn’t know how to walk on 2 legs yet. This means it’s crawling around on the floor on its hands and knees.

This leads to your baby’s hands picking up whatever grit, grime, and dirty bacteria is there. Anything that you or your pets have brought in the house could, and most likely will, end up on your baby’s hands and eventually in their mouth. Babies just loves sticking their hands in their mouths.

If your baby sits on the floor, it better be a clean floor

Just imagine all of the things that your shoes step in on a daily basis, the things on the sidewalk, the old gum and dog poop, now imagine your baby eating those things. It’s really not a pleasant thought. So, simply put, vacuum and mop your floor with some antibacterial cleaner and all should be good.

2  Their Food

This may sound kind of weird, but food can definitely be dirty, and it needs to be cleaned before consumption, especially by a young baby.

All the fruits and vegetables imaginable that you buy from the grocery store are covered in pesticides and chemicals, a young body can’t handle that much bad stuff all at once, so it’s always a good idea to wash and peel the fruits and veggies you’re going to give to your baby.

Always wash fruits and vegetables before giving them to your baby

Also, make sure that anything your baby eats off of is clean, because old food can have bacteria built up, and that could lead to sickness.

Finally, always make sure that the foods you give your baby are well cooked and never past their due date. It may sound a little off of topic, but cleanliness when it comes to food is very important.

1  Their Diapers

This last point is also going to be very short, but needless to say, it’s here none the less. If your baby is crying and you think it soiled itself, if you see it make THAT face, or if you smell the smell, then please don’t procrastinate and don’t hesitate to immediately change their diaper.

A baby stewing in its own waste can get very sick, very quickly. Constant wetness leads to rashes, sores, and cuts, in other words, open skin also known as bed sores. Having open wounds and lying in poop may as well be like slowly drinking poison. 

It’s a crappy job, but somebody has to do it!

Put yourself in your baby's shoes, would you want to sit around in a dirty diaper filled with your own waste? Probably not right, so make sure that changing your baby is at the top of your list of things to do now, and right now, if your baby has just soiled themselves.

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