12 Times Chrissy Teigen Nailed Motherhood On Twitter

Chrissy Teigen is the queen of clap backs and is no newbie to mommy shamers on the internet. She has built quite a following because we can always count on her to keep it real with us and give us the honest truth. Teigen surely doesn't sugarcoat parenting or pretend that everything is perfect all of the time. She is honest about it all.

While baby Luna has celebrity parents, it won't prevent any of the icky, sassy, and amazing moments that come with parenthood. It does mean though that many of these moments are much more public.

Chrissy's Twitter is full of her sassy, sarcastic humor that we have come to love her for. We can always count on her to shut down the mommy-shamers that riddle the internet today, and to let us in on what she, John Legend (husband), and Luna (daughter) experience on their daily life.

While our Instagram might not be full of haters commenting and correcting how we carry our babies, we are all pretty familiar with the judgement that parents of our generation experience. Thankfully though many moms today have found solace in internet mommy groups where we can compare stories, meltdowns, and milestones. Chrissy shows us her own mommy community through her Twitter page.

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12 She Reveals The Brutal Truth About Childbirth

We know that diapers are a necessity bringing home a new baby; however, many of us don’t realize how much we’ll need them ourselves. We can’t count on Chrissy to keep it real as a mom When we have a baby we bleed quite a bit, okay that’s an understatement, we bleed A LOT for up to six weeks! It’s obviously the worst right after we give birth so we waddle ourselves out of the hospital with a bad as thick as a mattress.

The best part about these gigantic pads is that they usually are accompanied by cotton underwear that actually resembles a diaper. So we have the thickness, absorbability, and the style of the diapers we are soon to be up to our eyeballs in.

11 And The Difficulties Of Raising A Baby

Car seat installation is extremely important, but it's also incredibly challenging. Our children's safety is no joke, but couldn't anyone design a car seat that doesn't take an octopus to install? We all have beads of sweat forming just thinking about installing our own children's seats or future installations. It's hard to believe that there are more difficult activities, please name one.

Chrissy tweets that there is no way that labor can be harder than car seat installation. It's close one. Neither comes with super great instructions, and both require quite the workout. Chrissy keeps us laughing as she shares the honest difficulty her family faced while trying to install the seat. It's something many of us never want to do again even though we usually install up to four seats per child as they grow.

10 She Shows Us What Feeding Is Really Like

That first whole year with baby is exhausting. Newborns sleep and wake on their own schedule which leaves us often sleep deprived mom-bies. We trade our sleep schedule in for a feeding, pumping, and/or nursing schedule that we quickly learn will run our life.

Chrissy Teigen’s tweet is one that any mom who has ever used one of this delightful yet horrid contraptions can totally relate to. A new mom can sleep just about anywhere; we just don’t get the slightest opportunity.

Pumping is a drab activity. At first it’s painful, but at some point we sadly stop even noticing when we are attached to a breast pump because we spend so much time doing it. Sometimes we even dream we're pumping because it's an activity that takes up so much of our day. 

9 And How Children Can Do The Darndest Things

Chrissy gets real about life with a newborn and how they are less than well mannered. With newborns, we get peed on at least once a day. They burp and fart without care, usually in quiet public places too. The best is when they do it to us or on us. Chrissy confesses baby Luna farted right in her face after first kicking her in the face. But really who hasn't been there?

The new mama shows us that babies aren't all rainbows and snuggles all of the time. They can be gross and mean. They pinch and eventually bite; although they obviously don't do it maliciously, it still can hurt.

As the constant care givers for our tiny humans, it is sometimes literally a slap in the face, but we still love them.

8 Mom Life Isn't Always Fashionable - Even For A Celeb

Being a mom is not a fashion show even for model, Chrissy Teigen. Who would have thought? Chrissy confesses that she wore a bath robe all day. She definitely isn't the only one. We have ALL been there. The first few weeks, okay the first few years, with a little one we seriously lack in the outfit, hair, and make-up departments because we have our hands full keeping our little bundle of joy happy and healthy.

She also publicly admits that she is pretending to just changed back into her robe and out of her outfit for the day. Hopefully her husband, John, doesn't check Twitter. We can't blame a girl for trying though. She has a good idea pretending she changed though.

7 She Reminds Us The Struggles Are Real

This tweet from Chrissy basically explains how every parent feels for probably the first five years of their children's lives. They say never wake a sleeping baby, but when they are asleep we just miss them so much. When they are awake, we yearn for our newborns to sleep because we need to catch up on our own sleep. Sleep when they sleep is right, but it's nearly impossible.

Our love for our kids is unconditional which means that we want their attention or to give them attention even when we're exhausted because he/she kept us up all night cluster feeding. As mom we can actually break that whole never wake a sleeping baby rule because well it's our baby. We may come to regret it, but hey live and learn, mamas!

6 And Parenthood Doesn't Come Cheap

Earlier this week Chrissy posted a series of tweets regarding the storage of her embryos. She even clarified for the trolls she knew would comment that the embryos were not being stored in her womb. Duh, why would she charge her own child rent for her womb?

Anyways, Chrissy posted a copy of an overdue bill from the storage facility along with a series of tweets. Although many of us cannot relate to storing our embryos, we are all well aware of the crazy expenses that come with pregnancy and babies. Fertility is also crazy expensive, and Chrissy shows how normal she is by missing a bill and letting it slip through the cracks. Pregnancy, fertility, and parenting are expensive and stressful. Thank you Chrissy for bringing some giggles to the situation.

5 Post-Baby Products Are More Important Than Diamonds

Who needs a Cartier bracelet when we can have one of these? Push presents have become a new trend among moms lately and Hollywood has shown us just how extravagant these things can be. We can always count on Chrissy though to keep it real and be relatable which she surely does with this little gift to herself.

These fun little bottles are a new mom's best friend for using the bathroom after birth. While most moms get at least one from the hospital having a spare or five isn't a bad idea at all.

Some of us only use them for our hospital stay, but those moms who have tears and more difficult deliveries can certainly use them for days or even a couple of weeks. This is an item we are going to want to replace because it has a short lifetime.

4 And Sleep Is More Important Than Going Out

As we are all aware, motherhood is exhausting. Suddenly we find ourselves going to bed by 8 PM and aging in a moment. Chrissy really kept it real with this one when she lists the rather important things that she slept through in the past year since having her daughter.

This all came about after Outback Steakhouse flew someone out to her to teach her how to cook their famous blooming onion. Chrissy slept through the lesson, but don't worry her husband John learned how to cook it.

We can all share in her exhaustion and sadness over missing so many food related events as fellow moms and foodies. Who doesn't love a good blooming onion anyways? We feel you, Chrissy.

3 She Doesn't Care For Mommy Shammers

No one deals with a mommy-shamer quite like Chrissy Teigen. After going out to dinner with her husband John Legend and leaving baby Luna with a babysitter, Chrissy received a TON of criticism. How dare someone want time without their baby? This mama brushed off the haters, and she was backed by her husband who wondered why he wasn't criticized when he left the new baby too? Talk about a double standard.

Having a new baby is stressful and a HUGE change to any relationship. Alone time, without baby, is important for parents as individuals and a couple. It is totally acceptable to leave baby with a relative, friend, or sitter for an hour or a couple to get out and go to dinner. On the flip side, it's also totally okay if we just cannot be away from baby.

2 And Isn't Afraid To Show It

Following up her mommy hating screenshot, Chrissy passive aggressively posts how she never wanted to leave her daughter, she loves her. She points out how the mommy-shamers are trying to portray that those of us who don't spend every waking second with our kids must not love them.

It's a completely unrealistic expectation that anyone, celebrities included, has to spend their entire life glued to their baby. Plenty of moms work, grocery shop, or go to dinner without kids. It's healthy, and it's essential for many moms to keep their sanity.

Chrissy sarcastically shuts down these haters because it's highly unlikely they've never been separated from their own children. It's also ridiculous to assume a parent must be glued to their child in order to properly love them.

1 Moms Always Need Time For A Nap

Chrissy tweeted that her husband, John, asked her what she had been doing. Is that even a real question? As a new mom we take care of the baby, eat, and occasionally catch a shower. It's basically impossible to get anything else done for a while anyways. Like what else would she be doing?

Men seem to ask these kind of common sense, smack you in the face, duh questions on a regular basis. At least we know that John Legend is on the same level as our own husbands. If dad is napping, someone has to be taking care of the baby. Chrissy probably included an eye roll in person when she answered her husband in her typical sassy fashion which we can all relate to. Claps for Chrissy!

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