12 Things You Didn't Know About Charles Manson's Kids

You would be hard pressed to find a grown man or woman in the United States who hasn't heard the name Charles Manson.  He is best known for being the sicko who carried out seven vile murders in Los Angeles, California in 1969.  When it comes to creepy old Helter Skelter and the Manson cult pretty much everything is shocking.  Perhaps the most shocking thing about this character is that he is dad.  Oh yeah, next time your ten year screams, "I hate you!  You are the worst dad ever!" go ahead and know that you most definitely are not.  That spot will probably go to an eighty-two year old lunatic in the California State Prison.

Charles Manson is the biological father to at least three confirmed children, although there most certainly could be others lurking around the universe. Heaven knows tons of crazy 'fun' took place in the Mason cult during the sixties.  Charles Manson Jr. was born to Manson's first wife, Rosalie Jean Willis in 1956.  Next came Charles Luther, born to a second wife, followed by one more son named Valentine Michael Manson. All three boys eventually grew up outside of the cult and did not follow their biological father's murderous footsteps (thank GOD!) Here is what we know about the offspring of one of America's most notorious murderers.

13 Manson Allegedly Cut The Umbilical Cord With His Teeth

Ummmmm.... nope, nope and more nope. If this is in fact true, it's gross. Because all babies born to Manson cult members were home births, Charles allegedly took all medical decisions into his own hands. During one interview with former cult member Mary Brunner, the mother of Manson's third son Valentine ( or Michael,) she describes her son's birth in vivid, full detail. She claimed that Manson performed an episiotomy on her during her labor and he cut his own son's umbilical cord...with his freaking teeth. Yummy. Daddy dearest definitely took matters into his own hands, or teeth rather. Although it may or may not be true, it certainly wouldn't surprise many of us if Manson did rip the umbilical cords apart with his chompers. That seems like something a nutcase would do.

12 Manson's Children Were Considered 'Communal Property'

Manson and the family didn't believe in utilizing hospitals and midwives so all children born to the women of the Manson cult, including his own sons, were born on Spahn Ranch or other dilapidated, temporary homes. The Spahn ranch was located on the outskirts of Los Angeles and was once a TV/movie set. Once babies were born they were often taken from their biological mothers and reared as communal family property. What could be better than having one crazy mother and father? Having lots of them! Manson and his followers adamantly believed that too close of a biological bond between parent and child would damage the child. Sometime following Charles Manson's conviction the children of Spahn ranch were taken into police custody and released to foster families or eventually to other biological relatives and some were even reunited with their mothers.

11 Children From The Manson Clan Suffered Serious Trauma

So many accounts have been recalled from members of the cult and other persons privy to the whack-a-doo nature of the Manson Clan lifestyle, it's hard to truly know what went on at the California Ranch. What we do know is that some 12 children were taken into custody after Manson was convicted. Three of those children are Charles's and the others belong to various cult members. Regardless of the children's patronage all minors suffered some serious trauma while residing at the ranch. There are rumors galore of children being part of drug fuelled orgies and little blondes sitting hazy eyed and starring out into space. One resident of the ranch, named Windy remembers seeing lots of babies spread out on blankets in the yard area. The little Manson members were typically naked even in the cold because Headmaster Heinous Manson believed it would make them stronger. (She also noted that he often had a coat on....asshole.)

10 Manson's First Son Committed Suicide

Charles Manson Jr. was the first of Manson's sons to be born. He was born to Charles's first wife, a teenage bride named Rosalie Jean Willis, in 1955 while his father was incarcerated. Roaslie divorced Manson during that same incarceration and remarried. Junior later tried to shake his lineage and changed his name to Jay White, taking the last name of his step-father. Charles Jr. led a rough life of law breaking and making poor choices before he ended his own life in 1993. Although it has been disputed by some, it is reported that the first son of Manson shot himself in the head while he was pulled over on the side of the road in Colorado. His son, Manson's grandson, said his father never could live his namesake down and it haunted him up until his death.

9 Manson Named His Son After His Favorite Book

Apparently Manson's favorite book was Stranger In A Strange Land, written by Robert Heinlein. In the book, the novel's protagonist was named Valentine Michael Smith, hence the name. Although it is reported that Manson's IQ was above average at 109, he was illiterate. He could not technically read his favorite book, but he enjoyed hearing others recite it back to him as he listened. The themes of free love and alienation seemed to spark and feed Charles's delusional ideas and schemes. Valentine's name was changed to Michael Brunner in later years, which was his mother Mary's last names as well as the name of his adopted parents, Mary's mother and father. Michael Brunner has a much better ring to it compared to the nicknames he held when he was in "The Family." Somehow I don't see anyone taking to the name Sunstone Hawk or Poor Bear.

8 One Of His Baby Mamas Is The Notorious "Mother Mary"

Mary Brunner was the first "convert" in the clan. The former librarian met and fell for Crazy Charlie when she was twenty-one years old. She earned the title not only because she was the mother of Manson's son Valentine, but also because she played an integral role in the cult dynamics. It was often Mary was would be seen by Charles's side caravaning through California spreading his lunacy, thus her title signifies a larger role within the family workings. Mother Mary missed out on the infamous La Bianca-Tate murders that the Manson clan is so well known for, but did serve time for other degenerate actions. She was released from prison in the 1970's and does have some contact with her son, who was raised by his loving and sane grandparents (thank you Jesus!)

7 The First Born Was Raised By His Grandparents

Little Valentine Brunner (aka Pooh Bear) left the Manson Madness around eighteen months of age and was adopted by his maternal grandparents, who lived near Eau Claire, Wisconsin, shortly after the Tate-La Bianca murders took place. The grandparents fought tooth and nail for custody of their grandson and Valentine-Michael thanks his lucky stars that it was eventually granted. He was renamed Michael Brunner and went on to live a fairly normal life in the midwest. After his mother was released from prison in the seventies he kept some limited contact with her. Their bond was somewhat strengthened when "Mother Mary" became "Grandmother Mary" to Michael's own child, born in the early nineties. Michael credits his grandparents completely for "saving" him from a life of turbulence and danger at the Manson ranch. Talk about Grannie and Gramps taking one for the team!

6 Manson's Third Born Worked As A Valet

Not a lot is known about what the sons of Manson chose as their occupations because it seems they all work very hard to fly under the radar, which is completely understandable. We know that Charles Manson's third son, Valentine (later named Michael) did work as a valet for a number of years with goals and aspirations of someday owning his own business. Maybe it's in the genes? It is reported that members of the Manson clan fixed up old, beat down cars and sand buggies for cash back in the sixties while living at the cult ranch. Not much else is known about where is dreams and goals led him. He has pretty much dropped off the face of the planet following a his mother's famous 1993 interview about the gritty life of the cult members.

5 Little Is Known About The Middle Child

Very little is know about the middle son of Charles Manson. What we do know is that he lived his life avoiding his lineage. He did such a good job at avoiding the spotlight that he has been reported as "allegedly existing." Born to prostitute Leona Ray "Candy" Stevens in 1960 he probably didn't see a whole lot of daddy dearest. His parents divorced following a brief union and Manson ended up back in jail. Charles Luther changed his name to Jay Charles Warner and according to public records died in 2007. Not much else is known about this guy, and really that is probably how he wanted it. Can't say that I blame him. It's a pretty crappy hand to be dealt, having a mass murderer as a father and all.

4 Manson Is A... Grandpa

Manson reportedly has two grandsons to his name. His first grandson is the child of Charles Junior, Manson's oldest child who committed suicide back in 1993. Jason Freeman is his name and he has been very open in recent years about growing up as a third generation Manson. Why? He doesn't want any future biological members of the Manson genes to have to be the first to come forth with the obscene stigma of sharing DNA with a crazed psychopath. Well that's pretty big of him. Freeman blames his grandfather and the Manson stigma for his own father's death. Today Jason is married, has found God and works on oil rigs in Pennsylvania. He is also a small time wrestler. It is also reported that Manson's third son has a child of his own now.

3 His Grandson Breaks The Cycle

Jason Freeman is the grandson of Charles Manson and only son of Charles Manson Junior. Although he he struggled with similar issues of regression and addiction, like the line of males before him, he seems to have broken the degenerate cycle. Jason spent time as a child in and out of juvenile detention centers, county jail and eventually prison. Prison was apparently the kick in the butt he needed to straighten up his act. He got involved in small time wrestling and discovered an arena to truly fight his inner demons. Freeman did a whole lot of praying, found God, got married and now runs a Non Profit organization called Frontline Warriors that focuses on teaching young kids life skills and spiritual understanding. Talk about turning a really bad situation around and focusing on the positive.

2 Some Fans Want To Be A Manson Baby

So I guess this is an actual thing: people desperatly want to be a Manson. While the true Manson kin are spending their lives under assumed identities hiding from their lineage, plenty of others are practically begging to be the son of Charlie. There are about a dozen adults who claim to be the child of Manson either because they were born at the ranch during the time period Charles lived there (and probably boned their mom) or for a variety of other reasons, (fame is fame I suppose.) One such "son" is a man named Matthew Roberts. Although the adopted man has had DNA testing proving that he is NOT a Manson he still believes that he is related to Charles, which is a whole other level of sick and twisted.

1 Like Father Like Son

Don't for a second be fooled by this sweet little face. This here is the face of evil and a future mass murder. Charles Manson may have had the looks of a little angel but he is truly the devil if there ever was one. Charles was basically a budding psychopath from the very get go. He had a mother who was the epitome of poor parenting choices (she once traded him for a pitcher of beer) he set his friends' toys on fire, and was sent away for delinquent behavior only to come back to a mom who did not want a part of him. Many who knew young Manson could see that he was a "bad seed" and headed for a life of chaos and destruction, though none could probably have foretold the level of  evil he would eventually rise to. His sons seemed to inherit some of his less than desirable qualities.  Charles Jr.  struggled with addiction and the law as did his grandson Jason, until he turned his life around.

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