12 Types Of Parenting You'd Only Find At Walmart

Welcome to Walmart... Where the biggest parenting fails are caught for all eyes to see.

Wal-Mart, you either love it or you hate it, but most of us can not seem to stay away from it. Wal-Mart is probably one of the most convenient stores out there, containing anything you could ever possibly need from food, to clothing, to appliances, electronics, and even hunting supplies. Wal-Mart sure does have it all, and when it comes to shopping there it is always quite the experience to be had. Since this superstore is so convenient, there is a wide variety of people who go there and often times you see people wearing and doing things that should never be worn or done.

Oh yes, Walmart is home to some of the weirdest and craziest customers out there, in fact there is an entire website dedicated to the people of Wal-Mart, showcasing the very questionable outfits and actions that are seen there. When shopping in this store, the cries of children throwing fits to get what they want can be heard throughout, some of those parents give into their children's wants while others find interesting ways to stop their children from getting on their nerves. Some things seen here make us wonder why some of these people even had children to begin with and have us questioning the intelligence of many people. In this article we will see 15 pictures of parenting fails that could only be found at Wal-Mart.

12When Mom Gets Tired

It seems as if the older children always get the short end of the stick, having to look after their siblings and be more responsible, but this is a little much. This mom looks a bit on the lazy side, allowing her eldest child to push her and her baby in a shopping cart. The boy is obviously struggling to do so because of the weight inside the cart is just too much for his tiny little arms. Instead of this little boy pushing his mom around who is obviously a lot bigger than him, she should be pushing him, that is what a parent is supposed to do, it is not supposed to be the other way around. This is definitely a parenting fail that would only be found at Wal-Mart.

11Say Cheese, Son

First of all, I am sure that everyone would like to know exactly how this little boy got up there to begin with, and secondly who on earth thought that it was a good idea. I get not wanting to waste a good photo opportunity, but this is just ridiculous. He looks happy, and totally unphased by the fact that he is up high, but it makes us wonder exactly what happened when he tried to get down, because usually getting up is the easy part it is getting down that becomes scary. The next thing that comes to mind when looking at this picture is, where in the world is this little boy's mom and dad and why are they not trying to get him down, or did they put him up there just to snap a photo. We may never know.

10What Shopping Carts Are Actually For

This picture makes us wonder who on earth thought that this was a good idea. This completely defeats the purpose of the stroller. It is almost like they put a stroller inside of a stroller. What is it with people not knowing how to use shopping carts properly? They even have signs on the front of them showing everyone how to use them properly and how not to use the. So, not only does this look incredibly dangerous it is just plain ridiculous. There are many questions left unanswered for those of us who saw this photo and it has parenting fail spelled out all over it. Talk about a face palm! Not only does this look wrong, but that little boy looks to be incredibly uncomfortable and perhaps a little too big for that tiny umbrella stroller.

9See... You've Been Doing It All Wrong

Here is another image of mom walking up the aisles of Wal-Mart with her son sitting in his stroller... sitting in the shopping cart. If you just got dizzy reading that last sentence, let's break it down for you again. Why should mom have to leave the stroller in the trunk of her car when she can just put it, along with her son, in the shopping cart? Brilliant, right? Yes, she is a genius. Someone gives this mom a medal. There are absolutely no risks involved at all. None. Zero. And if you thought this image couldn't get any better, look at how many items she stuffed around her son. We got kleenex, cookies, bottles of soda, and a nice supply of paper towels that looks like it's about to fall and wake up her sleeping son. Bravo!

8All Aboard The Wal-Mart Train

We are not sure if this man is even aware that he is dragging a little child around the store behind him while he rides on his motorized handicap scooter, but it does appear that this man is the boy’s father. Perhaps this was just the boys way of throwing a fit and the dad had enough and decided to start scooting away. Who could blame him right? I mean we have all been there, a child starts throwing a tantrum and the worst thing that we can do is give in to the tantrum so we start to walk away, usually this works but obviously in this man's case it backfired and just ended up making him look bad in the long run. It appears that he could not care less though, as he continues on with his shopping like nothing is happening.

7Baby Slings Are Overrated

Okay, apparently Maxi dresses are great for a lot of things, including holding a baby so that their moms do not have to lift their lazy arms. I mean, who needs a baby sling right? What this mom is doing could be a complete fail, or it could actually be a smart move. Think about it, she is getting loads of skin to skin contact, baby is sleeping peacefully, and looks comfortable, but at the same time the very young baby could also be getting smothered by mom's chest if he or she is not yet able to turn their head on their own. I have heard of women using their breasts and bras to store things like money and cellphones, but never a baby. Obviously, if they were able to get the baby to the store, the baby must have a car seat, so why not just use that? Again, only at Walmart.

6Shoes? Who Needs Shoes?

Not only is this child sitting in the cart the wrong way, but take a look at what is sticking out of his back pocket. That is most definitely a tin of chewing tobacco, and it leaves us wondering if the parents know that the child has it or if he maybe snuck it away from his parents. Whatever the case let's hope that the little boy is not actually using. Of course this is something we would see at Wal-Mart. And where are his shoes?! Do his parents think a place like Wal-Mart is clean enough to talk barefoot? If this list has showed us anything it is that a lot of people definitely do not know what they are doing when it comes to their children.

5When Mom Forgets The Umbrella At Home

Everyone knows not only as a child, but as a parent as well, that plastic bags over the head are a huge no no!! In this picture this woman can be seen holding a small child with a bag over his head (it was raining so we're assuming they need to keep their hair dry) and her older child is trailing behind also with a plastic bag over his head. Would someone please tell this lady about this wonderful little invention called an umbrella? It seems as if this lady would rather put her children in harm's way then get a bit wet... and from the looks of the picture it is not even raining that hard. This is one of those things that makes us scratch our heads and think, “who in the world allowed her to have kids?” As the saying goes, only at Wal-Mart.

4How To Keep The Kids Safe

Well, here we are again, back on the subject of keeping our children by our sides in the store. Although, with this picture I am not sure if what this woman did was a complete fail, or totally genius. At the same time though, this boy appears to be at least eight years old and is definitely big enough to know better then to stray away from his parents at the store. I guess whether or not this parenting move is a fail or not depends on a matter of opinion, but if this is the only way to keep your kid nearby then, maybe it was a good idea. Either way it is still something we would only ever find at Wal-Mart and it probably had a lot of people staring and shaking their heads as these two walked by.

3When There's Too Many Kids

It would appear that this parent had way too many kids to juggle. Perhaps instead of using her youngest child’s lap to put groceries on she should have left the other one walk and put the little girl in the part of the cart that was meant for children to sit in. This poor little girl is up to her head in groceries and obviously unable to move. This is one parenting fail that could lead to the girl actually being injured, but I don't know if I am more concerned about the girl being covered in stuff or the amount of junk food that these people are buying. There's corndogs, doritos, ice cream, and even chips. There is literally a mound of junk food sitting on top of this little girl. This is one of those times where we think, why on earth did they not just get two carts?

2When The Kids Keep Running Off

A problem that a lot of us parents face when taking our children to the store is getting them to stay by our sides every step of the way. It can often times become frustrating when they are constantly trying to wander off, but how do we get them to stay by our sides? Well, this mom seems to have found an effective, yet very questionable way to keep her child nearby. Its unclear from this photo whether or not the mom here is using an actual child harness or just strapped a dog leash on him. I mean, they do make carts with seat belts for children to sit in, but why bother with that when you could just drag your child around the store? This is one parenting fail that probably not only had a lot of people staring, but also got the little boy covered in who knows what from that dirty floor.

1Is That A Baby Under There?

Okay, so there are a couple of things wrong this picture let's start with the most obvious one. Apparently these parents did not think that it would be a good idea to set their bread on top of the other groceries, perhaps they thought that maybe the bread would get smooshed. So, what better way to make sure that doesn't happen other than to just plop the bread right on top of their newborn, i mean after all it is just bread. Then there is the other issue, despite what a lot of people might think, car seats do not belong on top of shopping carts like that. Just because they seem to lock, does not mean that it is safe. So, i guess you could say that this is two parenting fails in one, but again it is Wal-Mart so this type of behaviour is basically expected.

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