12 Your Hands

Your hands are really great things because they are so versatile and can do so many different things, but along with that comes basic wear and tear, and even worse dirt and grit as well as bacteria and unwanted guests like viruses.

Your hands touch so many different things; you go

to the bathroom, touch foods in the kitchen, and not to mention the things you touch when you’re in a public place, be it a supermarket, a mall, or God forbid a public bathroom. All of these places are great for picking up germs and viruses.

Your hands are very important to keep clean

These germs and viruses can then be transmitted to your baby, after all, you're the one who does everything for the baby; feeds the baby, changes the baby, dresses the baby, and carries the baby around. So, all of the germs that your hands pick up during the day can be transmitted directly to the baby when you touch it, that’s not good.

Your immune system may be able to handle this daily barrage of germs, but babies are very young and vulnerable with under-developed immune systems, this makes them quite vulnerable to these very same germs that you shrug off like they’re nothing.

You don’t have to be crazy about it, just make sure to wash your hands often or use germ killing antibacterial gel, in a worst case scenario it could save your baby’s life.

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